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firepower in military exercises. That is all from the BBC


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: Anger from


Stafford Hospital campaigners as it is revealed crucial patient numbers


were left out of a report. If the hospital was not there I would have


lost at least two of my children. I cannot think what it would be like


without it. We will examine what hope there is for maternity services


in Stafford. Also tonight: Jailed for two years


for stalking his ex`girlfriend, who later jumped to her death from a


motorway bridge. He is evil. He is a bully and a coward and had put my


daughter through hell. As donations head towards ?2.5


million, teenage fundraiser Stephen Sutton ticks off another one on his


bucket list ` making a video of his life. The aim of Stephen's story is


to spread as much positivity as possible. To show people what it is


like to have something goes wrong in your life but not be defined by it.


A cricket tour with a difference. The remarkable story of the


Worcestershire Gents invited to Berlin in 1937.


And today has certainly been a bit of a wash`out, but will the weekend


follow suit? Well, there are plenty of April showers on the horizon, but


we will get the odd spell of sunshine too. When and where? I'll


tell you later. Good evening. The number of people


using Stafford Hospital was one of the reasons given for its recent


downgrading. But today it has emerged that details of how many


children were treated there was removed from an official report. The


administrators, who now manage the hospital, say it was an innocent


mistake. But Stafford's MP says it calls into question the decision to


cut services. Our health correspondent, Michele Paduano,


reports. Baby Gracie went into the hospital


in Stafford with a chest infection. Her sister had liver failure.


Summer, aged four, suffered concussion last May. And her sister,


aged six, had her tonsils removed. There are ten children in the family


and they are worried about the loss of the Children's Ward. The hospital


is like a lifeline to my children. It is a lifeline to us. If the


hospital was not there, I would have lost at least two of my children. I


do not want to think what life would be like without it. But did their


hospital stays appear on Stafford Hospital's statistics? A report


compiling those numbers was written by senior staff earlier this year.


When it was sent out to other hospitals, with their names on, the


figures had been removed. The Trust's administrators say it is an


innocent mistake made by a junior member of staff and they have now


apologised to the authors of the report. They say that it makes no


material difference to the process and the numbers have now been


agreed. But they will not say who signed off the report and they will


not tell us what those numbers are. I understand that this document has


the correct figures, which shows 3000 more episodes of care. Stafford


Hospital campaigners are looking to see if there are any grounds for a


legal challenge. I would like to think that, by now, Jeremy Hunt


knows the true figures and if that is the case he should be looking at


doing a review on paediatrics. A year ago, 50,000 people marched to


save children's and maternity services. Maternity may have a


reprieve, but now the MP says they should look again at children's


services. What I am more concerned about is what are the consequences


of these revised figures. Clearly, we have to see that the proposals of


the Trust's special administrator are now measured against those


revised figures. For this family, losing the children's ward is seen


as a disaster. And Michele joins me now. The future


of children's services at Stafford remains a big issue in the town.


What hope is there for maternity services?


There should be some hope. Back in February, when they announced the


hospital would be taken over, and decision was taken by the Prime


Minister to organise a review of the maternity services. What is being


proposed is good steps to make sure that A continues at Stafford


Hospital. Hard work to make sure we can continue with consultant led


maternity services, the people can continue to have babies in


Staffordshire. I understand that there was a debate at the highest


level of government about whether that should take place. The night


before, it had not been the sided. The review is being done by NHS


England, but is not likely to take place until next year after the


election. I understand they are looking at downgrading the services


before then. The Prime Minister's personal assistant has said that is


not acceptable. You are watching Midlands Today,


good to have you with us. Coming up later in the programme: 90 minutes


from a European final ` Blues Ladies prepare for a Swedish semifinal


showdown. The remarkable story of Stephen


Sutton continues to inspire. His drive for the Teenage Cancer Trust


shows no sign of slowing down, as his appeal heads towards ?2.5


million pounds. And today the cancer patient from Staffordshire was told


a comedy show in his honour will be held in Birmingham on Sunday ` and


it is already a sell`out. Bob Hockenhull is at the venue for us


tonight. Bob, the amount Stephen has raised is a significant figure for


the charity isn't it? It is. The Teenage Cancer Trust


normally raises much less than this in a year. He has raised one fifth


of their total fundraising. That is still rising. This afternoon, a


video of his life was released. It has many contributors, including


Stephen's mother. When Stephen started his bucket list, we never


expected it to go where it has gone. It has inspired and motivated so


many people. Stephen telling his story has made people appreciate


just what they have got. We are in the bar where the comedy gig will


take place on Sunday night. I am with Richard Taylor, who works here.


