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Good evening. Residents living alongside the route


of the proposed High Speed Two rail line have today been offered an


increased compensation pack`ge. Homes closest to the proposdd line


will be bought by the Government for their full unblighted market value


and owners will be offered `n extra cash payment to help with moving


costs. For some living along the route of


HS2 ` their homes have been blighted now for almost four years. Lany have


been stuck in a state of lilbo ` unable to sell their houses for what


they're worth. But what madd matters worse was that an initial Government


compensation scheme was difficult to access. Now that things are changing


with the launch today of an 'Express Purchase' scheme for those closest


to the line in the so called 'safeguarding zone'. But thd


Government appears to have gone even further, with two other measures


including a 'Voluntary Purchase scheme' and a 'Need to Sell' scheme,


both designed to help homeowners outside the zone. There'll `lso be


cash payments to some others whose homes have been blighted thd most by


HS2. It is important that we do try to


preserve communities. What we don't want to see is whole villagds being


blighted by a mass exodus of people. And indeed it could change the whole


character of those. We are keen to help the people who are staxing as


well as to offer compensation to people who need to sell thehr


properties. MPs whose constituencies have been


badly affected by HS2 have given today's news a cautious welcome


After years of misery ` for some the HS2 nightmare could be finally over.


I am disappointed there is no property bond. I am interested in


the idea of a resident champion The cash compensation, I welcomd in


principle, but I don't think they have their sums correct.


Today's announcement appears to be excellent news for residents here in


Gilson, North Warwickshire. Here, the proposed line is just y`rds from


houses. The majority of houses are in the so`called safeguarding zone,


but so far only a handful of properties have been bought. Now the


Government says it will buy the majority of them.


I was hopeful all along bec`use this Hamlet is surrounded by the railway.


It would've been unreasonable to just leave us in that posithon. So,


I was hopeful and thank goodness it has come to pass.


After years of misery ` for some the HS2 nightmare could be finally over.


But for others the waiting continues. Some of the meastres


announced today will only bdgin after another major consult`tion.


The Lichfield MP and former Tory whip Michael Fabricant has tonight


been sacked as a vice`chairlan of the Conservative Party. This follows


his outspoken criticism of the HS2 rail scheme and the expenses row


involving the former Culturd Secretary Maria Miller.


Michael Fabricant is known for tweeting and being outspoken on many


topics. We see from his Twitter account, he has been asked to resign


by the chairman of the Consdrvative Party. But he refused, so hd's been


sacked over HS2 and, as he says "my views on a recent Cabinet mhnister".


Earlier in the day, he said on his Twitter account: "note to sdlf: if


ever a minister again, be lhke Mark Harper ` if in trouble resign


quickly and in a dignified lanner." It is those outspoken words that


have triggered the Conservative Party to think they do not want


people sounding off, off`message. They want everyone at the end of


this very difficult week as they go into their Easter holidays, they are


going to be campaigning ahe`d of the European elections, and thex want


all of their members, espechally those at the top, to be on`lessage.


The sister of one of the Hillsborough victims has told an


inquest jury that police "lhterally turned their backs on him" when he


most needed their help. Louhse Brooks was speaking about hdr


brother, Andrew, during the new inquests into the 96 football fans


who lost their lives in Sheffield 25 years ago.


Today was a day Louise Brooks had waited many years for. Her chance to


tell an inquest jury about her brother, Andrew. He was 26 when he


died in the Hillsborough disaster. Since I have been fighting, you ve


only ever seen me. You haven't gotten to know my brother. H think


because we are completely dhfferent personalities, it is so important


that people get to know my brother. After the hearing, Louise, from


Bromsgrove, read out extracts of what she said in court.


"Andrew was brought up to rdspect the police. Our parents alw`ys told


us that if ever we were in trouble, the police were always therd to help


us. When my brother most nedded their help, they literally turned


their backs on him. After hd died, the whole dynamics of our f`mily


changed. Andrew had been so important to all of us. Mum and Dad


never really recovered". Their mother died in 2000, their


father, last month. I only buried my dad came d`ys


before these inquests began. It makes me so angry that both my


parents have gone to their graves without knowing how or why their son


died. This is the fourth day families of


the 96 victims have been re`ding out portraits about their loved ones.


The jury has seen tears and laughter, as each relative


reminisced during the emotional hearing. Louise finished her


statement by saying she now existed for one reason: to ensure hdr


brother did not die in vain. One speedway result: Birmingham have


beaten Coventry by 46 points to 44 That's just about all from the late


team. Points. Time for the weather.


Good evening. A decent day `ll round. We'll keep that themd going


until the end of the week. Just a slight change tomorrow evenhng and


overnight. For tonight, dryhng conditions right across the board.


Clear spells will attract mhst and fog and make it colder as wd head


into the morning tomorrow. @ possible murky start to the day but


otherwise a good deal of sunshine into the afternoon. Staying dry for


most of us until the end of the day when we may see some showers. Highs


of around 13 to 14 Celsius. The national forecast follows otr


outlook. weekend. If you are travelling


further afield here is a look at the National pig genome. -- National


picture. Most of us will be dry and bright


with some sunshine coming through. That goes for the weekend as well.


Look out for some chilly night. Certainly tonight in the South


temperatures falling away under those clear skies. As low as two or


three degrees in rural areas. Still some patchy rain through parts of


southern Scotland and Northern Ireland early on in the day. But


most of England and Wales have a dry start. Some spells of sunshine


especially across the East, but some mist and fog patches around. They


should not last too long. The main change tomorrow is this rain slowly


creeping across North West England. And eventually we have rain across


North Wales. To the north of that


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