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Good evening. A charity in That's it.


Good evening. A charity in Worcestershire which offers zero


interest loans to people struggling financially says demand is growing


so much it's just opened another office in neighbouring Shropshire.


The "No Interest Loan Scheme" in Tenbury Wells provides an


alternative to payday lenders or loan sharks for local residents who


can't get credit elsewhere. Nadine Towell reports.


When Graham Gordon had a stroke 14 years ago he was no longer able to


work. His wife Gail gave up her job to care for him, and suddenly the


couple went from having two incomes to living on benefits. The things


that we needed, you don't expect things to break down and things you


need to make things easier to Galway, and we found it very very


hard. So when their washing machine stopped working they simply couldn't


afford a new one. But a local charity which offers a zero interest


loan scheme proved to be their lifeline. And it's a resource


they've turned to on several occasions. Also, my cooker, we lived


in here and my sister gave me a cooker 14 years ago, and it was


really good. It lasted, but it came to the end of it stay they could not


afford a new one, so we went to No Interest Loan Scheme and they gave


us the money to get the cooker. The Tenbury "No Interest Loan Scheme",


or NILS, offers emergency funds to local people who can't get loans


elsewhere. It helps to pay for essential items like appliances and


school uniforms. There are lots of unscrupulous lenders out there, and


we are an alternative. People come to us knowing they are not charged


any interest. It is a place for poor people to come to us, people who


have usually financially excluded, but we all about financial


inclusion. The scheme operating here in Tenbury is though to be the only


one of it's kind in the country and is proving so popular they've opened


up a new office in Ludlow. The project is proving so popular they


are opening up a new office. Back at home with the Gordons, a working


washing machine which is now fully paid for. They say this scheme makes


living on a low budget just that little bit easier.


A teenager's been charged in connection with the stabbing of a


man in Birmingham. The 17` year`old's accused of causing


grievous bodily harm. It follows the stabbing of a 24`year`old man in


Erdington last week. He remains in a critical condition in hospital with


what police have described as "life`threatening injuries".


Demonstrators have staged a protest against plans to build thousands of


new homes which they say will ruin their Warwickshire village. The


group, from Long Marston, drove to Stratford`upon`Avon to urge


councillors to vote against the proposals. Our reporter Holly Lewis


was there. People who live in Long Marston say


building 3,500 houses on the nearby airfield will lead to gridlock. And


today they set out to prove their point by driving in convoy into


Stratford. We have moved here from London. We moved to a rural area,


and we don't want the character of the area to change. What is being


proposed as monolithic, not appropriate. This area is one of the


main attractions of this entire country, and you want to make it


like a suburb? You're killing the goose that lays the golden egg. The


campaigners say the development would increase local traffic


sevenfold. But a housing shortage means Stratford`upon`Avon District


Council has to build around 10,000 new homes over the next 15 years.


And they have to go somewhere. The houses are to be near where the jobs


are. And the fact is that most jobs are north of the River Avon. This is


a big settlement, south of the River Avon, and people are going to have


to get into their cars and drive to work. The development is one of five


options currently under discussion by Stratford district Council. It is


believed to be their second choice, the first choice being a development


at Aden. A final decision on a site for the first phase of development


is expected to be made in the middle of May.


About 100 people have signed up as volunteers on the Severn Valley


Railway following a recent recruitment drive. The railway


already has a team of more than 1,200 working on the line. The


latest recruits will help drive the trains, staff the booking office and


work in the carriages. It attracts more than 200,000 visitors a year.


Onto the day's football results, and in the Championship, Birmingham City


are just one place above the relegation zone after they lost 4`2


to Blackburn at St Andrews. In League One, Wolves go up as


Champions after beating Leyton Orient 3`1 in the lunchtime


kick`off. Elsewhere it ended goalless between Coventry and


Oldham. Shrewsbury look destined for relegation after they lost 5`2 away


at Preston. It finished 1`0 to Rotherham over Port Vale. And


Walsall drew 1`1 with Gillingham. In League Two Cheltenham won 2`0 at


Mansfield, Jamie Cureton with both goals. And Burton Albion drew 1`1 at


Newport. Finally at the foot of the


Conference, Tamworth won three`two at Dartford. Hereford United's fight


for survival will go to the final game off the season after their 3`2


win over Alfreton. Kidderminster versus Nuneaton ended goalless. How


about the weather? What is to come? It was a beautiful day today, high


of 17, 18 Celsius, down to amass of warm air wafting in from Europe. But


this is going to be pushed to one side because of a change in wind


direction in the next few days. The outcome of that is cooler conditions


and a few showers as well. We have had reports of hefty thundery


showers developing across the and Oxfordshire border. There will also


be showers across the northern half of the region as well. Overall, it


is murky" he tonight, lows of nine to 10 Celsius. Sharers will ease,


but it is going to be wetter than today. In between we will see


sunshine developing. Not quite as warm as today, 14, 15 Celsius. More


rain on Wednesday and further showers after that.


That was the Midlands Today. I'll be back at 10pm with your next


update. Have a great evening. Goodbye.


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