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The headlines tonight: So


The campaign to change "frustrating and puzzling rules" by


the parents of a baby who died waiting for an organ transplant.


Babies under two months can't become organ donors in the UK, although


He could be here today if we didn't have this law,


because there are that many babies that have passed away.


frustration and anger from parents in Redditch over proposals


It is a short`term, ill`thought`out plan that could jeopardise


Recreating a life`threatening tower block fire ` preparing crews


Have you seen the cost of faggots these days?


?120,000 ` but you get the shop for free.


I love them. They are top`notch. Top`notch.


And it's been a much better day across the Midlands, with more


It's looking a little stormy as we head into the weekend though.


Good evening and welcome to the programme.


A young couple from Wolverhampton whose baby son died while waiting


for a new heart are stepping up their campaign for a change


Ryan Brookhouse, who was eight months`old,


spent his life on the waiting list before he died last month.


Babies under the age of two months aren't allowed to be


donors in the UK, although that's not the case elsewhere in Europe.


We tried not to wonder, is today going to be a day he?ll get a heart?


Gary Brookhouse describes an exhausting wait for a tiny heart


But last month time ran out and doctors had to say this:


That is it, we cannot do any more. We got all the family to come up the


next day and they said I needed to tell them when I was ready. It was


the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. But I take comfort


that he is no longer in pain. I miss him so much. I'm a


The family's now back at home in Wolverhampton with


They spent five months in Newcastle`upon`Tyne,


at one of only two heart transplant centres in the country.


Doctors here have been following guidelines for more than 20 years.


They prevent babies under two months old being organ donors.


That's because, at that age, they can't officially be declared


So doctors can only import organs for transplant.


chrome he went through so much. He didn't deserve that. If this law was


changed he could have had a heart. Two 250,000 people have supported


an online petition for a change A doctor at Freeman Hospital


in Newcastle described the difference in rules here and abroad


as "frustrating and puzzling". The Royal College of Paediatrics and


Child Health says it's currently reviewing scientific evidence to see


if new guidelines are appropriate. Their findings should


be ready this summer. But they're pushing for a change


in procedures. He was a little treasure. That is


why we want to do something positive because he is a little fight and we


need to fight to get this law changed.


It's good to have you with us this evening.


Plenty more to come including A Song for Stephen.


We meet the friends of Stephen Sutton who have recorded


a top five tribute to the inspirational teenager


Two of the Birmingham schools at the centre of allegations of a Muslim


plot to takeover state schools have been placed in special measures.


The BBC has obtained a copy of the full Ofsted report for Golden


Hillock School in Sparkhil, which is run by Park View Educational Trust.


Details have also emerged about the report into Saltley School


Our reporter Ben Godfrey is at Golden Hillock school `


How has the school be judged to fail?


As Ofsted reports go, this is critically bad. Golden Hill Academy


is failing in every way. In teaching, pupil safety, leadership


and management. This is an academy and is run by the Parkview


educational trust. 90% of the pupils here who have English as a second


language. One of the things Ofsted picked out in their inspection is a


risk of cultural isolation. One of the things they did say was that


students could be left vulnerable to the risk of marginalisation from


wider British society and the associated risks which could include


radicalisation. It will now go into special measures. Interestingly, the


pupils don't agree. They were praised for their eagerness to


learn. And within


the last hour details have emerged What more can you tell us


about that report? We are just learning about this.


This school is in baldly Green and has been rated as inadequate in


every area. Previously, it was a good school believe it or not. This


report we have seen tonight portrays the school in disarray at the time


of the inspection. A complete breakdown between governors and the


leadership of the school. One quote said governors do not seem any need


to engage with external agencies to ensure student at Rutgers students


are safe from the risks of radicalisation and extremism.


Has there been a response from either school?


