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chilly. That's all from the BBC News at


I am so happy and pleased. I know it is not the end of the road and the


end of the fight. The 24`year`old died


after being restrained by bouncers Criticism of a knife surrender


programme after only 16 knives It is a knee jerk reaction. It is a


good sentiment, but it is not addressing the root cause of the


problem. Left homeless by plans


for high`speed rail ` When the big ministers get involved,


things go slow slowly. And I've got


a sneaking suspicion that you might A small glitch to contend with


tonight, but otherwise things are A judge today ordered a review


of a decision not to prosecute anyone over the death


of a 24`year`old on a night out. Julian Webster's family said it


marked a turning point in In April, 2009, Julian Webster


died outside a Manchester pub after In May, 2012, an inquest said that


restraint played But in March last year, the


Crown Prosecution Service decided Since then,


his family have been battling to get that decision reversed.


Here's Cath Mackie. Sonia Webster's waited a long time


for this moment, a review into the death of her son,


Julian. I am overwhelmed. So happy, so


please. I know it is not the end of the road and it is not the end of


the fight, but it is... I cannot even explain.


The 24`year`old who was from Edgbaston in Birmingham died


on a night out in Manchester after returning to this bar to


When released, he collapsed to the floor.


The family's barrister Rajiv Menon QC told two senior


judges in Birmingham that the decision not to prosecute anyone was


so flawed and so irrational that the court should quash the decision and


The Crown Prosecution Service had argued there was insufficient


evidence, but the court ordered a review.


The family of Julian Webster clapped as Lord Justice Elias announced


Julian's mother, Sonia, closed her eyes and put her head in her hands.


But the family were told this didn't mean there would be


But it does mean the CPS has to review the case.


We want proper consideration as to whether there should be a


prosecution. Clearly, the evidence has not been properly considered


before now. Speaking at the family home


before today's hearing, Sonia Webster said the past five


years had taken its toll. Stressful for me, the complete


family. My husband. Everyone who was involved. Our lives have been on


hold. It has been five years and we cannot move forward because there is


unfinished business. Justice needs to be done for Julian. We cannot


move on until it is taken care of. In a statement,


the CPS confirmed they'll now carry Julian Webster's family say that


must begin as soon as possible. Knowing her "ippon" from her


"wazari"` we meet Kelly Edwards, selected for the Commonwealth Games


judo team this summer. It's been revealed that just 16


knives have been handed in as part of a knife surrender


programme in Birmingham. It began three months ago with


a lot of fanfare. Our special correspondent


Peter Wilson was at the launch then and joins us now


at one of the knife surrender bins. Peter, I suppose any weapon taken


off the streets has to be good news, That is right. This is one of three


nice surrender bins. They are placed outside churches where you do not


expect to find people carrying weapons. How many knives have been


placed in this particular bin? Not a single one. The organisers say that


the campaign is not a failure. It might have reigned three months ago


on the parade, but there were high hopes for what was seen as a


community`based nice surrender campaign. Yet the bins were put out


places of worship rather than police stations `` knife surrender


campaigns. Only 16 knives have been handed in since February. Any knife


taken off the street is a knife that could have committed a murder. It is


a slow start. We are hoping it will accelerate. That is the pattern


elsewhere. In London, it started slowly but accelerated. Previous


amnesties have seen hundreds of weapons handed in. People were


demanding action after a series of knife attacks soar five young people


killed in Birmingham including rap star Joshua Ribera. His mother


offered to help publicise the campaign but nothing happened. She


says education is the key to changing young people's attitudes.


If you can send them in the opposite direction from street crime and


knife crime and any kind of crime, that is successful. Guide them in


another direction to prevent more violence and deaths. The police and


crime commission says talks are under way to use young people and


the fan base of Joshua Ribera to reenergise what has so far been a


lacklustre campaign. Alison and I have met and she has agreed to help


us with the next wave of knife bins and discussions are on as to the way


she feels best able to put herself behind the campaign. A former gang


member questions the whole point of knife and misdeeds. It is a token


gesture, a knee jerk reaction. What should have been done, I think, was


for us to open up wider discussion and debate about the real issues


about why young people are carrying knives. More bins will be placed on


the streets but it is hearts and minds that need to be changed.


