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In Yardley is an equally exercised politician who is considering legal


action against the council. He says more than 100 piles of rubbish have


been dumped in his constituency. They should scrap the charge,


because it is clear that some people can't afford it and it is causing a


major mess across the city. And if the city looks bad, there is clear


evidence that it encourages crime. Birmingham City Council is dealing


with some huge political issues at the moment, not least the allegation


of extremists infiltrating some of the city's schools, and what to do


about children's services. But the issue for many people on their


doorstep is this stuff, the collection of garden waste. I think


it is diabolical that we have to pay extra for a service we are already


paying for. I paid ?35 to have my wheelie bin, which is fantastic. On


principle, I would not pay for it. Later, we found more than 50 bags


dumped on the Bristol Road, some with stickers explaining that the


green waste disposal service is no longer free. The council say about


1000 residents a week are signing up to the annual collection fee, with


around 40,000 households so far on board. This is what cuts look like


in Birmingham, yes. And we still have a further ?300 million to cut


out of the city council's budget over the next couple of years. It is


going to get even more difficult, I'm afraid. I don't welcome that,


but I don't deny it and it is our job as a council to be honest with


people and do what we can with the money available. People who continue


to dump waste in the city are being warned that they could face fines of


several thousand pounds. Well, Cath Mackie is back in a part


of Birmingham that we saw in that report, Rubery, in the south west of


the city. What's the latest this evening, Cath? That big pile of


garden rubbish we saw earlier is still here. We have had a lot of


people contact our newsroom about this story. Let me give you a


flavour of some of the things people are saying. Roz Ratcliffe says:


I guess we will find out what impact this issue will have on voters, come


local election day on May the 22nd. Coming up later in the programme:


The first to graduate from a new training facility in Staffordshire `


the latest wave of medics for our armed forces.


Two care workers have appeared in court charged with manslaughter


following the death of a 91`year`old woman. Iris Teale was found with a


broken leg at the Aston Court Nursing Home in Little Aston, Sutton


Coldfield in October 2011. She died at Good Hope Hospital just over two


weeks later. Our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano has


the story. 91`year`old Iris Teale was frail and


elderly. She had been unable to walk for some time when she was involved


in a fall on October eighth, 2011 and broke her hip. Her son visited


her in Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield after the incident, but


she died just over two weeks later. I have not put mother to rest. I


don't know exactly what happened. I don't know what may have caused the


problem. Who is responsible, if anyone is responsible or what.


40`year`old Marsha Tulloch seen here in black appeared at


Burton`Magistrates Court charged with unlawful killing. She and a co


accused, 38`year`old Santosh Rajan, worked at this care home, which


houses 55 residents near Sutton Coldfield Ptc Aston Court Nursing


and Residential Care Home is a red brick building at the end of this


leafy lane specialises in residential, nursing and palliative


care patients. At the time Mrs Teale was here, the fees were ?1000 a week


Two and a half years on, they are still looking for answers: you can't


imagine life without them. You have to face up to it, but in these


circumstances, it is very hard to accept. It is incredibly rare for


somebody to be charged with an slaughter in a case like this.


Without knowing the details, it is difficult to know why that


conclusion has been reached, but it is something we do not see every


day. The case has been remanded to Stafford Crown Court next Friday.


The defendants are yet to enter a plea.


Stephen Sutton, the Staffordshire teenager with incurable cancer, has


been discharged from hospital. The 19`year`old from Burntwood, who's


raised more than ?3 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust, announced on


social media that he'd now left hospital and described his recovery


as "quite remarkable". Earlier he'd been visited by the prime minister


David Cameron, who praised the teenager for his "incredible" zest


for life. The National Association of Head


Teachers says 30 heads in Birmingham have raised concerns about an


alleged hard`line Muslim takeover of schools. Four investigations are


going on into Birmingham schools, following the so`called "Trojan


Horse" letter. Ofsted has confirmed today that the findings of its own


inquiry will be published at the beginning of June.


