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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. and all the pupils to study there.


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: Friends and


family reflect on the loss of the two men, the crash is believed to


have been a tragic accident. The astonishing money raised for the


Teenage Cancer Trust. It is amazing what he has done. A judge rtles are


diabetic death was unavoidable. The hospital was fined ?200,000 after


basic failings. Birmingham city manager, Lee Clark, refuses to


concede defeat just yet. We are looking forward to gdtting


the four points that we need to stay in the division. And after the


warmest day of the year so far, why you may ask are there dark clouds


looming in the background? There are contrasts this week.


Good evening and welcome to the programme. Tributes have bedn paid


to two Midlands servicemen who died in a helicopter crash in


Afghanistan. Flight Lieuten`nt Rakesh Chauhan and Lance Corporal


Oliver Thomas were on board a Lynx helicopter which went down hn


Kandahar province, 30 miles from the border with Pakistan on Sattrday.


Three other servicemen on board were also killed, bringing the ntmber of


British casualties in the Afghan conflict to 453. The MoD has denied


claims by the Taliban that insurgents shot the helicopter down,


saying initial investigations indicate a tragic accident. Lance


Corporal Oliver Thomas and Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan both


servicemen in the prime of their lives, and both described bx the


army and their families as bright, and gifted with a passion for life.


Oliver Thomas was 26 and from Kington in Herefordshire whdre he


was head boy at Lady Hawkins school, voted into the job by both teachers


and pupils. The first day of term today was quiet as teachers had


planned a training day. Instead they mourned. We are devastated stay and


we had a break in the day to let the staff gather their thoughts of


Oliver. Oliver's former history teacher remembers several trips to


the first and Second World War battlefields. You can see from an


early age that he was reallx interested in the Armed Forces. He


always showed up most respect for the war dead. I taught him `ll the


way through and he was great fun in the class and always had a joke


Pauline Hughes the school's office manager is a close family friend.


How could we put ourselves hn their position? They are absolutely


devastate `` devastated and he had his whole life in front of him. They


are all devastated. This is a double blow for the school because Oliver's


mum works here. I spoke to her earlier on the phone and shd said a


statement they'd released stmmed up her son, It says Oliver Seized every


opportunity and achieved in all that he did. The pain of the Tholas


family is matched by the Ch`uhan's. Rakesh Chauhan was 29 and from


Birmingham. I was concerned for his safety and eight overshadowdd what


he had achieved at such a young age. Maybe he didn't see through that but


we were extremely proud of him. Another Midlands school is left to


remember a former pupil with pride. He was a regular visitor to to the


school and he spoke to me about the risks of going to Afghanist`n. He


was delighted to have been `ssigned the task which he could use his


intellect and training to m`ke a real difference to the world. Rakesh


Chauhan was in the Royal Air force, Oliver Thomas was in the


intelligence corps. It's believed both were passengers on the lynx


helicopter when it crashed hn Kandahar. Initial reports stggest it


was a tragic accident. The bodies of both men are due to be flown back to


the UK next week. Cath Mackhe, BBC Midlands Today.


You're watching BBC Midlands Today, good to have you with us thhs


evening. Coming up later in the programme How did they do that? The


story behind the dramatic ddmolition of a university tower block `


sitting just a few yards from other buildings.


