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been told that Rolf Harris indecently assaulted one of his


daughter's It is business as usual. We get on


with the running of the football club.


We'll be asking if there are any potential bidders out there.


Also tonight, another major development in football.


West Bromwich Albion have announced head coach Pepe Mel has left


the club after just four months at the Hawthorns.


Disappointing sales overseas for the Staffordshire digger maker JCB.


But it's still recorded strong financial results.


As long as our market show continues to grow, that is the key `` our


market share. A Radio Ham tribute


in his home city of Birmingham to the comedian Tony Hancock who would


have been 90 today. He was a very quiet man. I think he


was very concerned with getting it right.


And it looks as though we're perched on the brink


How good could it get? Find out in the forecast later.


Major developments today at two of our Premier League football


clubs, with Aston Villa put up for sale by their American owner and


West Bromwich Albion parting company with their Spanish head coach.


We're live at Villa Park and the Hawthorns this evening


And we start with Aston Villa. Nick Clitheroe's there for us.


Randy Lerner wanting out after almost eight years is not


Several weeks ago he said he would make clear his future plans at the


end of the season. The only thing we are waiting to learn is whether he


had already agreed a deal to sell the club or he was putting it up for


sale. Today we found out which of those it was going to be.


When Aston Villa's season finished with defeat at Tottenham yesterday,


it not only brought down the curtain on a miserable


campaign, but also it seems on Randy Lerner's ownership of Aston Villa.


The American owner put out a statement this morning full


of emotion, saying, I owe it to Villa to move on and look


Now he's appointed the Bank of America Merrill Lynch to look


for a buyer, although there's no suggestion of an immediate deal.


The chairman has clarified his role. It is very much business as usual.


The chairman remains in place, as does the manager, obviously. We have


the season to prepare for. Lerner felt like a breath


of fresh air when he arrived He spent ?62.6 million


on buying the club from Doug Ellis. In total,


he's believed to have spent But after a series of top`six places


under Martin O'Neill, Villa have finished each of the last


three seasons in the bottom six. That's led many fans to welcome


his decision to sell up. It is what the club needs. Something


needs to change. I was at Tottenham yesterday. Discontent all of the way


through. It is the best thing. Great news. Take the club forward. Hope


for better things. If someone invests loads of money, it would be


great. But it could take a long time to sell it.


But Lerner has definitely left his mark on the club.


He may have reined back on his early transfer spending, but there were


also big improvements to parts of the ground and a groundbreaking move


to use Villa's shirts to promote the Acorns children's charity.


It is clear that Randy Lerner loves the club. He had the crest tattooed


on his ankle. Eight years of being in charge have taken their toll


though. He said that the last seasons have been week in week out


battles and he has clearly had enough of them.


Just over three miles away from Villa Park is the home of


West Bromwich Albion who this afternoon announced that head coach


Pepe Mel had left the club after only four months in charge.


Albion just avoided relegation from the Premier League


and chairman Jeremy Peace is under fire from some fans.


It was very short. Pepe Mel's rain began in January and now he is


heading home, despite having kept them in the Premier League. It was


obvious his poor command of English might be a problem. Likewise, his


desire to rapidly change their style of play. Rumours about his future


have been gathering momentum in recent weeks so it was no surprise


when the decision came earlier this afternoon. The head coach was


calling for clarity and just before 3pm the chairman delivered. They had


parted company by mutual consent and no one was the least surprised. At


Friday's press conference, Pepe Mel sounded like a man who knew his


future was elsewhere. If it is my last game, I have enjoyed it. If it


proves to be your final game, how will you look back on your time


here? TRANSLATION: I will look back on it very positively. I have learnt


a lot of things about how things are done differently and I have learned


more English. Smiling through adversity, his English may have got


better, but his team did not. A home defeat confirmed the inevitable


conclusion that Pepe Mel was not the right man to motivate a side that


had missed out on relegation by just three points. Pepe Mel's time at the


hawthorns will finish with defeat. The statement said it had been a


disappointing campaign and lessons have been learned. The search for a


new head coach has now begun. They aim to find a suitable candidate to


enable the club to be more competitive next season. This life


song supporter is disheartened. `` lifelong. He wants the chairman to


engage with the fans and has launched a campaign to come up with


a shared vision. This is not about getting rid of the chairman or the


board. It is a question of getting them to listen. I think some form of


forum for the fans or representation within the club would be extremely


helpful. It may be a longer term plan, but it would be lovely at some


stage in the future to have a representative of the fans on the


board. Four months ago, the club gambled on Pepe Mel. He delivered,


keeping them in the Premier League, but the confidence was not matched


by those who run the club. We have had plenty of comment. We


have. Plenty of comments on our Facebook page will stop a broadly


similar theme. The Albion fans seem to like Pepe Mel but they are


calling on the chairman to invest substantial amounts of financial


backing. On Facebook, someone said that the previous head coach should


not have been sacked. He says that Pepe Mel had met his target. Another


man said, you cannot blame him. His hands were tied. A shambles of a


season. Luke has sympathy for Pepe Mel. He is obviously a lovely guide


which just makes this mistreatment by the board seem even more...


