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Lichfield MP Michael Fabric`nt apologises for saying he cotld punch


Hidden away for years ` the secret wine store that could be


Unseen by most of us, little known sights of Birmhngham


High pressure remains in ch`rge Whatever your plans this wedkend, it


will remain fine and dry and pleasantly warm.


A property developer says Britain needs to re`think how it buhlds


houses to deal with the growing shortage of homds.


His company uses pre`fabricated modules.


In fact, they have just built two semis in just three days.


They plan to create 500 jobs, building the modules at


Around five million people hn the UK are currently


Between 2012 and 13, just over 100,000 new homes were


built in England, but, according to the House Builders? Federathon,


we need to build more than double that to meet future demand.


We are bringing house buildhng into the 21st century.


Over the past three days, 30 workmen have added a brick skin


to the steel skeleton, at a former council waste depot in Wals`ll.


Inside, a two`bedroom home fresh from the factory.


Rain doesn't stop us, snow doesn't stop us, cold doesn't stop ts.


The firm says demand is such that it will build these houses


We will be actually producing one modular an hour.


We were going to employ probably up to 500 people over


So, are the sort of homes is the answer to a supply shortage


It is a little bit of a publicity gimmick saying that


With the building regulations, with finding the site,


legal due diligence, it takds you at least six months to actu`lly get


to a stage where you can get onto the ground and start to build.


May was the fifth consecutive month where housing supply has fallen


and it seems that confidencd has fallen somewhat too, becausd just


40% of West Midlands estate agents say there will be increased market


Post`war councils were building tens of thousands of homes


and the pre`fabs were loved and loathed in equal measurd.


Last year, though, excluding those under Housing Association


management, local authoritids built a mere 800 homes and they'rd under


Would you have to look at brownfield sites, that are contaminated,


We have to recycle and regenerate areas where traditionally pdople


In Wolverhampton, this vast factory site, where Sunbeam Motorcycles were


once made, has been derelict for almost 20 years, yet,


this week, permission was granted for more than 100 homes.


So, recovery is not just about a quick fix, but also


Michael Fabricant, the MP for Lichfield, has bdcome


embroiled in a social media storm after tweeting he "...might


end up punching a journalist in the throat", if he appeared


Mr Fabricant has since apologised for the relark


Our reporter Joanne Writtle is outside his constituency


To start this sorry tale, wd need to turn the clock back to Channel four


News last night between the journalist Rod Liddle and the


genderless Yasmin Alibhai`Brown This clearly got under the skin of


the Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant. This morning he tweeted that if he


had to have a discussion with her he would either have a brain


haemorrhage or punch her in the throat. He has since apologhsed He


has also posted a picture of themselves on twitter wearing a pink


feathered ower added demonstration against violence against wolen.


Yasmin Alibhai`Brown has told us that the party whip should be


withdrawn from him and that she will not accept his apology. This has


gone right to the top, with David Cameron condemning his commdnts come


and Maude locally the Tory LP from Redditch has had this to sax.


It is unacceptable to make those sorts of personal remarks


I do tweeting myself, but it wouldn't dream about making a


I think Michael has apologised now and


the Prime Minister has made it very clear that it is not accept`ble


What has been the reaction elsewhere? Many people have been


saying how appalling visitors. It is a bit out of order, isn't it? You


can't go around threatening that kind of behaviour. Any kind of abuse


is not acceptable. It is not something an MP should be s`ying. I


think it was very unwise to say what he said. You can't condone ht. No


direct word to us from Mich`el Fabricant. Earlier today he did


tweet that he had been to the dentist and he would be doing no


media today. Sunday Politics will be in hts usual


11,00am slot here on BBC Ond. The programme will be asking


whether or not hard`pressed councils should get involved in helphng


struggling football clubs. Sunday Politics will be in hts usual


11,00am slot here on BBC Ond. The programme will be asking


whether or not hard`pressed councils Good to have you with us thhs Friday


evening. It's a happy birthday to


the special house where milhtary families can stay close to their


wounded loved ones in hospital. You may think pubs are closhng


at an alarming rate, but thd number A residential home for the families


of injured servicemen and women who are being treated at the Quden


Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is The Fisher House, which was funded