Has the type of been been successful elsewhere? It was pioneered in


London and since 2009 some 10,000 weapons have been taken off the


streets including guns. Here I have been talking to local people, some


of them have not even noticed this let alone any publicity. After the


three`month programme, what is likely to happen now? We are going


to get an extra five bins. Clearly in order to make this campaign


successful, you have got to energise people and excite people. You have


got to draw people in. We are talking about young people. The


message at the moment is not getting out. Perhaps if Alison, and using


Joshua Ribera's reputation and his charisma, he of course lost his life


to knife crime, perhaps that can reach out to young people. Thank


you. The family of Stephen Sutton


from Burntwood, Staffordshire, say his condition


in hospital has deteriorated. He was re`admitted over the weekend


with breathing difficulties. In a post on social media,


his family said tumours are blocking his airways but he's currently in


a comfortable and stable condition. He's


so far raised more than ?3 million More than 500 homeowners who live


on the route of the proposed high`speed rail link


between London and Birmingham have But it seems getting the money


isn't always straightforward. Midlands Today was contacted


by one family who ended up living in a caravan because


of continuing delays. HS2 agreed with this man last years


that his home would be blighted by phase one of the line. Keen to


resettle his family, it was agreed the house sale would be completed by


April the 16th. They said there would be no problem. We thought, no


problem at all. But when the date came, no exchange, no contracts. We


signed the contract but HS2 did not. When the big ministries like HS2 and


the transport ministry gets involved, things go so slowly. The


family relocated to Dorset, moving on a weekly basis from caravan to


chalet, hoping every day that the Department for Transport would


complete on the house sale. Were you a bit naive assuming it will be


sorted? I suppose we were. Too trusting. It is crazy. And


frustrating. Following the BBC's involvement, he was told payment was


imminent and whilst we were filming, a phone call. Good news.


Thank you. Goodbye. Who was that? But was HS2 saying the money has


just gone through. That is good news! The high`speed rail line is


planned to run exactly along the tree`lined and through this field.


In a statement, the Department for Transport said they were committed


to making payments under the compensation scheme as soon as


possible. If anybody thinks they have experienced delays, they should


let them know. This family today became just the 12th family in the


country to be compensated under the statutory provisions. Good news for


this family who now can finish the packing and move on.


A family's fight for justice ` now a judge orders a review into Julian


Julian Webster's death on a night out.


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


Who will be next at the helm at the Hawthorns?


We look at the front runners to replace Pepe


And survivors and students working together `


the stories of D`Day veterans recorded for the 70th anniversary.


The Labour Party has made Walsall its top target


The council is a mirror image of the Government, run by a coalition of


And a key battleground is the youth vote with all parties focusing their


efforts on getting young people into work, as Ben Godfrey reports.


Ashley Lovell has been taken on as an apprentice in Walsall,


a town where thousands of teenagers are still struggling to find work.


For young people, it is difficult. Leaving school with not the best


grades, people tend not to find jobs. People are looking for


experience. Around 7% of 16 to 24`year`olds are


claiming Jobseeker's Allowance here. Labour has sent Shadow Health


Secretary Andy Burnham to Walsall. The party says it's


their number one target in the West Midlands and they're pledging


more apprenticeships. We really need to ensure the economy


works for our young people and that the apprenticeships that we create


are ones that will stage a lifetime with people. That is going to be a


major challenge. In the birthplace


of the saddle industry, Labour has But the council is run


by a minority administration. Mirroring Westminster, the


Conservatives, who have 24 seats, formed a coalition with the Liberal


Democrats, who have five seats. Two years ago, we put ?2 million


into the budget to create 500 apprenticeships. It has been


extremely successful, interest from just short of 3000 youngsters. Of


those, 380 have gone on to be apprentices. We have a pilot scheme


going on. There is a jobs club. That has got people who are long`term


unemployed, long`term dependent on benefits it has got them back into


jobs. Harnessing


a young workforce is something the Saddle Company would love to do,


but it's proving difficult. The Walsall firm is cautious


about creating a raft The problem is, the gap between the


training of the apprenticeships and suddenly there is a big gap and


there are very few people of the skill level left to train the


people. Unless action is taken quickly, that could be the downfall


of the industry, in a way. Labour lost control 14 years ago. This time


around they need a net gain of three seats to take overall control. The


jobs market is also a battle ground for UKIP. It claims unskilled labour


from Eastern Europe is driving up unemployment. It is fielding a


record number of candidates here. Staying with the elections...


