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chilly old week, George. Rais thank you. That's all from the BBC


We are victims of a witchhunt, says a governor over claims his school


has been infiltrated by Muslim radicals. This is a completdly


anonymous document which maligns my good work and my good name. The


chair of governors speaks to us exclusively after the alleg`tions


earlier this month. Under trial in Birmingham, ` new


prosthetic limb that could transform the lives of thousands of alputees.


Although I was active beford, I am even more active now. All aboard the


heritage railway clocking up record numbers across the Cotswolds.


It is the biggest game in the club's history. Join me livd at


Saint Andrews, where Birmingham city ladies play in a Champions League


clash. And all of the weather detahls for


you later. Good evening. A school governor says


allegations that he is behind a radical Muslim plot aimed at making


schools work to more Islamic principles are a witchhunt.


Birmingham City Council is currently investigating a letter which claims


the plan, known as Operation Trojan Horse, has already affected


leadership at four schools. The letter names Tahir Alam, ch`irman of


governors at Park View Acaddmy. Officials from the Department for


Education are currently at school, saying they are monitoring serious


allegations. School watchdog Ofsted is also carrying out an inspection.


Our special correspondent Pdter Wilson has this exclusive rdport.


Business as usual at Park vhew, the start of a new school week, but


every weekend stories in thd national papers full of alldgations


and accusations. But teachers, although polite, were making no


comment. I am sure if you make an appointment


they will be happy to talk to you. An unsigned letter known as the


Trojan Horse plot prompted ` series of investigations. It may bd a hoax


but it includes a five`point plan to install radical Muslim governors.


One of the few names mentioned is Tahir Alam. Today he spoke out for


the first time. This document is an signed, undated,


completely anonymous and it maligns my good name and my good work that I


have done in education for lany many years. I do not subscrhbe to


the strategy outlined in thdre so I reject that totally. Are yot an


extremist? That is how you have been painted in some parts of thd media.


I am far from that. I find that amusing because I have a tr`ck


record of working with lots of different organisations and we are


very open and transparent in the way that we do things. If the


authorities were to force you out, what would be lost? It is an


example, it is a trend making institution in that it is a very


deprived area and we have ghven these children hope and opportunity.


The exam results a decade ago where amongst the worst in the cotntry.


Now they are one of the best in the city, with a pass rate of 70%. But


Ofsted are looking closely `t the management of the school, and one MP


believes the authorities should be lifting the lid on how the school is


run. I think we have to wait for the


enquiry, the inspection to take but there are serious concerns that need


to be dealt with before we love forward.


Alum Rock is one of the most deprived areas in Britain. Three


quarters of the pupils recehve free school meals. So what do thd parents


make of the controversy surrounding their children's school?


A lot of kids coming out of this school am aware they are ending up


now, colleges, universities, into decent jobs, compared to whdre they


were before, I think they should lay off the school. Three of us have


been here, it is brilliant `nd I don't believe any of it.


The Education Secretary was in Birmingham last week. It is thought


that the pressure on the City Council and Ofsted to investigate


Park View has come from concerns within his office.


I think it is probably best if we talk about Birmingham on another


occasion because there are inevitable sensitivities about it.


Ofsted won't comment on the latest reports that the school could be


taken over. In a statement the school say they are cooperating


fully with the ongoing investigations but they say they are


disappointed that any detailed purporting to be part of those


investigations is reaching the public before the report is


published. The school says ht will not comment any further.


In another statement, the ldader of Birmingham City Council say they are


reviewing the way schools are run in the city after the anonymous Trojan


horse letter. You are watching Midlands Today from


the BBC. Good to have you whth us this evening. Still ahead, we are


off to the theatre. From Stratford to the west dnd, the


1000th performance of Matilda in insurers the success of the RSC ``


ensures. And we will be looking at some of


the captivating scenes from thousands of pictures of Birmingham


taken by you. A Birmingham professor is tdsting a


revolutionary new implant for patients who have had an amputation


above the knee. If it works and they can control infections, it hs


believed it could help amputee soldiers. Here is our health


correspondent, Michele Padu`no. Nestled near Kington on the


Herefordshire border with W`les there is not much in the wax of


disabled access, particularly when you have your own smallholdhng.


Michael Lloyd had his leg alputated due to bone cancer at just 21. Given


the chance to test a new attachment for an artificial leg, he ldapt at


the chance. It is fabulous. It has changed my


life completely, it is much easier to do even small, everyday tasks. I


can walk as far as I want over hilly ground, nothing stops me.


His thighbone was shortened by three quarters of an inch here at


Birmingham's Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and the attachment grafted


into the bone. Mr Lloyd has antibiotics for infection, but


surgeons see real potential. One of the things about people with


amputations is that they test their limbs to the limit and I wotld not


be surprised if one of thesd did not get into the Paralympics.


Since Mr Lloyd's operation, silver technology has been used to reduce


infection. Professor Grimer believes in future that this type of implant


could combine with limbs th`t move electronically.


This is a standard prosthethc leg. It would fit completely over the


thigh and suction holds it hn place. Patients say they get chafing,


sometimes even pressure sords, and can't wear them for several days.


Michael's now has enough sensation to drive with a clutch.


The first time for 34 years I have driven a manual vehicle and I can


feel the clutch biting. 1960, Massey Ferguson. Almost as old as le but


not quite as good condition. But, never mind horsepower, the


greatest benefit will always be Shanks's pony.


And Michele joins me now. This has clearly helped Michael immensity `


how likely is this to becomd available?


It is early days. They have only treated 60 patients worldwide with


this and clearly at the beghnning it was not working properly. They have


found this new silver technhque which seems to be promising from now


on but the trial will take `nother year to 18 months to finish and only


at that point will the comp`ny, Stanmore implants, know whether they


can take it forward. It could revolutionise the lives of xoung


servicemen and women? Clearly the younger the patient is, the more


they are going to get out of it I believe one of the earliest people


treated was a Falklands war veteran. There is also the possibility that


Paralympians like Oscar Pistorius could use this in future.


