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Inevitable, I suppose. That's all from the News at Six. Goodbye from


me. On I would hate to think anothdr family


would have to go through wh`t we went through and still going


through. It affect you for the rest of your life.


His investment pays off as Prince Charles opens


a renovated and revitalised pottery in Stoke`on`Trent.


Stoke`on`Trent is the cradld of the British ceramics industry and the


contribution made to this country by the potteries has been enormous.


A crisis management team set up in Coventry as it's confirmdd three


city teenagers have joined tp with militants in Syria.


The freedom of Walsall for one of its most famous sons, Noddy Holder.


And there's something brewing in the distance this week `


it could be on a par with some of the thunderstorms in the sotth last


Keep watching ` I'll have all those details for you in a short while.


Police officers laughed and joked as a father of two lay dying nearby


39`year`old Lloyd Butler, who was an alcoholic,


died within hours of being taken into custody at Stechford.


Today, the inquest found he may have survived if he'd bden


The coroner criticised the culture at the police station


and said she wasn't convincdd it had changed since Mr Butler's ddath


To his family, Lloyd Butler was larger than life


But he spent years battling alcoholism


and four years ago this sumler, alarmed by his drunken behaviour,


Within hours, to their horror, they got a phone call to tell them


It is absolutely devastating, because people say to you about


closure, this will bring closure. But there is no such thing. Only a


parent would understand that. and into the station, proof, say


the family, he should have gone to Officers were supposed to check


on his welfare every 15 minttes but footage shows them chatting


and joking. Records show they accessed


a sexually explicit website Insulting remarks were made


about the prisoner in their care. Nearly 40 minutes after he was


last checked, Lloyd was found The jury found that Lloyd Bttler


died from a cardiac arrest related to underlying problems causdd


by alcohol. But they concluded that he should


not have been detained in ctstody, and, that had he been in hospital,


the probability was that he was The coroner Louise Hunt said she


remained concerned about conduct in custody suites and would be sending


a report to West Midlands Police. In an internal police disciplinary


process, one officer was fotnd guilty of misconduct and another


of gross misconduct ` All of the facts came out. Obviously


I didn't see the CCTV, but ht is all there. I'm quite shocked th`t one of


the officers suggested that this still goes on. There is a


challenging environment herd, we have plans going forward to build


new custody blocks that will go online in the next 12 months or so.


We will have state of, with professional officers in a permanent


role with a change of attittde and culture. We are getting a grip on


bass and moving on with the issues that need need to be moved on.


Thanks for joining us this evening here on Midlands Today.


Looking to inspire thousands of schoolchildren


at the first chapter of a fhve`day book festival in Coventry.


A multi`million project to renovate a Stoke`on`Trent pottery has been


Middleport Pottery, which is based in Burslem, was bought by the


It's spent around ?9 million restoring it.


The company now employs 80 people on the site


Prince Charles arrived at Mhddleport by canal.


In this pottery's heyday, it was the canals that transported


On the tow path, there was an enthusiastic greeting


from the potters who've forled a close bond with the Princd.


He's taken a personal interdst in this project and spoke


of his determination that this unique factory should be saved.


Stoke`on`Trent is the cradld of the British ceramics industry. @nd the


contribution made to this country by the potteries has been enorlous


So, I am absolutely thrilled that this pottery is alive and breathing


once again. The Prince was shown


the newly refurbished collection of moulds ` it's the largest


in Europe ` and it's on display The 19,000 Molesey a stretch back to


the 19th century and it takd you back through ceramic historx. But in


the future, it would be possible to bring any of these designs back to


life because these are the laster moulds and they have been s`ved for


the nation. No visit here's complete without


the presentation of some pottery ` and here?s a tea pot made from


the same mould first used to create a gift for the Prince's gre`t


grandmother, Queen Mary, in 191 . Workers here value the emph`sis on


preserving traditional skills and two years ago if this had not


happened I dare say none of us would have been standing here now. It


would have been gone and I would have been a shame, to lose `ll those


skills. you could not have ` better ambassador than the Prince of Wales


to help us along and secure our future.


A model of the pottery was tnveiled in the original manager's offices.


This is part of the building which has been restored and now


We think this project is not Jewish unique. And of the Staffordshire or


not even for the UK. we think it stands on a worldwide basis and we


hope to see many international visitors here.


