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re-open its embassy in eye rarnings following a breakthrough in


relations. -- Hello and welcome to Midlands Today.


The headlines tonight: Fans confront the new owner


of Hereford United. I have come down here, I didn't know


anything about leases. All H did was come down here to save the club


That is all I have done. We'll find out what the fans think


of the crisis at Edgar Stredt. As MPs criticise the managelent


of the nation's waterways, the push for more flood defdnces


in Worcestershire. The water comes in, the watdr goes


out again. The anxiety that it causes people is quite shocking


With Birmingham's vital tunnels closing again four weeks on Friday,


all the advice you need to get where you're going.


And a dream country for nine`year`old Clayton as he goes out


to Brazil to see his heroes in action. I couldn't believe ht. I was


speechless because I could not believe I was going to Brazhl to see


England play. And scoring hhgh on temperatures now but what pdnalty


will we have to pay for the change in temperature? Find out later.


Frustrated football supportdrs have confronted the new owner of


their club seeking assurancds over its long`term financial futtre.


Property developer Tommy Agombar was challenged by a group of


Hereford United fans on his way to a meeting with councillors.


He claimed debts at the Edgar Street club


Hereford owe nearly ?150,000 to football creditors and have


Last week they were expelled from the Football Conference ` the fifth


tier of English football ` `fter failing to pay a ?350,000 gtarantee.


Our sports reporter Dan Pallett is in Hereford for us this evening


There is a lot of confusion. The reason I am here at the council


headquarters is because the future of the club was discussed ydsterday


and today here. I knew Tommx Agombar was not here today but I wanted to


know what was going on at the club. I have come to find at what is going


on at the club. I couldn't tell you. We came looking for answers but we


didn't get any. The new owndr of Hereford United was away today and


nobody could tell us what w`s going on. That was bizarre. No ond is in


charge, no one can tell me `nything. I don't know what is going on at the


club. They are using the dungeon rooms as dormitories for thd


players, and we cannot get hnto film. So many questions, so few


answers. This photo was frol a concerned fan, which seems to show


that they are using the club to sleep in.


When I came down to this cltb, the club was going to pay... Thdy will


need ?300,000, that is it. Since I came here, it is ?1.3 million. I am


a football man, I love football I came here, I did not know anything


about leases, nothing. All H did was come to save the club. That is all I


have done. Kevin McCauley w`s one of the people who confronted Tommy


Agombar. We are now strugglhng to get into the league. There `re no


tickets on sale. There are no facilities for people to cole and


find out anything about football at the club. There is no press. We are


literally in the dark about how football will survive. My fdeling is


that we will not. He is not the only one concerned about the futtre of


Hereford. It has been a dis`ster for the fans, the city and fans around


the country and the world. The club has a future but it must be allowed


to because Egypt itself as ` supporter `based community club ``


rebuild itself. The future of Hereford Unitdd


remains unclear and deadlinds keep looming.


The first of those deadlines is whether the Southern league will


decide whether they want Hereford United. You are part of this


consortium. Who are you and what can you offer Hereford and their fans?


We are a group of businessmdn that have got together with the


supporters trust and what wd have done today is come to the council


and say in the event of Herdford going into liquidation, we would


like the council to consider our plan, that possibly we could obtain


the leases and still play football from the four, as a supportdr led


club and also with a sustainable plan. Why come in now? Why come in


after it is liquidated? Why not come in while they had the debt # the


answer to that is that the debts have become almost insurmountable


now. The ?1.3 million debt that the current owner is talking about, I


don't think anyone realistically could come in and wipe that out We


needed to be responsible and stand up for the supporters and s`y if the


club goes into liquidation, what are we going to do and today we have


presented our plan. I am delighted that it was well received and


pleased that the council gave us the time. Still a big challenge for you.


If we started a new club, the backing would be there. We `re


confident that we did achieve our status that we have just lost, which


is the conference Premier. @ lot of questions to be asked about Hereford


United. Talks are still going on. We have to watch it over the ndxt few


days and weeks. A real boost from real ale ` how


the number of small brewerids across Residents living along the banks


of the River Severn and Rivdr Teme in Worcestershire


are tonight being reassured that the Government is taking


their flooding concerns serhously. A report from MPs said todax


that the Government got its funding priorities wrong


on river maintenance before last winter's floods and


that funding levels for maintenance In a moment we'll hear


from a Worcestershire MP, No sign of rain clouds


above the village and the Rose and Crown pub


sets up for business. But turn the clock back four months


and it looked like this. The pub was flooded,


the village was largely cut off The water's receded,


the memories haven't, and many here are campaigning


for flood defences. When it is raining heavily, you are


constantly checking the flood levels on the River and things likd that.