Another day, another million ` the remarkable fundraising camp`ign by


cancer patient Stephen Sutton passed the three million pound mark this


afternoon. Stephen's initial target was to raise ?10,000 for thd Teenage


Cancer Trust. But the Staffordshire teenager's story has receivdd


worldwide publicity in the last week ` and the current fundraising total


now stands at three point x million pounds ` helped by a special comedy


show in Birmingham last night Bob Hockenhull has the story. `` three


million and ?34 million. Stephen Sutton has touched the


hearts of millions. Last night three hundred of his followers got to send


their good wishes in person. There is 300 people who want to s`y well


done. Comedian Jason Manford phoned Stephen up during his performance to


raise money for the 19 year old s record breaking appeal. What is


important to remember is he has been doing this for a couple of xears


without all this. He raised half ?1 million by himself which is


incredible. One guy who is dying of cancer has raised half ?1 mhllion


and that is the bit that gets people. The comedy night at the


Players Bar in Birmingham hdlped push Stephen's fundraising `ppeal


for the Teenage Cancer Trust towards three million pounds. That's a


quarter of what the charity normally raises annually. I don't know him


personally but you feel you do because he has reached out to


everybody. Hopefully this whll go global. This afternoon Stephen from


Burntwood near Cannock postdd a new photograph of himself on Facebook to


celebrate what he called a crazy week. After coughing up a ttmour at


the weekend he told followers, With my breathing fine and no other acute


medical problems at the momdnt, we can optimistically look forward to a


period of future that at thd beginning of the week seemed


impossible." Last night's gig raised ?10,000


adding to a magnificent tot`l. And with donations received frol 94


counties, Stephen really has become a global sensation. A hospital trust


has been fined thousands of pounds after a diabetic patient lapsed into


a coma after nurses failed to give him insulin. Mid Staffordshhre NHS


Foundation Trust was told bx a judge today that a private companx would


have been fined ?1m. In a moment we'll be live in Stafford ` but


first this report from our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano.


Gillian died on the 11th of April 2007 because she wasn't givdn


insulin. She was failed by nurses on eight shifts conducting 11 drug


rounds. Unusually, the high Sheriff sat next to the judge who s`id that


the responsibility laid with the management at the highest ldvel


Every hospital patient has the right to expect more. Serious safdty


management flaws were identhfied by our investigation. We expect lessons


to be learnt across the NHS to prevent this happening again. Her


caring friend for seven years for someone to be held responsible for


taking everything from him. Jill died at 1:20am on the 11th of April


2007. The sun went out in mx life. He has described the whole


prosecution to me as Monty Python but said after seven years of


talking common sense to those forced to defend the nonsensical, dnough is


enough. A trust that is ?21 million in the red as to pay ?227,000. This


was not about the money at `ll. This was about getting messages out there


in the hope that it will send some shock waves through the boardrooms


of other NHS trusts so lessons can be learned. Why didn't the health


and sex `` Health and Safetx Executive prosecute individtals It


is what he wanted. I have ghven my statement. Deterred `` the judge


talked about accountability but family and friends feel no senior


executive has been held to accountable. `` to account. And


Michele joins us now from Stafford Crown Court, do you expect there to


be any more prosecutions? There was an inquest which found negldct and


there were two nurses taken to the midwifery Council and one w`s struck


off. As far as this is concdrned, this is the end of the road. The


road. It offers psychic `` the Health and Safety Executive looking


into another case of a woman who fell out of bed. There are other


cases on the books of a teal where they are looking for a posshbility


of prosecution. David Cameron is facing a b`ckbench


rebellion over the HS2 rail link when MPs vote tonight. At ldast 30


Tory MPs, including several from the Midlands, are expected to vote


against or abstain at the bhll's second reading although it won't be


enough to block the legislation as Labour say they will back the


government. Live now to Westminster and our Transport Correspondent


Peter Plisner. Peter is the opposition building? There hs. They


plan to stay was expected. Ht's a big day for HS2, the second reading


of any bill is a big moment. It also starts the scrutiny process where


those against HS2 can have their say. The debate on HS2 is going on


in the House of Commons behhnd me as we speak. It's expected that the


debate will go on well into the evening. Already some Midlands MPs


have spoken during that deb`te. Joining me is Richard Burton, the MP


for Northfield and Labour transport spokesman. On capacity, anybody that


has been standing on the tr`ins knows there is a problem but also


this gives us a chance to gdt more freight. It is an expensive scheme.


Any scheme is expensive but this can make a difference to our region


Getting it connected to othdr parts of the country, we are


geographically in the centrd of the country but we need to be f`r more


in the centre. John Reid also joins me from the alliance. What xou make


of it? We think it is fundalentally flawed. It shouldn't distract from


the message which is a just to was going to cost at least ?73 billion


and that is over ?1500 for dvery single adult in Britain stopped HS2


is not needed and is not wanted by the British people. 53% are against


it and that is why we are against this project. The debate is going on


as we speak and is expected to finish with a vote 11pm tonhght


This is our top story tonight: Tributes to two of the servhcemen


who died in a helicopter cr`sh in Afghanistan, Lance Corporal Oliver


Thomas from Herefordshire and Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan from


Birmingham. Your weather forecast for the week is still to cole with


Shefali, talking of which. Ht never rains but it pours, Aston Vhlla drop


closer to the relegation zone after losing five of their last shx


matches. And out of the theatre and hnto a


tent. A Russian opera gets ` modern make over.


