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A culture of fear and intimhdation, just one of the findings by


the schools watchdog, Ofsted, into education in parts of Birmingham.


21 inner city schools were subjected to snap inspections,


only four were given a clean bill of health.


Five, Golden Hillock, Nansen, Oldknow, Park View


and Saltley were judged not to be protecting pupils from extrdmism


and are being put in special measures.


Here's our Special Correspondent, Peter Wilson.


The Pink Floyd classic Another Brick In The Wall.


A barbed attack on Britain's post` war education system.


Up on stage performing with Roger Waters are 17 pupils


from the so`called Trojan Horse school, Park View Academy.


They say the concert shows they don't isolate their students


But Ofsted in a damning report rated the the school as Inadequatd.


When I came to my interview, I was immediately hit by the fact that


this is an honest, friendly, hard`working school with thd sort of


values that we should all bd nurturing.


Previously the school was classed as outstanding.


Now it?s at the centre of a political firestorm over extremism.


Some claim he's the leader of a plot to make schools more Islamic.


Others praise him for raising academic standards.


Are you trying to make this religious school? Turning it into a


faith school by stealth? We think it is wrong to expdct


children to leave their herhtage, faith, beliefs, values and culture


outside the school gate, and then to pick it out once the leave the


school. Is education in Birlingham really failing people? The


statistics say no. The local council is not in a position to oversee the


school, because more and more of them will fail, and that is unfair.


It is creating an accountabhlity gap. This case raises fundalental


questions about who really runs our schools, and what choices do parents


have in how those schools operate? And with the government intdnding to


change the leadership of sole of the schools, how will that impact on


Muslim children's motivation to succeed in education? Peter is here


now. Do we finally know the complete story now that these Ofsted reports


have been published? This story divides people across Birmingham.


These five schools have been put into special measures, which means


that the government can effdctively change leadership of those schools.


Michael Gove says that eviddnce has been uncovered indicating that some


schools have evaded proper scrutiny, and effectively engaged in `


cover`up. At the same time the schools have hit back with detailed


rebuttals. They have also s`id that they have helped to cut crile and


raise academic standards. There has been talk of fear and intimhdation


featuring senior teachers, but what about extremism, has that bden


uncovered? No reports have shown any plots or extremist activitids. This


is not a police counterterrorism case, it is an education governance


case. But in one of the reports it says that a private investigator was


paid by one of the schools to trawl through staff e`mails, effectively


spying on them. What have p`rents been saying? I spoke to one angry


father who was upset at the language London based politicians have been


using, talking about ashing crocodiles. He said, I live in a


poor part of Birmingham, not Florida. All I want is for ly kids


to get a good education. Th`nk you. So what's the future


for Birmingham's schools? Education insiders suggest we could


see more of them run by Supdr Heads experienced leaders with


responsibility for several schools. Ben Godfrey has been examinhng how


some successful headteachers are running their schools


like businesses. Where Liam Nolan leads,


others follow. When The Prime Minister Wanted To


Showcase His Education Reforms, It isn't about the adults, or their


own political, religious or whatever views. It is about children and the


education of young people. Liam Nolan heads


Perry Beeches Academy This is Perry Beeches Three, in the


city centre, which opened l`st year. I have been in discussions `bout


what has happened in Birmingham and about how I, as a national leader,


and we as a national support school, and help support other schools


currently facing troubles. Last year, Moor Hall Primarx School


in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham's first


Co`operative Trust. They're state funded but run


independently of the City Council. In recent inspections, thred were


rated outstanding by Ofsted. We shared how we conduct medtings,


selection process, all of that is a rigorous process, we shared it with


the trust. Also checking up that we are doing those procedures hn the


right way. It is by no means a definitive answer. But therd is a


feeling in Birmingham that lore schools are set to break aw`y from


the local authority. That's all from me, Newsnight is


starting shortly on BBC Two, where they'll be talking to head


of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw. I'll leave you with


the weather with Shefali. Thank you. Although not immddiately


apparent, we have got more showers to come tomorrow, there is `n


improvement on the way this week. It is going to be quite warm. We have


still got showers to contend with through tonight before they die


away, leaving most part dry. Quite murky, muggy and mild. Tempdratures


dropping to 11, 13 Celsius. Tomorrow, a bit of sunshine to start


with, but it will not be long before we start to see the next bunch of


showers. These will be quitd widespread tomorrow. As you can see,


from those very vibrant colours and dark centres, there could bd thunder


and hail as well. Temperatures rising to 19 Celsius. Freshdr and


cooler tomorrow, with a brisk south`westerly breeze. More details


of us, but I'll pass you overto Jay. -- over to jay now.


Good evening, it was the warmest day of the year. Warm for some, but


thundery for others. This line of really intense thunderstorms moved


through. Large hail and gusty winds and rain as well. That moved away


and now we look towards the south and you can see the rain moving


northwards. So let's look at the cloud which is heading our way and


some of it does look really quite threatening particularly in the


south-eastern corner there. That's going to bring heavy rain. With it


the risk of thunder and lightening. The rain will move away from the


South East, and out into the North Sea, but it may linger further


north. Just moving away from the south-west and into Wales and into


Northern Ireland by dawn. Another mild night. 12 Celsius in the north


and maybe 13 Celsius or 14 Celsius in the south. To start the day


across Northern England, it's looking good. It is dry and bright,


but there will be wetter weather around the borders and up towards


Shetland it will be wet. Heavy showers around in Northern


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