Especially when you consider it along with the other issues the club


is suffering from. Another man says he will do well someone `` somewhere


else. Next season could be even harder than the one we have just


had. With me now is Dr Steve McCabe from Birmingham City University's


business school. What are your thoughts on Randy Lerner? Here is


sick of the losses. He has deep pockets, but it is not never`ending.


You get the impression he was out of love with the English game. I wonder


what he will do about the tattooed. The losses, there is an old adage in


football, you can make a small fortune as long as you start off


with a large fortune. There is talk of 200 million. It seems about


right. Whoever comes in will have to add in 100 million to bring in new


players over the summer. Coping with the ongoing losses, it is not a good


business to make money on. It is the money you need going forward. Every


football fan wants the club to succeed. In Champions' League, you


are up against the likes of Man City. They have billionaire owners.


Are there any potential bidders? There is a question about a Texan


oil millionaire. Who knows. Birmingham City sort of up for sale,


West Bromwich Albion, they'll getting rid of their coach, and


Coventry City in a mess. A turmoil in this region, horrendous. Pretty


poor show. Most other British cities have the glamour clubs. We do not


seem to have that. Can people ever make money out of football clubs? It


is hard to see given the amount of money you have to pay for the top


players. Randy Lerner selling Aston Villa, what will the timescale be?


You would want to have it done as soon as possible to be ready for the


next season. Thank you very much indeed.


Camera, lights, action ` the new feature film made in


Could it bring more production this way?


The Staffordshire digger`maker JCB says it's disappointed that business


opportunities linked to infrastructure projects at the


World Cup in Brazil have failed to materialise.


It comes as the company announces a 14% fall in annual profits.


It sold fewer machines overseas than expected last year.


But UK sales were up by 50% meaning it's still been one


of the most profitable years in its 68`year history.


Dad Andy, mum Claire, mother`in`law Gwen, son Mike,


A family`run plant hire firm in Brereton in Staffordshire.


They've just bought six new JCBs because local house builders are


A vast increase in enquiries, people saying they are fully booked for


months ahead. This demand has helped the


Staffordshire digger`maker achieve JCB moved fast in an effort


to conquer overseas markets. Factories were built in emerging


economies like India and Brazil, but it now appears that demand for


these machines is levelling off. The World Cup in Rio de


Janeiro is one case in point. The hosts have been scrambling to


get stadiums ready, Everyone expected a boost from the


World Cup. The stadiums have been built and they are ready, but the


surrounding infrastructure in terms of roads and hotels has not really


happened. JCB has 22 factories worldwide. 11 are in the UK. Later


this year, production will begin at this plant in India at a time when


demand in India is falling. India is going through the general election.


The build up to that over the last 12 months, there has been a


wait`and`see attitude from our customers. We are very optimistic


that when the new government comes to power, the market will grow


again. The expansion will cost the company ?150 million.


It's a sign of confidence, but overseas markets are volatile.


JCB are closely monitoring the ongoing political tensions with


Ukraine and how it might impact upon sales.


It's a good job Britain's builders are back and busy.


A new campaign's been launched in Birmingham to encourage more


The city currently has nearly 300 children waiting to be fostered.


Denise Slator used to be a lorry driver,


but for the last seven years, she's been fostering babies and toddlers.


She's one of 600 foster carers in Birmingham, but the city council


When they are offered steady, secure, loving homes, they often


blossom in that cares. It is that we support our foster carers to


provide. In ten days' time, voters will go to


the polls in European and local Five years ago,


the British National Party came close to winning a European seat


in this region with 9% of the vote. But since then,


the party's struggled, as BBC Radio Stoke's political


reporter Phil McCann explains. 2009 and 122,000 people


in the Midlands vote for the BNP The party was riding high with 16


councillors in the Midlands, They won support partly by being


visible in communities, helping run bingo clubs like this one in


Abbey Hulton, which got them votes. What about immigration? Yes, good


point. I do not agree with all of these people coming in.


But over the last few years, things have been going wrong for the BNP.


It's had a cash crisis after losing a legal challenge to its all`white


membership policy and it's been beset by internal disagreements.


So, back at the bingo, does the BNP still have support today?


If they want to send them back, I am with them. British people should be


put first. Don't you think we have got enough in this country?


Now the British National Party has no councillors in Stoke`on`Trent


The BNP rose to power on the back of Labour Party supporting working


class vote. That has gone with the Conservative government in power.


UKIP have the benefit of those votes.


for racially`aggravated harassment after comments he made about black


But they're still out pounding the streets looking for votes.