What was your reaction when Stephen as to put on the gig? I was


honoured. All he was bothered about is can we do it inside the Mac days.


We are doing our best to make it successful. We are hoping to make


about ?10,000. We are going to have an after party and you can join it


if you do not have a ticket. Any money made on the door will go to


the charity. There are many celebrities taking the campaign to


heart. Some big comedy names here? There will be, but I cannot tell you


yet. It may also be streamed on the Internet? It may. But that is not


yet confirmed. Thank you very much. A man who stalked his former


girlfriend in the days leading up to her death has been jailed for two


years. Ryan Dey was arrested a month after Kamaljit Sidhu jumped to her


death from a bridge over the M6 motorway. The judge said he had


subjected her and her family to "a sustained campaign of harassment."


Giles Latcham has more. Kamaljit Sidhu, or Kam, was kind,


smiling, and funny say her family. She was the manager of a bar in


Birmingham and began a relationship with a doorman there, Ryan Dey. His


controlling and abusive behaviour led her to break up with him but he


continued to stalk and harass her right up to the night of her death.


We really miss her. Her death has left a big hall in our lives. Does


he realise the damage that he has inflicted? Early one morning last


October, traffic on the M6 was brought to a standstill. There was a


police incident. It was a young woman jumping from her death onto


the motorway below will stop Kam had reached the end of her tether. He


had hacked her Facebook and stolen her Ford. He would turn up outside


her home at the end. For months, he harassed and stalked her `


obsessively jealous when she went out to see friends. "You do nothing


but show me hate", she messaged him. And later, "you terrify me". Dey


pleaded guilty to stalking and was sentenced to two years. Not enough


say her family. We want the world to know that this can never be allowed


to happen again. I do not want anyone else to go through what we


have. Our lives have stopped. Kam never reported the harassment to the


police. We have made stalking a criminal offence, but we are still


finding that victims are coming to us saying that they have reported it


to the police but it has not been taken seriously. In light of her


death, Kam wrote, trust me, I will get through this. Her final message


to her family, I love you all what I got weak.


On May the 22nd, voters will go to the polls in both European and local


elections. And today the Conservative Party have launched


their West Midlands European Parliamentary Elections campaign in


Birmingham. The seven Tory candidates describe next month's


vote as the most important European elections for a generation and claim


they are the only party that can deliver real change in Europe. We


want to see real change in Europe and we want to make sure that we


secure a better deal for Britain. We want to put that deal to the British


people in a referendum. Right now, we need to see Conservative members


of the European Parliament working with our colleagues at Westminster


to negotiate that better deal. Meanwhile the UKIP leader, Nigel


Farage, took a rain`soaked tour of Dudley town centre this afternoon,


chatting to market stall holders. He is due to speak at a public meeting


in the town hall tonight. The politician is the privately`educated


son of a stockbroker. We asked him how much he felt he had in common


with many working class people in the Black Country. I have a bit more


in common with them than Clegg, Cameron and Miliband, because I have


actually had a job. I have been through some tough times in life and


some good times in life. I've had times I have been losing money in


business. I have lived in the real world, I worked for 20 years, I ran


my own company for nine years. It is the story sparked by a simple


letter which claimed that hard`line Muslims were trying to take over


schools in Birmingham. We still do not know if that letter is a hoax,


but the focus on schools in the city is widening. There are now at least


four investigations into 25 schools ` being carried out by Ofsted,


Birmingham City Council, the Department for Education, and the


Education Funding Agency. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove,