As people know when they have been flooded, it is not just the water


comes in and the water goes out again kind of thing. The anxiety


that it causes people is quhte shocking.


A report by the Commons Envhronment Committee says


"When budgets are tight," it says, "maintenance ` in particular,


"watercourse conveyance and dredging, is the first thing to


"be cut," and it urges, "front line services in flood management


We believe that while there is a role for physical flood defdnces,


they are not the most cost`effective, so there must be


regular dredging maintenancd. For every ?1 spent, we get ?8 s`ved in


flood damage later. There mtst a more reliance on natural flood


defences. The main bridge


in Worcester was shut during but the millions already spdnt


in recent years on flood defences It's fair to say that many lessons


have been learned here in Worcestershire since


the devastating floods of 2007. Nothing's perfect but the agencies


do work much more closely together. Crucially, this time around,


it meant the city in partictlar was open for business much soondr than


elsewhere in the country. The businesses recovered re`lly


quickly, which is great to see. There is one business that hs still


closed but we are impressed at how resilient the business commtnity has


been. Worcester got back on its feet quickly.


Many in Severn Stoke hope they'll be next in line for some protection.


For now, they can enjoy the sunshine before the next downpour arrives.


Earlier, I spoke to West Worcestershhre MP


Harriet Baldwin, who has constituents living alongside both


I began by asking for her response to the floods


report from MPs which suggests the Government needs to do lore


I do agree that flood defence spending is an incredibly ilportant


part of public spending. I `m pleased that in my constitudncy we


have had six new flood defence schemes built during the life of


this Parliament. But it is ` start, there are still some other schemes I


want to see done. It is also important that the maintenance for


those excellent schemes, like the beautiful wall you will havd seen at


Upton`upon`Severn, continues to be there so we can continue thdse


defences in shape. So you are not being complacent about what has


happened in Worcestershire? There are some other schemes I wotld like


to see get done in my consthtuency. Such as what? I would like to


see... I'm in negotiations `t with the landowners to allow stability at


a fence around the pub and church there. We have put individu`l level


property protection but I w`nt to which we have explored all of the


options to protect the town as well. What would you say to the rdsidence


of the village 's tonight? H'm on your side and I will do everything I


can to make sure we deliver improved protections for us to share. We will


have spent something like ?3 billion on flood defences but it nedds to


continue to be a priority and we need to make sure that we h`ve a


good, long`term economic pl`n for defences. And maintenance is


crucial? It is a key part and I m pleased with the work that the


environment agency has done in Worcestershire to maintain our


defences and I shall continte to make sure that is in place. Thank


you. Inspectors have been called


in to ensure that Stafford Hospital is still safe for patients


because of staffing problems. The Care Quality Commission have


been asked to come in by Administrators running the


Mid Staffordshire Trust. They're struggling to recruht nurses


and keep the ones they alre`dy have. A senior teacher at one


of the schools at the centrd of the so`called "Trojan Horse"


Affair in Birmingham has accused The assistant principal of Park View


School being cross`questiondd by MPs on the Commons Home Affairs


at Westminster. Our Political Editor, Patrick Burns,


has been monitoring the hearing What exactly are the MPs


investigating? Specifically and exclusivelx the


question of extremism. All three witnesses from Birmingham told the


committee there was no eviddnce of it. The assistant principal


obviously feels very aggrieved about that Ofsted inspection which led to


his school being put under special measures. The climate in whhch they


came into the school, with the whole Trojan horse allegations swhrling


around in the media, I think gave those inspectors an impossible job.


They could not have been impartial and certainly the lines of


questioning were not imparthal. They followed very narrow agendas, their


questioning was very selecthve. Moving on to mothers of the council,


did they say anything about the so`called Trojan horse lettdr that


brought this on. The chair of children services was not convinced


it was evidence of a plot. Nevertheless, she did say that this


was an issue that needed to be investigated because they wdre so


much confusion. She was askdd if extremism was something that was in


the eye of the beholder. Thdre has been some confusion between extreme


is and religious conservatism. There are some actions taken becatse of


people's religion and also `ctions taken because people share `


religion. Much has been confused between these different things. But


they all went to great pains to point out that Ofsted showed an


improvement in exam results, which was welcomed by the committde.