It was one of the trickiest demolition jobs ever attempted in a


city centre. But early Sund`y morning 21 storeys of tower block


were turned into rubble leaving neighbouring buildings untotched.


Our Science Correspondent D`vid Gregory`Kumar went behind the scenes


to find out how exactly it was done. Say goodbye to the Stafford Tower.


11,000 tonnes of defunct sttdent accommodation on the Aston


University campus in central Birmingham. And when the dust


cleared, a neat pile of rubble between two untouched buildhngs So


how did they do that? Last week we went inside to see just how they


were going to blow up a 21 story tower block. Without damaging the


brand new buildings just a few metres away. This is a tricky


demolition. It is mind`boggling with the science that goes into ht. Since


September they've taken out the asbestos, moved services like water


and power and pre weakened the tower. Windows are covered to


contain flying debris. So the wiring up of explosives takes placd in the


dark. This is the first floor of the staff at Tower. We have the primary


detonator and another one as a contingency. They set of thd


charges. This will eventually set of the charge in each of the holes


within the concrete components causing the required collapse of the


building. This is the video that convinced the university delolition


was an option. The experts were certain they could fire the


explosives so that the building would topple forward, with ` slight


twist, into the gap between its neighbours leaving them untouched.


These buildings are six metres away from the tower and these containers


are attached with the steel cables. They will be pulled in the building


collapses down and none of the rubble will hit anything ne`rby And


all that preparation paid off as it went off without a hitch.


Let's turn to sport now. It was a nervous weekend for many Midlands


football fans and that's not changed for the two Birmingham clubs. But


Dan, a huge sigh of relief `t the Hawthorns for West Brom fans.


West Bromwich Albion are now just one win from Premier League safety


after beating West Ham 1`0 on Saturday. Saido Berahino scored the


only goal of the game after just 11 minutes. Albion are now four points


above the bottom three and the teams in the relegation zone have only two


games left. But that win for Albion dropped


Aston Villa further into trouble. And while they are fighting to


survive in the Premier Leagte. Their second city rivals Birmingh`m City


are in even deeper trouble hn the Championship.


Another home game and anothdr home defeat. Birmingham City havdn't won


at St Andrews since the start of October. And this 3`1 defeat to


Leeds means they've gone 18 games without a home win. They conceded


three goals in 20 second half minutes and now they're in the


bottom three. I don't look `t what other clubs do, I look at what my


players are about. We have the chance, if we get a positivd


result, to have our destiny in our own hands. That is what we need


This is the most clear cut scenario for Blues. They must take a point


from one of their final two games and hope that Doncaster losd their


last game away to the Champhons Leicester. Aston Villa are hn


equally shocking form. They've only taken one point from their last six


games and now sit just thred points above the relegation zone. However


Villa's superior goal difference means even if they don't take


another point this season two of the following still have to happen to


relegate them. Sunderland whn one of their final three games. Norwich get


four points from matches ag`inst Chelsea and Arsenal. Fulham win both


their last two matches. Cardiff win both their last two matches.


Disappointed with the posithon that we are in. Next week's game is a


must win game. It is a cup final next week and we have to win it


Birmingham City could yet mdet in the Championship next season. But


they could also be separated by two divisions. Either way they both face


two tense matches to end thdir seasons.


What have they been saying to us on the Midlands Today Facebook page?


Let's start with Villa. Rich Coombes got in touch to say he


believes Villa will finish fourth from bottom. So that's a positive


start. But he says the football has been worse than last season ` and he


thinks owner Randy Lerner and manager Paul Lambert should leave.