says he is extremely concerned and has drafted in a former


counter`terrorism chief, Peter Clarke, to investigate. There are


now fresh claims about inappropriate teaching. The BBC was contacted by


the British Humanist Society staff at Park View Academy, who also told


the BBC that creationism is being taught in science lessons. Cath


Mackie has more. Sitting in the shadows, not wanting


to be identified. This is the first time staff from Park View Academy in


Birmingham have spoken publicly. Their complaints are of extremism


and discrimination in the classroom. In a sex education lesson, it works


she was given out saying that a woman had to obey her husband will


stop questions were asked. So a woman cannot say no? Creationism was


being taught in a science class by a science teacher to students studying


for their GCSEs. Park View Academy is not the only school under


scrutiny. 25 schools in the city are being investigated over claims they


have been taken over by Muslim hardliners. Park View is strongly


refuting the latest allegations. Creationism, they say, is not school


policy and the issue of sexual consent came from a misunderstanding


of historical reference to do with cultural expectations of sex within


marriage. They have since held a special assembly, they say, to make


clear sex without informed consent is rape. The situation is now so


sensitive the chief inspector of schools in England, Sir Michael


Wilshaw, is taking personal charge of Ofsted's investigation in


Birmingham, while the City Council is under pressure to publish the


results of its own investigations. One woman, whose daughter is due to


start at Park View in September, says she is confident it is a good


school. The first thing that has attracted me is the education and


the results, because you want to send your child to a school where


you know they will achieve their potential. It is thought the reports


into the allegations will be made public next month. Cath Mackie, BBC


Midlands Today, Birmingham. This is our top story tonight: Anger


from Stafford Hospital campaigners as it is revealed crucial patient


numbers were left out of a report. Your detailed weekend weather


forecast to come shortly from Rebecca.


Also in tonight's programme: How taking up an invitation to tour


Germany led to some tricky moments for Worcestershire cricketers in


Nazi Germany. Custard pies and the dying fly. We


meet the man behind the Saturday morning ritual for many children of


the 1970s ` Tiswas. Time for sport with Ian Winter and a


big weekend for Birmingham City ` men and women.


Thirty`two years ago this month, Aston Villa flew back from Belgium


having earned their place in the European Cup final. This weekend,


Birmingham City Ladies are hoping to do the same, in Sweden. They are


just one game away from reaching the final of the UEFA Women's Champions


League. And if the Blues succeed, it will be a remarkable achievement,


against all the odds. Nick Clitheroe reports.


Karen Carney and Kerys Harrop are loving their football at the moment


and who can blame them. They have been coaching young players at


Shrewsbury Town ahead of England's World Cup qualifier there next


month. But there was no hiding their excitement about Birmingham City's


European adventure. This is a big achievement. It is the biggest indie


club's history. To go that one step further, into the final, would be


amazing. Also amazing for people in the past who have helped to build


the club. Tyreso are one of a number of European clubs who have thrown


big money at the women's game ` signing major stars like the


Brazilian Marta, although they have since run into financial trouble.


Victory for Birmingham City would justify their alternative philosophy


of developing their own young talent. We have got nothing to lose.


Everyone thinks they will go through and we are the underdogs, but we


have done so well as a club to get where we are. We are under no


pressure. You do not get many opportunities to play in these


competitions. To be in this position is very rare, and you have to enjoy.


The Swedish side had the better of the goalless first leg, but


Birmingham grew in confidence and will fly to Sweden tomorrow with


plenty of belief. The other big plus was a sell`out crowd at Solihull.


Even if they go out of the Champions League on Sunday, Blues have already


succeeded in raising the profile of the women's game. Nick Clitheroe BBC


Midlands Today. And there will be full match commentary from Sweden on


BBC WM 95.6 on Sunday afternoon from 1PM.


Good luck to Birmingham City Ladies on Sunday. But as for their male


counterparts, what a contrast! Is there any end in sight to the Blues


dismal home form? In a word, no! Cast your mind back


to the 1st of October ` the Blues beat Millwall 4`0 at St Andrew's.


Who would have thought that now, almost seven months later, they are


still waiting for their next home win. That is 16 home games ` nine


defeats and seven draws. Just seven points from a possible 48.


Relegation form. Look at the bottom of the Championship. Birmingham just


outside the bottom three, on goal difference. They have got three


games left: At home to Leeds tomorrow, at home to Wigan on


Tuesday, and then finally away to Bolton.


And the nerves are jangling for Villa and Albion near the foot of


the Premier League as well? Yes, they have both got four games


left to play. West Brom are hoping to avoid a hat`trick of 3`3 draws at


the Hawthorns. Tomorrow, they are at home to West Ham, with whom they


drew 3`3 when they met in December! If we lose the game, we will have to


go to the store game will stop we played under pressure in games


against Cardiff and Norwich and spires `` Spurs. We have done well


in those games and I believe we are ready. Albion should be safe if they


beat West Ham, likewise Villa if they get a point away to Swansea.


But if they don't, it could go to the wire Elsewhere, Shrewsbury could


be relegated from League One tomorrow, even if they beat


Peterborough. And Hereford United must win their


last match to stand any chance of survival in the Conference.


It is a difficult time in the season.


