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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight:


A community arts centre deliberately destroyed by fire `


I feel scared and disgusted that somebody did this. Somebody could


have died in the fire. We?ll be live at the centre


in Birmingham Plans announced for a vigil


for teenage cancer victim Stephen Sutton to be held over two


days at Lichfield Cathedral. The all`action Brummie verdict


on a late`night dance extravaganza And there may have been


a stillness and serenity about today, but calm waters are soon to


be ruffled by bouncing rain. There will be warnings


in force later tonight full details Good evening.


A community arts group believes an arson attack on its building was


racially motivated. Staff at Ulfah Arts and Media


in Birmingham have told police they've been receiving hate emails


for the past four months. Its chief executive described


the attack as an act of violence. Live now to


the group's headquarters in Highgate and our reporter Amy Cole.


How bad's the damage, Amy? Around half


the unit has been destroyed and the The organisation works to bring


young people from different faith groups and communities together


through arts and media, but that's All of the carpets, computers,


electrical equipment... Sarah Javid is appalled


and shocked by what's happened. The fire started in the early hours


of yesterday morning and has caused The organisation says it believes


it's the victim of a race attack. We have had over a number of months


hate mail and e`mails. Only last week, we received a DVD that was


anti`Islam. We reported all this to the police. There is a serious


investigation going on. It is not just a coincidence that all of this


has been going on and all of a sudden there is an attack that is


suspected to be arson. West Midlands Police say at this


stage they?re keeping an open mind, but are taking steps to find out if


the attack was racially motivated. We are looking at CCTV and forensics


opportunities. We are putting officers on the street to speak to


the community. Ulfah Arts


and Media has been running for ten years and helps to bring different


faiths and communities together. 18`year`old Aamir Hussain has been


involved with the group for five The studio has been destroyed so


there are no more shows. We have been doing documentaries and that


has been put on hold as well. How do you feel? Devastated. I feel


scared and disgusted that somebody would do this. Somebody could have


died in the fire. We do broadcasts where we are in there 24 hours.


The organisation says it's determined to keep going


About ?50,000 worth of damage has been caused, as I said in the


report. The volunteers have called it a sickening attack. They are


rallying together and said the local community has been really


supportive. They have found a temporary office already and they


will keep fighting. They have had help clearing up as well. They say


the attack will only make them stronger and bigger and better than


before. Thank you. Coming up later, remembering Joshua Ribera. A


football celebration to promote the legacy of a musician from Birmingham


who was stabbed to death. Funeral arrangements have been


announced for Stephen Sutton, the Staffordshire teenager who died


last week from cancer. A public vigil will be held


at Lichfield Cathedral ahead Giles Latcham is


at the cathedral for us now. Giles,


how can the public get involved? There are all sorts of ways. That is


the reflection of the public figure at the young man had become before


his death. Fitting that this should all take place at Lichfield


Cathedral, one of the oldest public places of Christian worship in the


UK and a stone's throw from his home. Stephen's body will lie within


the cathedral in what is termed the place of honour from 7pm next


Thursday. That is the 29th of May. Members of the public will be


invited to take part in a vigil and pay their respects. It will last


until midnight. The doors will reopen at 7am on the Friday and the


same thing will happen. His body will remain in place until 3pm that


afternoon for more members of the public to visit. At 11pm that day,


Friday, the 30th, there will be a thumbs up, the gesture that he made


so famous, he tweeted it, he made it his own, in effect. There is also a


book of condolence opened within the cathedral. His mother has also


issued a statement today. She has put out a statement. She is not


speaking to the media. Her grief is still very raw. She says that the


love and support people are showing for Stephen is a great comfort. We


know thousands of people have been inspired by his story. We want to


give all of his friends and supporters and local people who


supported him from the start the opportunity to come and say goodbye.


She goes on to say that there will be a public event later in the year


which she hopes many people will be able to attend. She urges people to


make further donations to the Teenage Cancer Trust. His amazing


fundraising campaign. I think he had an original target of 10,000. It


grows and grows. The fundraising page goes to the heart of the


Stephen Sutton phenomenon. This evening it is now over ?3 million.


