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Birmingham academy schools placed in special measures by Ofstdd to


We've spent the day inside Park View Academy to find ott how


It does not matter what is written down on a piece of paper,


A track record of cancellathons late trains and job cuts.


But London Midland gets an extension to its contract.


It seems to be being done at the convenience of the Government rather


than for the passengers or, indeed, for the train operating company


The end of the road for the Bulls ` Hereford United are thrown out


We get the World Cup predictions of former England international


I think they are very sharp and quick and Roy Hodgson knows


Even if they go through the stages by winning one nil over and over,


And if the recent thunderstorms have left you less than impressed


and with a pessimistic about the future, don?t despair


Parents, pupils and staff f`ce an uncertain future tonight


after the Government announced it was withdrawing the funding for two


Birmingham schools ` and threatening to do the same at two others.


Park View and Nansen Primary will losd their


cash from Whitehall, while Golden Hillock and Oldknow Academy have


They have all been rated in`dequate by Ofsted and put


It follows an investigation into schools allegedly targdted as


With so much focus on how these schools are run,


Our Special Correspondent Pdter Wilson has spent the day at


Students at Parkview Academx in Alum Rock are taking


Exams are on and results here are very seriously.


But these young people are digesting more than just dry facts


Their school has been under examination and it's failed.


I was allowed inside and no governors or teachers will


talk, but I was able to spe`k to Kabir Khan who is 15.


His father went to the school, so too do his brother and shster.


This school is not inadequate. It is outstanding. It is not mattdr what


is written down on a piece of paper. The Government were saying that


young people like you were perhaps safe here. That there is potential


for extremism because of a narrow kind of education. I have bden here


for four years and I do not think I have been unsafe here. I have not


experienced anything bad here. I have been getting the best results


that I can get. My teachers have been pleased and if there is


anything that is bad it was `` would have happened. Do you get a wide


broad range of education? Especially that religion is? yes. Christianity,


Judaism, seekers, Hinduism. We have been taught about them all. We know


to respect them all equally. The Government is to cut


the school's funding becausd of supposed segregation of the


sexes and an alleged narrow Muslim She came outside to find me


and voice her opinion. This school has been given ` bad


reputation. I don't like th`t. It doesn't help anybody. What `bout


these allegations that girls are treated differently? actually, girls


are given an equal chance. Dven more favoured in some cases. The school


will supporters just as much as the boys.


Education Minister Lord Nash, writing to Tahir Alam,


a governor at the Academy Trust said he had grave concerns


He criticised the Trust for failing to promote


the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.


And for not encouraging the pupils to respect British values


of democracy, respect and tolerance of other faiths and beliefs.


That letter does not pull any punches. It is clear the Government


is determined to take money away from these schools or at le`st away


from the people who are currently running the schools. It is `lso


clear that the Department for Education is determined to change


the leadership here which could mean the replacement of the headteacher


and the governors. The Government is saying thd schools


are not teaching British values Outside another Academy,


theyb were warned their funding to could be cut and parents ard


reacting with astonishment. 15,000 children have been affected


throughout this investigation and this palaver. Why


At one leading Muslim charity, there was a sense of bewilddrment


at how the Government have handled this Trojan Horse school crhsis


macro we need to look at thdse issues together. We need to unite


and address them as one. Whdn we start doing that our young people


will have a bit of belief in these wonderful British values.


I asked Kabir if the school had prepared him for our intervhew.


He said no, his words were his own, whatever the rights and wrongs


of the complex and often divisive story.


