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Welcome to Midlands today. New wet and chilly day.


Welcome to Midlands today. New governors tried but failed to get


into run and Islamic faith school as parents protest. Speak ill of the


education authority is coming down without the consent of the parents


or consulting the parents. Also tonight, a month until the


Commonwealth Games, the Queen's Baton arrives in Birmingham after


travelling around the world. If we can inspire people, to take up


sport, we have done our job. His quest is to be the man with


perfect looks, but should we be paying for it?


A cliff hanger between England and Sri Lanka at Edgbaston tomorrow.


But will they get much play? Even though we're now in June


and after a weekend with scenes like this,


we just can't shake those showers. There will be some sunny spells this


week, but it's looking rather wet too.


I'll have all the details later. There's a standoff


tonight at an Islamic faith school which has been accused


of failing pupils. A team from Birmingham City Council


arrived this afternoon to take over the school,


but they were denied entry. This morning, parents protested


in support of Al Hirjah school. It's reportedly at least ?400,000


in the red. Ofsted inspectors found some


teaching was There was also criticism that plans


to improve were Giles Latcham has been


following today's developments. Protesting parents at Al Hijrah


in Bordesley Green, awaiting the arrival of new governors expected to


take over the running of the school. This group told us they're


not wanted or needed. The LEA and the education authority


are coming in without the consent of the parents,


without consulting the parents and trying to take over, which is


a major concern for our children. The school is not a failing school,


it is an outstanding school, It's an Islamic faith school


which boasts exam results far But Ofsted have put it


in special measures,criticising But Ofsted have put it


in special measures, criticising If a new board's to come in, the


current Chairman of Governors wants a three`week delay


until exams are over. With the local authority,


I hope they have come around the table and agreed a smoother


and more professional handover. normal, there are nearly 750 pupils


here. And some of them are Of course every school has


its ups and downs, I'm not going to deny that, but


overall, it is a positive school and I love it here, otherwise I wouldn't


be here in the first place. The interim executive board, that is


the new governors, did arrive at twenty to two this


afternoon after all the cameramen and


reporters had left. They were refused entry


by the existing governors, And the parents who have


come back to the school are I was really disappointed that the


IAB, the Board of Governors, which I've actually got concerns


about the board not being balanced. And there's anger too about city


council figures suggesting the school may be in debt by as much as


a million pounds. Obviously,


there are two sides to the story but at the end of the day, we know we


are not in deficit by that amount. If the city council is the holder


of the cheque`books, then it is the city council to be


blamed at the end. Pupils are sitting exams this week


that will help shape their future. The future for their school is far


from certain. Well, Giles is outside the school


right now. It is a bit of a stand`off, what happens now?