One response on golden hillock. They dispute of inadequate rating


completely and could take legal action. They say it makes absolute


that I've absolutely no suggestion, nor do they find any evidence that


golden hillock either promotes or tolerates extremism or


radicalisation. In the last three years West


Midlands fire fighters have tackled 1,200 fires in tower blocks ` four


people died and 200 were injured. Today, a new training facility `


believed to be one of the first in the world `


was opened to ensure crews are fully Although it can be one


of the most dangerous and complex incidents West Midlands fire crews


face, until now they've haven't been In a West Midlands we have over a


thousand high`rise building so it is absolutely correct that we have this


facility to replicate the type of incidents as we get in those


buildings. And it'll keep our firefighters safe. Here, the wind is


so much more unpredictable than it is on the ground. Until now, nowhere


in the world did firefighters have a permanent building to recreate that


problem. It is now hoped that this one will not only help save the


lives of people in high`rise buildings, but also the firefighters


tackling the blazers. The six`storey tower,


made from metal containers, was the idea of one West Midlands


Fire's training instructors. In 2010, two fire fighters died


tackling this blaze This is massively important for our


firefighters' 's safety. They need to understand about smoke and how it


travels around buildings and how we can stop that from happening.


In 2010, two fire fighters died tackling this blaze


The year before, six people lost their lives


It is realistic, because you train just as if you are in a concrete


building. This is more like actual laid out it is more realistic.


The hope is fire fighters from across the Midlands `


and eventually the whole of the UK ` will be able to train here.


Parents are campaigning against proposals to change


the education system in a north Worcestershire town.


Schools in Redditch currently operate under a three`tier system


But the new leaders of Tudor Grange Academy in Redditch want to change


the age range from the current 13`18 to a secondary school age range


Critics claim it will lead to other schools in the town being


It's got the teachers, it's got the classrooms.


But at Tudor Grange Academy in Redditch they believe there's


We are currently a high school, 13 to 18. We want a change to an 11 to


18 school. So they want to open the doors for


children in years seven and eight. In many parts of the country those


children already go to high school. But Redditch, like


a few other towns, is different. In Redditch those children


currently go to middle schools. We would have them for five years


prior to taking their exams and therefore would be able to better


prepare them for their examination results and get even better


results. Then they can prepare themselves for their future


careers, the sixth form, college or the world of work.


It sounds a simple argument, but there's a lot of concern


among parents like those who met this lunchtime


They all wore a blue ribbon as a sign of solidarity.


The changes could be implemented as soon as September 2015,


I have a sun who would be starting here when all these changes take


effect. So obviously, I don't know what will happen to him now or where


he will be going. I don't know if his school will be kept open or not.


we have a system here that works and works very well. So a thorough good


educational outcomes of our children so why change it?


leaving middle schools like Walkwood pondering their future.


This school is very proud of its success ` not least it's


But the fear is this kind of success could be jeopardised if the


It is about all the schools in the area. If this goes ahead all the


other schools have to assess their situation and they might have the


change. It will cost a lot of money. I want people to think about who


will pay for that and where the children will go to school and what


sort of school they will go to. Tudor Grange insist it's not


a done deal and The final decision rests with


the secretary of state. Cath Mackie, BBC Midlands Today,


Redditch. A little earlier, I spoke to


Redditch MP Karen Lumley. I asked


whether she supports the proposal As it stands, no. I think it is too


rushed, needs to be thought out and it needs to involve other parts of


the community. That is what I have written to the Trust yesterday. I


said they need to rethink it and have a bigger consultation and the


timescale is far too short. Did you know about this proposal


ahead of the consultation? I found out at the same time as


everybody else. I had a letter, and some of the schools who were


affected had a visit, but I did not. Did that surprise you? I'm concerned


that as a member of Parliament for Redditch that I was not informed


along side other interested parties, yes. I put that in my letter. I


think that was not the right thing to do. Is it a weakness in the


academy system? They do operate independently outside local


authority control. Did they think they didn't need to ask you? There


have to consult everybody. The whole point of this is that there is a


consultation and then the results go to the secretary of state. It is up


to him then to look at it. This consultation is important and it is


important to everybody who has an interest, whichever side of the


fence they are wrong. I'm in favour of the two tier education system,


but I think, this is not the right way to go about it. So it is the


time frame? I was educated in the two tier system. I have no problem


with it. I think, nationally, the system performs better across the


country than a three tier system. But, the point of this, is that we


have a three tier system in Redditch. Some parents like it, some


parents do not. I have parents on both sides coming to me sharing


their concerns and it is my job as their MP to share those concerns


with the secretary of state. I'm looking forward to meeting with him


soon. I want to share with him my concerns about what is happening and


for him to make what will be the right decision.