In August 1937, an unlikely group of Englishman arrived in Berlin, for an


even more unlikely sporting tour. The Gentlemen of Worcestershire


Cricket Club had been invited by members of the Nazi hierarchy, who


had developed an interest in the quintessentially English game, to


compete in three games against the best players in Germany. Well now a


new book, The Fields of Shadows, tells the story of this long


forgotten cricket tour. Dan Pallett reports.


It is a timeless English scene. Cricket, especially at Worcester, is


a relaxed and convivial sport. But history shows it spread to some


surprising places. Germany in Nothing like a spot of cricket,


then, to diffuse the tension. There was an element of still trying to


make friends with Hitler. There was an element in British society that


what he was a man you could do a deal with, maybe he was not so bad.


They hoped to have a civilised Nathalie government in power. Author


Dan Waddell has researched the tour for five years. It began after he


chanced upon a reference to cricket in Germany in an essay by George


Orwell. His work, alongside the Worcestershire archivist Tim Jones,


uncovered these Worcestershire Gents who took`up an invitation from the


German minister for sport to tour Berlin. Eager to promote their sport


and build bridges with their hosts, they even made a Nazi salute before


the first match. I am sure that they were quite ashamed when Hitler


turned out the way that he did. I think they were being polite.


here in the middle of the photograph. I don't remember any


German animosity, but I do not know why he went on the tour. I suspect


he thought it would be interesting. We are expecting a few showers from


the south`west will stop. In the mid 1970's, Peter was one of


the most famous faces on TV screens in the Midlands, as the creator and


host of Tiswas. It was a success because it broke all the rules. I


got the first custard pie and the first bucket of water. It was a


tremendous reckless `` a tremendous recipe for kids. Peter's fame saw


Redditch come calling, to front a major promotional video for the


town. So if we are here, I think I can remember it the way. Since we


showed the old film on Midlands Today last week, Peter's celebrity


status has returned once again. I began to get e`mails from people. I


got some calls saying I remembered you will stop Over the last 40


years, Peter has run radio stations, been the High Sheriff of the West


Midlands, and is now dabbling in politics. I get elected as district


councillor. I walk in, not knowing what to expect, and immediately


someone said that is councillor Tiswas. So seeing as we have the


creator of Tiswas, there's one thing I'm desperate to know....who was the


flan flinger? Do not go there. Some very heavy rain around today `


tricky on the roads. Is it looking any drier for the weekend, Rebecca?


April is well known for its showers and today we certainly had a display


of those. Some heavy downpours, with 15`20m of rain across the South


Midlands, and plenty of surface water around. And we have more heavy


rain on the way through the weekend. But it won't be a total wash`out `


there will be some brightness, particularly tomorrow. But winds


will start to pick up, and we could get some blustery conditions over


the next few days. For a time tonight things will dry out, but


that is sandwiched between two fronts ` the first from today


clearing away, before a second swings in around this deep area of


low pressure which is bringing us this unsettled weather this weekend.


So we still have some showers to contend with this evening and


tonight, at times some will be heavy. Then we have this brief spell


of dryness, even though we have clear skies for a time, as that


second band of rain works its way. A spell of steady rain for most of us


and temperatures won't fall away too far under the cloud and rain. So a


wet and cloudy start to Saturday with that rain band sitting over us


` but it will brighten up as that clears away to the north. Some


pleasant sunny spells to come, not a bad morning really. Through the


afternoon, showers will pep up a little ` again we could get some


heavy bursts in there, and we can't rule out a rumble of thunder. Where


we get the sunshine, temperatures not doing too badly ` up to 15


Celsius. Winds are picking up a little bit though. A blustery


afternoon. Those showers continue through Saturday evening, again some


could be sharp. But they won't really clear away as that low sweeps


across us. Temperatures again around eight or nine Celsius with the cloud


cover. The low continues to clear away through Sunday and around that


we will get some showers. The north Midlands perhaps doing a little


better ` managing to see some brightness. But not a bad day `


again sunshine and showers for most of us. With lighter winds and milder


air, temps into the mid`teens. Goodbye.


at the European elections on May the 22nd.


even though that would wreck the recovery and destroy jobs.


The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit.


they just don't have the courage of their convictions on this.


They wouldn't lift a finger to help keep Britain in the EU.


So, I'm asking you to vote for the Liberal Democrats, the party of in.


In for the sake of British prosperity and jobs.


I'm in because we set the global standards


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