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Hundreds of people packed into a community centre in Birmingham


in the past few hours to discuss the so`called Trojan Horse `ffair.


Five schools in the city have been put into special measures bx Ofsted


amid allegations that Muslil hardliners were attempting to take


Our Special Correspondent Pdter Wilson was at the meeting.


They crowded into the main hall of what once was a Victorian school.


Now a community centre, pardnts and teachers had come wanting to


discover what they called the truth about the Trojan Horse schools.


Our children go to the school and we don't see any evidence of this


happening. It would have an impact on my children.


The official government reports claim there's a culture of fear


But tonight the Teachers? Union blamed the government


If you promote this in a wax that paints an entire community `s


extremists, where you appoint a head of terrorism to look into it, you'd


create a damaging climate where parents no longer feel they can be


part of the school communitx. The Police and Crime Commissioner


was also at tonight's meeting. We don't see this as an isste. There


are some devout people involved in religion but that is not a latter


for the counterterrorism unht. But today the organiser of the


meeting admitted to me that there are real problems with the schools


targeted in the government reports. It is important the issues `re fixed


fast. There was no Trojan horse pass and is no evidence of extrelism


There was anger at times but this was not an angry mdeting,


it was a community seeking `nswers and wanting its voice heard.


People were angry at times. This was a debate and I spoke to sevdral


people looking to get jobs hn some of these schools and they w`nted to


know what it meant for them and their future. What do you think will


be achieved? The government takes all of this seriously and wd are


going to get at least two rdports at the end of the month. They `re


playing a mature game. Yes, there are problems in these calls but we


need a dialogue in order to find the best way to reach a solution and get


away from the hardliners in the school but also the hard liners in


the government is talking about extremism.


The family of a teenage girl from Stourport who died thrde days


after being discharged from hospital say they're angry they


Amy Carter was admitted to Worcestershire Royal Hospit`l


on December 19th 2009, and diagnosed with glandular fever.


Two days later she was discharged, despite being unable to walk,


On Christmas Eve she was rushed back to hospital where she died


Her family say they fear the same tragedy could be rdpeated.


Amy was a lively 15`year`old who loved fishing and the outdoors. Five


years ago she became too we`k to walk, lost weight and developed a


rash. On her second day in Worcestershire Royal Hospit`l, she


asked a question. She said, "Am I going to die." They said shd was


going to be poorly but she was going to be all right. The followhng day


She was put on life support and had already had a heart attack.


Amy died of blood poisoning and the family has received an out`of`court


Had she remained in hospital, she would have received a course


of antibiotics and it would have saved her life.


We have had a statement frol the Chief Executive from the hospital


and she expresses great sympathy and adds, following Amy's death, a full


investigation was carried ott which found at all stages of her hospital


The results of this investigation were shared with Mrs and Mrs Carter


and they are pleased the legal claim has now been resolved.


How can they have an intern`l investigation into themselvds?


They want somebody who is ottside and has nothing to do with the NHS


Somebody independent to makd them suffer and feel how we do now


Somebody needs to pay for what they have done and I don't mean lonetary,


I mean pay emotionally and physically the way we...


A law graduate who falsely `ccused her boyfriend


of rape has been jailed for three and a half years for


30`year`old Rhiannon Brooker pretended that Paul Fensome,


who's from Birmingham, assaulted her so she'd have


Sentencing her, the judge s`id what she had done was cold, calctlated,


A Banksy mural painted on the side of a house in Cheltenham


The piece, which shows spies eaves`dropping


on a phone box, appeared on the residential street in April.


A scaffolding firm tasked whth removing the artwork says it


We'll be back in Breakfast from six tomorrow morning.


I'm afraid the honeymoon period is over for now. It will be


particularly bad on Sunday. There could be shown disruption. For now,


it is cloudy and wet and thd rain is pushing up from the south`wdst. This


rain is going to be particularly bad through the afternoon tomorrow.


There could be some thunder and lightning and a cooler day with


highs of 15 Celsius. the outlook, hopefully by Sunday


most of us will be dry. Alex has more detail now.


If you have a barometer wowily have seen the pre low pressure moving in.


There will be some sunny spells tomorrow but more downpours.


There is a greater risk of seeing thunder and lightening. Here is the


low pressure. Most of the showers have


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