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eye on development is over the next couple of days.


A great day for the time and for the club. That's the verdict. Up to


20,000 supporters are expected to back them in the league two play`off


final on uncovered a Monday. For a club which exists on average


attendances of less than 3000, reaching Wembley also offers a


massive financial boost. It's the latest remarkable step in the


history of a club which only entered the football league five years ago.


Laughing all the way to Wembley. This is the moment many fans thought


they would never see. Five years ago, they were looking at non`league


football. Now they aren't queueing for tickets for promotion. To get to


where they are is superb. Fingers crossed. Everybody wants to go. It


will be a great day out. Even my wife is going. These are the guys


that scored the goals. Next Monday, it is the play`off final against


Fleetwood. We will enjoy it and be as ambitious as we can. We are going


there to see if we can go one step further.


Next stop, new Wembley and a new lesson today for year six at this


school. It's one of 35 schools in the town which gets regular visits


from the charity. It's fantastic and good for raising aspirations, for


the town and four children who can see that dedication and


determination can pay off. Burton Albion have only been to Wembley


once before, 27 years ago. It's ancient history to these youngsters,


who have already started work on their play`off final projects. Back


at the club, this striker is pointing in the right direction. The


commercial director has got her hands full, organising T`shirts,


tickets and transport for the biggest game in Burton Albion's


history. Could it be a financial lifeline for the club? Yes. It will


be crucial for the development of the club. We are going to get to


Wembley and get promotion and this is the way to do it. The artwork is


complete, the posters near perfect, now it is all down to the players.


On Saturday, the Brewers didn't need the. They were high on adrenaline.


Let's hope they are still in fine voice a week tonight.


Joining us now from Burton Albion is the club chairman, Ben Robinson.


Good evening and congratulations. Congratulations to you as well,


Lucent town getting promotion. There's talk about Burton Albion


snout. The whole town is at fever pitch. It's amazing. The interest


that has been created over these last few weeks... Last year, we got


through to the play`off semifinals and to actually get there is quite


amazing. Quite unbelievable. There is a fantastic buzz in the time.


Everyone is walking to work with a spring in their step. And what will


getting to Wembley itself mean to you financially? Actually, Nick, I


think the returns on the final are not... It is not life changing. Only


a certain percentage of the gate receipts actually go to the two


competing clubs. In the semifinal, the semifinal, before matches are


pooled and the four clubs share 50%. There is a very nice television


fee, ?20,000 for each game. It will still be a great occasion. Moving


on, if you get up, that is when you start to feel the financial goods,


isn't it? Oh, yeah. Most certainly. You will see when you come in. The


funding for the football league is tremendous. In league one, we will


probably get an extra ?250,000. There is tremendous away support


with travelling fans. I think there are quite a few clubs that will do


that in league one. It is an opportunity to sell sponsorship as


well. And briefly, are you ready as a club for the step up if you do


make it to league one? Yes, certainly. We got promotion in 2009.


If you talk to quite a few people, they will say that our players could


hold their own in league one. I'm sure Gary will want to strengthen


the team if we get through. There's not a lot of change at all. The


operation on match days pretty much the same. It will be Gary and his


team putting together a squad that can survive in league one in the


first season. Good luck. Coming up later in the programme: A


crazy cutlery creation but had a day create a gorilla out of spoons?


