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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: the Home


Office says it will consider a formal request for a public inquiry


into the deaths of three men killed in the Birmingham riots. The IPCC


report did not provide us with real answers. I will be speaking to the


West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner about what he intends


to do to hold the force to account. Put into special mergers, the new


Academy formed to improve failing schools `` special measures. The


school has let down its young people, families and community. Bus


shelters go up in Coventry but they are missing vital information.


Rubbish. Pensioners do not know where they are. People do not care.


The Spring fair gets grown`up, becoming an official Royal


Horticultural Society show. If only the weather was blooming


marvellous. Flowers and folk, pelting rain and driving winds don't


mix. So, will it improve? Find out later.


Good evening. There are growing calls tonight for a public inquiry


to be held into how West Midlands Police handled the investigation


into the deaths of three young men killed during the Birmingham riots.


An Independent Police Complaints Commission report into the case,


published yesterday, has been criticised for making a scapegoat of


a senior police officer. And for failing to examine documents that


were held by the Crown Prosecution Service and providing the families


of those who died with no real answers. The Home Office said today


it'll consider a formal request for a public inquiry once it's been


received. Here's our special correspondent, Peter Wilson.


Three years on, the families of those who died say they still want


answers. An independent report by the police watchdog posed yet more


questions. Now one city councillor says the families are right, there


must be a public inquiry. The IPCC report did not provide us with real


answers. It opened up a can of worms and many more questions. The Crown


Prosecution Service did not Corp rate with the IPCC. They did not


provide important documents. The only way to get answers is through a


public inquiry commissioned by the Home Secretary. And late this


afternoon, a spokesperson for the Home Secretary, Theresa May, says


they are deeply troubled by the conclusions of the Independent


Police Complaints Commission.and they'll consider calls for a public


inquiry. Haroon Jahan and brothers Shahzad and Abdul Musavir were hit


by a car. The police re`enacted the speed. This man was the family


liaison officer, an important role, but not normally central to the


running of the investigation. Yet Detective Inspector Khalid Kiyani


has been called reckless and blamed for offering witnesses immunity. But


he's well trusted and respected by those who've worked with him.It was


here at this Smethwick mosque that Khalid Kiyani offered eyewitnesses


immunity from prosecution. There are questions about the quality of his


work. These have not been made previously in 30 years of service


until this particular issue at the end. He was a family liaison


officer. I think some of those individuals who came forward to give


evidence did so because they had trust in him as an individual and


police officer. Do you think the criticisms of Khalid Kiyani are


unfair? I think he is being made a scapegoat. He offered witnesses


immunity from prosecution. That offer was not disclosed until the


end of the trial of eight men accused of murder. They were


cleared, but it jeopardised the case. One man who was at the meeting


claims Kiyani didn't act alone. We were greeted by a number of


officers, at least ten different members of the police. We were


briefed that we would be offered, everybody should give a statement


and everyone would be given immunity. That was the officer.


There were at least ten officers there. Everybody went along with it.


This was the most high`profile police investigation for nearly a


decade, yet a series of mistakes were made. Public enquiries take a


long time and are expensive. It can be a knee jerk reaction calling for


them. But many people are now saying it is the only way to get the


answers that people want to hear. A little earlier, I went to police


headquarters and spoke to the West Midlands Police and Crime


Commissioner Bob Jones who told me the families of the young men who


died deserve to have all of their questions answered. Why are you


tuning the calls for a public inquiry? `` joining. It is clear the


families in Winson Green have not had the best service from the common


justice system. The only way we can get answers, from the whole of the


justice system, is through a public inquiry. What will you do if you do


not achieve that? We will be asking questions within the police and


seeking to get answers. But I have not got any powers to demand answers


from the court, the CPS, the IPCC. But you can from the police? I


cannot interfere with operational policing, I cannot determine who to


arrest, I cannot substitute my judgement about the interpretation


of the law. That is clear under the legislation. But I can do my best to


ensure that we ask questions to make sure what went wrong and are we


going to be able to do something to prevent it happening again? Tariq


Jahan thinks he has been badly let down. Can you understand that? I can


understand his frustration. He has behaved with enormous dignity and


has been immensely responsible. The way he behaved in the aftermath of


the riots very much led the way in diffusing tensions that could have


led to greater problems. When he has behaved in such a dignified and


responsible manner, the fact we have let him and the other family down is


of immense concern. I would have thought you in your job, this is one


of the most daunting challenges you have had to face. It is based there


is of key issues that undermine the community's confidence in the


police. It is essential. The community is our greatest partner.