Richard Taylor reckons Vill` are going down because of Lambert's


tactics and he also says sole of the players are not Premier League


standard. And Villa fan Andx Ball has a very simple message: "We will


stay up, on pure luck." Across the city, fair to sax not a


lot of love for Blues boss Lee Clark. Some comments very critical


while Eric Bullock says, "I don t think we will avoid relegathon. He


thinks Clark should've been sacked months ago." But one last comment


which proves what supporting a football club is all about. Chez


Appleby`Gardiner says, "I'm a Bluenose through and through ` no


matter what division we're hn." So a lot of anxiety for Bluds fans


in particular, but for Shrewsbury Town supporters, relegation is


confirmed. And this is the moment their fate


was sealed. Shrewsbury lost 4`2 at home to promotion chasing


Peterborough on Saturday. It leaves them bottom of league one and seven


points from safety with just one game to play.


Well done to Hereford United who survived in the Conference Premier


League. But only just. With barely two minutes rem`ining,


Michael Rankine scored the match`winning goal at Aldershot And


that was good enough to keep the Bulls up, on goal differencd. Great


relief for the players, and fans alike. And today, the club said it


was now in a stronger posithon to attract potential new investors And


next season, Hereford will be joined in the Conference Premier bx AFC


Telford. Promoted as champions with a 3`0 home win over Gainsborough.


Congratulations to them. Now when you see a Big Top, most of


us would expect to find clowns and a trapeze inside. But instead of the


circus, how about a full sc`le Russian opera? Birmingham Opera


Company have set up a gigantic tent in the middle of a park for their


latest production. Our Arts Reporter Satnam Rana is there. What's this


all about? Well Birmingham Opera company are known for doing things


differently. They've done opera in a helicopter in the air and now opera


on the ground in a tent. Audience members are arriving for thd show.


We filmed far away to give xou an idea of how big it is. What is it


all about? I have been findhng out. It sounds like opera, but it doesn't


look like opera as we might imagine it. The vast space within this tent


is both stage and auditoriul for Musorgky's Kovanchina. But this new


version is in English, not Russian. And story of Russia's battld between


modernisation and conservathsm in the 1690s is played out using modern


visual references familiar to us. The problems of change, whether in


its can be enforced, the problem of a dogmatic fundamentalist church not


open to change, these are things everybody recognises. The score is


as expansive as the themes this opera tackles. Musicians and singers


from the CBSO, a cast of international soloists and 200


volunteers weave the audience from scene to scene through music and


movement. A roaming theatre for a one`off, I think it is a lot more


interesting. I love the intdractive parts. You don't know what hs


happening and it is quite interesting. It is really enjoyable.


It certainly lives up to thd company's motto, not what to expect


from Opera. And so audiences have assembled here. They're watching a


pretend news programme about events in the 1690s to set them up for the


three hour performance. The political themes of modernisation


and conservatism reflect wh`t's happening in Crimea and the Ukraine


and Russia's increasing isolation from the west. Dark clouds `re


threatening on the horizon. How is it looking?


It is really what the sunshhne is up against that is the problem. We have


a whole mixture of things going on. It is the middle part of thd week


that we will see some showers developing and towards the dnd of


the week, it will become more settled and colder with somd night


frosts returning. We have a clash of two fronts with low pressurd at its


centre. Watch the front that is coming up from the south`west. It


draws showers up from that direction on Wednesday and drugs back down


again on Thursday. There cotld be quite a few of those developing over


both those days. We have had reports of a few showers developing through


this evening. Some of them could be heavy but they are tending to fade


away later on tonight. The night is largely dry and there is a good deal


of cloud around and most of this is being drawn in from off the North


Sea. It will produce some Ddms fog patches in places and they could be


widespread. We are looking `t murky conditions to start the day.


Temperatures tonight or arotnd a Celsius. A muggy start to the day


tomorrow but gradually throtgh the day we will see that sunshine coming


through. The best of it will be in the western half of the reghon.


Temperatures here could risd to 17 Celsius. For Wednesday and Thursday,


we are looking at showery conditions. Tonight's headlhnes from


the BBC. A teacher is stabbdd to death at a school in Leeds ` a


15`year`old boy is arrested. And tributes to two of the servhcemen


who died in a helicopter cr`sh in Afghanistan, Lance Corporal Oliver


Thomas from Herefordshire and Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan from


Birmingham. That is it, goodbye


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