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The headlines tonight: It's goodbye from me.


Dangerous dogs ` police dealing with an alarming rise in the number


We'll be reporting live from a dog pound in Worcestershire and asking


why there's been such a surprising increase in the number of attacks.


Also tonight, three years after three men died


in the Birmingham riots, calls for a public inquiry into the case.


Super for speed and super for business ` Coventry gets


I think we have a duty to give the families that answers that they need


Super for speed and super for business ` Coventry gets


From Redditch to Royal Liverpool ` greenkeeper Harvey transfers


And we're getting a bit of everything this week with


our weather ` after a day of sunshine and showers, heavy rain


Good evening. The West Midlands Police Commissioner Bob Jones is


writing to the Prime Minister to call for a public inquiry into the


death of three young men during the Birmingham riots in 2011. Haroon


Jahan and brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir were killed by a car


as they tried to protect shops and businesses in Winson Green. Eight


men were found not guilty of murder after a judge raised concerns


about witnesses being offered anonymity. Amy Cole reports.


The riots in August 2011 caused national condemnation.


In Birmingham three young men lost their lives.


Today the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner voiced his doubt


over the experience of the senior investigating officer, or SIO, at


the time, and he wanted reassurance that the force would be able to cope


If we find there is another such investigation of such magnitude,


we will have the resilience of results is to be able to employ


This was one of the most pressurised periods for the force, for sure.


But we did not run out of investigators and this was


an absolutely experienced choice to take on that role and was provided


At the meeting today, the Police Commissioner said he was


disappointed he had not had a response from the CPS or the courts.


He said he has now written to the Home Secretary and the


Prime Minister to call for a public inquiry.


There are whole areas where we haven't managed to get


an answer because it is decisions made by the CPS and the court


service and the judge in charge and a whole series of other parts


I think we have a duty to try and give the families who have lost


their sons answers that they need and deserve.


This has been welcomed by Tariq Jahan.


His son Haroon died in the riots and he has long been calling


I welcome his fight for the families and I am grateful to him


I have had a lot of support from the community.


There are MPs and people fighting the case.


Bob Jones is the lead man right now who has taken this on.


The commissioner says that if a public inquiry goes ahead he


will then discuss the findings with West Midlands Police.


Coming up later in the programme, why these First World War munitions


workers came to be known as the Canary Girls.


Three schools inspected over the alleged Trojan Horse plot


by hard`line Muslims to seize control of classrooms at schools


in Birmingham have been given a clean bill of health by Ofsted.


The findings of an investigation into 21 schools in the city is due


to be released next week, but the three schools have made


Ninestiles School, an academy in Acocks Green, said inspectors


found the quality of leadership and management outstanding.


Inspectors said a culture of inclusion was at the core


The quality of leadership and management at Small Heath School was


Ofsted said students valued the differences between people


And Washwood Heath Academy was described as having good


Ofsted said pupils knew about risks related to religious extremism.


So details starting to emerge but not at a pace to impress Birmingham


He described the whole situation as a shambles and I asked him


Well, these reports by Ofsted were investigated


They should have been published before the local elections and they


decided it was too close to election day so they had to hold them back.


I'm sorry. The elections were 12 days ago.


Parents have got kids in these schools that are going to exams,


other parents have offers for places at these schools in September.


I am speaking up for parents who are wondering what is going on.


If the reports are on the desk of the Secretary of State then,


quite frankly, they should be in the hands of parents, and now.


We have actually had three reports that were fairly positive.


need some sort of major intervention.


I have heard rumour after rumour after rumour.


And I am tired in dealing with rumours.


There is outstanding teaching going on at many of these schools.


We know this because they are getting outstanding results.


I don't want anything, literally anything, to get in the way of


If there are things going wrong, I want to know about it and so do the


This atmosphere of rumour and counter rumour is not doing


If the reports are in the Department for Education,


It is clear there were warnings about Muslim infiltration way


That's why I said there are lots of rumours and some of them are


Of course. If they are true, they have got to


That is why Ofsted was brought in to do a job.


They have done their job, written the reports.


Why are the reports kept under wraps?


Business leaders in Coventry today, learning how they can benefit


The fibre optic infrastructure has already been in place in


the city for several years but only accessible in council buildings.


Now it'll be expanded for use by businesses across the city.


This is the fibre optic cable which has been laid


beneath Coventry's streets and it can carry data 100 times


As an example, you can download a 90`minute HD film


It's those kind of speeds which will help graphic design firms


At present it can take them hours or even overnight to send


Staffordshire Police have dealt with nearly 200 incidents


in the last year and officers have revealed eight incidents where dogs


It is an empty cage which should and Warwickshire took 71 dangerous


It is an empty cage which should have been the final home for a


dangerous dog. It was to be destroyed. A few hours ago, the


dog's owners picked it up. It was extremely aggressive and volatile


and I feel it will potentially by somebody. `` bet, dog wardens


capture around 3000 animals a year in Worcestershire. Twice as many as


they used to. I would say 25 ` 30% are definitely more aggressive and


dangerous and volatile and can't be re`homed. Some articles. `` are pit


bulls. The Pound says they haven't had any problems with dogs from


banned breeds. It is a grey area because there are so many things to


work out regarding the dog in general. Its size, temperament. We


have to take a lot of things into consideration to identify breeds.