The Prince and the Potters have formed an dnduring


relationship and the plan is that the world`famous reputation of this


Joining me now is Theresa Fox`Wells from the


Why did the trust get involved in Middleport in the first place?


The trust specialise in finding purposes for buildings that are


quite challenging, shall we say And it was such a wonderful building,


but, best of all it was a rdal working faction with jobs that would


benefit from involvement with the charity. And presumably quite a


complex business to renovatd it while it was still working? Hugely


complex. But that is what the Trust specialise in and the factory


workers and Burley have been excellent working alongside us. It


has paid off us. It has paid off hasn't it? Has and it was a pleasure


to welcome Prince Charles and all the other visitors today and we can


start showing it off at last. I should think it is to amend as


rewarding for everybody involved? yes, I think when you have seen a


place that was so sad and rtn down bourse and come to life oncd again


it is hugely rewarding. So ht was a bit of a gamble at one stagd? I


suppose so. But we were alw`ys confident that we had the solution


and it was all planned on a sustainable basis and I think it has


a glowing future. And what `re your hopes for the future? Lots of


visitors of course! We want them from overseas and from the local


area and we hope to continud creating more jobs and developing


the project as we go into the future. Thank you.


A crisis management team's being set up in Coventry after it emerged that


three young men from the city have gone to Syria to fight


It's because of increasing concerns about the


The fathers of two of the men involved have bedn


Here's our Special correspondent, Peter Wilson.


Three teenagers ` all friends with good prospdcts


But now they're believed to be in Syria involved with


The youngest, Ali Kalantar, was due to study computer science.


Three months ago he borrowed ?1 000 and disappeared with his passport.


the grief is limitless. Every second, every minute it is ly mind.


How can I cope with this situation. If he, what should I do?


Mohammed Hadi, who's just 18, is reportedly fighting with Isis


Rashid Amani, from Coventry, was studying business studids.


The boys? parents are all in the dark.


I do not know what happened with him. Maybe somebody works whth him,


I don't know. All three friends set out


from Coventry, travelling to Birmingham where they then flew to


Frankfurt and from there to Turkey. They are now believed to be


in Syria, near the city of @leppo. The police were informed


of their absence just minutds after The Muslim community in Covdntry


wants to take action. We are setting up a group mdeting


with the council and the West Midlands Police, which is p`rt of


the group we would normally do in a crisis such as this. We will address


this later in the week. All three men attended


this mosque in Coventry. During the day it's a nursery


school, at night a mosque. It's been alleged that the three


friends may have been encouraged The Imam of the Tipton Mosqte knows


all about terrorism the mospue was In the past, people have told me it


is no longer mosques where xoung men are radicalised, rather, it is James


and Internet cafes. This man was a victim of terrorism a year `go when


tipped in a mosque by an anti`Muslim extremist. It didn't result in a


loss of life, but the kind of panic and anxiety and the kind of chaos


that followed, we all experhenced it. I would wish that upon `nybody.


These men have left a city `nd their families angry and confused.


A teenager's been arrested in connection with a series of


Security was increased at Pdrry Park recently after reports


of people being threatened with a ball`bearing gun.


A number of bikes were stoldn in the attacks.


Police say a firearm has bedn recovered from the scene.


The Chief Executive at the George Eliot Hospital Trust


in Nuneaton is leaving after three years in the post.


Kevin McGee has confirmed that he will be taking on a new job at


The George Eliot faces a deficit of more than ?10 million.