Our view of mass immigration to Britain is that it is an illegal


process, it is illegal. It has never been sanctioned by the British


people and it is a project of social engineering, social change on a


national level, involving vast numbers of foreigners. It should


have been taken to the people. But people who sympathise with


the BNP's messages may now find lots of other anti`immigration


and anti`European parties to choose And Phil is in our Stoke studio


for us now. Do the issues that prompted people


to vote for the BNP five years ago still concern


voters in Stoke`on`Trent, Phil? Well, we saw there that there are


still a lot of people in Stoke`on`Trent and across the West


Midlands who are concerned about immigration. There are also a lot of


people who want the UK to leave the EU. The BNP's one of their main


policies is that they Europe and immigration. There have


been split in the BNP. Also, the Labour Party is thought to benefit


when the BNP is not doing so well because it picks up protest votes


against the current government instead.


Film making in the West Midlands is worth ?20 million to the region.


But can anything be done to bring yet more production here


Most film making still happens in London,


but six directors here have come together to make a feature`length


You get to a point when you realise business to the West Midlands.


You get to a point when you realise you are just as alive as anybody


It is interesting to see how these else.


It is interesting to see how these things work. I am a big film buff


myself. Checking In will premiere tonight


in Wolverhampton. This may be a low`budget feature,


but it has big ambitions Burton Albion boss Gary Rowett is


hopeful that they can hang onto their one`goal lead in the second


leg of the League Two play off. Adam McGurk scored the only goal of


the game just before half`time after The home side were reduced to ten


men after an hour when Ian Sharps was sent off


for a second bookable offence. Really pleased and relieved proud of


them. Disappointed with the sending`off. But we saw it out


pretty well. Shrewsbury have appointed


Micky Mellon as their new manager The former Fleetwood boss will be


assisted by previous manager And the Worcester Wolves


basketball team have become British They beat Newcastle 90`78 in the BBL


play`off final at Wembley Arena It's their second piece of


silverware this season, having won Today would have been the 90th


birthday of the Birmingham`born He was one of the biggest stars


in the country with his own show It started first on radio


and then transferred to television, with such classic episodes as


The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham. And it's The Radio Ham


which inspired a special celebration today outside the house where he was


born, as Ben Sidwell reports. For most people, it would be an odd


way to celebrate someone's birthday. But for the Coventry Amateur Radio


Society, there was nowhere better to be than on the drive of the


home where Tony Hancock was born. They are going to let me loose on


the airwaves. Let us see if we can make contact. This is GX two. Why


are you doing this? Indeed. A very good question. We remember the


sketch. What better way than a group of radio amateurs on the drive at


the birthplace of Tony Hancock. Just for today,


the society have been given a special call sign, GB8TH, for Tony


Hancock, of course, to communicate Alan Florence was one


of the sound engineers during Tony Hancock's audio recordings of


The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham. Unfortunately, on the recording, the


only time it broke down was Tony Hancock choking to death with


laughter so they had to stop the recording.


For some, this street in Hall Green in Birmingham was so special they


It was an added value. It made it for me, the fact I could live in the


road where Tony Hancock was born. How are you? Do me a favour. Go to


my mother pot asked her to make me a bread pudding. Which? my mother's


and ask her to make me a bread pudding.


And fittingly, rather than birthday cake, these


radio hams marked Tony Hancock's 90th with a piece of bread pudding.


Tell me it is going to pick up later in the week for the weather?


We have a pressure chart showing all of the showers breaking out and then


the pressure builds from the south`west from midweek onwards.


This will kill them off and bring back balance to the region and the


weather. The MS chart shows us how the temperatures will alter `` the


air mass chart. Temperatures up by three or 4 degrees. In summary, I


can say that things are picking up from midweek and as we approach


mid`May. Looking warmer by Wednesday. Currently in Birmingham


at least, we are looking at the sunshine breaking through nicely.


That is not the case everywhere. We are still seeing some fairly heavy


showers breaking out across some parts of the region before they


start to fade away in the early hours. Still a lot of cloud and


temperatures will be held up to around seven or 8 degrees. Not


particularly cold overnight. It will be dry and fairly sunny tomorrow. A


brief period of sunshine. Things will turn wet through the latter


part of the day. The showers will rumble in from the North stopped


they could be heavy at times with thunder as well. `` the latter part


of the day. The showers will rumble in from the North. Light to moderate


north`westerly winds. The high pressure starts to building from


tomorrow night and we see evidence of that in the showers beaten off


and then much drier conditions taking over. The cloud will be


breaking as well sufficiently to send temperatures low enough for


perhaps a touch of grass fast. Calder tomorrow. `` grass frost.


Calder tomorrow. Much drier for the second half of the week. Huge


strides towards warmer conditions. Tonight's headlines from the BBC:


Nigeria's missing schoolgirls. A video which appears to show more


than 100 of them is released And a dramatic day in the Premier


League as Aston Villa are put up for sale and West Bromwich Albion


part company with their head coach. Dominated by two of our Premier


League clubs. We cannot go without saying well done to Stoke City for


the highest ever finish. Terrific season.


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