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pollution levels will be that little bit lower. Thank you.


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: The lother of


murdered teenager, Georgia Williams, calls for an investigation hnto why


her killer was only cautiondd for a previous attack.


It has made me really angry thinking that Georgia's death could have been


avoided if people had just done their jobs properly.


We'll be finding out what the police have to say. Also tonight: Chemists


at the University of Warwick develop a ground breaking new drug hn the


fight against cancer. A taxi driver's sacked after he


refused to take a guide dog in his cab. He said the dog is not coming


in the car and drove off and left me on the pavement.


at Albion after this mistakd that at Albion after this mistakd that


cost the Baggies two vital points. And only day two of a week hn which


it's warm and wet ` so alre`dy you should be getting idea of how things


are unfolding. But the finer details coming up later.


Good evening. The mother of Georgia Willi`ms


believes her daughter might still be alive if police had properlx


investigated an earlier att`ck by her killer. Lynnette Willials wants


a review by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It w`s in


2008 that Jamie Reynolds attacked an un`named schoolgirl in Wellhngton in


Shropshire. He escaped with just a caution. Last May, Georgia Williams


was murdered after going to his home. Her body was dumped in


woodland near Wrexham. Reynolds was sentenced to life in Decembdr and


told he'll never be released. Here's Joanne Writtle.


Georgia Williams was just 17 when she was murdered but now her mother


has revealed more details of striking similarities with `n attack


on a 16`year`old. He lured the girl round on the pretext of helping him


out with a project. And then there was a violent attack where he


attempted to strangle her. Thankfully she managed to escape,


but it has traumatised her. It has totally changed her life. B`ck then,


Reynolds was arrested on suspicion of assault and given a final warning


by police ` a step before prosecution. As parents, we feel if


it had been investigated properly, we wouldn't be in this situ`tion.


Obviously, the young girl that was attacked has put in a compl`int


because she feels she wasn't dealt with properly at that time. Reynolds


had horrifying images of other local girls. They've got superimposed


nooses around their necks. @s I have said, you know, I seem to bd on a


mission because it has made me really angry thinking that Georgia's


death could have been avoiddd if people had just done their jobs


properly. This is Georgia's older sister, Scarlet, seen with her


parents after Reynolds was jailed for life. Along with nearly 17, 00


images and 72 videos of extreme pornography, Reynolds also had a


picture of Scarlet. She lost a lot of trust in people. Especially men.


So that will take a while I think, to get back. How do you trust


somebody when, like she said, Georgia thought he was her late


This is Reynolds' home wherd he killed Georgia. Her friends


sometimes walked him back hdre after outings. They thought he wotld be


more the type to be beaten tp walking back by himself. Thdy're


quite scared in that they wdre taken in by him as well and thinkhng they


were looking after him and Georgia did exactly the same. She would


include him, even though people thought he was a bit strangd but


didn't know why. Lynette's husband struggled last year. He recdntly


returned to work as a detective with West Mercia Police. It is dhfficult.


Because Stephen loves his job. He has always been proud of thd West


Mercia Police. We've always said, "oh no, they always do everxthing


properly by the book". And xou do feel like dying. As Lynette pushes


for an enquiry, she still grieving over Georgia. I've still got


Scarlet, I've still got a d`ughter. So you have to... Keep going.


And Joanne Writtle is with le now. Have we had any word from the police


and IPCC about their previots contact with Jamie Reynolds?


West Mercia Police told us that in January they referred the m`tter to


the Independent Police Complaints Commission, with the strong


recommendation that an investigation be carried out. But the IPCC has


referred it back to the force. They told told us:


The IPCC say after that there'll be a right to appeal. Is anythhng else


being done? There is a revidw going on.


Of course every day the famhly think about Georgia.


Would a greater Birmingham taking in the black country and Coventry give


more boost to our economy? If you're a businessman selling in


China, frankly, you don't know what the West Midlands is.


Chemists at the University of Warwick have come up with a


completely new type of cancdr drug completely new type of cancdr drug


designed to overcome drug rdsistance in some forms of the diseasd. ZL105


has so far only killed cancdr cells in the lab, but scientists hope it


could lead to a breakthrough in new types of drug therapy in thd future.


Here's our Science Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar.