Not everyone thinks it is the animals' fault. This man has been


keeping bull terriers for most of his life and says the owners are to


blame. In the wrong hands and used for the wrong purposes, that is


where the trouble and attacks are coming from. A woman is still in


hospital recovering from serious injuries and the dogs involved are


being examined by police but their breeds have yet to be identified.


The worry is that attacks like this are likely to increase.


With me now is the dog liaison legislation officer. It is a


dreadful attack. There is the fear that we will see more attacks. Due


to the increase in status dogs of this type, we have set up a


dangerous dog unit to deal with the problems from these types of dogs.


There are only two of you covering such a large area. I am full`time in


the dangerous dogs area now. It is myself and one officer and we are


dealing full`time with dangerous dog incidents. Are most of these dogs


destroyed? There are many options open. One of those may be that the


dog will be put to sleep. If you are attacked, how do you get out of


that? Tried distraction, make sure the emergency services are on the


way. Use something noisy like a dustbin lid. If you can get behind


some sort of obstacle as well. Hopefully a lot more of these dogs


will be taken of the street 's. We'd be interested in hearing


your views on dangerous dogs. With this rise in incidents,


what do you think needs to be done? You can join the debate on


the Midlands Today Facebook page. We'll have some of your views


at the end of the programme. A record number of West Midlands


manufacturers plan to create new jobs in the next few months,


according to a new survey. Nearly two thirds of companies


questioned by the Manufacturing Advisory Service are looking to


recruit more staff, a 17% increase Part of the reason for


the dramatic rise appears to be more Here's our business correspondent,


Peter Plisner. Making special torches for


Land Rover in Coventry. It's work that was to have been sent


to China, but instead of outsourcing,


the contract stayed here. Great news for people like


Ian Dyson. It secures and generates work


for the UK. We are learning new skills


and developing those skills. But it's also meant more staff,


more machinery, more investment We are seeing growth of about


about 50% a year at the moment, which has its pains but it is also


fantastically challenging at times. We have seen that over


the last 2`3 years. That growth has


continued to escalate. But growth isn't just being seen


by companies supplying automotive Here at Birmingham's National


Exhibition Centre, component suppliers have gathered to get


together to show off their wares. Many of the firms here are also


reporting strong order books. Indeed the latest survey


of manufacturers shows dramatic rises in confidence, with 62%


of firms expecting increased sales in the next three months and a


staggering 71% planning to expand. According to those


behind the survey it's excellent In the UK generally,


54% of employers are looking to That is a massive indicator of


confidence and growing order books. And that's certainly been


the case for this group of Midlands Working together they've just won


a big order to make a special lock The customer was actually looking to


possibly source in China but they got in touch with us and


once they met with us they actually bought into the concept and saw the


benefits and obviously we have gone through and are


in full`scale production tooling. It's all good news


and perhaps the clearest signal yet that our manufacturers believe the


economic recovery is sustainable. Three years after three men died in


the Birmingham riots, there are calls for an inquiry. Also tonight,


the green keeper going to the open championship. And the Festival in


the countryside. Next tonight,


the story of the women who came to They were First World War munitions


workers who filled artillery shells Chemicals


so lethal they turned their skin Dozens died working for


the war effort and there are those who feel it's time their sacrifice


was more widely recognised. Giles Latcham has the latest


in our series of films commemorating Think World War I,


you think trenches. But equally this was an artillery


war, a duel of the deafening big Millions of shells were fired


and whoever could make them fastest stood a good chance


of winning the war. South of Hereford,


local historians have uncovered stood a good chance


of winning the war. South of Hereford,


local historians have uncovered the little known story


of the Rotherwas munitions factory. It's the story of 4000 women


toiling long and hard to produce It was intense and dangerous work


but it was extraordinary for the young woman who came here. Girls


from the local farms and domestic servants. They started getting real


wages and proud of where they were working, for the war effort. This


was a hive of activity. The empty shell casings would arrive on a


railway and put onto a trolley system and moved down to the other


side and filled with explosives. The women who handled the explosive


were well paid ` and rightly so. One mistake and the shell


could blow up in your face. The filling was done


in a wooden shed within massive blast`proof walls designed to limit


the death and destruction should But the danger didn't end there


for the women who came to be known They turned yellow from poisoning.