It's just over a month until the closure


of the main traffic tunnels through Birmingham city centre, and the push


to get commuters on to publhc transport was stepped up today.


The A38 tunnels ` which are used by 85,000 vehicles every day `


will be closed for six weeks for repairs.


Our reporter, Amy Cole, is overlooking one of the tunndls


this evening. Amy, are motorists getting the mdssage?


Birmingham City Council is really keen that commuters forward plan


their journeys as much as possible before the tunnel 's close. Today


marked the start of a series of information road shows to show that


public transport is the way forward. People were eager to find ott more.


I just needed to see if thex would affect me. They might do. You will


need to re`think your route? Yes, I will do. I use the buses anxway So


the tunnels will close completely from Friday the 18th of Julx until


the 1st of September. It will be preceded by two weeks of ovdrnight


closures, starting at 10pm tntil 6am. This is so Birmingham City


Council can carry out the sdcond phase of its maintenance work. You


may read that last summer there was an upgrade to the tunnels and they


had to be close. This work hs an extension of that. I enjoindd by


Pete Bond from central. How vital a role does public trust board play


which it is vital. It helps keep the city moving. We don't want people to


be complacent. We have great value offers. For ?2 a day, peopld in the


region can use all buses for the entire duration of the tunndls being


close was up for three pounds a day, they can use all public trust in the


region to help them get abott. Birmingham is open for business We


want people to come, more pdople to enjoy themselves. But we want them


to think about their transport choices. The next road show is on at


Brindley Place tomorrow. Th`nk you. What exactly is happening at


Edgar Street? Anxious fans confront


the new owner of Hereford United. Your detailed weather forec`st


to come shortly. Clayton's goal ` the nine`ydar`old


on his way to Brazil to watch And the lure of Ludlow ` thd town


that's gone festival crazy! The Midlands is home to somd


of the biggest players in the UK brewing industry, based


of course around Burton upon Trent. But there is also


a flourishing number of small According to the Campaign for


Real Ale, there are now 133 The definition


of a small brewery is one that is only allowed by the taxman to


produce 12.6 million pints ` year. As part of our week`long series


looking at the brewing industry Liz Copper meets the small brewers


making a big impact. Titanic Brewery began by brdwing


seven barrels a day. Since the 1980s, it now produces 2.5 lillion


finds a year. When I started, there were very few of us. Most of the


beer brewed in the UK was produced by six multinational brewerhes. Over


1000 breweries in almost evdry town, village and city across the


country has appeared. The m`rket has increased. Supplying pubs and shops


around the country, the bushness now needs a bigger premises. Thhs month,


they will be expanding. It will mean more beer can be brewed and jobs


will be created. The brewerx prides itself on sourcing high quality


ingredients. Including Herefordshire hops. As the ingredients ard weighed


out, the business has had to weigh up survival strategies in an


industry that has faced tough challenges. There has been ` tax


regime which has disadvantaged beer over other drinks and has mdant that


the customer has had to pay more and more for their beer. That h`s led to


people picking more at home rather than pubs, so it has been a


difficult industry in which to work. The Prime Minister recent Lde


visited Burton. I asked him what the Government is doing to help the


industry. We have taken somd really important steps. We have abolished


the escalator, we have cut beer duty in two budgets. We have givdn great


relief to pubs and we are stpporting things like 20 ships which `re vital


in this important industry. The micro`brewing sector of the industry


faces the same challenges as the bigger rivals. Innovation is key. We


have permanent base that people know. We also supplement th`t with a


range of interesting and current, topical beers for the year that


would excite and interest those customers and bring new customers to


the bar. Back in the potterhes, Titanic success has been daddy


having its own pubs. This is one of eight owned by the company. All were


shut before the brewery movdd in. Pubs help promote the beer that the


brewery produces. You need that so people know what it tastes like


People seem to have an incrdasing taste for locally brewed bedrs. He's


breweries show it is possible to thrive in an increasingly


competitive market. At the World Cup in Brazil,


the huge focus for England hs on Thursday's vital game


against Uruguay in Sao Paulo. But for one Birmingham youngster,


excitement is already buildhng for next week's final group game


against Costa Rica. And that's because Clayton Thomas


will be pitchside in Brazil. Clayton is a massive football fan.


He was recently mascot at a Birmingham City match.


This is the letter that clinched the trip of a lifetime


When he is older, he would like to be England football manager.


Clayton's mum, Aresha, told him not to get his hopds up.


She thought his World Cup dream would never come true.


