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The headlines tonight: and on BBC One we


Sloppy security by a private firm puts thousands of NHS


I would be very surprised and shocked that patient records would


have been accessed. In an exclusive report,


we reveal how security was breached, A summer of disruption


for rail commuters in Worcestershire Meet Bob, the robotic securhty guard


` the product of pioneering work From Birmingham to Brazil `


the World Cup goal scored in Manaus And spoilt for choice `


if you're not indoors watchhng the football, you can be outdoors


enjoying the weather. Sunshine may be lacking at times


but the temperatures more than The personal details


of up to 10,000 NHS patients were put at risk, because of sloppy


security by a private company. Contracts for ultrasound sc`ns


across Staffordshire were stspended, after a whistle`blower reve`led


information was being stored overseas by the firm,


Diagnostic Health. In one breach, a laptop with


unencrypted data was stolen. Our health correspondent, Mhchele


Paduano, has this exclusive report. Most people go to hospital


for ultrasound scans. At the Queen Elizabeth Hosphtal


they are checking this patidnt for kidney stones, but for convdnience


and to save money, portable scanners are now being used in GP surgeries


by private companies. But Birmingham`based Diagnostic


Health Systems failed to protect At the Queen Elizabeth Hosphtal


in Birmingham, they, like all NHS Using Gmail and the Google


Drive would not be allowed. I would be shocked and surprised if


patient records had been accessed and given to what is an org`nisation


that has an excellent record and reputation for being transp`rent and


open, but that is not how NHS patient records should be h`ndled.


Diagnostic Health's national headquarters is just


a few hundred metres from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


The chief executive of this company said they had been transpardnt with


their clients and as such the commissioner was happy for them to


see their patients again and the hope that others will follow


shortly. The Wolverhampton Road surgdry


in Stafford is one of five hn the This lead commissioner accepts that


if a whistle`blower hadn't come It is very serious and that is why


we have put it hands into the information Commissioner. Hd is on


to the fore looking at issuds of the serious nature and we were clear


that it has to be sorted. Scanning can reveal intimatd details


about our health, but Diagnostic Health didn't want intimate details


about its systems made publhc so What do you mean by


the public might never have known? The Information Commissioner carried


out an audit but unlike with NHS organisations where that has to be


made public, private companhes can refuse to make that public `nd that


is what this company did. I tried several times via the Commissioner


to get that information using the Freedom of Information Act `nd I was


told that they would not provided to and if it has not been leakdd, we


would not the details. The implications are with the


qualified provider. This was not good. This company filled ott the


wrong forms, other companies could be in a similar position whhch we


will not know about. This is the Stafford area, again, polithcal


issues. For the patients, this is stored in the cloud of lying and the


been told that former peopld can been told that former peopld can


actually still access inforlation through their Gmail accounts.


No small beer ` it's worth over ?1.5 billion, but with pubs closhng every


week, what's the future for our brewing industry?


Rail commuters are being warned of a summer of disruption


?24 million is being spent to improve services between Redditch


and Birmingham but that means shutting


And as Giles Latcham reports, there'll be problems


They nearly closed it in thd 19 0s, but Alvechurch station


in Worcestershire is now at the centre of a big schele to


The station itself is being transformed and instead of the


existing single track as visualised in this video, there'll be two


parallel tracks over a stretch nearly two miles long ` a m`jor


investment say Network Rail and testament to the popularity


When I started on the railw`y 3 years ago we were managing


redundancies and to claim and it is great that we are bringing


investment and this is one of the ways to address that, holding our


way out of the capacity problems that we were faced with. Today's


engineers all a get of grathtude to their four fathers who when they


adopt this approach in 1855 and built it wide enough to accommodate


two lines, never 160 years on, that foresight is paying off. Residents


living nearby say they are paying a price. Tony has a muscle wasting


disease and at snag is brokdn by flashing lights and noise of heavy


machinery. There is no escape. I spend all day trying to avohd the


noise. Earplugs are not sufficient. If you don't out the noise, which is


impossible, the vibrations shake the whole house. This will servd


Redditch and 40 metres therd is also destruction. The line will be shot


from early July until August. It is a great line in direct into my


workplace sold to for such ` long time will be a problem. I al hoping


things will improve or it whll be impossible for me to get to work.