If we do not have their confidence and support, the police's job in


protecting the community is made more difficult. How determined are


you to nail this once and for all? I will do my utmost to try and give


the families answers, but the only body that has the power to get all


of the answers to all of the issues is a public inquiry. The Home


Secretary will respond to Tariq Jahan's in the... I very much


support that. Coming up later in the programme: A


thank you from the trainee pilots learning their craft with the help


of farmers in Shropshire. And a first in Shropshire, the Mint


that tastes of strawberries. We're disappointed and we've let


down our young people. That's the message today from the


latest school in the region to be put into special measures. The


Nuneaton Academy opened in 2012 as a replacement for two failing schools,


but it hasn't yet managed a dramatic improvement in their results. A new


principal and chairman of governors have now been appointed. Joan


Cummins reports. Nuneaton Academy educates more than


950 children from the town. Just like the hundreds of academies


across the country, it's state funded but independent of local


authority control. But according to Ofsted, standards at the school have


dropped to inadequate and it's now in special measures. The teaching


has not been fit for purpose. In response to that, what decisions I


have made and taken with my team, with the support, is to improve


where teaching is not as strong as it should be, we are looking to


develop a whole team here so that we are a high performing Academy. The


academy was formed in 2010 following the amalgamation of two other


secondary schools. It's cost more than ?9 million. But now


achievement, teaching, behaviours and leadership are all described as


inadequate. A school that is described as being in special


measures is a school that has let down the young people, families and


communities. Is there any hope for Nuneaton Academy? Absolutely. I am


confident it will move forward towards satisfactory, good and


ultimately to outstanding. Inspectors said students were often


bored and had no pride in their work. But pupils today remained


optimistic for the school and their future. Considering we are


teenagers, we get bored a lot. Lessons have kicked off to be more


creative and we have more practical is going on. The resources have


improved. The teaching quality has got better. The students should not


get bored. They don't want to be learning then. They have improved.


There are more than 300 schools with academy status across the West


Midlands. 13 have already been judged inadequate by Ofsted, but


supporters of the academy system say they still have a role. On the


whole, academies demonstrated better achievement levels than their


counterparts. Yes, there will be variations around that. Nuneaton


Academy are not taking this judgement lightly. They have


introduced a no excuse culture and it applies to both staff and pupils.


Inspectors are due to revisit to see if it is working in six weeks.


Passengers have described changes made to bus services in the centre


of Coventry as a shambles. Long`running road works have meant


some stops have had to be moved, but new ones have reappeared without


numbers or timetables. The body which looks after public transport


has apologised and says the problem will be fixed. Kevin Reide's been


trying to work which bus is going from where.


The Sir Frank Whittle statue adjacent Coventry's bus station. He


helped pioneer high`speed travel, but his low`speed transport


successors seem to be struggling. New bus shelters have been installed


as part of a refurbishment scheme, but there's no information as to


which bus stops where. And some are even stopping where there's no stop


at all. I have counted half a dozen bus shelters that are like this one,


no information, no numbers, no timetable. For some passengers, it


is chaotic. Rubbish. Pensioners do not know where they are. People


don't care. No information in any of the bus shelters. It is guesswork.


Last time I was here, the bus stop was over there temporarily. Now


there are no signs. I don't know any more. I don't know whether to stay.


My daughter is in the rain. Chaotic. A couple of years ago in Birmingham,


Centro put out stewards when there were changes to bus stops. Not so in


Coventry today. We have done a certain amount of local publicity,


but we have needed to change things frequently in commentary. It is part


of a major scheme to redevelop the city centre, to improve pedestrian


areas. Centro have apologised. But it looks as if the young mum we


spoke to earlier has found her bus. Or has she? I asked the driver if it


was the stop, he did not know. I am going to get a taxi now. Centro are


now promising to label the stops and put in timetables. Until then, bus


users will have to keep guessing. Now it's not a natural link to make,


trainee pilots in the armed forces needing the support of farmers


across Shropshire. But without being able to land in fields of all shapes


and sizes, they wouldn't get the experience they need. Today RAF


Shawbury held a special open day to say thank you to the landowners who


support them. Joanne Writtle reports.