It is climbing. The page reference if you want it, just giving, Stephen


Sutton. By the end of next week, it might have climbed past the ?4


million mark. Remarkable. If you want to pay tribute to Stephen next


week, we have put full details on how you can on the Midlands Today


Facebook page. The brain injury charity Headway


says it's coming under increasing financial pressure because of cuts


to local authority spending. Headway has told our reporter


Ben Sidwell that a lack of council support


for patients means increasing I was celebrating my 30th birthday


and I was assaulted from behind. I hit my head on the floor and it


caused a brain haemorrhage. Holding your husband in your arms and


thinking he is dying is something that will live with me forever.


In October last year, Mark Schofield's life changed forever.


The father from Kitts Green in Birmingham was so badly injured he


I was at war with my own brain. It would not switch off. It was


continually throwing everything at me, thoughts of dying. We were at a


point where I could not cope. We could not cope. I did not know who


to call. It was the only number I heard. I phoned the number and said,


I do not know if I'm speaking to the right people, but I need to speak to


somebody. That number was for the brain injury


charity Headway West Midlands. Last year they helped many people


like Mark, in and around Birmingham. But cuts to funding mean many


of the services they offer are now The future is very uncertain for all


of us. We may be able to run one service but it will not meet the 700


people we are able to support last year.


The charity helps those with acquired brain injuries re`learn


It would be a massive loss. My life has changed. I have only been coming


to the centre about six, eight months. It is the best thing that


has happened to me since my brain injury. I did not know anything


about brain injuries until it happened. It can happen to anyone,


it can happen to you. But the charity are very important because


without them... I don't know what we would have done.


With us now is Luke Griggs from Headway.


Some extremely powerful comments in that report,


Very much so. Unfortunately. It is just one of a number of groups


across the most Midlands `` across the West Midlands and a recent


survey found that 85% of our charities are concerned about their


ability to provide long`term support to people affected if the level of


funding continues. Also the report reveals starkly how life can change


in an instant. Absolutely. It can affect anyone at any time. When it


does, the effects can be devastating for families as well as the


individual. We know that with the right help, there can be life after


brain injury. What is the problem now? Simultaneous cuts by local


authority funding, welfare benefits, through a variety of different ways


that people are being restricted from access to our services. Some


people who previously attended a service are saying, you can still


go, but we are putting your transport costs so they cannot get


in. Other people are finding their level of need is not deemed higher


left which is a real shame `` high enough. Every charity thinks it is


special, understandably. Why should you get better treatment from


councils? We fully appreciate the difficulty local authorities are


facing in terms of balancing the books. We are trying to help them to


use their pressured resources in a more appropriate way. It is a false


economy to stop people receiving the rehabilitation they need if it will


help them to become more independent and therefore less likely to be


reliant on more expensive long`term state care in the future. Thank you


very much indeed. A mother today pleaded guilty to


abandoning her newborn baby in The baby,


named Jade by hospital staff after being discovered in Stechford,


is now eight months old and in The 26`year`old woman from the


Kingshurst area of Birmingham, who cannot be named for legal reasons,


will be sentenced next month. Showbiz celebrities and sporting


stars will honour heroes from all walks of life at the Pride


of Birmingham Awards in September. The event at Birmingham Town Hall,


fronted by TV and radio presenter Gabby Roslin, will celebrate local


people who've overcome adversity or made an outstanding contribution to


their community, as well as raising funds for the


Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They asked me to be involved and


dialect at the chancel stop it is wonderful when unsung heroes get a


chance to stand up and we can applaud them `` and I jumped at the


chance. It is wonderful. A football gala took place today to


remember the life of a young rap musician who was


stabbed to death in Birmingham. Joshua Ribera was killed


by another teenager outside His short life has become a focal


point for an anti`knife campaign. Here's our special


correspondent Peter Wilson. This was a day`long football event


for families, fans and friends. Joshua Ribera's star was


last year on the rise. his first album went to number one


in the download charts in September. He was stabbed to death outside


a Birmingham nightclub. We set up a charity in his name to


show young people there is more to life than hanging around on the


streets hurting people and doing negative things. You can have fun,


be positive and enjoy your life. Teams including children


and staff from the schools Joshua Ribera attended in Bromsgrove today


came to the Birmingham City ground. A very talented young man. He did


quite a lot with our school. Very nice young chap. An inspiration to a


lot of our pupils. We felt so bad when tragedy struck. He was a major


part of the school, part of the family.