The UK Independence Party launched its local and European election


campaign in the West Midlands today. UKIP is fighting 218 council seats.


It says that in the European elections it's expecting to do


UKIP is a far stronger `` is in a fast on the position in the West


Midlands. We are reaching out, not to this votes from Labour Lib Dems,


20% of our support is coming from people who have not voted in the


previous two elections. After the departure of Pepe Mel


yesterday, are we any closer to finding out who the new head coach


will be at West Brom? West Bromwich Albion have appointed


their former first team coach Terry Burton


as their new technical director. His first job will be to help find


a new head coach. And there are plenty


of names being talked of as There is flash photography at the


end of this report. In fact, we don't even know who's


in charge of the team. Pepe Mel's departure has


got people talking. He's an Albion fan,


but he's also a bookmaker and the market for Albion's new head


coach is wide open. The favourites include


the former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay, Aberdeen manager


Derek McInnes, a former Albion player, and former Birmingham City


manager Chris Hughton. New owners at Leeds could see Brian


McDermott looking for a new club. And Tim Sherwood sacked


only today by Tottenham. Among the outsiders is


the former Wolves boss Dave Jones. But whoever gets the job,


speed is vital. A number of players out of contract.


They want to know where they are. At the end of the transfer window last


season, players were shoehorned into the football club. We do not expect


to finish eighth in the Premier League. On the flip side, we do not


expect to finish 17th. Pepe Mel's four`month reign ended


with Sunday's 2`1 defeat Malky Mackay Roy, he was quite


successful and he would fit very well. `` Malky Mackay. Tim Sherwood.


Harry Redknapp. But recent histroy suggests we'll


be doing this again quite soon. From Tony Mowbray to Roberto Di


Matteo, Roy Hodgson to Steve Clarke, Albion are now looking for their


sixth head coach in eight years. Everyone


at the club will hope the next appointment endures longer than the


four months that Pepe Mel lasted. How significant is today's


appointment of Terry Burton as technical director? Very


significant. The chairman is saying, he was not very happy with the


appointment of Pepe Mel and he does not want them involved with the new


appointment as well. The fans would say, get a move on. As for who the


new manager will be or the new head coach, bookmakers and punters do not


have an idea. The head coach thing is important, someone like Dave


Jones might want control of signings as well as being head coach. More


established names might be ruled out. One thing Pepe Mel's


appointment has shown is that they may go with someone who speaks


English. Probably a good move. The Commonwealth Games


are just ten weeks away. Today, in Walsall, the England


judo team was announced. Seven men and seven women, including


Kelly Edwards from Shropshire. Look into these eyes


and tell me what you see. The eyes of Kelly Edwards,


focussed on success As a young girl growing up


in Telford, Kelly loved gymnastics. But her mum promised her ?5 for the


cinema if she'd have a go at judo. I think I had only been doing it a


couple of weeks and I started to progress at the club and I was


beating boys who were a similar age to me. I had good strength from


gymnastics and it helped me to progress quickly.


Six months ago, Denise Lewis opened the National Centre of Excellence


And today, Kelly joined her England team`mates for their


Amongst them, Nekoda Davis, a rising star with podium potential


who's moved from London to Walsall to benefit from these elite


To think I am not just going to be on a stage with just judo people,


there are going to be other sports, the likes of Mo Farah, it is pretty


amazing. I am really excited. What are you hoping for from the


Commonwealth Games? A gold as always. Anything can happen on the


day, but I am going out there to win. The Glaswegians want to show


London they can do it as well. The atmosphere will be electric.