Certainly, it is an impasse. We hoped to speak to the leader of the


cancelled tonight, he didn't want to appear on television. On the radio


this morning, he said the situation here was out of control and it


cannot be allowed to continue. The interim Board of Governors a


statement in which they said parents had been informed of the changes and


their appointment is crucial to the rapid improvement space they need to


be affected here. They say as to regards today's events, they were


refused entry and have been to consider their options. The OFSTED


report came out in February and this is taking an embarrassingly long


time to sort out. We have heard about concern surrounding some


Birmingham schools, particularly the Trojan horse plot to infiltrate


schools with Muslim activists. What is happening there? It is important


to point out that Al Hirjah forms no part of that, it is a Muslim faith


school and the Trojan horse is about secular schools that it is suggested


could be run on religious principles. The OFSTED report


focuses on 20 but the remedial report says Sikh schools could be


put into special measures as a confidence that smash Sikh schools


could be put into special measures. Already seeing allegations and


counter allegations about what schools did not do about it. ``6


schools. `year`old Plenty more to come this evening, including


celebrating the birth of the bard, and a royal welcome for Prince


Charles in Stratford. The Queen's Baton arrived in Birmingham today


after visiting 68 countries. It is heading to Glasgow for the beginning


of the Commonwealth Games. It has arrived in centenary square and


Holly Lewis is there. Is everything running to schedule? Absolutely, the


bat on arrived here about 20 minutes ago. You can't quite see it but it


is currently going around the sporting stands you can see behind


me and it is being greeted by an impedance and Paralympian is who are


in courage and people to have a go at sports they have not tried before


`` Olympians and Paralympians who are encouraging people. Amy Cole has


been watching the progress today. This is the moment the Queen's Baton


came to Birmingham. Carried by the city's former Olympic


swimmer Adam Ruckwood. He then handed it over to


Pritesh Pattni, a man who has dedicated the past 25 years to


helping young people take up sport. We represent the community and also


sport in this city and by holding this baton, I have got to say,


it is still really sinking in at the moment, but if we can inspire


people, especially young people, to take up sport, then we


have done our job really today. I went to three Commonwealth Games


and was lucky enough to win three medals, one of them being gold,


so being asked to carry the baton The baton arrived in England


on Saturday and has been delighting It'll travel to major cities over


the next two weeks before reaching Scotland,


with Glasgow its final destination. Back in Birmingham and for Adam and


Pritesh, there was no time to stop ` hundreds of local schoolchildren


were waiting to meet them at Sunset Park, thrilled to be


part of it. Everyone's just excited and happy


about this, wealth games, and people Everyone's just excited and happy


about this Commonwealth Games, and Excited and, like ,


my heart was pumping fast. is a great opportunity to see the


baton. It is so much fun. And she wasn't the only one having


a good time. who's already had a lot


of success in her chosen field. This is a big day


for the young athlete. Laura Samuel is currently


showing off her baton. She is a British junior triple jump


champion and she trains I got involved through my school


and getting involved in sport and I think it is really important for


children to be pushed towards sport. And at Centenary Square, there are


plenty of sporting activities When you have


a look at the variety of different sports that are here, it makes it


more real for the kids, I think. We are from Glasgow and we thought


we would watch it and then bring And thousands more are


expected to do the same. What happens to the baton tonight? I


have someone with me who can answer that, Andrew Foster from


Commonwealth Games England. Does it go on tonight? It moves to Bristol


and then to Plymouth and then to Kent and then to London. The great


thing about being in Birmingham today is Birmingham took the baton


to the people, in the parks, hundreds of kids got behind the


baton and the Games. Now tonight, people are getting a chance to


participate, giving it a try. What we want people to do is to get


behind the England team for the games. They have done it today, we


want everybody behind, the biggest and best prepared 450 people who go


to Glasgow when it starts on the 23rd of July. And do you think this


kind of thing inspires the Commonwealth Games champions of the


future? Definitely, the baton, seeing stars of the past and stars


of the future is the thing that inspires kids to give it a try and


get behind it and see if they can do it. As you heard, the baton


continues around Britain and it will be in Scotland for the home run


until the games start on the 23rd. Speechwriter specialist firefighters


being called in after much of a detached house collapsed in


Birmingham this afternoon `` specialist. Nobody was hurt when the


house in Kings Norton came down at around four p.m.. West Midlands Fire


service has cordoned off the area and people next door have been


evacuated for their own safety. We will have an update on our late news


at 10:25pm. Prince Charles will be brushing up


on his Shakespeare tonight after being guest of honour at the


Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford`upon`Avon.


He's spent the day in Warwickshire, looking at the county's connections


with our greatest playwright, as well as making several other visits.


There is some flash photography in this report.


Shakespeare had a lot to say about princes and royalty and today, the


prince who will one day be cliff visited the RSC to celebrate the


playwright's 450th birthday year. We were over there and we got told to


come over here. It was great to see him. We don't have a printer


recurring figure back home, so it is a great experience. Students from


across the country went on to entertain his Royal Highness with


their favourite Shakespearean one`liners. If you start with


Shakespeare before you have hit cynical, as young teenagers tend to


do, if you are grabbed by this story is, by the language, the characters,


you a passport through your life and I think Prince Charles understands


that very well. At King Edward VI School, where the young William


Shakespeare was a pupil, Prince Charles relived the Bard's


Schooldays. They weren't paying attention to the teacher. Opening a


special unit at the Shakespeare Hospice, Prince Charles paid tribute


to everyone who supports hospice care. We owed the huge deal of


gratitude to the people who make the hospices in this country such a


wonderful feature and offer the palliative crap. And `` palliative


care. It is the children helped by the care that the Prince is most


interested in. Has it made a difference? To Rubin and myself,


yes. It has made a lot. Speak `` I was very nervous then and I'm very


nervous now. He was much nicer than I expected, and I expected him to


just say, I am Prince Charles, that is it, goodbye. But he was


interested in what we had to say. At Warwick School, 1100 pupils gave a


roar to the Prince for celebrating their 100th anniversary.


The top story tonight: As parents protest, new governors try and fail


to move in to run a Birmingham Islamic faith school.


Rebecca is here soon with the detailed weather forecast, including


details for the cricket tomorrow. Also tonight... Meet my friend, who


has been trained to help us search for a wild animal that is so great,


we actually thought it is extinct. And the story of two police ``


peaceloving brothers from the Cadbury family who chose very


different paths in World War I. Perfection is his stated aim and


Sam Barton isn't done yet. He's paid for most


of the plastic surgery he's had out of his own pocket, although the NHS


has picked up some of the bill. Ben Sidwell has been to meet


the retail worker who doesn't object to being described as Britain's


vainest man. Sam Barton's a man who likes to


stand out from the crowd. I think everyone's has their own


idea of perfection and I'm just trying to achieve mine. So when I


finally feel comfortable and I look in the mirror and I think, you look


all right, that is when all stop. Until then, I'll keep going.