Military helicopters can be a regular sight in the skies over


Shropshire. Largely because of trainee pilots and crew from the


defence helicopter flying school at RAF Shawbury taking to the air.


But today there was a show for an invited audience, the dozens of


landowners who allow the helicopters to touch down on their ground. The


topography that we have in Shropshire offers us a mix of flat


land and sloping land and open fields and clearings and woods. All


of those environments something we need to get used to operating in


safely. Some of the landowners were taken up today too. To go and fly


around is really a treat. Also to learn more about the air force and


the helicopters. It increases the understanding as well. They use the


three fields when they wish. Alpha, bravo and Charlie, they call the


fields. I keep cattle out of the way when necessary. If the sheep are in


the way, they will not use it that day. Not quite Afghanistan


conditions in Shropshire, but it is important they have the opportunity.


It is no inconvenience to me. Princes William and Harry were among


the thousands who've been trained here. This year, no royalty, but


nonetheless, dedicated trainees from the Army, RAF and Navy. It is


something we do on a day`to`day basis when we are front line.


Because of that, it gives us the training now in the basic phase,


when we are not under fire, not in an operational environment, when we


are getting instruction. So, from rural Shropshire to foreign missions


or search and rescue, the trainees here make good use of the land


around them. Football now and West Bromwich Albion are still looking


for the point which would absolutely guarantee their place in the Premier


League for next season. They lost 2`0 at Sunderland last night and


stay three points above the relegation zone. But it would need


an extraordinary swing in goal difference to send them down.


Aston Villa were also beaten, losing 4`0 at the champions elect,


Manchester City. Meanwhile, England's women are at


Shrewsbury Town this evening aiming to take a step closer to next year's


World Cup. They're at home to Ukraine in their latest qualifier


and Dan Pallett's there right now. And so far England are well on


course for a place in Canada next year, Dan. Yes, England are top of


the group and unbeaten. Well on course to qualify for the World Cup


in Canada next summer. So it's a perfect time for a young Birmingham


City midfielder to come into the squad for the first time and


possibly make her debut this evening. She can't stop smiling.


Remi Allen is usually a bubbly character anyway. But this week,


she's been called into the England squad for the first time. To be


honest, I still think I am in shock. I did not expect the phone call. I


was delighted. I was a bit nervous. I think I still am, really. Everyone


has been welcoming. It has been nice to come and hopefully have a bit of


fun now. The 23`year`old has started the season in great form with


Birmingham City. Her goals helped them reach the semi`finals of the


Champions' League. She played well domestically and in the Champions'


League, scoring goals and playing well. She has earned the right to be


part of the squad. Of the age she is and mentality, she will naturally


fit in and hopefully do well. And she joins an England squad in fine


form. England have won all five of the qualifiers so far. Anything less


than winning the group would be a disappointment. Tonight's opponents


may have more on their minds than football. Unrest in Ukraine


continues. This was pro`Russian activists fighting riot police in


Donetsk on first May. It is a difficult time for them. A lot of


them are playing domestically and probably have family involved.


Incredibly difficult. They are probably glad to be here playing


such an important match. England's training base at St George's Park


couldn't be more different to the troubled areas of Ukraine. The home


squad have enjoyed the Staffordshire sunshine. Now they want three points


made in Shropshire. Let us set the scene. The head of FA


development. You must be pleased with how the girls are developing.


They have had good results. Mark has settled in well in charge. It is


fair to say we are getting to the business end now. Ukraine are


probably the highest ranked opposition in our group. We want to


win the home game to put us in a strong position. Of course, the


other game, in fact, they did well by getting a draw against Ukraine.