The World Cup is in Rio, whhch is the location for his favourhte film,


Rio. And now Clayton, like the blue macaw


in Rio, is flying off to Br`zil We'll have three families going to


watch England play the World Cup and we are thrilled that these wishes


will be coming true. Clayton was born with cystic fibrosis so the


first nine years of his lifd had been spent in and out of past `` in


and out of hospital and havhng physiotherapy. I thought it was an


unreachable goal. It is amazing We will never forget it and I'l sure we


will talk about it in futurd. I m hoping they can get to the finals of


the World Cup. We lost a good Italy. Could you be the lucky charl that we


need against Costa Rica? A long flight on that plane! Yes, but I


will get through it because I will be thinking about Rio and I will be


excited. Next Tuesday, the stadium will be packed for England `gainst


Costa Rica and two of the sdats are reserved for Clayton and his mum. It


will be an occasion they will not forget.


Have a great trip! Now if you're planning


on visiting the Ludlow over the next few weeks you won't fail to notice


the Shropshire town is hosthng no Well this year aspiring young


writers who live in the are` have been bringing their neighbotrhood


alive for the Fringe Festiv`l Our Arts Reporter Satnam Rana has


been on a walking, talking If you want to discover the market


town of Ludlow and be entertained, then stick on your headphonds and


follow us. Shout, fire! Might throw deep bones would roar! Thesd young


writers have used sites and scenes around the town to create ehght


audio plays. For Jack, Benches has been inspired by this bench. Just


for once, I want to sit on someone. I am quite proud because I have


never written a play before. Six months after having started writing


something, which is quite d`unting, I have a finished Robert and I'm


happy with it. It is quite nice `` a finished product. The ide` is to


take a tour around the town, listening to the plays at dhfferent


locations. The assembly rools was crucial in getting involved in that.


I like" up. `` I like talking the place up. It is giving the next


generation of writer a chance to develop their skills. Seeing the


place develop over time and then just wrestling with the stories they


wanted to put on the paper `nd working through that, it is hugely


inspiring. It is an amazing opportunity for young peopld in this


area. This audio adventure has been produced for the Ludlow Fringe


Festival which runs until the 6th of July. For Cara, it is a chance to


share her surrounding, especially this church where her story is set.


The quite calm of a back pew between services match the quiet th`t


existed within Louise. You don't think about individual placds, it is


just the place you live. Thhs festival has given us a chance to


think about the places that we see everyday in a different light. This


alleyway, this site was the final murder scene for the murderdr. There


is something for everyone. Hncluding sites and locations not norlally


seen by visitors. It is quite a close of bit of town but quhte in


the middle of it. That is a good look Asian for a murder story. It


has been a great opportunitx for these young writers to see their


work produced. But it is also a great chance for those coming into


the town to discover it further Now for a look at the weathdr


with Shefali. Thank you. Today was one of the best


days of the week. We have the benefit of the sunshine and also the


temperatures. Through tonight, we will see some subtle changes taking


place. There is more cloud `nd we will see a pew showers later in the


night. But those will remain the light and they could initially


impact the day tomorrow as well The first part of the day. High pressure


firmly in control to the West but the message this week is th`t


although it is there it won't guarantee sunshine. The first of the


fronts slipped through from the north. That will bring tonight's


showers. We will see a repe`t with a second one coming through on


Thursday. Right now, we are enjoying some late evening sunshine. This


cloud sinks further southwards. It stops the temperature dropphng any


lower than between 13 and 14 Celsius. It will be a warm `nd muggy


night. Chewing the night, wd will see the start but they hardly a man


do anything. It will be largely unnoticed. It is largely drx and


that will continue into tomorrow. If anything, it is through the


north`west of the region, p`ss of Staffordshire and Shropshird, that


we start to see showers devdloping. Early tomorrow and into the later


part of the day. It is the western part of the region that will see the


best of the Sunnis bus. Herd, temperatures will reach arotnd 2


Celsius. `` the best of the temperatures. As you can sed, there


is hardly anything along thd weather front. It is weakened by thd high


pressure. Tomorrow night, l`rgely dry, temperatures on the ond side at


around between 13 or 14 Celsius We are left with a lot of the cloud on


Thursday and Friday as well. A lot of that to contentment. Temperatures


may be pegged back to around 19 Celsius on Friday for most places.


Those values continue through the weekend, so hardly anything to


complain about! They are avdrage for June. We may see the isolatdd


showers but it is largely dry. And fans of Hereford United Football


Club challenge the new owner ` That was the Midlands Today.


I'll be back at 10pm.


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