It survived two landslides which cost more than ?1.5 million to


repair, but today one of our heritage railways is celebr`ting,


with a record`breaking year for passengers. 86,000 people travelled


on the Gloucestershire Warwhckshire Railway last year, and todax Railway


staff stepped up their camp`ign to attract even more visitors. Bob


Hockenhull reports. This steam train will represent a


renaissance in Cotswold tourism if all goes to plan. The


Gloucestershire Warwickshird Railway has been run by volunteers since the


line closed in 1979. The tr`ck currently runs 12 miles between


Lavant and Cheltenham but today delegates for the tourist industry


heard about ambitious plans to extend the line a further two miles


to Broadway. We are lucky in that the rahlway


corridor has largely been preserved. That is great not just


for the community but for local transport links and for bushnesses


as a whole. Shares in the lhne are being offered to the public to help


pay for the extension. The bridges to Broadway appeal aims to raise


half ?1 million by October. It has already raised ?340,000. It will be


three years before the railway pulls into Broadway station for the first


time since 1960. Before then there is a full schedule is `` of repairs


planned, to be carried out by professionals and volunteers. The


Heritage line has had its sdtbacks, two landslides led to its p`rtial


closure but ?2 million was donated by the public and when it rdopened


last year it carried a record 8 ,000 passengers. It is hoped that opening


the Rhine to roadway will boost the whole area. `` the line. A steam


railway will attract a lot of people and when you get people looking


around and travelling on thd line, it will bring business to the


villages. Once Broadway is reached, the railway enthusiasts hopd they


can extend further to Stratford and then it really will be the


Gloucestershire Warwickshird Railway.


We are victims of a rare `` a witchhunt says a governor over some


claims his school is being infiltrated by Muslim radic`ls.


Shefali will be here shortlx with your detailed weather forec`st. And


also in tonight's program... A big European night at St @ndrew's,


as Birmingham City Ladies t`ke on Arsenal in the Champions Le`gue We


are there live. It is the children's story of an


extraordinary girl with nasty parents that has now become a


massive hit on the West End and Broadway. Matilda the music`l has


just celebrated its 1000 performance with sell`out audiences, but it


began life in Stratford`upon`Avon and its Midlands origins ard now


guaranteeing the success of new projects with the Royal Shakespeare


Company. Here is Joan Cummins. Matilda, the adaptation of ` Roald


Dahl classic by the Royal Shakespeare Company, is plahn to


sell`out audiences across the world and has plans to open in Australia


next year, but the musical journey began in the Midlands.


Mathilde was born in Stratford`upon`Avon. More than


80,000 people saw it in its three`month run and it was


transferred to the West End and New York and more than 1.75 million


people have now seen it, ensuring the success of the RSC.


Everything we put on stage hs made in the area around Stratford.


And RSC adaptation of Les Mhs was transferred in the 80s before it


gained success but the RSC hs determined to hold on to its made in


Stratford production of Mathlda with production profits funding


community RSC projects. The income lets us do things we have `` we


would not be able to do othdrwise, like streaming which had thd second


into schools. `` Richard thd second. The 1000 performance was marked with


a preshow cake for the cast and praise from the delighted atdience.


You cannot watch that and kdep your mouth shut, it is hysterical, I


filled up with tears. There is a great mix of adult and youth, it is


a great mixture. Best thing I have ever seen.


Roald Dahl's widow has watched Matilda's journey and emotionally


told us her husband would h`ve been proud of the RSC's version.


It is a miracle. I mean, yot know, it was the first interpretation of


his works that I think he would be thrilled.


Fabulous, and congratulations. Time for sport, and a big nhght for


Birmingham City Ladies. Dan Pallett is live for us now at St Andrew s.


Yes, European football is b`ck at the home of the Blues. Birmhngham


City Ladies are taking on Arsenal in the first leg of their Champions


League quarterfinal. You can see the girls warming up here. Kick`off is


at 7pm. It is the second tile they have played at St Andrew's `nd


reflects the rising profile of the women's game. Nick Clitherod


reports. It is their moment in the St


Andrew's spotlight, and Birlingham City Ladies are determined to seize


it. Because tonight's game `gainst Arsenal is the biggest the club has


ever faced. I don't think I can explain it. Up


to now it is the furthest wd have got in this competition and to go


further would just be a dre`m come true for people.


Back in November they celebrated their first ever game at St Andrew's


with victory against Zorky Krasnogorsk from Russia. It was a


wonderful night for the plaxers But in the months since Birmingham city


have lost some of their top players to other clubs, while Arsen`l have


brought in other players from Japan. Blues have even lost goalkedper Mary


Earps, who was only modelling their new kit last month. At least Karen


Carney, who joined the club at 1, is still with the Blues. Shd may


have won 85 England caps but right now nothing would give her lore


satisfaction than beating Arsenal, over two legs.


We are not a high spending team but we produce young players and when we


do produce we don't half produce. The team we have got, the


youngsters, in a couple of xears or even one year, the big teams will be


trying to tap them because H know they are that good.


So tonight in true Blues tr`dition Karen and Emily will be aimhng to


keep right on to the end of the road, a road which ends with the


Champions League final in Lhsbon in May.


Let's speak to the proud cltb chair chairman `` chairman. It dods not


get much bigger than this. @re the girls confident? I think we are the


underdogs obviously but over the last three years the top two clubs


are Arsenal and Birmingham. There have been some changes in the


playing staff but we are confident. The first test is tonight. @ few


scores to settle, they just beat you to the league title a coupld of


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