Tonight is important to get a win and keep the very good form. The


women are back in Shrewsbury. We have always got great support, good


surface here. It is a ground where you get good atmosphere. The England


team like to travel around, but this is a place where they have always


turned out to support us. It is quite a nice vocal lively


surrounding, close to the fans. Highways enjoyed laying at a stadium


like this and I am sure the girls will. `` enjoyed playing. The girls


go to Ukraine next month. Will the game be fine to go ahead? We have


asked the question of UEFA. Over the west side, they think it is a long


way from the trouble. As we are we are still going. UEFA will make the


decision nearer the time. We will adhere to that. Thank you. If you


want to watch the game, it is live on BBC Two.


Thank you very much indeed. The annual Spring Festival in Malvern


today opened today with a newly elevated status. It has become one


of the official Royal Horticultural Society's top shows. This year it


expects to bring 100,000 visitors to the area.


Think or to culture and you think Chelsea. Hampton Court. `` think


horticulture. Add Malvern to the list. The Spring Festival. Our


relationship with the RHS is so important to us. It is a strong


relationship. Having those letters RHS, it denotes we are one of the


four top horticultural shows in the UK. What most people come for is the


gardens, the beach and the weather. I am getting a bit wet. Thank you.


From the experts who have picked up gold to amateurs, a competition


winner who is using his opportunity to raise money for the RAF


benevolent fund. To give back to the charity was one of my main reasons


to enter. My brother is serving in the forces. This represents what we


can do for our school. Being such a prestigious show, there are a few


first, like the new mint that smells and tastes like strawberries. Just


like strawberries. Very surprised! You can smell the strawberries. And


a new variety of coniferous plant that actually likes the inclement


British weather `` carnivorous. I love the show. I love gardening and


it is lovely to see new things too. We were not that keen on the first


one because we were not into gardening! Now I think it is


brilliant. What sets Malvern aside is that there is more on offer than


just flowers. Really spectacular this year. With the partnership they


have got, it is like the Chelsea Flower Show but without the barrage


of people to get past. What started 29 years ago has become one of the


most important dates on the horticultural calendar.


Looked a bit damp. Let us find out whether the sun will make a brief


appearance at Malvern this year. I would say no chance. It has been


horrendous today. No gold rosettes for sunshine. I am


a tad more optimistic about tomorrow. Unfortunately, as it


stands, it is as advertised and it is looking dire for the weekend. Wet


and windy on Saturday. Blustery showers on Sunday. Over the next


three days, the winds will prevail. Today's warm sector is out of the


way. Temperatures will dip tonight. The main thing is we have the


clearing, that is the improvement for tomorrow. Then this next warm


sector pushes up for the weekend bringing rain. The winds starting to


strengthen as the isobars tighten and turned to north`westerly which


is why the temperatures will dip on Sunday. At the moment, the rain has


cleared. The odd shower now and again. A lot of dry weather. Cloud


as well. Towards the end of the night, when most of us are tucked up


in bed, another line of angry looking showers. Hopefully these


will be over by tomorrow morning. If they are not, you could be waiting


up to them. Temperatures dropping again to a very mild eight to 10


degrees. The wind is picking up in the morning. The showers will move


away to the east. After that, just the odd shower. Otherwise, largely


dry tomorrow. Sunshine breaking through. Temperatures rising to


around 14 to 16. Coupled with that, blustery, gusty westerly wind which


could be up to 40mph. Tomorrow night, it starts fairly dry, but


then we see the warm sector moving in from the West. It will introduce


the rain towards the end of the night and in the early hours of


Saturday morning. This will be quite heavy. He winds quite strong. The


dark colours, heavy to come. That is throughout Saturday. Blustery heavy


showers for Sunday with a change in wind direction to north`westerly


which is why the temperature is right down to 12.


Tonight was my headlines: Female British soldiers could be allowed to


serve on the front line for the first time.


Barclays is to cut 19,000 jobs. The Home Office says it will


consider any formal request for a public inquiry into the deaths of


three men killed during the Birmingham riots. The new academy in


Nuneaton has been put into special measures.


That was Midlands Today. I will be back at 10pm. Have a good evening.


No-one would have believed, in the first years of the 21st century,


that Britain's affairs were being watched and scrutinised


With the help of our three political parties,


who lie to the British public about their intentions,


minds immeasurably more bureaucratic than ours


slowly and surely drew their plans against us.


smashing our democracy and destroying our laws...


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