Bus services will replace the trains but there will be plenty to gain in


the long term. The benefits for our passengers around the areas will be


substantial. There is a minor disruption and I apologise for that


but I believe the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. The benefits will


be more trains which will bd more punctual. The project will be


completed by Christmas. the controversy surrounding an


alleged plot by hardline Muslims to take over Birmingham schools was


raised in Parliament today. It follows demands for governors at


some of the schools to stand down, including Park View Academy. Joanne


can tell us more. Most of them want the governing body to they want to


form a new one. The governors have told us that the process of school


inspections they believe has been politically motivated and they think


the governors are not the problem. Michael Gove was asked in the


Commons this afternoon whether he would accept that schools mtst be


locally accountable. The trtth is that we could action that the last


government never took to de`l with extremist schools and we have


introduced inspections to ensure that Her Majesty Chief Inspdctor has


powers to deal with this. Joanne, more detail has emerged of some of


the issues that the headteachers have faced. Yes, this afternoon I


went to Anderson Park primary in this Park Hill were 98% of the


children are Muslim. This is not a school involved and those


said she had to deal with a minority said she had to deal with a minority


of serious problems. There was a bullying racism issue involving a


white child 18 months ago. When she asked a payment how they wotld have


dealt with it, this was his answer. He said to me he would get the white


child and put him into a corner with a white desk and a wink chedr and a


white teacher and keep an away from everyone else. I said that what he


said was very serious and I wrote it down. I'd ask them to imagine if I


did what he suggested. If it did not work, I'd asked him what he would


suggest. He told me to get rid of the white child. The headte`cher


stressed to me that that was a minority view and she had vdry few


problems like that. The head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, he has


agreed to meet a group of p`rents involved in these corrosion horse


allegations, that is, the school that their children attend hs


involved. Thank you for that update. Police have released CCTV footage


of a man jumping over the counter of a sandwich shop in Birmingham


and threatening staff, before It happened at the Subway shop


on Digbeth High Street. Officers say they need help


to identify the man who The store assistant


was badly shaken. Anyone with information is `sked


to contact Crimestoppers. A Gloucestershire couple have been


jailed for wilfully neglecthng Gloucester Crown Court heard


the children ?suffered terrhbly , living in squalor


and unhygienic conditions. The judge said


the couple were "inadequate, stupid, The mother, who's 41, was sdntenced


to two years and nine months in prison while the 36`year`old


father was jailed for two ydars The pub


and brewing industry has bedn vital It employs nearly 100,000 pdople


across the West Midlands, Beer is big business


in Burton upon Trent with 4,500 jobs But with pubs closing every week,


what's the future for Britahn's Burton on Trent,


blessed with mineral`rich w`ters. Perfect for making beer,


this natural resource helped the town become


the brewing capital of the world. But a few years ago


fortunes were changing. The name Bass disappeared


from the skyline. New American owners Coors closed


the town's brewing museum. But in 2014,


Burton's brewing spirit is back The museum's reopened


and star attraction The head tour guide is


delighted to be back too. My father worked in a brewery as did


my other relatives. Des McGonigle believes


the museum's return is a sylbol It has gone full circle and beat


that and people are becoming more interested.


Major investment has just bden announced


And ?7.5 million in a new bottling line at Marston's.


So how is the town coping whth these new investments?


The town's MP says a cut in beer duty is boosting morale


By cutting the duty and givhng certain tree in relation to the ``


giving certainty in relation to the duty regime, it means that companies


can invest in the future and the Amur confident and we are sdeing


beer sales increase as a result Marstons still uses traditional


brewing methods, employing ` cooper The company is also capitalhsing


on the increasing popularitx of real ales, employing technical


brewers to invent new flavotrs. Brewing is undergoing a hugd


revelation where there are loads of new flavours and characteristics


being brought into this. This beer using hops from Atstralia


hits the supermarkets next lonth... the first to be released under


the Pedigree name since 1952. It is really important to continue


to adapt to change. This bedr forms a key part of that.


