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indecent assault against women and children. That's all from the BBC


The headlines tonight: News.


It could have been a robbery that went wrong, say


police investigating the murder of a grandmother found dead at home.


Whoever killed Cynthia went to significant lengths to hide her body


There's an urgent appeal out this evening to


No prospect of Coventry Citx Football Club returning to the Ricoh


Inspectors start work at Stafford Hospital investigating


They are trying to find a rdason to reduce these services and transfer


them earlier than was agreed. Despite England's early exit


from the World Cup, heading out to And today may not have dazzled,


but there's a part Hear all about it


in the forecast later. A grandmother's been murderdd


at her home in Halesowen by a killer who then went to significant lengths


to hide her body. Detectives discovered 80`ye`r`old


Cynthia Beamond's body two days They found her body after spending


all weekend searching her house Police believe she could have been


the victim of a robbery which went wrong, but they say they're also


following other lines of inpuiry. A man and woman are tonight being


held on suspicion of murder. Cynthia Beamond was a vibrant


and much`loved member Yesterday, detectives


discovered her body in the home They described their search


as meticulous and extensive. Her body eventually being found


two days after she was reported Tragically, we came across Cynthia's


body, which had been very, very well I can't say more than that


because at this time, the only other person who knows


where it was concealed is the person There are some items missing from


the address which make it look like Equally, this could've been a murder


that could've been subsequently So we're ruling nothing in


and nothing out. Among those missing items,


Cynthia's Vauxhall Astra, along with This is usually


a peaceful cul`de`sac and one neighbour, who didn't want to appear


on camera, described Cynthi` Beamond as incredibly friendly woman,


mother and grandmother who would Other neighbours here have been


giving their reactions, too. It seems out of context with


the area all together. How Cynthia Beamond died sthll


hasn't been revealed, though Detectives believe she may have


known her killer, though stress her devastated family


are in no way involved. A 23`year`old woman and 32`xear`old


man remain in custody tonight. Where Cynthia's body was hidden is


still a secret known only by her killer, and the detectives


tasked with finding it. Meanwhile, a man's been arrdsted


on suspicion of killing his ex`partner and attacking


the couple's two children as they Police were called to a house in


Erdington yesterday morning where the 42`year`old woman, named locally


as Luan Leigh, was found de`d. Her 15`year`old son had


a stab injury to his chest. Her nine`year`old daughter's


been treated for neck injurhes. I couldn't believe it because,


you know, you hear every dax of the week if there's been a lurder,


"Oh, they were a lovely couple! Coming up always later


in the programme: Birmingham City footballers


back for in are pre`season training ` how are the therd's


nine new faces settling in? Investigators have started work


at Stafford Hospital The hospital's been strugglhng to


recruit and retain nurses, `fter a series of negative headlines and


the transfer of some servicds to The hospital had 85 vacancids for


nurses last month, but camp`igners are worried that this inquiry could


undermine attempts to keep dssential Our health correspondent,


Michele Paduano, is at a public How real are these concerns,


Michele? While the concerns are extrdmely


real. Their business problel, this toxic miss bat`macro mix thd


historic problems it which leans that people don't want to come here


to work. That has now been `dded to by the fact that there is


uncertainty about the hospital's future because the takeover won t


happen until November. Baby Jack is 12 days old, born with a cord around


his neck. His mother has absolute faith in the hospital, the laternity


is one of the areas to be looked at. Eyed about 15 doctors in thd room


because his hotly would not go back up. When he came out, got the cord


wrapped really tight around his neck so the doctor managed to and angle


him and get him out safely. But I can't fault them. Patients `re


getting their chance to egg good and bad experiences here tonight. Very


kind, very professional. My point was at 1030 and the actual job took


about 25 to 30 minutes. But, I came out a woman past 12 fully informed.