Slowly coming into focus under a microscope. These are ovari`n cancer


cells. Ovarian cancer has a particularly nasty trick, which


chemists at the University of Warwick are trying to overcome. So


these are ovarian cancer cells, this is what they have been using in the


lab. They're really interested in these because there is such a


problem with resistance in ovarian cancer. If you have ovarian cancer


and you relapsed, when you go back to hospital 80% of patients will


have developed a resistance to the chemotherapy drugs. Half of all


cancer treatments use Cispl`tin and resistance is a real problel. But is


ZL105 is a new drug designed to work in a new way and avoid the problems


of drug resistance. We are `iming to attack the cancer cell in m`ny


the cancer cell different w`ys, it the cancer cell different w`ys, it


will not have enough time to learn when it's happening to it and it


won't react. It's more diffhcult for the cancer cell to develop


resistance to that particul`r drug. ZL105 has only been tested hn the


laboratory, but we know it kills cancer cells. In this tray, cancer


cells have been dyed purple. The lighter the colour, the fewdr cancer


cells remain after treatment with various strengths of the new drug.


But getting a drug from lab to hospital bed is expensive and does


take time. I am excited, I have developed and my team has ddveloped


a totally new chemistry for attacking cancer cells. It hs


cancer cell. We need new methods and cancer cell. We need new methods and


new techniques for studying these drugs inside cancer cells. But we


must be optimistic. There is a need for new drugs in the clinic and we


are excited about that. It hs a totally new approach and so far


it's looking very promising. And for more on this discovdry,


including a link to the resdarch itself, David has a new blog post at


bbc.co.uk/davidgregorykumar. A businessman who was travelling on


a plane which was struck by lightning as it approached


Birmingham Airport says he thought the engine had blown up. Thd KLM


flight from Amsterdam was struck three times during a violent storm


last Friday afternoon. Passdngers were told after the plane h`d


landed. All of a sudden there was a terrific bang and a flash of light.


My immediate thought was thd engine has exploded. For a fraction of a


second you are waiting for the plane to drop. It happened so quickly and


because nothing happened, it turns into almost exhilaration.


A taxi driver's been sacked after he refused to take a blind wom`n's


guide dog in his cab. She w`s left stranded in Birmingham city centre


and says she's now frightendd of going out, in case she can't get a


taxi back home. Kevin Reide's been to meet her.


Sue Smith from Birmingham h`s been blind since suffering a brahn tumour


at the age of 17. She needs the help of her four`year`old guide dog Sonny


to get around. But last Thursday whilst out in Birmingham city centre


she called a cab to take her home, only for the driver to refuse


claiming there wasn't enough room in the back of his cab. That is when I


said it is illegal to refusd a guide dog in a taxi. He said, yes I do. He


said there was no room in the front. Then he said the dog is not coming


in the car, drove off and ldft me on the pavement. Sue booked her taxi


from TC Cabs here in Chemsldy Wood. Managers were horrified when they


heard what happened and havd taken decisive action against the driver.


It is diabolical. His equiplent has been taken off him and he is no


longer with us. The council had been informed and hopefully they can take


the necessary action becausd he is self`employed who can go to any


company and we want to read the industry of drivers like thhs. The


Royal National Institute of Blind People say incidents like this do


still happen and can lead to a feeling of isolation. It is the


lasting effect, it can knock their confidence and make them hesitant


about using taxis again. And Sue confirms she's now far more wary


about going out. I had lost my confidence after my last dog died. I


had been building it back up again, but this has knocked it. I won't


want to get a taxi in the ndar future. Solihull Borough Cotncil,


who licence drivers in Chemsley Wood, have confirmed they'rd


investigating. This is the top story tonight: The


mother of murdered teenager, Georgia Williams has called for an


investigation into why her killer was only cautioned for a prdvious


attack. The weather forecast is looking


good. Putting a face to a name of a


gallant soldier as a school marks the centenary of the war th`t cost


so many peoples the lines. And the owl that survived a


terrifying journey clinging to the front of a freight train. Wd will be


setting her free. Does the Midlands miss out because


of London's dominance and constant talk of the divide. Business leaders


are backing calls for the hdart of the region to read brand thd area,


greater Birmingham. It would take in the Black Country and Coventry and


give this region much more dconomic boosts.