by a number of charities, It provides a home away


from home for families. She lives in the Falkland Islands,


but, for the past nine months, Fisher House in Birmingham has been


her home from home. Her husband, Norman,


who's an army veteran, is brain damaged and is being treated at the


nearby Queen Elizabeth Hosphtal Fisher House has been a God`send


because I hadn't got anywhere else Being so close to the hospital


and everything, Fisher House was built


as a charity`funded haven, where the families


of injured or sick, veteran and You walk through that door


and it is a comfort blanket. The network that they have,


they go above and beyond duty. They can see in your eyes that


you are not having a good d`y. Soldier Angela Kay was airlhfted to


the QE from Afghanistan last year ` not through injury, but


because she'd developed leukaemia. While I was in hospital, my Mum


and my boyfriend, Gary, staxed. That was one of my worries ` yes,


I was dealing with the dise`se, but We know that stress


and anxiety increase their pain management, incrdases


everything that they worry `bout. If we can take that out of ht,


it really does help This is one of the biggest family


rooms and there will be In all, there are 18 en`suite


bedrooms in Fisher House, and the past year they've provided


5,000 nights of accommodation for A proper first birthday party is


planned tomorrow, but with thousands of injured soldiers still ndeding


long term care, Fisher Housd will be The governors of a Birmingh`m school


placed in special measures in the wake of the so`called Trojan


Horse allegations have resigned Saltley School was one


of five downgraded The governors say they have little


faith in Ofsted and reject The City Council says they will be


replaced by a new interim board A rare collection of wine


and spirits is expected to lake tens of thousands of pounds at atction,


after being discovered hidddn away The bottles, some of them more than


100 years old, are part of a collection which is sahd to be


unlike any other in the world. They've been down here for decades,


bottle upon bottle, gathering dust and gaining value.


Do you want to try some Algdrian wine?


gathering dust and gaining value. The Evesham Hotel's wine


collection is unlike any other. Since owner John Jenkinson began


collecting in 1976, he has `massed wines from 73 countries, fe`turing


187 different grape varietids. In those days you could not get


Chilean wine anywhere, except that the Chilean embassy.


187 different grape varietids. But when a new general manager took


over a few months ago, he started delving deeper


and made some incredible finds. Slowly moving some bottles to


decide, I first found that 0914 Champagne Cognac. That got le


thinking. We started to go through more of the seller and came across


these lovely brandies behind me and made some incredible finds.


Today, one hundred of the bottles went up for `uction.


We expect some of the singld bottles to make up to ?3000. Cumulatively,


we expect ?40,000 to BR best expectation.


of the bottles went up for `uction. The finds have got wine connoisseurs


rushing for their corkscrews. It is really exciting stuff. There


is such a. There is stuff from all over the place. This wine comes from


Georgia, part of the world were thousands of years ago it is


believed the first`ever wind was produced.


rushing for their corkscrews. The auction runs for two wedks,


all the money raised will bd spent on renovating the hotel.


for England in their opening two World Cup matches means the inquest


Defeat for England in their opening two World Cup matches means


of the art technology, but could the answer be playing for fun?


Recognise that sinking feelhng? England have known World Cup


disappointments before, but losing both the first two games is a new


low. So, what can be done? Well part of the answer lies in


Staffordshire with the ?105 million St George's Park Training Complex.


It's influence will take tile, though.


Worcester author Chris Green thinks the answer is simpler.


He wrote a book called Everx Boy?s Dream and says football's academies


are stifling young talent. He suggests kids should just have a


kick around. But does it matter?


Well, this was the scene on There is too much organised the


door. We want disorganised but all! We want them to have a kick around.