This month's European and Council elections will inevitably be


examined for pointers to the General Election in a year's time. With both


the Conservatives and Labour short of a Commons majority, each needs


seats from the other. So all the parties will be fighting hard in


nearly 30 Midlands marginals, as our BBC Hereford and Worcester political


reporter Matthew Bone explains. Across the West Midlands, the


election campaign is coming to the boil, nowhere more so than here in


the Winyates area of Redditch. When it comes to swing voters, this place


has pretty much got the market wrapped up. There has been Liberal,


Labour, Conservative, BNP. It's very diverse. We have got people from


everywhere. Everybody contributes to the local community in a positive


way. Redditch's MP was Labour's Jacqui Smith until 2010, but with


the expenses scandal at its height, she lost her seat to the


Conservatives' Karen Lumley, who took it with a larger than average


swing of 9%. But Labour retook the council a couple of years ago here,


and this time round, they have wheeled out the Shadow Cabinet big


guns as they try to take more seats off the Conservatives and build


momentum ahead of next year's general election. But there are


plenty of other candidates in the field, including UKIP, who had their


own county councillor here until recently. Could they have more


impact this time around? Around the corner, Mad Malk has been sitting


down with customers for the last few years. He is not surprised that


people round here are so quick to change their vote. I think a lot of


people have come to the conclusion that they voted for this person,


this person has not done what they said they were going to do, they try


the next person. Looking on the boards, there are a couple of roses


that could be used for Labour or a bird for the Liberal Democrats. Have


you ever had anybody come in and ask for a political tattoo? No. I think


a lot of them would probably regret it at a later stage. Redditch is one


of around 30 key marginal seats in the West Midlands, and whoever makes


their mark this time round stands a good chance of doing well in the


next general election. That is the real needle contest. Which one is it


going to be? The smallest one for me please!


And our Political Editor Patrick Burns is here now. We always stress


the importance of local marginals such as Redditch, but how much of a


difference will they really make? A bigger difference this time than


ever, actually, because in the era of coalition politics, Conservatives


and Labour, with Josef brought `` with those separate rival targets,


many of those places happen to have council elections going on this


month. Newcastle`under`Lyme is one of them. David Cameron was there


today and he took a bit of a swipe at UKIP. He said he does not need to


discredit them when they are doing such a good job of that themselves.


Whatever it takes, I will deliver that in out referendum. Labour


won't, UKIP can't, I will. Earlier this week, I made clear that I will


not lead a government that either could not or did not deliver an


in`out referendum. Let me be clear. The British people need to have


their say on our membership of the EU. Isn't it something of a


departure that he's going after UKIP? An acknowledgement that


they're not just going to go away of their own accord? That is right.


They may see this as something of a compliment, but they will certainly


not take any lectures, UKIP. They say the Conservatives and Labour are


not to be trusted. But it is a very crowded marketplace for


anti`European parties in these elections. There are no fewer than


five of the ten who are contesting it who are anti`European. Yesterday,


we heard from Nicky Sinclair, one of two former UKIP MEPs who have


started new parties. It is Eurosceptic, it wants to get out of


the EU. I have been an MEP for the past ten years, and there is nothing


happening there that should concern us. We should leave, because


domination from Europe is not something we need. Westminster


should make our laws. One size does not fit all. Go to the BBC politics


website for a full list of candidates, and my blog will explain


more as well. And Patrick will be back with more


on this in Sunday Politics from 11 o'clock here on BBC One. He'll be


joined live in the studio by three new candidates hoping to enter


Parliament in a year's time. The next generation of medics for


the armed forces graduated today ` the first to be trained at


Whittington Barracks near Lichfield. The Defence Medical Services Centre


cost more than a hundred million pounds and opened last month. It's


training doctors, nurses and dentists for the army, navy and air


force. Giles Latcham reports. Led out by the band of the Royal


Engineers, the first batch of medics to earn their spurs at the Armed


forces new centre for medical services at Whittington. A proud day


for parents and partners and for all involved. I am so proud. It is a big


day. It is fantastic bringing all the defence medical services


together to make sure we can deliver quality care to the patient. Among


those on parade, a Shrewsbury lad who used to be an infantryman. It


was his combat experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan that persuaded him


to lay down his rifle and pick up a medical kit.. When I am on tour and


my friends have been hurt, I wanted to be able to do that little bit


extra. I want to give that life`saving treatment to my friends


and colleagues, and be that important person. This is an old and


historic barracks, but it is a new refurbishment. It has cost 138


million. The finishing touches are still being applied. It brings


together under the same roof the training for the medics of all the


armed forces, the Navy and the army and the air force. It's here on


courses lasting six to eight months that trainees are taught skills that


might one day save lives in a theatre of war. Another graduate


passing out today has her sights set on the front line. I hope to


progress on to work for the medical and emergency response team, who


work with the helicopters evacuating casualties out of difficult war


zones. The centre's created jobs and brought business into the South


Staffordshire economy. The ambition, though, is simple ` to provide those


protecting us on land sea and air with the best care possible.


