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Good evening. The Green Party in the with the


Good evening. The Green Party in the West Midlands says its confident


it'll pick up votes in the forthcoming local and European


elections because of its opposition to the planned High Speed rail


project linking London to the north of England. Supporters say the


scheme will boost the region's economy by four billion pounds a


year as well as creating fifty thousand jobs. BBC Coventry


Warwickshire's political reporter Sian Grzeszczyk has been finding out


more. The HS2 route will come through here. Chelmsley Wood, one of


the battle grounds along one of the proposed HS2 line from London to


Birmingham. The Greens say their opposition to it is winning them


votes across the board. It is not just the rural areas who have been


more vocal and better about going to the media, people here are furious


about it coming so close to their homes on a huge embankment over ten


m above the ground. `` ten metres. At the moment, the Greens have 20


councillors across ten West Midlands councils, the most in Solihull where


they have seven. The ayes to the right, 452. The noes to the left,


41. Last week MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the


scheme which is now one step closer. If our highly unscientific straw


poll is anything to go by, supporting Chelmsley Wood is thin on


the ground. I do think we need it. It is a white elephant. It is


destroying people's lives. It is the fact that I think it is a total


waste of money. The Greens are hoping the issue will play out well


in the European elections. Last time out they came sixth in the West


Midlands behind the BNP, a long way off securing an MEP. With a


fortnight to go before voters go to the polls, they will be hoping their


election campaign will be right on track.


And you can find more information about the elections on our website.


Warwickshire Police have confirmed that they were called to a primary


school after two pupils added a home made concoction to a teacher's


drink. The incident happened at Clapham Terrace Community school in


Leamington Spa and was believed to involve a mixture of bathroom


products. The teacher didn't drink the liquid. The pupils have been


disciplined by the school. Neither the school nor the teacher intends


to press charges. Four people were rescued from a


house fire in Coventry in the early hours of this morning. Neighbours


raised the alarm after the blaze broke out in Butler Crescent in


Exhall. It's believed the fire started on the ground floor of the


property. Emergency services were sent to the scene but the family had


already managed to get out by climbing down a ladder at the rear


of the building. They were taken to hospital and treated for smoke


inhalation. A Birmingham football club that


specialises in helping the players find employment is preparing for the


biggest game in its history. When the Saltley Stallions take to the


pitch at Villa Park tomorrow for the Shapla Cup final it will be the


perfect reward for a true community club. Nick Clitheroe reports.


It's one of their final training sessions before they run out at


Villa Park and the Saltley Stallions can still hardly believe it.


Everyone is excited. The club, the players, you can see how they are


training. Normally a team has one session a week but with the cup


finals around the corner, we have only had four weeks to train, so


double training sessions is needed. But that's only half the story of


this remarkable south Birmingham club. Because in the last 18 months


they've helped 16 of their young players find work, many for the


first time, including here at Service Birmingham. My manager


helped me with my interview tips, my CV and he told me that there would


be job vacancies here. I applied for it and have worked hard and made


myself permanent. I have done my NVQ in sport development. I have helped


a lot of people into work. The Stallions originally formed just to


play for fun in the local park but that all changed after the riots of


2011. The main reason they were looting and rioting was they had


nothing else to do. There is no excuse for it but it was the honest


truth. That is why we thought about getting them into employment in any


way we could. Word of that help has spread through the community and


brought new players to the club. Victory in the cup final would be a


fitting conclusion to their season. A group of Worcestershire cricket


fans have raised more than fifteen thousand pounds from a sponsored


walk. The group left New Road on Thursday morning and arrived at


Cardiff yesterday lunchtime. They were raising money for the Basil


D'Oliveira foundation, which gives children from deprived backgrounds


the opportunity to play cricket. A look at the weather now, here's


Shefali. We've been lucky with this bank


holiday weekend ` especially if we consider how things are panning out


later this week No day is entirely dry unless you fail to catch a


shower. But there will be some dry weather about. And the nights are


warmer than they have been. It really is a busy picture this week


what with Atlantic fronts whipping through one after another and low


pressure in charge. Some of those fronts produce rain ` others showers


and it will turn windier by Friday and over the weekend but you will


have noticed that the cloud's been thickening up all day as a prelude


to the arrival of this rain which is now working its way in from the


west. There'll be heavier outbreaks from time to time before the whole


lot clears away Eastwards to leave a dry end to the night. And compared


with last night when temperatures fell to lows of zero degrees around


parts of Gloucestershire, tonight those values are only dropping to


lows of eight or nine. So we start the day tomorrow with plenty of dry


weather. And for a large proportion of the region, we should keep hold


of that. There will be some showers breaking out in southern counties


later tomorrow and few elsewhere but where we get the sunshine those


temperatures should rise comfortably to sixteen or seventeen Celsius It's


during tomorrow night that the showers become more widespread,


before dying away altogether. The showers will be more widespread.


Temperatures around 10 Celsius and we have more showers for Wednesday


and Thursday. We will be back just before 10:15pm. Just a reminder that


Late Kick Off will be on at 11:35 tonight and it's the last of the


series. 11:35 tonight, but you can watch it tomorrow on iplayer. The


national weather forecast is next. Have a great evening. Bye.


The sunshine today for the bank holiday produced the highest


temperature of the long weekend in eastern England today, at 20


Celsius. But to the west, the cloud has been gathering. We have seen a


bit of rain in Northern Ireland and western Scotland, but the thicker


cloud now pushing into the south-west of England is delivering


more rain. It will become more extensive over the next few hours. A


ragged area of rainfall will move east as the night goes on. If you


have yet to make your journey home from the bank holiday weekend, you


may encounter sums are a. -- some spray. Temperatures are not too bad


. The good news is that most of the rain has gone by the morning. Some


may be lingering in the north-east of Scotland and into the Northern


Ireland --


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