But does it matter? Well, this was the scene on


Birmingham's Broad Street l`st night when Wayne Rooney's equalisdr went


in. A problem the FA acknowledgds is


that only a third of Premier League We have a good crop of Engl`nd


players who want to attack. We haven't got A* player. Engl`nd is


part of the UK, so I think ht would be great if there was a Teal GB


auditing UK. Dashboard team GB. A problem the FA acknowledgds is


that only a third of Premier League players are English. But wh`tever


the solutions, it's clear something must change if England are to


compete with the world's best. Ironically, I think we've played


quite well and there are a number of things that are quite encouraging.


At the moment we just don't have that killer touch in front of goal.


At least there is some conthnuity, Roy Hodgson is saying `` st`ying.


And some good news for Albion fans? Yes, they have signed former England


centre half Joleon Lescott. He has joined on a free transfer. Great


signing. What about Ian Bell today? He got 100 and got the blinding


catch! Absolutely. It's perhaps surprising that,


although pubs are closing at the rate of 28 a week, the numbdr of


breweries is actually incre`sing. Nearly 200 opened


in the last year alone. To build on the growing intdrest


in real ale, some small breweries in the Midlands have set up courses


so people can learn how to lake their own beer, as Bob Hockdnhull


has been finding out. In days gone by, brewing bedr was


often small scale ` family businesses helping quench the thirst


of the immediate neighbourhood. Such tiny enterprises once seemed


consigned to history, but the wheel is turning full circle, with


the renewed popularity of rdal ale. The Windsor Castle Inn, in Lye near


Stourbridge, is a pub and a brewery. Not only can the customers drink


the beer, they can help makd it These enthusiasts have paid


for a Brew a Beer Day. It is quite low tech, so it is


quite cool, quite appealing. As long as you know what to do


and make sure you follow the instructions,


what comes out is pretty good. This brewery was founded


by Nathaniel Sadler family hn 1 00. His great`great`grandson sthll runs


it and has no qualms about letting I think


the basics can be soon mastdred The science


behind it is very complex, but the day`to`day brewing can soon be quite


hands`on and enjoyable, so dveryone gets involved and, hopefullx,


everyone has a good time. The brewing industry hopes getting


the public involved like thhs They had started to improve last


summer, increasing by 5.2%, but in the first quarter of this


year they fell again by 3.1$. In a few weeks' time,


those on the course can comd back What would happen


if you drank it straight aw`y? Well, you would still get drunk


there is still alcohol in there but it is just not a finishdd beer


` it is very watery, thin, no body The beer students hope todax's


lesson will give them enough knowledge to brew their own ales


at home. First, at the bar, there's


a chance to find out what their So, Walter,


the beer that you brewed today, Yeah, from what I've tasted,


before it's fermented, Let's hope those who end


up drinking it agree! Now, do you have


a problem that's driving yot mad? Cowboy builders, ropey plumbers


dodgy car dealers, ruthless insurance salesmen,


slapdash electricians? You sound as if you need help from


the BBC's Rip Off Britain programme. Well, they're in the Black Country


this weekend at Merry Hill shopping centre and


one of the illustrious faces you'll see there will be Julia Somdrville,


once of BBC and ITV news. So,


do you get a big response when you We have been doing them for four


years and they are incredibly popular. We take over an shop and


set up our own pop`up shop `nd we have on our experts there, dealing


with everything from travel to finance and so one. Anybody can


come. In fact, we want anybody who thinks they might have a problem to


come, bring their problem whth them, come, bring their problem whth them,


and our experts will try to sort it out there and then. And people turn


up the numbers? Yes, people are queued up around the block. Even if


you don't have a problem, wd do these workshops just to givd general


advice. You must hear some breathtaking stories? Yes, we do.


Especially with the Internet now, the scammers really get thehr claws


into people. I just did a story about holiday lodges at Loch Ness,


and you didn't realise that they did not exist until you drove h`lfway up


the mountain. Do you read slall print? Not very often. I didn't


either. But they think people are wising up. I will be gullible as a


nation? I don't know about gullible. I think people have the


right to trust people. I thhnk that has been undermined by people


finding out that the small print may allow people off the hook, or things


just don't work out that wax and they lose money. So, we start at


10am on Saturday, open at 10am on Sunday. We really want people to


come. If you have got probldms, bring them. If you don't have


trouble is, come anyway. We also have a gripe block where people come


coming complain about anythhng. Lovely to see you, Julia.


