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The former Worcestershire cricketer Damian D'Oliveira has died.


He'd been battling cancer for the last two and half ydars


Worcestershire County Crickdt Club broke the news to players and


supporters ahead of today's county championship game against Glamorgan.


Damian D'Oliveira played for Worcestershire County Cricket


Club between 1982 and 1995, scoring more than 9,000 first class runs.


But most recently he was dedicated to developing young players


Today eight of those players were in the team for their countx


Both teams wearing black arlbands as a sign of respect.


It's very sad news for the club because he is a Worcestershhre


border and bred player. His life has been here. To pass away so darly is


very sad for him and especi`lly the family. They must find it vdry hard.


It's a big name at Worcestershire. They've got all our prayers today.


Damian D'Oliveira was responsible for discovering many


of the current first team spuad which includes his son Brett.


He was not only a fine county player but also giving a lot back to the


game. The 53 year old leaves


behind his wife and three sons Play has continued as usual today


but the day has been tinged with sadness. This man dedicated his life


to this club. Police say fears are growing


for the safety of an elderlx woman from the Black Country who's been


missing for the last two daxs. 79`year`old Cynthia Beamond,


from Halesowen, Her family have described hdr


disappearance as Police are also appealing


for sightings of her silver A Birmingham MP is calling


for a change in the rules on parents taking their children


on holiday during school term time. It comes as one couple are being


prosecuted for taking their children out of school for a


trip to America earlier this year. They claim the prosecution hs


a breach of the Human Rights Act. The MP for Birmingham Yardldy,


John Hemming, is advising the couple and is hoping the case leads to


current rules being revised. It's obvious that you need something


because you can't just allow children out because they nded to go


to the shops. However, it's clear from this particular case and others


that have been referred to le more locally, that the current rtles are


not working and need to be changed. A new campaign to keep children


safer on the roads as they walk to school is bding


launched in Staffordshire. It follows an increase


in the number of drivers fahling to stop for school crossing patrols


from 11 in 2012 to 18 last xear And, as Liz Copper reports,


things look to be getting worse as there have already been 06


incidents this year. Six year old Leighton and Lxnden,


who's five, rely on their lollipop lady Lorraine


to help them cross the road safely. But last year the brothers had


a close shave with a car that didn't stop outshde


their school in Kidsgrove. The car was already station`ry then


as the kids got halfway across the road she decided to pull off. We


shouted out the boys to stop and the driver carried on past the crossing


then stopped, turned around and drove on.


I thought he was going to rtn over my Certs. Was that scary?


The fact that the person had children in the card and sells


beggars belief. In this case, the driver


was caught and prosecuted. Road safety campaigners say


nationally there seems to bd a growing number of cases where


motorists fail to stop. Some councils have tried attaching


cameras to lollipops ` that can help provide evidence


for cases which go to court. It's also a deterrent


for errant motorists. Most motorists do stop


at school crossings ` but the message for the minority who


don't is that irresponsible driving Time for a look at the weather now,


here's Mel Coles with the forecast. Good evening. There have bedn 1


showers around today but for many places it has been an improvement on


yesterday. More settled conditions coming in for next week. It may be


slightly dry `` maybe one or two showers. This evening, clear skies


which means the temperatures will drop away with loads of 9 ddgrees.


In the countryside, they cotld be as low as three or 4 degrees. @ chilly


start to Monday morning but plenty of early morning sunshine whll stop


just the risk of an isolated shower and those temperatures creeping up.


I'll be back with the late bulletin at 10:15pl


Until then, enjoy your Sunday evening.


Northern Ireland, the afternoon will be dry and bright, 17 or 18 the top


temperatures. We have some sunny spells across northern England.


Heading across southern counties of England,


spells across northern England. Heading across southern counties the


risk of a light shower. Fairly scattered. The small risk of one


affecting Wimbledon. Temperatures in London at 20. More overcast across


Devon and Cornwall with the threat of patchy rain. Most places on


Tuesday will stay dry with sunny spells and warm weather in the




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