Birmingham City Council says it s hoping to save ?150 million over the


next seven years by renegothating one of its major service contracts


As part of the plan, call centres will be brought back


in house, but Capita will continue to provide computer systems


We believe we can also drivd things through Capita to the remaining


years of the contract. Parthcularly by reducing the number of


applications the City Counchl runs and reducing the amount of


programmes. We believe that amount of money could be more and we're


working to achieve that. Two colleges in Birmingham have


been barred from taking on foreign students over allegations that


immigrants were cheating to get It's after an investigation


for the BBC's Panorama programme Ben Godfrey has been


following today's developments. To get these in this countrx need an


English`language certificatd. They told today that 40,000 immigrants


may have a tin `` attained one illegally. They are fat fratdster


sitting the tests for them. Allegations of first highlighted in


panorama and today, 57 priv`te colleges across the UK incltding two


in Birmingham have other licenses to sponsor foreign students suspended


pending an investigation. That includes Birmingham Institute of


education training and technology and a finance and business training


college. Has there been any reaction? I went this afternoon and


the finance business and tr`ining specialises in English`langtage


qualifications. They told their commitment seriously and thdy work


closely with the Government to resolve this situation swiftly. The


other college, known as high`tech, is little more of a confusing


picture. It is registered in small Heath and the site does not operate


at the college and has not done so for nine years. I'm not surd the


Government actually knows that. What the suspension of licenses lean is


that they cannot take on foreign students until the conclusion of a


Government investigation. Thank you Ben.


It's coming up to seven, this is our top story tonight:


Laughing and joking when thdy should have been checking on him `


a coroner condemns police bdhaviour after an alcoholic dies in custody.


Shefali will be here soon whth your detailed weather forec`st.


And the sun's certainly shining on Noddy Holder,


And as England crash out of the World Cup, the impact


One of the most popular children's authors met many


Dame Jacqueline Wilson, best known for creating the troubled tdenager


Tracy Beaker, was at the Ricoh Arena to receive a special literary award.


The Coventry Inspiration Book awards have been running


for the last eight years ` and this year Dame Jacqueline Wilson


She was at given her award in front of a thousand school


Handing over the award was 11`year`old Elile


from Christ the King Junior School ` she had to write why she thought


I started reading books when I was seven and got addicted to them. She


has inspired me to be a writer. Dame Jacqueline says she was honoured to


win. I want to reach the kids that think reading is boring espdcially


and try and show them that `lthough they may not like my books, there


will be a book somewhere th`t will turn them around.


As you can see, Dame Jacqueline is a popular as ever.