The young people themselves say that they are proud to be British,


Cath Mackie is in Birminghal city centre for us this evening


A lot of people might be confused with how an academy school differs


The schools which have been told their funding could be withdrawn `


It means they are funded directly from Central Government and not


under authority control. I can talk and debate about its four hours but


it is what people do. Essentially they have more freedom. What happens


now? the 4th to respond to the ldtters


from Education Minister, Lord Nash. But we are expecting the schools


involved to mount legal challenges. I spoke this afternoon to


an education expert who says we are in pretty new territory herd


and we can expect to see sole legal In an ideal world,


if these schools are taken over by another trust, it should be


a bit like moving house ` you This leaves us with a lot of


uncertainty. So for parents of children who are due to start in


September, but does this me`n for them? It is a worrying time for


them. I spoke to one educathon expert and he said we are in


uncharted waters. He is expdcting a legal precedents to be set. He said


if an academy is taken over by another trust, in an ideal world, it


should be like a house move. That is, contracts exchanged, destruction


get to a minimum, kids go to school on Friday and turn up again on


Monday and all they see is the change of name. But there is a legal


challenge and it could all get a bit messy. 21 schools were caught up in


Ofsted investigation with fhve judged to be inadequate. But the


report said leadership was outstanding and one of them was


Waverley school in both league. We spoke to a head teacher caught up in


the Trojan Horse controversx. Bordesley Green in Birmingh`m are


from ethnic minorities, mostly It was singled out by Ofsted under


their Trojan Horse investig`tions, but unlike some of the other


schools, it ended up being praised. Ofsted also said leadership


and management where outstanding, pleasing news for the head teacher


of nine years, Kamal Hanif. He believes such qualities `re vital


when dealing with governors ` especially if they don't agree with


something the school is doing. If the objections it is abott


managing both getting the vhewpoint of the community across. Because


sometimes, governors are not always present a tip of community views,


although they may think thex are. The children are taught


about many other faiths, thdy go to other countries on exchange visits,


but also visits closer to home. With schools in white areas and


rural schools work students do not interact his shooters of ethnic


minorities, we have exchangds there and their students come and join


projects with us. Last time, we had a diversity day I went to a Buddhist


centre and we learned about different cultures and religions.


Last time, I looked at Hindtism I knew nothing about it beford so I


learned about what they belheve and away their religion works. What


being said in the news does not really apply to us. Our school is


different. Islam is not forced upon us. Everybody gets along. There is


no racism or anything like that But even though Waverley is


an undoubted success, the head teacher believes the system


needs improving to help defhne It's been confirmed that Tr`in


operator London Midland has had The firm attracted strong criticism


from commuters after cancelling more than a thousand trains due to


a driver shortage. It will continue running tr`ins


across our region until March 2 16. Here's our Transport Correspondent,


Peter Plisner. It's not been an easy ride


for London Midland passengers, with cancellations and late trains a


regular occurrence on some routes. Two years ago


the company was forced to c`ncel more than a thousand trains after it


couldn't find enough drivers. A year later it was forced to


apologise Then, earlier this year,


the company announced jobs cuts Despite that, London Midland has


been awarded six`month extension I am surprised. But apart from a


comedy service has been good. Some days it is not so good.


And it's passenger concerns that have led to Rail Watchdog to


In a statement, the Department for Transport says:


"We want the new London Midland franchise to deliver improvdd


benefits and services for customers."


"The first part of this process involves making use of the planned


six month extension option built into the existing contract."


The fact is, the Department for Transport have few other options but


to extend the franchise to hold the competition and allow other


companies to run the chains would have taken too long. There `re other


issues to including a remapping exercise that could change the way


services are run. This map,


obtained by Midlands Today, shows one idea ` routes could be changed


to focus on commuters? servhces The proposal would also givd local


authorities here a bigger s`y What we are seeing in London and


Merseyside is real benefits to passengers coming through bx local


authorities controlling the rail services in partnership with


operator. In both those casds, we have now got top performing rail


operators and that is what xou want to see in the West Midlands.


But any changes are clearly still a long way off.


There's already talk that London Midland might be askdd to run


trains for even longer ` perhaps until June 2017.


We've had plenty of reaction to this story on our Facebook page today.


?London Midland make my short commute in to work a nightm`re.


When their trains are delaydd you never get an explanation or apology,


and, often, when they randomly cancel a train


?It's not that long ago there was talk about London Midland


being stripped of their franchise due to poor standards.


As a frequent commuter on the Cross City line, I can't say I've noticed


any improvement since ` so `m completely baffled by the r`tionale


Many a time I've left university at 8pm,


trudged in the rain to Five Ways in Birmingham, then checked at the desk


Then waiting around for an hour or so, freezing cold


and soaking wet, to eventually find it has been cancelled.?


and soaking wet, to eventually find it has been cancelled.


I travel from Tamworth to London and back fairly frequently.


I have no problem with the service at all.


The only issue is the short formations in the rush hours which


they will eliminate by delivering new trains from December.


Hereford United have been expelled from the Football Conferencd.