This is our top story tonight: fly`tipping a major problem as


householders dump their garden waste rather than pay to have it


collected. Rebecca's standing by with the Bank


Holiday weather. Also ahead: Tales of treachery, stealth and espionage


` all being filmed in Coventry for a big screen version of Spooks.


He's best known for films such as Four Weddings And A Funeral and


Notting Hill, but today screen star Hugh Grant was playing a very


different role ` promoting a life`saving medical service. The


Hollywood actor was in Staffordshire to unveil a rapid response vehicle


which is used to tend to patients while an ambulance is on its way.


When the 7/7 bombings shattered London seven years ago, first


responders were not really around, at the now chairman of the district


community of first responders was there. He was photographed helping


this woman and became a bit of a celebrity. It was not long after


that his phone was hacked by the now defunct News Of The World, which saw


him join forces with bona fide celebrity Hugh Grant, also a victim


of phone hacking. Together, they have campaigned against press


intrusion. Their friendship group, and he finally persuaded the


A`lister to come to Burntwood for today's unveiling. He has been on


and on for years about asking me to help try and find someone who would


donate an ambulance, and I have consistently said yes and


consistently done nothing about it. So I feel now, the least I could do


was to come and undress this car for him. I now declare this community


first responder vehicle responsive! The actor was first to admit that he


did not really know anything about the service. It has been an


eye`opener. It is very impressive. I did not realise it was all


voluntary, and I did not realise all the funding had to be raised mostly


on a non`governmental level. There are a number of first responders


throughout the West Midlands, but Burntwood has never had its own. We


had a response car until December, and that went off the road. So now


we have got this vehicle locally, it will be seen attending emergency


calls. While the car was supposed to be the star of the show, it was


perhaps inevitable that this man was always going to steal the limelight.


It was one of the most popular TV series of recent years and now the


long`running spy drama Spooks is coming to the big screen. Four years


after its final series, Spooks is being made into a movie with a cast


of Hollywood stars. And much of the action is being filmed this weekend


right here in the Midlands, as Joanne Writtle reports.


The moment a terrorist escapes from custody in the centre of Coventry.


But this wasn't real. The city's being used for filming dramatic


opening scenes of a big screen version of Spooks ` and perhaps


never before has someone enthused so much about a parking area. It is


fantastic, perfect. It is really visual, very striking. It is


normally a lorry park or a coach park. So the great thing is, we have


been able to access it. We need access for three days so that we can


shoot every moment without having to move out of the way for real


traffic. This is an episode of the long running BBC TV drama which


centres on MI5 intrigue and dark twists.


You are famous for killing people off, so do they all make it to the


end of the film? There will be the requisite number of deaths and major


plot twists that Spooks fans expect. None of the show's big stars like


Peter Firth were on set today. But for this traffic jam on scene, they


needed lots of extras, all willing to sit in a gridlock all day. Many


of them are local. They selected some of us to bring our cars and


just sit in them all day! This will be a multi million pound production,


complete even with special effects rain. And it's putting Coventry on


the map. It is a travelling circus, making a movie. You have to bring


the same people with you to control the props and the lights. But there


is a certain amount of local hire and a great deal of local spend, and


we hope, if you like, is treated investment show other film`makers


that they can bring stuff here. The film will be released worldwide next


year. Sport now, and Dan, this is a


weekend when relegation is on everyone's minds. Yes, these are


nervous times for many Midlands sports fans. In a minute, we'll look


at the plight of Birmingham City, but if anything, Worcester rugby


club face an even more daunting task. The Warriors need to win both


their remaining matches to stay up. Some say relegation would affect the


city's profile. This man did his bit to promote the


name of Worcester. Today I met someone trying to do the same.


Adrian Field's job is a bit different to composer Edward Elgar.


He promotes business in Worcester. But if the city's rugby club is


relegated ` his job gets that little bit harder. If the worst does


happen, it does affect the city centre in terms of the profile and


the number of people who come to the city. The club will have smaller


support, so it will have an impact. It is an impressive stadium, but if


it is to host top`flight rugby next is on, was to have to win both of


their games. Worcester's last defeat was at third`placed Bath. Tomorrow


they're away to league leaders Saracens who last week won their


european cup semifinal by a record margin. Everyone watched Saracens


this week. We understand the size of the task. We will just have to do


the best we can and make sure we represent this club. We understand


the prerequisite. Despite Worcester's miserable season, this


week full`back Chris Pennell was named on a six man short list for


Premiership player of the season. It is great. I am really pleased to


even be considered. It is something for the CV. The wife was very happy.