Joshua Ribera was only 18 when he died, yet people here were


calling him a legend and predicting great things for his music.


He kept getting better and better. He was 18 and he was destined for


big things. He was destined for greatness.


Depzman, as he was known, wrote lyrics calling


A current knife surrender in Birmingham is discussing ways to


use his image and music to back the campaign.


Because he was such an influential figure, a lot of people will listen.


When it happens to someone famous, it sinks in. There is a chance the


kids will listen a lot more compare to if it was not a famous person


that was stabbed. Josh would pull them aside and say, get your


education, don't get caught in this. This was not just a simple


kick around. Those close to Joshua Ribera are hoping it was the first


of a series of events to raise money to help change young people's lives.


The councils holding elections include all seven of the big West


One`third of the seats are up for election in all but two.


In Cheltenham and Nuneaton and Bedworth, half


Ten of the councils will declare their results tomorrow night


The European results will not be declared until Sunday night,


following the close of polls across the rest of Europe.


Patrick Byrne has written a blog post about both sets of elections.


Ten of the councils will declare their results tomorrow night and the


rest on Friday. The European results will not be declared until Sunday


night following the close of voting across the rest of Europe.


Midlands Today is in CERN in Geneva all this week ahead


of the second anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson.


The particle which basically holds everything together in this world of


ours. And for the first time,


we can reveal how one Birmingham company saved the Large Hadron


Collider not once, but twice. When disaster threatened,


they had engineering solutions. Our science correspondent


David Gregory`Kumar reports. This is


a story that begins 150 years ago Karl Brandauer starts a company


making nibs for dipping pens. Complex shapes stamped


from flat metal. This was the original factory built


around 1850 on the edge of Birmingham's jewellery Quarter. It


is currently being refurbished. The company moved out in 2001 but they


did not go far. Just over the road is


the new factory. Still a family`owned company


and still making complex things And one day they got a call


from CERN. They needed a new part, an extra


part that only Brandauer could make. We made shielding strips which goes


along both sides of the electron beam tubes. To put it simply,


without the parts the Large Hadron Collider would not work. The strip


we saw goes around the inside of the whole of the ring. Normally we could


not show you them in place, but because it is being upgraded, parts


of the pipe are up in the lab so we can.


Brandauer?s strips weren't actually part of the original design.


The physicists said, we need something, this is not going to


work. This was designed as an add`on afterwards when manufacturing was


ongoing. Problem solved


and CERN was ready to start work. Then during initial testing,


another unexpected and very serious problem, an explosion severely


damaged the ring. Thousands of pressure`release


valves would have to be installed CERN turned to Birmingham`based


Brandauer once more. They stamped out


the clever claw`like springs that hold the newly`installed pressure


valves shut. If there is a pressure build up, it


pops up? It will come out. It is attached so it cannot go...


Soon these sections of the Large Hadron Collider will be refurbished


But it's only thanks to a Midlands engineering firm that they got this


Many people believe we no longer make anything in Birmingham and it


is not true. In a lot of cases it is specialised work. It is not end


products, you cannot go into a shop and buy something made by this


company. You can going to a shop and buy something that has parts made by


it though. CERN is sometimes called


a prototype of itself. There were always going to be


problems, but it's Midlands expertise the engineers here turned


to to help them find solutions to And you can find out how to visit


CERN and about what goes on there And he'll be reporting from CERN


again for us tomorrow. Fears that


an arson attack that destroyed a community arts centre was racially


motivated. Another belter


of a day weatherwise. Shefali's on standby to tell us


if it'll continue tomorrow. Also in tonight's programme: Don't


be surprised if you find hundreds dancing in the streets of Birmingham


later tonight. He's one of the finest bowlers


in world cricket. So it's no wonder that Saeed Ajmal


is making The Pakistan off`spinner has just


taken thirteen wickets for 94 runs Ian Winter has been to meet him


at New Road. It should have been busy here this


morning but it was not. No wickets in the middle, just running repairs.