Two years ago, Kelly Edwards cheered like mad


when her good friend Gemma Gibbons won Olympic silver at London 2012.


And this summer, Kelly would love to return to the Wrekin Star Judo Club


in Telford with a Commonwealth medal to call her own.


Good luck to Kelly. In judo terms, Dan means black belt. Have you got


one? No. There is not much chance of me getting one either.


Next month it will be 70 years since the D`Day landings,


an anniversary that will be commemorated here and in France.


The passing years mean there are fewer survivors


of a turning point which led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.


But in Coventry, schoolchildren are working to ensure the stories


of surviving veterans live on, as Kevin Reide has been finding out.


This mural being unveiled to Normandy veterans


at a civic reception in Coventry was made by students at


They were inspired after hearing first`hand accounts from


When you have heard firing squads, you have seen women being tarred and


feathered, those that collaborated with the Germans, you have seen


people hanging from lamp posts and things like that, it is an


experience you never forget. Ever. The mural depicts events


in Coventry, like the destruction of the cathedral


and the post`war celebrations.. The handshake symbolising


a handover from those who fought to D`day, it is all about the troops


storming in and winning the war and it is about peace and passing it on.


Learning from the history book is not the same as hearing about their


personal experiences. My favourite bit is the hands because it tells


you a story. It has a deep meaning within that. Six schools are


involved in project similar to this. It has been captured on film. It


will be screened in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral next month.


The Grace Academy are involved in making that film.


Part of it shows the story of a young boy waiting


for his dad to return from war, something that never happens.


They have responded so well to the veterans, they have showed them


respect and they have been really interested in their stories. It is


to promote long`term peace, but also to remember the lives that were lost


on Normandy day. I cannot think of a better way of passing on the


thoughts of those who died. This is exactly what they would want. They


are the children of their children that they did not have. They


represent those lads who are still buried in Normandy.


Next week, some of the Normandy veterans will


return to Northern France to record the final part of the film.


It's likely to be the last visit they make.


Right at the beginning of the programme, you were promising


something rather lovely. We did have great sunshine today. More to come?


Temperatures are definitely on the rise. This is how it is looking. We


have got mostly dry conditions. Quite sunny and warming up. Mostly


dry. We are seeing off the last of the current clutch of showers. But


there could be the odd one over the weekend as the warmth builds up. The


high pressure is now carving out its territory across us. This is going


to be resulting in the changes taking place over the next few


days. Currently, we are looking at a few showers still across the region.


These will be squeezed out of the way in favour of clearer skies and


colder conditions. The air is quite cold at the moment. Significant hail


showers. We have still got a north`westerly breeze. In sheltered


hollows tonight, there could be a touch of grass frost. Across the


board, we are looking at close of six or 7 degrees. They touch lower


than recent values during the night. Clearer skies will lead to bags of


sunshine tomorrow. A nice and sunny start. Chilly. A bit misty


initially. The temperatures will rise a couple of degrees higher than


today. Still got the light to moderate north`westerly breeze


however. The cloud will fill in tomorrow night. Not quite as cold.


Temperatures on a par with the values we have seen over recent


nights of around nine to 10 degrees. Cloudy but dry. There could be mist


in sheltered hollows. This is how we start the day on Thursday, dull and


cloud milling around, but values rising very nicely to around 18 to


20 degrees. Possibly even 21 for Hereford. A very warm end to the


week. Over the weekend, the temperatures may rise a touch


higher. Because the warmth is building, it could trigger the odd


shower. On Saturday, a band of rain waiting in the wings to the


north`west. But will travel down on Sunday in the evening. Lovingly


sound of the sunshine! The first arrest on suspicion


of murder in the case of Claudia Lawrence, the chef who went


missing five years ago. The UK armed forces are to be


investigated by the International Criminal Court for alleged abuses


against Iraqi detainees. A family's fight for justice ` now


a judge orders a review into Julian And criticism of a knife surrender


programme after only 16 knives Can I make something clear to you?


UKIP is not against immigration.


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