It is a positive I can take from what has been a poor season overall


for us as a team. And if Worcester's rugby club is relegated, they'll


have to rely a little more heavily on one of their former greats to


keep the visitors coming. But on the plus side for Worcester,


the basketball side, the Wolves are going well. Really well. And they


play the Sheffield Sharks in the BBL play`off semi`finals this weekend.


And two rugby teams enjoying better days are Rugby Lions and Leek, both


involved in Twickenham finals this weekend. But back to that word,


relegation. That could happen to Birmingham City in the Championship


tomorrow. And it will happen if they lose at Bolton tomorrow. A point


could be enough to save them depending on results elsewhere. But


manager Lee Clark says they're not going to Bolton just to defend. We


don't purposely set out to go for a point anywhere, because if you play


that game, we certainly can't afford it. Our defensive record will tell


you that we can't just take a point. We have got to go for the jugular


and try and win. And Villa aren't safe yet in the


Premier League. They're not. Tomorrow's home game against Hull is


their best chance left of a win ` but they may be effectively safe


anyway after this weekend, depending on other results.


This weekend sees the second semifinal of the Songs of Praise


School Choir of the Year competition. Last Sunday it was


junior schools, now it's the turn for senior schools and Hereford's


Cathedral School choir's already doing rather well.


The Cantabile girls choir have been rehearsing ahead of their semifinal


appearance in the Songs of Praise school choir of the year. They'll be


performing two songs to a panel of judges at Birmingham's International


Convention centre, and at this late stage, are quietly confident. They


picked up on a few points that we need to improve on, but one we are


in there and we have got the energy of a room and everyone is excited,


we will pull it out of the bag. It was a chance to see how big the


stage was. It was constructive and we got some feedback to improve. If


they win on Sunday, they'll go through to the finals the following


week. It'll be just reward for all their hard work back in Hereford,


where they've been refining their performances under the expertise of


choir master Jo Williamson. I make big demands on them. I make them


memorise things, I make them watch me constantly, so this phase is


imprinted in their nightmares. But they get results at the end. One of


those deciding their fate, is Gareth Malone of The Choir fame ` last week


they were judging the junior section and so far he's impressed with the


quality of this year's entrants. The standard is incredible. I have been


really surprised. Considering that these choirs are from single


schools, that is a small group to choose from. There are some very


good musicianship. Cantabile also reached the semi`finals in 2012.


They were very disappointed a few years ago, when they did not get


through to the finals. But this year, we are really going for it.


So, Hereford will be tuning in to see whether these young vocalists


can go one better. Now, the Bank Holiday weekend hoves


into view. Three days of rain as usual, Rebecca? No. You expect when,


but it is looking better than that. Fine and dry is the theme for the


next few days. Don't get too excited, we are not talking


wall`to`wall sunshine. We have got some chilly nights to come.


Gardeners, be aware, we could get a touch of frost. We have looked


sunshine to come over the next few days, but it will be cloudy at times


as well. Had Russia dominates for the next few days. It starts to push


in tonight `` high`pressure. For the next few hours, we start to see that


cloud clearing. Under those clear skies, our temperatures will


plummet. Further west, where we keep the cloud for longer, that will help


temperatures a bit. But in the east, we are dipping into single figures,


possibly even minus figures in the countryside. We start rather cold


tomorrow, but it will not be a bad day. Some good sunshine in the


morning. We will see cloud filling in from the West, giving some hazy


sunshine. Temperatures will do a little better than today. Not a bad


day, but we consider `` continue to see the cloud piling in. Overnight,


we could see some rain. But all that cloud will help keep temperatures up


a bit, so a mild night than tonight. Sunday is not looking too bad. We


have got plenty of cloud about. There will be rain, particularly


across the north Midlands, but good sunshine in the afternoon. And it is


similar for the Bank Holiday Monday. Another settled day. Temperatures


are climbing a bit. Plenty of cloud about, so I will see if I can do


better for the bank holiday at the end of the month.


The main headline tonight: And two care workers are charged with


manslaughter following the death of a 91`year`old woman. That was the


Midlands Today. I'll be back at ten o'clock with your latest update.


Have a good evening and a terrific Bank


Men are even less tolerant of women than they were before.


It's shocking it'd happen in a public place.


I don't find it funny, but I don't find it offensive.


It really is vile. Shock value sells.


Men are even less tolerant of women than they were before.


The hatred of women. Some people are offended.


Others think women should just man up.


and even misogyny socially acceptable?


Join me, Kirsty Wark, as I investigate...


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