She first started writing when she was nine years of `ge,


has sold more than 35 million books and is responsible for one of the


most popular television programmes in recent decades, Tracy Be`ker


It must be weird, not having? I got! I know where she is. She was a


very lucky character for me because I do think Tracy was my bre`kthrough


book. Even now when I walk through town 's kids will look at md and


they do not always said Jacpueline Wilson, instead, they say Tracy


beaker! she talks about real problem is not just those of princesses She


writes about real things th`t will make real people happy. People might


live in poverty and she makds you understand them. She makes ht very


readable. The Tracy Beaker Question and


answers went on for some tile, and He's had scores of music hits,


held the coveted Christmas number one slot,


starred in successful TV programmes But today,


Noddy Holder is being given the The ceremony is currently underway


at the Council House, but e`rlier I spoke to Noddy and asked hil


what the honour meant to hil. When I got the e`mail through saying


I was being offered the Freddom I was absolutely flabbergasted,


because, for blokes like me, working class kids like me,


I never thought something I'm really chuffed,


I'm absolutely over the moon. Obviously, Walsall is my holetown,


I was born and bred here and the only regret, really,


is that my mam and dad are not alive to see me getting this, bec`use they


were both born in Walsall and lived And they saw your success `


and the Black Country is whdre it I had a little band at school,


just outside of Walsall, Actually,


when the four guys got together who eventually became Slade,


our first gig together was `ctually So it obviously holds a lot


of memories. And I am


the first person to be getthng the Nobody in the arts side


of things has got it in 150 years. So, I think it is great to raise the


profile of the arts in the Lidlands. I do a bit of singing now and again,


yes. I do quite a lot


of voice`over work and other work, I sing in the pub now and again


I get up with a little band I did a little tour last ye`r with


Mark Radcliffe on the BBC the audience were expecting it to be


all talk, but I brought out the acoustic guitar


and did five or six songs, singing. I do keep my hand in and I still


enjoy singing and I still enjoy I have a book coming out


in September called And it's going to be my look


at the modern world. It is not an autobiographic`l book,


there are anecdotes in it from my life in Slade, but it is all about


my outlook on the modern world. Congratulations again


and I love your outfit. Thank you very much,


I made a special effort ` Around 300 fans have gatherdd to


watch Noddy get the Freedom of Walsall and they're in the town


hall where our reporter Amy Cole is You can see noddy on stage `nd


people are asking him questhons They are really pleased for him as


one of the mayor who did sax to him when he was being awarded the


freedom of Walsall, that it was very much a feeling of pride to be still


is on a running. I'm joined by a couple of fans now. Paul, what does


it mean to you, you are a local man? on bread. Still live here. Ht is


about time they did something for him and honoured him in this way. It


is brilliant. This post Walsall on the map. He has done this for years


but it kind of rubber stamps its? yes. Him and the other four members


of the band, they all made the band. They all made the band. Thex all


made it what it noddy will be playing a part in your weddhng won't


see? yes. We are having one of my favourite slave songs as we walk


down the aisle. So it is all good! I hope it goes well. Pete, whx have


you made the effort to come and see noddy tonight? We were luckx enough


to have the opportunity bec`use it was a good time and I thought it was


important to show respect for the man himself. you have is


autobiography what do you m`ke of the great man? He is very ftnny a


very interesting character `nd a super musician. Anybody likds pop


music should like Slade, in my opinion! Thank you very much. Noddy


is going to continue with hhs questions and answers and enjoying


it. He is delighted by what has happened today. Thank you.


England's World Cup is over following this afternoon's


With the team being knocked out after just two games, there are


They could do worse than follow the example of the University of


Worcester who've been learnhng from Brazil for the past eight ydars


England playing at the World Cup ` and it doesn't matter.


Today's game against Costa Rica saw them playing just for pride


So how do they stop it happening again?


At the University of Worcester, they think sharing ideas improves


And who better to share ideas with than Brazilians?


They built a link with Sao Paulo University eight xears ago


and exchanges and visits have taken place ever since.


And they've learnt that using a smaller ball can have big rdsults.


What they are playing with hs a small ball which is slightlx heavier


than a normal football. This one is easy to kick a long way but with


this one, the emphasis is on skill. A lot of street football and only in


the 14 players play in Brazhl. We think if our English players played


this, their skill level would improve and that manipulative that I


croak ability to minute plax the ball would get better.


But it's not just football lovers who want to see a better England


And somewhere like Birmingh`m's Broad Street can attract up to


That's good business ` but even better if England could


There is no doubt about it, England brings in the big numbers. Having


said that, the other smaller game, shall we say, they also bring in


substantial numbers, too. So it is not all doom and gloom. We `re only


missing four games anyway, dven if we had one!


So the international street party will go on, but England will have to


make changes if they're to join the world's elite in four ydars


They played better, draw is better than a defeat. They were better but


clearly, the messages coming through from lots of coaches and th`t is


that we need to play with a smile on our face. Cricket now. Molina Ali is


still batting and shall angdr are still looking for their last


wickets. Thank you Dan. The humidity unfortunately `ppears


to be having quite a negative effect on the pollen levels. They have been


very high today and will continue to be is over the next couple of days


at least. However, you will find by Friday there is quite a significant


gear changing the weather. Ht will be wetter, cool and fresh too. That


hopefully will have a favourable effect on the pollen levels, but it


will bring with it prolonged periods of rain, slow`moving showers,


followed by a drop in temperatures by about 4 degrees or so. Btt if we


fast forward to Friday for the pressure chart, we can see what is


causing it. This frontal system is pushing in from the West and is


accompanied by what The Met office call a flabby area of low pressure.


That means the winds will bd quite liked. So any rain that you do


encounter will be slow moving and longer lasting, producing some


fairly notable totals. Tonight, we have a similar scenario to last


night where we have another clutch showers moving in from the


the region, there may be sulmer It is a dry neither wit and whhch is


still quite warm especially across southern counties with lows of


around 13 or 14 Celsius. Tolorrow is dry, and fairly cloudy. Mord cloud


pushing in from the north btt there be sunny breaks and temperatures


will reach highs of 18 to 20 Celsius. Bit by bit, those


temperatures are starting to drop. Tomorrow night, they will not be


particularly low but it will be a chill you start to Thursday.


Thursday will still be dry, not too cold, but on Friday, the telperature


will drop again and there whll be wet weather.


The former editor of the News of the World Andy Coulson is found guilty


And a Birmingham inquest he`rs that police officers were laughing


and joking when they should have been checking on


I'll be back at ten o'clock with your latest update.


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