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about half hour's time, could overtake them with


Good afternoon. West Bromwich Albion have sacked their striker, Nicolas


Anelka, for gross misconduct. In December, the FA found him guilty of


making an offensive gesture after scoring at West Ham. The Frdnchman


was banned for five games and fined ?80,000. Yesterday, he reve`led on


social media he was terminating his contract. But the club say he hadn't


followed the correct legal process and have sacked him. Meanwhhle, the


club visit Swansea this aftdrnoon in a game which could decide the future


of Head Coach Pepe Mel. Albhon are still looking for their first win


since Mel took over two months ago. That's led to speculation hd could


be sacked if they're beaten again today. If I did not believe there


were winners in the changing rooms then I would have spoken to the


chairman, in order to leave. What I need is players who are willing to


work and willing to win. Now with the winter weather a fading memory,


there's hopes of a tourism boost in Staffordshire. The Uttoxeter


Racecourse has had to cancel all meetings so far this year btt today


will play host to the Midlands Grand National where thousands ard


expected. Kevin Reide reports. It's been a winter of spectacular sights


but ones we'd all rather forget and that's what staff at Uttoxeter


Racecourse are trying to do as they white wash away those winter blues.


So far all of this years medts have been cancelled. It has been


terrible. But we had five inches in January. That is a lot of r`infall.


There has not been a day in February Word has not rained. Out on the


course you can see the damage this winter has caused. Only last Tuesday


there was a layer of water on here. It's now cleared, but you c`n still


see the damage. The nightmare `` it is a nightmare, the grass h`s not


been growing. We have not h`d frost, but we were not able to get a


tractor on it until the beghnning of this week. But it will suit star


attraction, Harry Topper. The seven`year`old was pulled from


Cheltenham's Gold Cup at thd last minute because it was too dry. He


goes the same speed on soft ground as good ground which is the reason


he is good on soft ground. We have no control over what is going on. I


do not watch the weather forecast. And with prize money of ?100,00 ,


Uttoxeter are expecting arotnd 15,000 visitors and with it a boost


to the local economy. When xou think that the population is only 13, 00,


you can imagine how benefichal it is. We are very proud that here we


are hosting such a big event. So, with spring in the air, Uttoxeter's


hoping for a day to remember rather than a season to forget. Kevin


Reide, BBC Midlands Today, Stafforshire. Let's have a look at


the weather now. Here's Sar` Blizzard.


The skies have been brightening and it will remain fine and dry as we


head into the afternoon. Thdre will be some cloud toward Stoke`on`Trent


of which could produce light showers. A daytime temperattre of 17


degrees. A breezy westerly wind which will continue overnight


keeping the temperature is `bove freezing, and minimum of six


degrees. More cloud in the north of the region, producing some patchy


light rain, but it will be divided on Sunday. We might start off with


brighter skies, but there whll be cloud later. Sunny spells l`ter in


the day. That's it for now. We'll have all the day's football results


in our next bulletin at ten past seven. Until then, have a good


afternoon. Following on from what has been


largely dry and settled week with high pressure


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