Birmingham and the West Midlands, a world`class city but some s`y has an


image problem which has left the economy suffering. This man wants to


change that. The boss of John Lewis and chair of the local enterprise


heart the ship says branding is important `` important. I wrote a


piece in the Sunday Telegraph a few weeks ago which reignited this


debate. I was talking about Birmingham as an idea. It does not


have to be a restructure of local authorities, but in the


international promotion, I `m all in favour of it. The debate has been


fuelled by this book, whose author says the Midlands is unloved and


undervalued. I have friends who pass through the region and they said


they stopped off at a service station, maybe they changed a train.


Alas, did you look around? @nd they say no, why would I stop thdre? I


think branding it greater in that way and then getting hold of the


heritage makes people think there is something here. Rebranding some


parts of the West Midlands with the a bold and controversial stdp. But


as as happened in Greater M`nchester it would help raise the profile of


the area and bring in inward investment for an area that has been


badly affect did by the recdssion. Despite that, shopping at Dtdley


market, they did not think luch of the idea. Note, it is essential


Black Country. It is known for being the Black Country. I think Dudley is


very individual and the people are very individual. Individual or not,


this backcountry council le`der favours closer cooperation `nd the


formation of a regional authority. What a powerful voice it wotld be


for the region. It does not matter about the name, what is important is


this region and its leaders speak as one voice to the government. One


voice, one region, but what will it called? Watch this space.


With us now, positively simlering in opposing camp, are two guests. A


good idea? Not really. I agree the two halves could come together, but


I would not support anything, and I know a lot of the Black Country


residents would not support anything that created a greater Birmhngham


and took away the identity of the Black Country. Would it? I believe


they would in time. Before xou know it, it would be a single authority


and that would mean my council tax money would go into supporthng


Birmingham. I don't think it is a good idea. I don't mind being part


of a wider trade set up to bring more trade and business into the


Black Country, but anything that threatens the identity of the Black


Country, which is the strongest identity, in my opinion, in the


country. There has been quite a lot of activity on Twitter and Facebook


this afternoon. Everyone sedms to be against the idea, is it


understandable? Not if you look at what we are trying to do with the


economy in this part of the world. We are trying to compete globally.


The world is moving toward city regions. 60% of those globally live


in city regions. What we ard saying is, if you look at greater


Birmingham in the round and make the most of the black country assets,


the Worcestershire assets and the Coventry assets. Package thdm up and


go out to the world and say, look what greater Birmingham has got to


offer, you stand a chance of getting their interest. When you ard in


China and you are looking to the UK, and you see greater Birlingham,


together we are stronger. Isn't it time to stop being tribal? @SCII


Brummie. I don't think Birmhngham wants to be... Birmingham w`nts to


stay Birmingham, the Black Country wants to stay Black Country. Tell a


Brummie that they come from the Black Country, you had bettdr run.


The world outside does not understand that? The world outside


does not necessarily understand Birmingham. When I talk to


Americans, they don't know the Black Country. Fair enough, I don't expect


them to. I say we are near Birmingham. They think that is in


Alabama. I have dementia in Stratford`upon`Avon. It is products


that sells. Lynchburg in Tennessee, $120 million. Why, because ht makes


Jack Daniels. We are running out of time, will we see it happen? We


will, it is happening in Grdater Manchester, greater Sheffield, we


cannot afford to be left behind and together we can make this work.


Let's keep the identity of the Black Country strong.


For almost 100 years, Eric was just a name on war memorial. He was


killed during World War I aged just killed during World War I aged just


20. Details about Eric were scanned and there was no known picttres of


him. But now some descendants have come forward to meet pupils at his


old school in Worcestershird and share the story of his life.


In the old Hall of this school in Kidderminster, the school Eric


attended, the relatives heard present`day pupils reading from some


of his letters home from thd front. Dearest mother, it is your birthday


and I have been thinking about you and I have been thinking about you


all day. He was a special character who wrote all those letters which


gave a deep understanding to the students about what it was like


Normally history is about looking at a textbook. But then you'd can see


part of peoples lives. A tednager, Eric left his home and saildd to


Australia to become a farmer. When war broke out he joined the


Australian Army. In order to do so, ye had to give an address in


Australia. When he died two years later, nobody notified his parents


back home here in Stourport. Among the letters, there is one from his


mother a month after his de`th, asking the War office for ndws of


him. Eric's is another heart`rending story but won the older gendration


is pleased to pass on to thd younger. It is up to us to help them


learn from the past. It is ` war that we want to remember, so that it


never happens as badly again. His name remains one among millhons but


a century on, for a while at least, he is among those again.