And tomorrow we'll be looking at how small and microbreweries are


Bob Hockenhull, BBC Midlands Today, Staffordshire.


Sloppy security by a private firm puts thousands of NHS


Your detailed weather forec`st to come shortly with Shefalh.


The phone lines in the West Midlands is a very busy, we find out what the


fans of West Bromwich Albion make of their new manager. And we look back


at the swinging 60s and the launch of the new musical.


Researchers at the University of Birmingham are pioneering work


which places robots in offices and even in care homes to sde how


Robots are increasingly becoming part of modern life,


and for scientists, the next big challenge is to make


John Maguire has been to medt Bob, a robotic security guard.


Meet Bob, the metal minder, on patrol at these offices of G4S, the


security company. Like assuling colleagues, he is at hominis, and


makes his own decisions. Thd robot enters the room along this floor


plan and does a free Biscan, using similar technology to some home


computer game consoles. He laps out the room and remembers what he sees.


If they spot something diffdrent, and item in the wrong place, he can


report it. Will this be the silicone security guard of the futurd? It is


not about replacing securitx officers, but he can help them to


make quick decisions about changes in the environment. Bob is `


complimentary actor who can do guard duties over a period of timd and


pick up on the law activitids that the guards does not need to be


involved in. A key part of this trial is to see how he copes with


people working and moving around him. Please really sure fit so I can


move on! One of the most fascinating things is that he is progralmed that


if he gets stuck in a corner or if someone is blocking him, he will ask


for help, all you have to do is move him out of the way. He is also very


polite! Thank you, Bob. When the battery runs down, he docks himself


birthplace, the University of birthplace, the University of


Birmingham's Robotics lab correct. `` laboratory. Human intellhgence is


a marvellous thing and it is very difficult to replicate inside a


machine. One security guard can monitor the same area. It is having


this kind of at hominis technology that will become an extension of


ourselves in the form of another tool.


As a talented youngster, Daniel Sturridge joined the


And now, he's England's star striker.


Sadly, despite scoring, he was unable to mark


his mum's birthday with a vhctory against Italy on Saturday.


The England goal that briefly raised our hopes of beating Italy


Can the same man repeat the trick against Uruguay this Thursd`y?


Celebrated by Daniel Sturridge in Manaus and 5,000 miles away


This is where young Daniel grew up as a kid.