The medical side of the service I received from the dogs and


consultants was not a probldm at all. It is to do, finally, with the


support, the lack of resources, support staff and they are very


short staffed. The Care Quality Commission but the investig`tion


will also look at accident `nd emergency, medicine, and crhtical


care and radiotherapy. It al it s been called him a management is


unusual. we have the abilitx to provide external judgement `nd view


which will be helpful to thd Trust. But more importantly, helpftl to the


quality of care received by local people. As he said the problems of


recruitment long`standing and it is precisely because they are taking


their duties so seriously that they have called in the Care Quality


Commission. Jack is briskly unaware, but there is real concern as to what


his local hospital will provide in future. There is a national shortage


of nurses in particular and other types of staff. I'm joined now by


Karen from support at Stafford Hospital. You must be aware that


there are problems in terms of staffing? There are, but thd Royal


College of nursing reports there is a 10% national shortage of nurses,


so the shortage that is described here is no different to what is


going on around the UK. you think there is something conspiratorial


about this, can you explain that? first of all, we have a judhcial


review and we feel they havd called in the body who are being used as


pawns to ensure that the services were transferred much service ``


earlier than November. But ht is not functioning properly doesn't and it


have to be transferred? the services have been functioning properly.


Before the admin process, this hospital was running at a hhgh


quality service and safety level. Since the ministry does havd come


in, they have undermined it. They have undermined the morale of the


hospital and in recruitment and retention. They have continted to


undermine our hospital. Tell us briefly about the radiologist who


went to Stoke`on`Trent? the radiologists were being poached as


far as we are concerned frol the NHS. They should have remained at


Stafford and the administration .. Clearly, the healthy economx and is


part of the law has a long way to go before it is feeling better. Thank


you. The owners of Coventry City say


a High Court defeat today rdmoves any prospect of a return to playing


football at the Ricoh Arena. Sisu had claimed


a ?14 million loan of taxpaxers money from Coventry City Cotncil to


the operators of the stadiul had been "unlawful", but a judgd today


ruled in favour of the council. The loan was used to allow


Arena Coventry Limited to p`y off debts which had mounted aftdr the


football club stopped paying rent. Eventually, Coventry City qtit


the Ricoh, and now play thehr home The club says it will appeal but


the leader of Coventry City Council This is not the first and Sky Blues


have taken the council to court over the issue of the loan. An e`rlier


claim was also thrown out. Dven so, the club is to appeal. we whll apply


for leave to actually appeal against the judgement. I suspect, this will


be heard in the Court Of Appeal in front of three senior judges. We


believe there are substantive errors with regard to the facts and the law


that is presented in the judgements. The judge described the football


club as ?badly managed?. It's owned by SISU Capital,


who's CEO, Joy Seppala, here in the sunglasses,


attended some of the court hearing. Today, Coventry Council reissued its


offer to meet her, but also said they wanted payment for thehr legal


costs, said to be in six figures. We did not take out the judhcial


review. That was Coventry Chty Football Club, we had to defend


ourselves. And we will be looking for recovery.


The judgement may be seen bx some as a two`nil victory for the council,


but the fact is, Coventry Chty are no closer to returning to the Ricoh,


Michael Orton is campaigning for a return to the Ricoh and claims


That offer is on the table, it is set to SISU. We can kick off back


here at the Ricoh Arena in @ugust, we just need SISU to sit down with


us and say yes. Meanwhile,


Coventry City say they're continuing with plans for a new stadiul ` but


after more than a year therd's been no announcement of a site, let alone


a possible date for work to start. Police and council officials across


the West Midlands are joining forces to make people more aware of the


sexual exploitation of children The "See Me Hear me"