It was actually a form of toxic jaundice. It affected them horribly


with long and throat infections and some of them died. 210 in World War


I. That is an awful lot. A group is now trying to preserve


some of the buildings to honour the There are already reminders


of the past here, but Barrie and Peter, whose mum Cissie was a


World War II munitions worker, want to create new memorials bearing the


names of everyone who worked here. They played a crucial role and it is


right to have a memorial to all those men and women and that is what


we are trying to achieve. The site's being redeveloped,


soon to welcome more businesses But it's a place still haunted


by ghosts, by the women who worked here, who played here,


who helped secure victory. Giles Latcham, BBC Midlands Today,


Rotherwas. And if you're interested in learning


more about World War I, the BBC has created a special website


which you'll find at bbc.co.uk/ww1. Most days, greenkeeper Harvey Brooke


can be found at Redditch Golf Club ensuring the course is in perfect


condition for its members. But next month he's off to one


of the world's biggest golf tournaments ` the Open ` to ensure


the greens and fairways are perfectly manicured for the likes


of Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson. Harvey Brooke is only six weeks away


from the biggest moment He has already guaranteed


his place at the Open Golf Championship next month, unlike


Tiger Woods, who won the famous Hoylake eight years ago but is now


recovering from back surgery. Who is going to win the 2014


Open Championship? I think Rory will take some


beating but my personal I think he's a real nice guy


and obviously he's great at golf. But Harvey, whose official handicap


is 17, won't be playing at Hoylake, For the past seven years,


he's been passionate about his job at Redditch Golf Club and soon he'll


be experiencing the very best of links golf is part of an elite


team of green keepers at the Open. We are very proud of him and what


he's going to be doing at Hoylake. It's great recognition


for all the green staff. Not only for him but also


for Redditch Golf Club to represent That's his downfall,


because we are all Villa fans. He wanted to be on the team more


in the professional sense, he I'm not sure how many bunkers


there are at Hoylake. But he does know there are 48


on his own golf course and it'll be his job to make sure the bunkers are


in tiptop condition to welcome the As you're piling up that little bit,


you just want to try I think you need to stick to


your day job. The 30th Leominster Festival is


underway and, from now until Sunday, volunteers will be busy showcasing


the best It's an important time in


the year for attracting new visitors Here's our arts reporter,


Satnam Rana. It's a special time


for Herefordshire's largest For three decades,


it's been bringing This year marks the 30th


Leominster Festival. Run entirely by volunteers,


people like Wendy and Trish want to bring arts right


to the doors of people here. I hope you might like to come


along this evening. When the festival began in 1980, big


names like Tony Benn and Germaine Now, though,


local artists and people get We have been


in the past a very large festival with lots of famous names coming to


the town, when funding for the arts and cultural activities


was quite easily available. I think in recent times that funding


isn't so readily available so we have tailored


the festival to meet local needs. So this year, a walking celebration,


as ramblers discover From walking to talking,


fitness instructor Ged Musto will be telling people why Leominster is


so special for him. 15 years ago, I set the world's


best for one hour of sit`ups at This was on top of the one hour


of push`ups I done But on a serious note,


this is a festival which helps boost Last year,


visitor numbers were up by 26% It makes the town really busy


for the week. We get a lot of outside


visitors coming to the events. It increases the footfall


in the town generally, We get more customers in the doors,


which is really important and what it's all about being


a small, independent business. There may be no rock bands or raves


but this gentle festival is an important point in


the calendar for this market town. Satnam Rana, BBC Midlands Today,


Leominster. Bit of a murky old day today,


but at least the cricket We have some hair on the way


tomorrow. It will feel much colder than the last few days. At the


moment we are dealing with this cloud. It has broken up a little


which has triggered showers. The showers will stay with us overnight


and be quite heavy at times. The next area of rain will move up from


the South quite soon. Tomorrow, we have low`pressure on top of us and


the weather systems keep moving through it. They bring through heavy


rain. Beware of surface water for the morning rush`hour. Heavy rain to


come during that and once it is over us it won't really move. It will


feel much colder, only one or 2 degrees above overnight. It will


gradually clear away in the evening. A slightly more chilly nights to


come into Thursday. Thursday will be dry and bright and temperatures are


going to start to get back into the high teens and it will feel much


more pleasant. Temperatures climb for the weekend. Heavy rain on


Friday. Are warning ahead of Saturday. At the moment there is a


Met Office warning for heavy thunderstorms and rain. This could


change but it is they're at the moment. The weekend looks a little


bit rocky. A BBC investigation reveals claims


of a cover`up of widespread sexual And dangerous dogs ` police dealing


with an alarming rise in the number And that top story has prompted


a strong reaction on our Facebook the owners are to blame


rather than the dogs. Dogs only behave


the way they are used to or taught. Legislation should not be


breed`specific as any dog can have Emma Grigg makes


a passionate defence I have always had the breed


in my life and never had any They are lovely dogs


and brilliant with children. I have a child with special needs


and my girl, meaning the dog, I presume, is so soft,


gentle and caring around her. Les Woodhams got in touch


on a similar theme. I have three friends that own


Staffies and my son owns a They are without doubt the most


affectionate and gentle animals On the other hand my mom had


a Yorkshire terrier and he was It's fair to say


the vast majority of your comments I'll be back at ten o'clock


with your latest update. Find out what life's really like


in the favelas.


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