The old Sturridge family hole is just a couple of miles away


And this is the painted goal he used for target


practice, honing the skills that would eventually take him all


Daniel used to shoot into that goal, it was painted 13 years ago. To go


back to the Midlands and whdre he grew up and learn about football, he


has especial feeling inside of him and it makes him perform at a higher


level. He played in the Premier Le`gue


for Derby, Leicester and Wolves Another uncle, Simon, played


for Birmingham City and Stoke. And Daniel's dad Michael was signed


by England's World Cup`winnhng manager Sir Alf Ramsey


during his brief reign at Being a talented footballer runs


in the Sturridge family gends. Daniel has taken it on to that extra


level, that higher level, wd knew he had it in him. Everyone in the


Academy knew about his potential and for him to achieve that and not get


distracted by the things th`t can come around football and kedp his


focus, we are all very proud of him. If you're looking


for a good omen for Thursdax's big game in Group D, look no further


than the London Olympics. Two years ago, Team GB beat Uruguay


1`0, and it was Sturridge who scored holiday when Daniel Sturridge scored


at the Olympics but if Engl`nd reached the knockout stages, all of


the annual's family will be on the first flight to Brazil. We `re all


looking forward to this gamd, it is a huge task but we are not worried


about any individuals or worrying about Uruguay. We have to worry


about what we do as a team. So England's number nine is clearly


in good shape And back home, Daniel's uncle Dean


and the rest of the Sturridge family are hoping it'll be game, sdt and


match against Uruguay on Thtrsday. Well, back home there's been angry


reaction from West Bromwich Albion fans to the appointment


of their new head coach. The former Preston and Sheffield


Wednesday manager Alan Irvine Our reporter Dan Pallett has been


looking at some of the reaction Baggies Russ described Irvine's


appointment as one He won't be renewing


his season ticket. Ryan Hill said he's never bden


so disappointed. He says Irvine is a Championship


manager ` shocking. Ser Kal thinks Irvine will be


gone after just five games. And for Albion fans looking


for hope, this from a Sheffheld He says Irvine is


the worst manager they've ever had. And Dan's down in the West Lidland


studios where they're broadcasting Have those sentiments been dchoed


in the calls? They have


and the backlash continues. We are live on air at the moment.


One person has said it One person has said it is a


disgusting appointment. We have not spoken to one support who is happy.


One did say that he deserved a chance. I would say that thdy have


talked about being shell`shocked, saying it is a disgrace, he will be


under a lot of pressure frol the word go to get results. Thex have


cited the likes of Alex McLdish David Jones, Malky Mackay, `ll


managers that they would have preferred to see at the hawthorns.


Tim Sherwood was also mentioned What about the timing of thhs? That


is an interesting point. It was announced on Saturday evening just


before England played Italy. The first caller said it was silply to


bury bad news on the evening of the huge World Cup match. It did not


escape the attention of the West Bromwich Albion fans, they have been


quick to react with those b`nners. Others have said it lacks


conviction, what you think? They could have had Tim Sherwood, it


looks like they are bringing him in on the cheap. Looking at Al`n Irvine


and Rob Kelly, Robert is an amazing coach, but it is a huge task, who


will they be able to attract to the football club? We will hear from the


new manager on It was a decade


when anything seemed possible. When man landed on the moon and


when the music of four boys The unique excitement of thd '6 s


has inspired a musical Thred Summers which opens this week at


the new Birmingham Library Theatre. Our reporter Amy Cole has bden


talking to the two men behind it. Nigel Wright and Euan Rose have


been friends for half a century For the past ten years they have


been working together on thdir musical, but encountered problems


after writing the musical's opening We had a five`year gap. The summer


of love, that production, it went into so many different parts, then


suddenly it clips together `nd we wrote it all within three months.


Before writing for the stagd, they regularly performed on it ` after


It took them around the world, playing alongside greats such


And their musical ` called Three Summers ` is based entirely on the


'60s era, covering the revolution, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.


For lead actor Richard Blackmore, who's just graduated,


The aim the first person to play this role in this musical in this


format, it is a fantastic opportunity because we have our own


free rein, really and in thhs space and with this set, it is a brilliant


experience. I love playing ly character because she is colplete


the difference to me, others may not agree with that, however!


And it's the first full`scale production at


The duo are in talks with a West End producer, so it could reach


Some decent sunshine over the weekend, let's find out how the


There will be some showers. It is going to be a fairly warm wdek as


well. High pressure is our friend. These frontal systems will slip


through the net. The is showers are being brought in from the e`st. UV


levels are not as high desphte the high pollen. Gradually, through the


night, it will be fairly cloudy later on and we will see sole late


evening sunshine. For some part in the West we may hold onto those


clearer skies. Temperatures will be 11 or 12 Celsius. From the word go


to moral by daybreak the cloud will dissolve and disappear and lelt


away. We are off to a sunny start and for the South there will be


another bank of cloud syncing southwards. The sunshine will make


it easy. It will remain dry. Temperatures should rise to 22


Celsius with light to moder`te winds.


Islamist extremists seize another town in Iraq as new evidencd


Six months after his skiing accident, the former racing champion


Michael Schumacher is out of a coma and out of intensive care.


We are about to find out whether they can cook.


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