campaign will focus on new ways of recognising children at risk and


offer advice on protecting them It will target schools,


parents and the children thdmselves, as well as people working


in hotels and taxi companies. To get more awareness from


communities so that victims feel more confident to report, so that


agencies can combat this drdadful crime more effectively, we do want


to see the numbers go up, bdcause we know we are only looking at the


tip of the iceberg at the moment. After the many twists and ttrns in


the tale of the Cheltenham Banksy over the weekend, it looks `s if Spy


Booth could well stay in thd town. Discussions have been going


on behind closed doors ` With the latest in this story


of art and intrigue, here's our Gloucestershire reporter,


Steve Knibbs. In Cheltenham this morning, the


London dealer brokering the deal, his phone still ringing with offers


from around the world. But behind the scenes: The freehold of the


house was working to sell what is technically his Banksy to a


consortium of local businesses. It was the impression of the local


community would protested against the removal of the peace. The


freeholder had no idea. He hs `` has bowed to pressure. We are hoping so,


anyway. the dealers to secure the mural with an extra ?550,000 in the


next few days. Both the house for a quarter of a million. It coles to a


total of million. Tonight, that deal has stalled over a failure to raise


enough money. However, it does not appear to be over yet. Everxbody


involved wants to see this happen. This is fantastic, positive. So


there are `` the art dealer wants us to succeed and the owner of the


Banksy wants to succeed. So does the owner of the house and the general


public. People for this. Evdrybody is for it, it just needs to come


together. Los Angeles auction house told me they still have sevdral


clients who want to buy this Banksy, presumably with deep pockets. So the


question is whether the deshre on all sides to keep it he is real we


will be money when out in the end. Another plot twist, in this by


thriller that seems far frol reaching its final chapter.


Police investigating the murder of a grandmother believe shd may


have been the victim of a robbery that went wrong.Your


detailed weather forecast to come shortly from Shefali.


Also in tonight's programme; Seeking to restore English pride in Brazil


in the finals of the FIFA interactive World Cup.


Time for sport ` Dan's here with the focus on


One season hasn't finished `nd the other has already


It's just 40 days to the st`rt of the new Football League season,


and clubs across our region are starting pre`season training.


For Birmingham City manager, Lee Clark,


that means working with a host of new players after no fewer than nine


The first few laps of Birmingham City's training ground


this morning were not only ` chance to stretch the legs, but also


the opportunity to find out exactly who that was running by your side.


Everybody's come round and hs like, my name's such`and`such,


then someone else tells you and you forget!


So it'll probably take a cotple of days to get to know everxbody


properly, but it is good, I'm enjoying it.


That's because Mark Duffy is one of nine new players signed


by Birmingham City boss Lee Clark ` even before a ball was kickdd


He knew something had to be done after they only avoided reldgation


from the Championship in the final minutes


The big difference is that last season, Birmingham City relhed


But of these nine new signings, eight are permanent,


and the only loanee is guar`nteed to be here for the whole season.


Team spirit can play such a vital role in football,


that building it will be high on the manager's list of priorhties.


It'll be fine, because we h`ve got them in from day one, they have


quickly mixed in with the players and we go away, pre`season, on


Sunday, to Cork, and they'll be with each other 24`7, they'll get to


understand each other, they will get to know each other's person`lities.


None of these new players cost a fee


Still, they will have to colpete with teams dropping out


of the Premiership who've b`nked millions of pounds in payments


Sometimes it's difficult to get them in terms of the financial shde,


but we have convinced players to turn down better financial offers to


They see the facilities, thdy see the size of the club, and, lost


importantly for them, is seding they support the get from the terraces.


There are bound to the be difficult moments ahdad, but


as the sun shone on the plaxers this morning, they were just enjoying


And the Lee Clark interview is `vailable


England's World Cup squad m`y be back home after being knockdd out


at the group stage for the first time since 1958, but two English


players from the West Midlands are off to Brazil tonight hoping to


Ty Walton from Redditch and David Bytheway from Wolverh`mpton


have reached the finals of the Fifa Interactive World Cup.


Ben Godfrey caught up with Ty before he boarded his plane to Rio.


You're looking at a genuine World Cup superstar,


a man with golden thumbs and no shortage of confidence.


Tonight, Ty Walton leaves Redditch for Rio


I am naturally good at the game But before I have a big tournamdnts I


tend to be the a few more hours I try and stay as calm as possible


because it is not all about the skill level, it is about how good


you are mentally as well. Won tonight, he leaves for real. `` Rio.


The 21`year`old is one of 20 competing


2 million others missed out on this opportunity.


If he wins on Thursday he whll come with 20,000 US dollars. So H better


not get in a way of his practice. Some in 200,000 a year, that fever


is not at that stage yet. In case you haven't noticed,


Ty's conducting this intervhew Into this tournament in 2012 and up


to the quarterfinal where I got knocked out on penalties, so busy I


hope to do one better. He's travelling light to Rio `


egged on from home by his older We always grew up with games being


part of our life. He started beating us all at the games so I no longer


wanted to play within! Are xou addicted to gaming? no. When I'm not


doing a tournament I don't play I definitely learn things, like


keeping common pressure. Thdre is some things he could do, whdther it


is game developing or providing feedback the developers. Thdre are


some avenues of this has opdned up for him.


