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Good evening. Hillsborough Castle.


Muslim leaders joined policd today to try to prevent more young men


heading to fight with Islamhc extremists.


Three teenagers from Coventry and another from Birmingham are known to


Parents are being urged to hnvolve police before it's too late.


Here's our special correspondent Peter Wilson.


These are the images filling the internet


And now, young men with British accents are calling their friends to


This was why an extraordinary meeting was held


So that the militia groups have control over them,


they will take their passports, they will confiscate their loney


and their travel documents, which means, that in some cases, they are


Therefore, those militia groups can tell them to do whatever


And in most cases, those militia groups ask thdm to do


A senior police officer covdring her head as a mark of respect while


in the central mosque spoke directly to mothers


We can't enter a war zone and try and find young people


and bring them back, but we can stop them from going if the powers


Four men from the West Midl`nds are definitely out in Syria.


The Government say 400 or more from the UK may also be fighting.


But one religious leader today said the Government had got


But what are young men thinking and feeling?


He talks to those who are upset at what they see as the West ignoring


Muslim or not, it will make you want to help them.


I think people think the only way they can help hs to go


But, really and truly, the reality is, they do not need to


go and fight, they don't nedd to go over there and pick up a gun.


For some young men, travellhng to Syria seems a great adventure.


But the warning today is th`t you risk your life, your future in


Britain, and, as a Muslim, xou're breaking your own Islamic code.


And Peter joins us now from the Central Mosque in Birmingham.


Peter, do you think this meeting whll


Late prayers have just finished here. The authorities and the


religious leaders are certahnly hoping that that message will sink


in. They hope people will kdep a close eye on their young men and on


what they might be planning. And if they do suspect anything, then


perhaps they should pick up the phone to the police. But also, there


is a security, national sectrity question about this, about ` battle


hardened young men are returning to the UK and what they might still


here. You've spent all day at the Central


Mosque what other message h`ve you People have been saying that they


are preparing for Ramadan which starts this weekend. There will be


fasting during the day and people thinking very deeply about their


religion. People here say they are sick of everybody always linking


Islam to either extremism or terrorism. The Imam here sahd we are


not the enemy within, the authorities need to trust us, not


isolators and not leave us `lone. We are British, and proud to bd


British. Thank you. A man's been arrested after a series


of hoax calls where families in Bedworth were rung in thd early


hours and told a relative h`d died. Bindi was one of the people


called and told her son had died. Warwickshire Police have bedn


investigating eight calls The family of a prisoner who died


after a heart attack in his cell 54`year`old Steve Ham died


at Oakwood prison in Staffordshire An inquest heard there was


a delay of almost an hour An investigation into how


West Mercia Police handled darlier complaints about the killer of


Georgia Williams is to be c`rried Jamie Reynolds was jailed


for life last year for killhng Reynolds was given a warning in 2008


for trying to strangle another girl, The parents of a Herefordshhre man


who took his own life after taking pills to treat acne are calling


for further testing of the drug Olly Roberts was prescribed


Roaccutane when he was 21. 21 months ago today,


Olly Roberts took his own lhfe. For 11 years he had been


suffering anxiety and depression. It began after he took Roaccutane,


the strongest drug Suicidal thoughts were


the main thing and he just couldn't understand


where they were coming from. And he said suddenly, a tear would


just start running down his face and The 32`year`old from Upper Sapey


in Herefordshire is one of ` number of people whose deaths have been


linked to the drug ` even ydars It was originally developed


to treat brain tumours. Manufactured by the Swiss


pharmaceutical company, Roche, The company says it is up to


the regulator whether this ledicine In April,


made secured a Westminster debate as You have a medical profession that


says there is no cause or lhnk, but Suicides are not being recorded so,


the statistics are not corrdct. Dermatologists say Roaccutane does


cure acne, yet some believe a new clinhcal


trial would be a good thing. The fear is out there


in the public domain and it needs to I think that is the only wax it will


satisfy and reassure the public Heather and David Roberts h`ve set


up the Oliver Roberts Charitable Trust which aims to help others


who suffer from anxiety. We'll be back in Breakfast


from 6am tomorrow morning. The weather's coming


up now with Shefali. We have had a good go


at summer over the last week and a half but things are ttrning


for Friday and over the weekend We have got rain arriving


from the south`west on Frid`y and it will be prolonged at times


with thunderstorms on Saturday. But, in the meantime, over the


next 24`hours very little changes. Clear skies tonight,


so could be chilly in rural spots, but for most places, temper`tures


are holding up nicely into double You'll feel it's cooler


the further east you go. So a fresher,


chilly start to the day tomorrow. But quite sunny still


in the morning, But the cloud will starto topple


in from the north in the late afternoon, making it a little


cloudier and duller for the latter part of the day, but otherwhse,


it's staying dry and temper`tures eventually recovering to


between 18 and 21 Celsius in that slightly more of a breezy


from a south`easterly direction There will be more details


on that wet weather in the National forecast coming up next,


but I'll leave you now with afternoon. It does turn more


unsettled and there would be heavy and thundery downpours around. Good


evening. A little bit later than usual. The weather over the next


couple of days will change. Let me show you the satellite picture. You


can see the cloud streaming across the Atlantic. This weather front


Weller upset the weather


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