A four`year`old boy from Shropshire has become the first child in the


world to take part in a trial to help patients with a where


condition, Hunter syndrome. It... His parents have taken up the chance


of treatment in Manchester. Jonas is football. Two world cups from now,


he might no longer be here. He has inherited a syndrome from his mother


and it... Medicine can replace the missing enzyme in his blood which


helps with movement. The ultimate goal is to slow brain degeneration


and this trial offers hope. Manchester were roaming the children


on a trial. I picked the phone up to Doctor Simon Jones at Manchester on


that day and managed to speak to him. Then we had to go for a


screening. We got onto the trial. The trouble is, the brain has a


barrier which stops the enzyme treatment getting through. The trial


will inject the enzyme into the spinal fluid to try to deal with the


waste products that are damaging his brain. Here is where he will be


treated. This is one of two or three trials aimed at treating similar


diseases, with a similar approach of bypassing the brain. That is


inherently risky and comes with lots of logistical challenges. We are not


doing this in a compliant and willing adult volunteer. This is


done on a child. Her version of the stroke will be given monthly, three


devices fitted into the spine. As it is a child, Joe's family are not


told whether he is given the drug or not. They hope he is and that a


miracle will improve his life. One of the United Nations's most


senior figures visited Coventry today. Devastated by German bombs in


November 1940, Coventry has built a global reputation for forgiveness


and is twinned with 27 cities around the world. How will today's visits


help the city? The refugee centre in Coventry isn't


one of the first places the dignitaries visit but today, a UN


representative was keen to hear of the experience people in the city.


It was in the ruins of the cathedral of the principles of the UN were


united with the importance of Coventry on the world stage. This


city is a good example for a diverse place where different ethnic groups


with different beliefs come. Numerous nationalities, a variety of


rich diligence and 50 languages are spoken in Coventry. It is hoped that


combined with Coventry's past, the city could become the peace Centre


for the world. In a speech at the city's University, the Qatari


diplomat was encouraging people to adopt a simple message of live and


let live. If we live and let live, we will see a better world. That is


today, we live in a complex work ` world. People had their own views on


international peace. If everyone does their bit and everyone helps


each other out and everyone is nice, I think you can achieve world peace.


Do what you can where you can. Treat others with respect. Go to school


together, instead of going to different places, you shouldn't be


separated. They will have a chance at present. It is hoped there may be


a peace summit in the future, in a city which academics believe leads


by an example. It's an iconic city, ever since this happened. Long


before that, diversity was important in Coventry. The early textile


industries, there were many migrations from other parts of


Europe. This is a city which is comfortable with change. Where from


the speeches and academics, Coventry is proud to be helping future


generations. On Thursday voting takes place


in the European Elections, On Thursday voting takes place


in the European Elections, and more than half the parties


campaigning here in the Midlands want Britain out of the EU.


Two of them are led by MEPs who were elected for UKIP last time round,


but who've since gone separate ways. Our Political Editor Patrick Burns


is here with us now. We don't believe in privatisation.


The EU once everything privatised. The one that worries me is


privatisation of the National Health Service, which at main party seems


to think is a good idea. You cannot bring yourself to bring ` mention


UKIP by name. Is this about your personality clash with Nigel


Farage? He runs the party as a one`man band. He makes policy on the


hoof. is here with us now.