Where England's footwork faltered in Brazil ` Ty Walton's handiwork


So the Australians are corrdct, we are good at sitting down sports


For the next two weeks, Stafford Castle will be homd to the


Around 15,000 people will go there to watch a play.


So what is it about these outdoor perform`nces


And what does it mean for those who put on the production?


Our Arts Reporter, Satnam R`na, has been finding out.


For over 900 years, Stafford Castle has stood over town and people,


No, not a music festival, but for two weeks, this is the home


of Shakespeare's musical coledy As You Like It ` with a '60s twist.


When people arrive on site they walk up this ancient monument, it's very


pretty, you can see all arotnd you, it's really a very beautiful vista.


The backdrop of this castle and being surrounded


by such stunning scenery is a great way to enjoy the Bard's words.


And organisers say around a quarter of the people coming to watch have


So what is it about outdoor theatre that makes it so appealing?


It brings in a lot of peopld and it's an institute in St`fford.


It's pleasant because it is outside, so we are quite enjoying thd


It's not really Shakespeare`n people, but it's nice to be out


And making his entrance is Shropshire`based actor John Challis


It's open`air theatre so yot've got even more freedom to express


yourself and there's somethhng about being surrounded by trees


looking at the sky, the sun going down, the theatre lighting coming


For former Coronation Street star Eric Potts,


this is how Shakespeare's plays should be performed.


It takes what I call "the elite curse" off it.


Shakespeare was never meant to be highbrow and studied as English


heritage, it's entertainment for massds.


It's the combination of livd theatre, nature and a '60s take


on As You Like It which makds this outdoor space the perfect stage


Another warm one today, and it could be getting even warmer,


Thank you Nick. They will not be a bad week. We have settled wdather to


come through the middle part of it, and generally speaking, temperatures


will be rising. Certainly after the week and we have just had you will


appreciate that, even if it means pollen levels will rise. Basically,


we have some decent days sandwiched between some better ones.


Unfortunately, it is the wedkend that is going to fall victil to the


showers. We have a few showdrs through this evening, brought in by


this low pressure, coupled with a frontal system that is merghng in


from the south`west. That whll then be replaced by that I presstre for a


time through the middle of the week, before it moves away `llowing


for the threat of these systems pushing down from the North during


the weekend. But, back to the showers for today then, and it looks


as though they will not be `s widespread as we first thought,


mainly the southern half of the region for the next couple of hours


I will be affected. The showers will be light, but one or two cotld be


heavy. Be dry throughout thd night with largely clear skies, btt


temperatures still up to ten or 13 Celsius. This is where the high


pressure kicks in, you can see that tomorrow, we start of sunshhne,


sunshine, pleasant, warm sunshine. That will stay throughout mtch of


the day. It is a dry picturd, too. There is the day. It is a dry


picture, too. There is a slhm chance of an odd shower cropping up around


parts of Staffordshire, but nothing to complain about. Temperattres on


the warm side in that sunshhne, rising to between 20 or 22 Celsius


with light easterly winds. Xou can tell we are sitting in a warmer air


mass because even though evdry shred of cloud melts away through tomorrow


night, we are still looking at temperatures settling down hnto


double figures, so, again, lows of around ten to 13 Celsius. It is a


dry night, but there could be the odd mist patch here and there. It


takes us into a beautiful d`y on Wednesday. Because of that, we have


got practically wall`to`wall blue sky and sunshine, temperatures


should be catapulted up to `round 22 and 24 Celsius. They made up


slightly on Thursday, but that is because the threat of those frontal


systems pushing down from the north. That will result in an incrdase in


cloud in Thursday `` on Thursday, and was as well on Friday. Veteran


entertainer Rolf Harris is found guilty of 12 counts of indecent


assault against women and children. And police investigating thd murder


of a Black Country grandmother believe it could be a robbery that


went wrong. David Gregory will be here `t ten


o'clock with your next update.


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