The 22`year`old from Sutton Coldfield was so unhappy with his


The value of his cosmetic treatments so far is ?50,000.


Does it become addictive? Yes. There was a point where I would probably


go without food to make sure I had my Botox and if I didn't have a tan,


I would feel ill. I wouldn't want to leave the house. It sounds so


stupid, I know, but it does become so addictive. Anything can be


addictive, I suppose. Labelled the Venice man in Britain, Sam has paid


the most of the work himself. Botox, teeth, fillers and eyebrows,


although his corrective nose job was on the NHS. It seems that Sam is not


alone, it seems that as men are becoming more vain and turning to


treatment like Botox and cosmetic surgery.


Also based in Sutton Coldfield, this aesthetic clinic have seen


plenty of young men like Sam come through the door recently.


As time is gone by and we have got more experienced and learned more


about the various techniques, we can do things for both sexes and I am


finding that whereas ten years ago, 5% of my patients were men, it is


close to 25% now. If there wasn't a cost to surgery, I don't think there


would be a stopping point, where I would say that is enough. I would


always find something else. But unfortunately, there is a cost to


surgery and there will be a point where I have to stop but as long as


I can carry on, I will carry on. Ben is hoping one day he will be happy


with his luck. Until then, all his money will go on trying to make him


perfect. We have a few of your comments here.


Just one word comment from Catherine Louise Ward. And this one says...


Thanks to all of you who got in touch.


A century ago, two members of Birmingham's chocolate`making


Cadbury family faced a daunting dilemma in World War One.


As Quakers, they fundamentally opposed war and killing.


But while Laurence Cadbury opted to save lives in an ambulance unit,


his brother Egbert decided to fight and became a pilot.


The BBC has been given access to private letters


and has shown them to descendants of the two men for the first time.


Laurence and Egbert Cadbury's family were famous for making chocolate


and as pacifist Quakers, for being against war.


This was a problem for two young brothers who were keen


to do their bit for the country in World War One.


How could they without being at odds with their faith?


He was a rebel, set apart to be different.


Justin Cadbury's grandfather Egbert volunteered to become a Royal Navy


Along with his gunner Bob Leckie, Bertie shot down the last Zeppelin


He spoke to the BBC about it after the war. Bob Leckey gave a burst of


tracer bullets and within seconds, flames started shooting about, her


nose dropped and she went down in a mass of flames.


has heard this story as his never spoke to him about it.


`` his grandfather. I can't say any words to compare with what I just


heard, it is extraordinary. Bertie's elder brother Laurence was


at the front within months Instead he was there to


save lives as a founding member He wouldn't be put off by any of the


things he saw. He had a strong stomach. It is not a story his son


knows either, but the BBC has been given access to the brothers' War


letters and, using actors, have brought them to lie. They were


smashed and bleeding, choking, making awful noises in their


throats. We then learned for the first time of the asphyxiating


fumes. The private papers show Lawrence almost joined the Army and


spoke at his shame of being a noncombatant. He, as a volunteer,


would have found it difficult, I think, to come to terms with the


fact that he was seen in any way to be ducking his responsibilities. And


that was not him. At the same time, the letters show Bertie questioned


his own decision to fight, but both were decorated for their bravery and


returned home to help run the family firm, now famous around the world.


It is fascinating. You can see the full story tonight as part of the


BBC's World War I at home series. Your BBC local radio station will


have more from where you live all this week at 8:15 a.m..


Cricket and England play Sri Lanka in a series`deciding


one`day international at Edgbaston tomorrow.


It's a vital match for England as they look to rebuild after


And it's also important for Edgbaston `


a ground deprived of Test cricket for a second consecutive summer.


England are back in town, but can they put Edgbaston back on the map.


Warwickshire will host just three days of international cricket this


summer will stop the fact that this game will decide the series is a


bonus. It has been a really topsy`turvy series and both sides,


when they are playing well, are very attractive teams to watch, so


hopefully, both get them playing well at the same time with a good


crowd and good atmosphere cheering England home. There are two


Warwickshire players in the squad. Ian Bell has played in every game.


Chris Woakes is still waiting for his chance. And it will be hard to


break into a team after Saturday's dramatic game at Lord's. A stunning


century from Joss Butler nearly pushed England to the target of


301, but they fell seven runs short, leaving the series at 2`2. We would


love to win, it would be great. We would love it but if you're go into


any contest, you have to accept that if they play well, you take it on


the chin. A crowd of 15,000 is expected but tickets remain on sale.


