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Good evening. back with the late news at 10pm.


A heart specialist who won his claim for unfair dismissal after a 12`year


fight says he's going to ask the Health Minister for an inquiry. Dr


Raj Mattu says patients deserve to know why more than ?6 million has


been spent keeping him away from his job. Here's our health


correspondent, Michele Paduano. A well`wisher arrived to


congratulate him on his success, after one of the longest`running


employment cases in NHS history. It's official, he's a


whistle`blower, and he was unfairly dismissed.


The cost to me is immeasurable, it has totally destroyed my career, my


life, in ways I could not start to describe. Then, there is an


estimated ?6 million upwards wasted in a determination to shut me up,


and oust me. For 12 years, the case has consumed


his life. Although he was out of time to win damages for being a


whistle`blower, the fact that he was dismissed whilst ill, and never


given a chance to defend himself, was discrimination on the grounds of


disability. University Hospitals Coventry and


Warwickshire say they are examining the 440`page document, to see if


there are grounds for an appeal. They note no connection has been


made between the whistle`blowing and the unfair dismissal, and they say


they, too, are disappointed the case has taken so long. The judgment


criticises key NHS figures, following his whistle`blowing over


patient deaths in overcrowded bays. The tribunal did not accept at


certain points the evidence of chief executive David Loughton's evidence


was truthful. Another chief executive, David Roberts, had an


agenda not to allow him to return to work.


Now that they have been found to have mistreated me, I do call on the


Secretary of State for Health and Mr Stevens to initiate an enquiry into


my case. Such important lessons can be learned.


Dr Mattu is now likely to receive a large pay`out. Dr Raj Mattu can now


look forward to significant damages. A teacher in the West Midlands has


received ?300,000 in compensation, after she was injured breaking up a


fight between two pupils. The figure was revealed by the NASUWT, as the


teaching union starts its annual conference in Birmingham. It says


compensation pay`outs to its members have increased by 30% in a year.


Young people were chosen to lead an Easter procession through inner city


Birmingham this afternoon to show the area is turning its back on gun


and knife crime. The Good Friday Walk of Witness is organised by


churches in Handsworth. The parade was attended by 1,000 people.


Organisers wanted local youths to play a prominent part, to show the


area is improving after recent problems with anti`social behaviour.


On to football now. And Birmingham City Ladies are just two games away


from reaching their first European final. They take on the Swedish side


Tireso, in the first leg of the semifinal tomorrow. Nick Clitheroe


reports. Karen Carney joined Birmingham City


when she was just 11. 15 years on, she can barely believe a European


final is within touching distance at the club she loves.


I don't think it would feel real. I'll probably be pinching myself.


But this is what this club deserves for all the hard work, the


adversity. We have never had much backing, we have to do things the


hard way. We deserve something like the final.


Their progress to the semifinal has been remarkable. Birmingham can't


compete financially with many of their domestic rivals, and lost


several key players at the start of the year. Instead, they've


prioritised bringing young players through, and it's working.


It's always been a philosophy of our club to bring through the


youngsters, and give people opportunities. When they are ready,


they can come up to the plate. And they have delivered the goods on the


big occasions. The European run has also helped


raise the club's profile and helped attract new fans.


Birmingham Ladies played their last two European home matches at St


Andrews. A clash of fixtures with men's team means this time they play


here at Solihull Moors. We want teams to come here and fear


us. Obviously, if they are not used to this environment, they're in the


big stadiums and crowds, maybe this will be different for them.


Hopefully, it can work to our advantage.


Their Swedish opponents, Tireso, will start as favourites. But


Birmingham Ladies have proved already that no`one should


underestimate them. Let's catch up with today's results


now. And in League One: it was another goals bonanza at


Wolves, which ended with a pitch invasion, and another Wolves win,


the score there, 6`4. The Tamworth Hereford match doesn't


kick off until 7.45pm. But we'll bring you that result in our late


bulletin this evening. Let's have a look at the weather for


the Easter weekend now. Here's Rebecca Wood.


Good evening. We have some pleasant afternoon sunshine but it will be a


chilly night. With clear skies overhead, temperatures will plummet


down to two Celsius. And a touch of frost over the North Midlands. A


chilly start to tomorrow. The best of the brightness will be in the


West. Still some good spells of sunshine. The winds will be a little


stronger. By Sunday, we have an area of brain working its way in. A


rather wet Easter Day and holiday Monday.


That's all from us for now. I'll be back with your late news at 10.15pm.


Bye for now. Today we have seen temperatures


rising if Scotland but again tonight, with the clear skies and


light wind temperatures will fall sharply, and for many of us, we are


looking at a touch of frost. The satellite picture tells a story


nicely. This belt of cloud is sitting in the far north-west of


Scotland, we have had this cloud bubbling up across eastern areas and


with the northerly wind it has felt cold in East Anglia. That cloud is


going to melt away, we will get an easterly breeze picking the cloud


back in again later in the night in eastern areas and we still have this


cloud and rain in the far north-west of Scotland, but for most we will


have clear sky, light wind, Ness are the temperatures in towns and city,


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