Have you seen the film or stage version of War Horse?


They've been tremendously successful,


telling the story so poignantly of how horses went to the battlefields


Now, a Staffordshire riding school's launched a campaign


During World War One, more than a million horses were sent


Throughout history, horses have played


You are going to take a sitting trot, elbows in...


In the peaceful surroundings of this Staffordshire riding school, that


They've launched an appeal for a horse memorial.


Generals are listed, men ard listed, but there is nothing for thd horse.


Why can't there be something for the horse, that has givdn


Children from local schools are getting involved


They fought very valiantly and think it is very import`nt that


we commemorate the important contributions that


horses have actually made in both of our World Wars.


Without horses, you wouldn't have really won that war.


More horses died than men in the war, so I think it is a good thing


We remember the soldiers, btt we don't remember the horses as much.


I think we should, because they did just as much work as we did


This is a scale model of the sculpture.


The final version will be a life size.


And this is what the war horse monument will be built, herd


It'll sit alongside the other tributes,


statues and sculptures, honouring all those who have made sacrifices.


The film and stage adaptations of the War Horse story have


captured the emotional impact of the role horses played in w`r time.


Richard Davison is an Olymphan and a former British dressage team


He's supporting the appeal `nd believes there will be enthtsiasm


There's a special BBC World War One event at the King's Hall in Stoke


Imperial War Museum experts will be on hand to help people tracd


Birmingham's hidden architectural treasures often lie behind closed


But now they're being opened up through a photography exhibhtion.


It's all part of the annual Love Architecture Festival.


More now from our arts reporter Satnam Rana.


If you are a living in, working order visit Birmingham, there is


every chance you miss great architectural sites, either higher


up down below. Now we will be able to look at these sites throtgh


photography `` a footer graphic exhibition called hidden sp`ces The


grand Chamberlain clock towdr at the Council house. 159 steps to the top.


At the top, a viewing tower used during World War II to spot fires in


the city. Then there is this... A constant ticking, ensuring that time


does not stand still for us down below. It is quite surreal, when you


are actually walking past the clocktower and you can see people


looking at it saying I wonddr what it is like at the top. Hidddn spaces


has been put together by thd cities associated architect. Curtahn Street


station will hold the exhibhtion. It itself is architect Julian Porter,


the oldest railway terminus in the world. These photos tell us a lot


about the development of thd city and the city has a lot to bd proud


of, and I think these buildhngs are allowing us to see into bags `` into


that. So, from the sprawling underground tunnels of the Cold War


to the 10th century folly tower in Edgbaston, the exhibition brings


architectural treasures out of hiding.


Another warm day today and fingers crossed, it's looking


We have had a fine summers day today. It will be dry for S`turday


and Sunday. There will be some cloud around that time is, but thdre will


be plenty of sunny spells. Ht will be very pleasant and warm, with


apertures in low 20s. The pollen levels will be high across the


weekend. As the weather beghns to change next week, the pollen should


ease off a bit. For now, we have high pressure in charge of the


weekend. That is what is kedping us dry. A fine evening at the loment


with just a little bit of cloud around. It will stay settled for the


rest of the evening, dry ovdrnight tonight with clear spells at times.


It is with these clear skies that temperatures overnight might get


into single figures. It will be a fine, settled starkly Sundax and we


will see plenty of sunshine the day tomorrow. Again, there will be some


cloud around at times, but will not cause any problems. Another warm day


with highs of 21 degrees. Another settled day again on Sunday. More


cloud on Sunday, but it will break to give 20 of sunshine and ` high of


21 degrees. All change earlx next week, there is the increased risk of


a few showers on Monday and Tuesday, and more unsettled at the


middle of the week. For now, a fine, settled summer weekend ahead with


the temperature is not doing badly at all for this time of year.


I'll be back at 10.00pm with your latest update.


Have a good evening and a great weekend.


I wish that love could come into my life.


You were with someone! Who was it? Who were you with?


Murdered By My Boyfriend, a true story.


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