No match commentary, just a little light reading. No game for Steve


Rhodes and the players, just nets. They beat Essex with a day to


spare. All thanks to this man, the spin bowler Saeed Ajmal. Three years


ago, he played a key role in saving Worcestershire from relegation. Now


he is back to help them win promotion. You have a sparkle in


your eye. I am loving playing cricket. I love to play cricket in


Britain. No wonder, yesterday he snapped up seven six wickets for


just 19 runs. Here is very accurate. He does not give anything away. Very


attacking. Also different types of deliveries. I am glad I am retired


and not facing him. What makes Worcestershire at a special county


for you to come back here? It is a nice city, relaxed and enjoyable.


Nice to stay here. Friendly people. That is why I have come here to


play. It is not just the Essex batsman who were bamboozled. Four


years ago, he claimed five England wickets for Pakistan and a couple of


years later in Dubai he took seven including Warwickshire's Ian Bell.


To what someone of that quality playing regularly in county


cricket, great stuff. International cricketers playing against each


other in the County Championship, good to see. His team`mates believe


there is plenty more to come this season.


You cannot beat it in the sunshine. For the last month,


the International Dance Festival in Birmingham has been showcasing


the work of artists from As the festival draws to


a close this week, a free outdoor event is going to be staged right


in the heart of the city centre. Our arts reporter Satnam Rana


has been to rehearsals. If you're in


Birmingham?s Victoria Square Even the daytime rehearsals


have been impressive enough to I thought it was good. Fantastic. I


would rather than be doing this than causing trouble on the streets. All


of the culture has come together, peace and harmony.


This is B Town, a free outdoor production.


It is rooted in the city. This production is set in a Birmingham of


the future. It is very related to that idea.


The show sees dancers from Birmingham, South Korea


We spread our language through our dance and movement. It automatically


attracts people. We want to spread the right information and positive


energy to everybody. But it?s not just the language


of dance that?s rubbing off on the performers and it seems it?s


not just dancing that?s rubbing Birmingham's accent is rubbing off


on me. Oh, my goodness. Give us some Brummie! All right, then. I would


like a cup of tea. Stick to dancing! This is the finale event. Bringing


international artists into the city, showcasing their talent. And as you


can see, there is something quite infectious about it.


So, over the next few nights at 9.30pm


Victoria Square will be lit up with a performance full of soul,


Wow. Another fabulous day. I have a hint of dread about this forecast.


There are some good bits to it. We have got quite a few showers over


the weekend. It appears now that the frequency of the showers will be


dying down as the weekend goes on. Monday will be the best. Saturday


the wettest day. It will be generally warm. However, it is the


immediate future that will pose problems. The entire southern half


of the region comes under the umbrella of this warning coming into


force from midnight and through tomorrow as well. This is for


between 20 and 30 millimetres of rain falling within a short space of


time. That is the worst`case scenario. Likely to lead to standing


water causing problems on the roads during rush hour. This crossbow


formation of fronts is propelling the rain into our direction and it


is governed by low`pressure which will heighten the activity. Tonight


we are starting off with clear skies. This evening the cloud will


thicken. Later on, after midnight, the rain will arrive from the


south`east and you can see most of it is covered by these darker shades


of blue. Worst`case scenario, the bright green and yellow which is


where the heaviest of the downpours occur. It will be fairly mild to


night. It is tonight that bears the brunt of most of this rain and also


tomorrow morning but after that we are going to see a raft of fairly


heavy lively potent showers packing a punch. They will break out during


the course of the afternoon. There is a lot of cloud in between, very


brief spells of brightness or sunshine. Temperatures down to 16,


17 degrees. The showers will die out tomorrow night and the cloud will


break and slightly cooler conditions. Showers after that for


Friday and Saturday. Public funding is to be withdrawn


from the Police Federation for England and Wales.


Fears tonight that an arson attack that destroyed a community arts


centre in Birmingham was racially motivated.


An appeal for your World Cup stories before we go. 22 days until the big


kick`off in Brazil. Are you going? Are you a Brazilian expat? Are you


from another competing nation and living here? Please get in touch.


That was Midlands Today. Goodbye. that is to find that one item


that's going to change their life. Flames are beautiful. Made


nice money, that did. Nice money.


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