A charity single inspired by teenage fundraiser Stephen Sutton has made


'Hope Ain't a Bad Thing' by The Neon Brotherhood sold thousands


of copies in less than 48 hours after it was released.


The single currently sits at number five ` and here's a flavour.


Money raised will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust, which has already


received more than ?4 million thanks to Stephen's incredible fundraising,


and here in the studio is the songwriter Martin Stanyer.


When you recorded this track in Stephen's hometown of Burntwood, did


It is a complete surprise but what a victory for Stephen. What inspires


you to write this? We met Stephen last year and basically, he made


such an impact upon us that we wanted to do the best we could for


him. How did you first meeting? He came to the studio when he was 14


with his band to rehearse. We got to know him then, but, obviously, in


the last two years we got to know him a lot more. He was a talented


drummer wasn't he? Yes he was. Which is why, on the single, we have many


drums as part of the production of the song. What has been a reaction?


People obviously love it, what about those closest to him including his


mum? She loves it. And his brother Chris. They have given us their


endorsements. They are very happy with it. They know every word!


Wedded the title come from? Basically how Stephen has given hope


to everybody on how to live their life. It is a really inspirational


thing he has done. I think Stephen showed us all the hope is a good


thing. It could go to number one? eight already has on the Amazon


charts. It is at number five in the official UK charts which is


unbelievable. Number one in the Amazon charts and number two in the


iTunes charts. Another number one to Stephen. Maybe a video to go with


it? We are working,! By it. It is all going to Teenage Cancer Trust.


Thank you. How much would you pay for the


Black Country delicacy of faggots? That will actually get you


the secret recipe, You also get a shop thrown in


for free. Kevin Reide is in Old Hill


for us now. Well America, this is the shopping


question. That had shops like this here the last one to five years. The


first one was opened by Eve Belling, this is a picture of her. She was


famous for a very special recipe and we can see today, these fighters are


still on sale in the shop. This shop is run by her great`grandson Nigel,


who has been here himself since 1965. Let us go and meet Nigel. Let


us see how they make them. Tell us what the main ingredients is. Fresh


onions, brusque with herbs and our own seasoning. We wrapped them in


this and put them into the tin ready for cooking. Are you retiring? I


need time to busy my sons and my grandchildren. Are you sad?


emotional. It is an emotional roller`coaster ride. You have some


very appreciative customers who really enjoy these fighters. We


spoke to some earlier on. I like them with chips. Allied with mash


and peas. I love them. no. They do not appeal to me. Here are some


finished ones. Over the last one to five years, this business has


produced approximately 2 million of those. Nigel tells me you have


produced about 800,000. Is that right? Will you not stay around for


a million. no. That must be by somebody else.


He came from an illustrious family, the bravery he showed was common


The Reverend Maurice Peel, grandson of the


Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, earned the love of the troops but


He went over the top on the Western Front armed with nothing


Giles Latcham took Maurice's great grandson, himself a clergyman,


on a journey in search of his courageous ancestor.


At St Editha's, Tamworth's historic mediaeval church, David Longe is


I feel quite humbled to be in the same place where he was, because


He's treading in the footsteps of his great grandfather, another


clergyman, the Reverend Maurice Peel, a vicar here during World War


He was shot going over the top carrying a walking stick


He describes it dramatically ` a tremendous thwack


Maurice came from an illustrious family ` his grandfather, the Prime


Minister Sir Robert Peel, helped create the Metropolitan Police.


In his short time in Tamworth, Maurice became part


He was regarded as a very warm human being who


So in two years he made a great impact.


With extraordinary courage, once he'd recovered from his wounds,


In May 1917 near Bullcourt, he tried to reach a wounded soldier in


No Man's Land, but was shot through the stomach and bled to death.


I think it is extraordinary he returned a second time.