They'd been given a deadline to today to pay their


footballing debts, but a st`tement this afternoon from the Conference


So the celebrations were all for nothing? It was a dramatic day. The


celebrations afterwards, were particularly intense becausd it


seemed as though it was a ttrning point at last. They had big debts


and suddenly he was a bit of hope and momentum. But sadly, it was all


for nothing. So what happens next? That is a big question. One thing we


can say for sure is that thdy will now go down two divisions. But in


the conference Premier they also run the next league below them. So it is


now the question weather thd Southern league will let thdm in.


But they have grave problems. They have not pay their debts or their


players since January. They have two players on the book. They h`ve no


manager. They are a mess. I try to speak to the club this afternoon,


and we do not even know who is running it it David Keyte Rhddick


Tommy Agombar who was brought in the new investments. If they have not


paid off their debts, has Tommy Agombar but in any money at all And


ministration brats beckons. That is 90 years of footballing history in


Hereford under threat this dvening. The High Court


in Birmingham has been told a date has been set for a jtdicial


review of a ?14 million loan given to the operators of Coventrx's Ricoh


Arena by the City Council. The council took out a loan in


January so operators Arena Coventry Coventry City played


at the arena until this sumler, The club's then owners, Sist,


called for the review, which is listed for the 10th of June


at the High Court in London. Sisu claimed the loan was


an unlawful use of public ftnds While some sheep around the Midlands


are happily skipping about without a heavy fleecd on


many others are still sweltdring. Farmers have fallen behind schedule


because of the wet weather. They'll also be hoping


for more money for their wool this year th`n 1


months ago, when the price crashed. Here's our Rural Affairs


Correspondent, David Gregorx`Kumar. On this Albrighton farm


in Shropshire, a mix of sunshine and showers is


holding up the sheep shearing. It has been a problem this xear It


is the wet one day, try the next. This morning it rained. And the one


thing we can do is she a shdep when they are wet. Will will not store


when it is wet so we have them dry. Wool has always been import`nt


to the Midlands and Wolverh`mpton Today, farmers are grateful


if the price of the fleece covers And they certainly don't want a


repeat of last year's price crash. The wool price has not been that bad


thanks in part to the Chinese market. Last year, the Chindse


pulled out and so the wool price reflected that. This year though,


they are back and the prices have recovered.


Our farmers sell 95% of their wool through the Wool


If you don't go through marketing boards you can look into sm`ller


scale business options such as spinning it and making your own wool


products. Such as jumpers or blogs which people make themselves. There


is one chap who has even coffins made of wool. He has lined with it.


So just be innovative and do what else you can with it.


Wool linings for coffins will likely remain a niche market.


For now, our sheep farmers will be hoping the Chinese want lore


And our sheep will be hoping for a dry spell so they can finally


David Gregory Kumar, BBC Midlands Today, Albrighton.


Birmingham academy schools placed in special measures by Ofstdd to


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


The schoolchildren counting down to Rio ` how the World Cup is helping


Fashion and the far east. The campaign hots up to build a Chinese


arch in Birmingham. Aston Villa have signed the former


England midfielder Joe Cole Cole, who's 32, also played


for Chelsea and Liverpool He's agreed a two`year contract


and says he's really excited The World Cup in Brazil is just two


days away, with England's fhrst game And the former Wolves strikdr Steve


Bull believes Roy Hodgson's squad During his prolific goal`scoring


career at Molineux, And he was part of the Engl`nd squad


that reached the World Cup 24 years ago, World Cup sticker


books like this contained His chocolate Labrador Besshe is


blissfully unaware that Bully had scored so many goals in the lower


leagues for Wolves and that Bobby Robson thought he'd bd perfect


to play for England at Italha ' 0. five years ago I was an amateur


footballer so it was a dreal come true really. I couldn't belheve it.


I thought, I'm standing next to these world`class players I couldn't


believe it. This was the moment he clinched


his place in the World Cup squad. And today,


the Wolves legend is still so proud Bully was on the bench


for that heart`breaking semh`final He was just about to come


on with 10 minutes left. Then Lineker's goal sent


the match into extra`time and Bully If he had been on the field for


England, would you have takdn the kick? I stood by, the others do it.


The only get one chance of scoring in the World Cup and if you get to


take a penalty get out therd in your head down.


Last Saturday night, Bully was one of the celebrhty


And he's confident that England won't end up Pointless against


I think they are sharp and puick. Roy Hodgson knows what he's doing.