You can sit here side onto the action for ?38 weight appear for


?80. So it is a good moneyspinner for Warwickshire but not if it


rains. If fewer than ten overs bowled, everybody gets a full


refund. Fewer than 25 and people get half the money back. Today is


sunny, but rain is forecast tomorrow. So far, the focus has been


wronged evidently time, so I hope it is consistent. The forecast is the


forecast. Sri Lanka were in the mood for football this afternoon but both


England and Warwickshire hope everyone is talking about the


cricket come tomorrow night. That have a look at Spring watch now


possible comeback in Ferrera mammal once thought to be extinct in this


region `` and in Shropshire. Tracking down the elusive Pine


Marten, and as our correspondent discovered, using high`tech cameras


and the only Pine Martin sniffer dog in the world.


And here she is. This is lunar, and she is joining us deep into


Shropshire would on the hunt for Pine Martins. We have your cameras,


we have a dog, let's go. Pine Martins members of the stud weasel


family and all around the size of cuts, quite big `` stoat weasel


family and are around the size of cuts. A tale which is approximately


two thirds the length of its body. Pine Martins were thought to be


extinct in the Midlands for more than half a century but a small


population survived over the border in Wales and Stuart thinks they are


coming back. We have had the siting of a dead one, collected by a


Wildlife Trust and proven to be born in Wales, because it was a juvenile,


so there is evidence there is a population big enough in Wales to


actually be breeding. If they then breed the young will have to come


this way in search of territory. So while Luna keeps looking, here is


the other part of the search. High`tech cameras scattered


throughout the world. This is the camera. A brilliant design. The


first mammal in the session, a squirrel, unsurprisingly. Another


squirrel. And that was it. The squirrel has taken it on this one.


Pine Martins are really hard to find and so far, none of the cameras has


caught a glimpse of one, but of course, there is also our furry


detecting friend. Luna is detected to find their faeces. She is coming


today, she will search a large area, and will indicate any scat she


finds. That can vary, it can be lying down. Sometimes she might just


freeze and she will look at me to indicate she has found something.


Compare to the cameras, Luna has been more successful and has found


scat she thinks is Pine Marten. A follow`up DNA tests have been


inconclusive. Stewart, though, isn't downhearted. The chances of seeing a


Pine Marten, even if there were ten here, you wouldn't see one, it is


like looking for a needle in a haystack but I'm not daunted, I will


keep continuing the search. Soave in Shropshire? Luna is going to make


more return visit `` Soave in Shropshire. Although we haven't seen


any today, with their help and with more people helping online, if they


are here, we will find them. And David's blog has details about


how you can help search for the Pine Marten.


I dread to ask this, but such a spine tingling cricket match coming


up at Edgbaston, we do need the sunshine and no rain. Here is


Rebecca. In meteorological terms, we are in


summer, which of course means it is going to rain. We have had a wet


spring and as we head into tomorrow, not much improvement. We will get


some sunny spells through the day but we have got some showers later


in the afternoon. Not at the news you want to hear if you are off to


Edgbaston. It is going to be a day when we get heavy, slow moving


showers, so we could see play interrupted through the afternoon


but there will be a reasonable amount of the Sun plays its part. We


have some cloud over as today. Some showers working their way in from


the West as well. The cloud has broken up a little bit. Through this


evening, some late afternoon sunshine in pockets and those


showers continuing overnight, said temperatures not falling too far.


Quite a mile bike to come. Between 11`13dC `` a mild night. It should


break up a little more than it has today. We should get spells of


sunshine which will be enough to trigger those heavy showers through


the day. They start to come through and by the afternoon, they will be


slow`moving. If you experience one, you will know about it. Certainly


feeling pleasant. Still some sunshine to end the day. Showers


continuing overnight and it is not long before we start to see this


area of heavy rain working its way up from the south, Wednesday not


looking pleasant at all. Heavy rain and temperatures struggling but an


looking pleasant at all. Heavy rain and temperatures struggling but an


improvement by Thursday. The headlines tonight, an


investigation finds sexual abuse victims of the DJ Jimmy Savile could


now number over 500, the youngest being two years old. And parents


protest as you governors try to take over an Islamic faith school. I will


be back with more at 10pm ..then...


..he landed... ..and in a flurry


of feathers, they were gone. But that isn't quite


the end of the story. Perhaps you'll dream


of a great adventure. 'I'm going on an adventure.'


Wow. That is a long way.


Quite a bit of it is on bikes. What are you going to do


about your hair? They told me I had good technique,


I'm quite happy with that.


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