There are two columns here devoted to him. It says he rests in France


in the company of sons and brothers who have died as he has in the


glorious cause of saving the liberties of humanity.


Devoted to the troops then as well as to God ` not though, says


The idea of standing with the very poorest


members of society and ministering to them was a principal, a goal and


an ideal which he would not have neglected in the context of war.


Maurice Berkeley Peel was awarded the Military Cross, one of 179 army


And if you're interested in learning more about World War I, the BBC has


created a special website which you'll find at bbc.co.uk/ww1.


Neil Baldwin likes to think of himself as an ordinary man.


But he has an extraordinary story to tell about his life.


His simple down to earth approachable demeanour


has won him the friendship of politicians, sports stars


Now he's to be the subject of a 90 minute film drama.


In the Staffordshire countryside near Keele University, Neil Baldwin


He's watching the making of a major BBC film ` and it's all about him.


Everybody says I get everywhere, and I do. It has been a great life.


Born in Newcastle`under`Lyme, he's worked as a clown, a kit manager


for Stoke City and he's spent most of his life helping organise events


Last year, he was given an honorary degree for his efforts.


Neal first came here with his mother who was a cleaner on campus. Who


could have predicted that more than 50 years later he would be such a


part of the fabric of this university. I would say the more


improbable and bizarre the story, the more likely it is to be true.


Neal has done amazing things. He knows no limits.


In the film ` called Marvellous, ` Neil is played


by distinguished actor Toby Jones whose previous roles have included


It was an article in a national newspaper that


inspired the writer Peter Bowker to make his film about Neil.


It is his attitude to life and his attitude to meeting new people.


There is with the assumption that people are going to say yes. And


then they generally do! Neil's innocent, almost childlike


character has seen him mixing with many famous faces such as World


Cup`winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks. I would say Prince Edward. Because I


met him when he was a student at Cambridge. And I knocked on his


door! I thought there would be a policeman on duty but there wasn't.


He invited me in for a sherry. The filmmakers have endeavoured to


include the people of Stoke This choir is rehearsing a number


which they'll perform in a scene Celebrities like Gary Lineker also


have cameo roles ` but there's no doubt who the true star of this


life`affirming movie will be. Some welcome sunshine around today `


but will it last Rebecca? We will have another day of it that


things may take a more stormy turn towards the weekend. But tomorrow,


plenty of dry and bright weather. Tomorrow, we may feel some warm air


from the continent and things may turn muddy as we head through the


afternoon. This time yesterday we had been sitting under a blanket of


cloud and rain for the whole day. Today, it has broken up rather


nicely. We still have some clear spells to, commerce and late


afternoon sunshine to enjoy and those skies staying clear for most


of us. Temperatures will fall away as a result of that and it will be a


chilly nights. We are into single figures, in the countryside even


lower. There is some cloud filling up from the south as we head into


tomorrow morning. That will help lift temperatures a little. The


cloud will not stick around long animal break`up. Again, we will get


some good spells of sunshine. There will be some high cloud about and


the sunshine will be hazy. But as we will get some good spells of


sunshine. There will be some high cloud about and the sunshine will be


hazy. But as people in that warm air our temperatures rocket bike up into


the 20s. Back up to 22 Celsius tomorrow and murky as we head


through the afternoon. However, as the skies clear it does mean


temperatures will not fall away overnight. It will be a close night


with temperatures between 13 and 17 Celsius, those are the lows. That is


a hint of what is to come on Saturday. We have a Yellow Weather


Warning in place from the Met Office for heavy rain through Saturday. We


will have some quite lively thunderstorms and it could lead to


some localised flooding and this is why: As this weather system starts


to come up against the mild, unstable air, it may trigger lively


thunderstorms. The good news is that they will eventually clear away and


things will become a little fresher. Sunday looks like a pleasant today


with as good spells of sunshine. We have get through Saturday at first.


Our headlines again. Two schools have been placed in special measures


in the Midlands. I'll be back at ten o'clock with


more on that story with Just to let you know tomorrow


evening we will be on half It's a weekly selection


of hand-picked stuff from Radio 2, and then it's delivered


straight to you.


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