Even if they go to the statd is winning over won over and over


again, they will take them `ll. His World Cup shirt is one


of Bully's most prized possdssions. How he'd love to see this England


team do even better than Bobby's For many school children,


the temptation to chat in class about the World Cup over thd coming


weeks will be overwhelming. Well, at one school in Shropshire


they're being encouraged to do just that ` and they'll be learnhng


something in the process. Joanne Writtle's been to visit


the Year Sixes at Market Dr`yton Junior School, who are dedicating


their lessons to events in Rio. They may be supporting their


homeland, but in class, youngsters at Market Drayton Junior School have


been given a country each to study. Here's a flavour of what thdy've


learnt so far, kicking Italy has a population of 60 million


people. They invented the Phsa in 1860 and have won the World Cup four


times. It is the smallest country to ever win the World Cup. There are


500 kilometres of beaches in Uruguay. The capital of this country


is San Jose. The project's the idea


of their sport`mad teacher, and as well as geography, they'll


be learning other skills too. They'll be looking at match


statistics and 20 work out hf there is a pattern with specific teams.


They will look at who has won how money games or points. It is fun and


exciting. Will you be able to stay up and watch the game on Saturday


night? I hope so. To get to learn quite a lot of facts about countries


all over the world. I got Bdlgium which is famous for beer and


chocolate. Yes, PE too is dedicated to


the beautiful game. I am taking notes and I'm going to


write a match report later. I am the match photographer.


Teachers here are already planning a similar project based


on the Rugby World Cup next year and the Olympics the year after


For now though, all these youngsters are looking forward to, is the start


Plans to build a ?1 million arch in Birmingham's Chinese quarter are


moving a step closer tonight with a major event in the city cdntre.


Birmingham is one of the few cities in the UK with


a major Chinese population that does not have an arch.


Lindsay Doyle is at the International Conference Centre


Lindsay, how is the fundraising going?


Going well. They have raised ?5 ,000 but still a way to go to get a


million which is needed. Fundraising begins in earnest tonight. We have


designs, a fashion show and, as you say, Birmingham is the only major


city in the UK not to have ` Chinese arch. London, Liverpool, Manchester


all have one. Newcastle has too Well, to change all that is Jeffrey


here. Why is it important wd have an arch. It is very important for


Birmingham to have an arch because it is an attraction, it brings


Intourist, it brings in mondy. We are the last city... We call


ourselves the second city and we want an arch. People can look at our


website, get a form, and by a brick! It will be history for


everybody in Birmingham to support this arch. Where will it be? It will


be on the Ladywell walk in Chinatown. It will cross thd whole


of the Chinatown area. Good look with the fashion show tonight. The


guest of honour this evening is a major star. His name Bloch `nd we


caught up with him in rehearsal earlier today. We will let him


players out. `` play us out. Rumours of a warm week `


any truth in them Shefali? Weather does improve after today and


things are becoming warmer `nd drier. We are hoping that this area


of high pressure that is buhlding from the South is one that can be


relied on. In the next couple of hours that should work its lagic and


kill off today's showers. And he takes his position in the ndxt few


days the frontal system would ordinarily slip south, but this high


pressure will fend off any rain The most damage it will do is increase


cloud and mist over the weekend Just a quick word about pollen


levels and UV levels. If yot have been suffering today from h`y fever


then it will get worse becatse the sun will set the level is hhgher.


Right now we have showers, lively showers actually, still blowing in


along the western plank of the region. Because of that


high`pressure they will start to fizzle out and fade away le`ving the


end of the night dry and also fairly clear. Because we are in a warm air


mass at the moment temperattres will only dropped to a minimum of ten or


12 Celsius. This is how we start the day tomorrow, with clear skhes and


quite a bit of sunshine comhng through. It will be dry right across


the region. If there is the odd shower it will fizzle out qtickly.


Temperatures in the sunshind will rise to about 19 or 20 Celshus with


light, south`westerly winds. Tomorrow night, try again, but it


will turn a darker with clotd. But it will be on the mild side with


lows of around 10 Celsius and this trend will continue through Thursday


and Friday. There will be hhghs of 22 and 23. Ty's headlines. The


energy regulator calls on the big six energy firms to drop thdir


prices. And on the big six dnergy firms to drop their prices. And an


uncertain having their fundhng withdrawn. That was the Midlands.


Join me at 10pm.


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