Nikki Sinclaire was expelled from UKIP just months after her election,


for refusing to sit with them in a European Parliamentary grouping


which she describes as 'holocaust deniers'. As an independent MEP, her


referendum petition led David Cameron to become the first


Conservative Prime Minister to be defeated IN THE Commons on the


European issue. I started that campaign, collected


the requisite signatures, forced that debate in Parliament. Not one


of those signatures was Nigel Farage's UKIP failed to support that


campaign and it's the only tangible thing that has moved this issue


forward. Nigel Farage and UKIP have been there for 15 years and info on


a half years, outside UKIP, one MEP, I've moved this issue along far more


than they have 15 years. And there is a full list of


candidates on the BBC politics website. Voting is on Thursday but


the results will not be declared until Sunday night, after the polls


have closed across the of Europe. Over the last 100 years,


the Chelsea Flower Show has established itself as Britain's most


prestigious flower show. Months of hard work have gone


into the displays and teams from the West Midlands are


among the 550 exhibitors this year A feast of flowers, a cocktail of


colours and the sweetest cents but is stretching day and lives are


running high. Sarah Hall has helped design a garden which celebrates the


Lucent 's bar. The garden is Royal Leamington spa but I think for me,


from the start, the hothouse pod has been my baby. We have committed to


take the structure back to the town and stage it we hope in the pump


room Gardens as an ongoing display, which then we want to build a flower


festival on the back of. Close to that display is Birmingham's. The


council is paying tribute to the city's effort during World War I but


has faced criticism for spending ?5,000 on the exhibit. Some people


are saying they would like to see the money spent on services. Do you


think you should have done that? It's a balance, isn't it? We are


here to promote Birmingham and try to get people interested in


Birmingham. Promoting family ties has been the key to success at this


company. Today, three generations of the Austin family were together at


Chelsea for the first time ever. My father and daughter are both present


at the show this season. It's very much a family thing. She is very,


very proud of having a rose after her. Hundreds of hours are spent on


shots exhibits. It took 18 days for the team from Stoke`on`Trent City


Council to build theirs. The price tag, ?450,000. For some, it seems,


money is no object. Judging may well be over but it will still be a


sleepless night for our competitors from the West Midlands. They will


have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they've clinched a gold


medal. Our top story: Up to 20,000 fans are


On Saturday, we brought you the Wembley as the league two club looks


On Saturday, we brought you the story of a spoon gorilla. It took


five months to create a 12 foot 's high sculpture with high levels of


sick secrecy ahead of the unveiling. It was commissioned by Uri Geller.


How do you build a gorilla out of thousands of spoons?


club. The double cycling medallist Tommy


Godwin, who owned a cycle shop in Birmingham for more than thirty


years, has been honoured on the King's Heath Walk of Fame.


Games, was an Olympic torch bearer in 2012.


Olympic it was a special place to him. To have been honoured in this


way, I think he would have been delighted and for me, it's a great


day to see lots of old friends. The number 11 bus. People hop on and


off, toing and froing across Birmingham. But there is something


about this service. All different kinds of people and cultures. You


always hear or overhear an interesting conversation. It is


convenient for anywhere you want to go. For Rachel, this is an extra


special bus. When I was growing up, there was always the need for a


space that would be our space, that didn't belong to adults. I felt like


the bus was one of those spaces. Now this playwright has created Circles


for the Birmingham repertory Theatre, a story of people needing


love and support, told on the number 11, through these teenagers. Did you


not hear me calling you? Sorry, I thought you were on the phone. The


number 11 bus provides an ease of travel. I can see why young people


would utilise them. Over the years, a calendar, songs, dance, paintings


and books have all drawn inspiration from this route. It's no wonder that


this bus route has inspired so many creative people, after all its


troubles 27 miles on the outer parts of the city. Every day, 50,000


passengers travel on the buses and there are 266 stops on the way. So,


there's plenty of stories to tell. And it is this love for the number


11 that has created a play which can embark upon its own journey, taking


theatre made here in Birmingham right across the country.


I think today's temperatures are going to be hard to match. They were


the best out of the current run of warm weather.


London was the hottest place in the country at 26.3 Celsius. This is


unseasonably warm but I am sure very much appreciated. For the rest of


the week, we are back to normal, which compared with what we've had,


and that has been abnormal, will feel quite cool. Still reasonably


warm for the time of year and where we should be. If you are out of the


showers, then it's quite a pleasant week. You can see from the pressure


chart that the weather landscape has changed significantly. We have


shopped ` swapped high pressure for low pressure. The temperatures


should remain quite buoyant. Through this evening and overnight, it is


going to remain dry with clear spells. Temperatures are falling to


just 14 or 15 Celsius, so that is what you would normally expect


during the daytime. Later, we will start to season showers breaking out


and entering the mix. These showers will become more numerous and they


will gain momentum and also become quite vigorous. During the morning,


there are quite widespread. During the afternoon, they'll start to


restrict themselves to southern counties, leaving the north of the


region largely dry. Highs of 19 Celsius. For tomorrow night, these


showers start to spread further northwards before clearing off


altogether. We are looking at a much drier night tomorrow night and clear


as well. As a result, it would be a touch cooler. Lows of around seven


to nine Celsius. That sets us up beautifully for Wednesday which is


looking fine and dry at this stage. Richard Scudamore will face no


further disciplinary action and keeps his job after sending sexist


e`mails. There is Wembley fever brewing in Birmingham. And that has


'The last two generations have been robbed of an opportunity


'And yet it has greater impact on our everyday lives than anything


'We need to put this issue to bed now,


'and not leave it for another generation.'


I want a Britain that is free to control its own destiny.


'another three million people in Britain by 2020.


'Our public services are already stretched.


'The pressure on schools, housing, hospitals in huge.'


While we stay in the EU, we cannot control who comes into our county.


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