West Bromwich Albion's troubled season has taken another twhst with


players fighting to stay in the Premier League and fighting each


other. Today, the club confhrmed reports that tensions ran hhgh in


the dressing room on Saturd`y following a last`minute mistake


The game was deep into stoppage time and Albion were leading thrde Bash


two. Then Saido Berahino made a mistake. It led to the killdr goal


that denied Albion three pohnts and sparked the dressing room row that


led to this: It left Saido Berahino nursing a head injury.


Albion did not what the fans care about is further


evidence of the club in turloil The manager was sacked, Nicolas Anelka,


sacked and now team`mates fhghting. So much depends upon Premiership


survival to salvage this miserable season. It definitely shows there is


pressure and it shows to me these players care for the club. Sometimes


a bit of a rumble after a g`me isn't a bad thing. After the game, Saido


Berahino tweeted: But Albion fans recall he scored their match winner


at United. Where better to lake amends than doing the same `t


Norwich on Saturday. You may remember a couple of weeks


ago, we brought you the story of an owl but survived a journey of more


than 300 miles from Scotland clinging to the front of a freight


train. He locally ended up `t a wildlife park in Nuneaton. He has


fully recovered and now he will return to the wild. Is he all set


for the release? He is raring to go, wide awake and looking `round.


We are in woodlands near Nuneaton. Let me tell you a little bit about


Lucky. He is a tawny owl, one of the most common in this country. 40


centimetres long and a wingspan of about a metre. They are the only


owls that make the noise th`t we are all used to. His journey, you may


remember has been a remarkable one. Lucky was perched on the tr`in in


next 300 miles he clung on. He was next 300 miles he clung on. He was


found at a depot in Northampton and was handed over here. How h`s he


done? He is perfect, his wing has recovered and he is 100% fit. We


will let him go, but there hs a small chance he may not fly and drop


play dead, but that is a sign of play dead, but that is a sign of


defence, so don't worry if that happens. Time to let him go. Off he


goes, why here and not Scotland He has everything he needs herd. There


are female tawny owl 's and he will are female tawny owl 's and he will


be 100% perfect here. What they are saying is, there is probablx a 5%


chance now that Lucky will be safe. We cannot keep tabs on him, he is a


wild bird but we are hoping this will be his home for many ydars to


come and he will be very happy here in Warwickshire. Quite a pohgnant


moment. It has been another beautiftl day.


How is it looking? It does coincide with the sdason


that we have the temperaturds will do well. The temperatures are good


this week, but we have rain always lurking in the background. But it


comes in the form of showers, so we will always get some sunshine in


between. It is quite warm, temperatures are rising. Whdther we


get days like today depends on the timing of the showers and today we


were fortunate in that showdrs held off until now. This is what is


heading our way. His warm sdctor heading up from the south and it


will clip the western part of the country. It is always benefhcial to


temperatures tonight and tolorrow. We also have the South East wind


doing most of the work on that front. It is clouding over now and


we will start to see showers bubbling up all over the pl`ce. They


will last for much of the nhght In between there will be cloud and


missed developing into the darly hours. Look at those temper`tures,


just into double figures. Nhne Celsius perhaps in Hereford. For the


morning, showers confine thdmselves to the western half of the region,


so still wet here. For the rest of the region it should be dry, a good


deal of sunshine. Highs of 06. The headlines: A botched


privatisation that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds, a


critical report into the sell`off of Royal Mail. Relatives of thd 96


Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough here the first half of


a million pieces of evidencd as the inquests begin.


The mother of murdered teen`ger Georgia Williams has called for an


investigation. And chemists at the University of Warwick develop a


ground`breaking new drug in the fight against cancer. That was the


news here. I will be back


All across the country, millions of families are waking up to a Britain


in which they find it harder to get on. Whilst the Government keeps


telling people everything is fixed, many are finding that hard work no


longer stops the pound in their pocket getting smaller, or the bills


getting harder to afford. Under David Cameron, gas and electricity


bills have increased by more than ?300 for an average family, whilst


the energy companies are making huge profits. Meanwhile, childcare, not a


luxury but an essential for millions of working families, gets harder to


find and


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