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the Turner Prize in 1999. Christie's said it had been bought by an


There will have to be an election for a new commissioner.


Just yesterday our cameras were filming Bob Jones at work, attending


He was at a public meeting to debate the so`called


Government officials have constantly linked the police to


the investigations but Bob Jones was always happy to speak


Our greatest ally in the fight against counter`terrorism,


the community themselves are not as confident the police are getting


This is an issue the education authorities need to resolve.


Bob Jones was the first to be elected Police and Crime


He was regarded as the country's most knowledgeable commissioner.


Today at Police Headquarters the news of


The most important thing for him was being the voice of the community.


Not his voice, his voice was not important.


He would often say it is what the people want.


The Crime Commissioner sets the police targets and holds the police


to account ` some chief constables have fallen out with their new


political masters but Chris Sims and Bob Jones made the new role work:


No one has a bigger Democratic task in trying to connect with 2.6


million people across the West Midlands in often sensitive and


difficult areas and he was literally out day and night meeting people,


holding summits, no one could have worked harder. Bob Jones famously


said his job should be scrapped ` calling it too expensive and flawed.


Yet his success at making it work will leave a huge void:


Today in Wolverhampton people were remembering a local councillor who'd


Aged just 59 Bob Jones was a man who many counted as a friend.


Tonight his widow Sarah said that he also loved


his family more than anything else in the world and they loved him.


He was a great champion of all that was best in British policing. He


worked hard in the West Midlands, having to cope with a thousand


police officers who had been cut but maintaining local policing.


Ironically, he was against the concept of Police and Crime


Commissioners, wasn't he? He took the view that having commissioners


was not a wise move but elections were held. He was one of the very


best commissioners. I learned valuable lessons from him. He


believed in accountability of the police service and he was good at


exercising authority. What is his legacy would you say? A man who made


a real difference in 30 years of public life and a man who was Police


and Crime Commissioners and stood up for what people want which is


neighbourhood policing, safety and security in their homes and in the


streets where they live. He will be remembered with great fondness and


affection and for a remarkable set of achievements throughout his


lifetime in public service. A man has tonight been charged with


killing his ex partner and the attempted murder


of two children in Birmingham. 42 year old Luan Leigh was found


dead at her home in Pype Hayes A 15 year old boy and a 9 year


old girl were also attacked. Andrew Leigh, who's also 42,


is due to appear Tougher punishments for


fly`tipping came into force today. Offenders can now face jail


and fines of up to ?3 million. Last year 711,000 cases were


dealt with across the country. The estimated cost of clearing


up the mess was ?36 million. Bob Hockenhull reports


from the Enville estate near Stourbridge where fly`tipping


is a weekly occurrence. This country track may seem idyllic


on a summers day but this is how it looked a few months ago, completely


blocked by contaminated waste led by flight tippers. These gates were


smashed and 33 times of pre`sorted material, or contaminated, were


dumped here in this beautiful woodland setting. The estate spent


?7,000 getting the rubbish cleared up but it is an ongoing battle as


rubbish is dumped on a weekly basis. The estate hopes introduction of


stricter penalties will deter criminals. Until today the light of


us could often expect a fine of just ?200. The sentencing council says


that is too lenient. New guidelines mean those caught are far more


likely to go to jail or a period of 18 months. Yet more waste discovered


on the estate today. The local council is looking for clues as to


who dumped it. The good message now is that there are clear guidelines


setting out where magistrates should be looking and taking a more serious


approach to this blight on the countryside. The authorities stress


the need more information from the public if they are to stop flight


tippers ruining our beautiful countryside. `` flight tippers.


Finally, a pregnant woman shocked shoppers in Birmingham City Centre


this afternoon when she went into labour on the pavement.


It happened outside the Primark clothing store on New Street.


Ambulance crews arrived in time for the birth of a baby girl.


Mother and daughter are said to be doing well.


I've leave you now with the weather from Shefali.


At the end of fairly decent day you can rest assured we'll see at least


the same but most probably better even better tomorrow ` possibly


So in preparation for that the skies are already clearing `


just a bit of cloud floating around but a warm one with a minimum


of ten but for most 13 or 14C and by dawn tomorrow ` hardly a wisp of


A beautiful sunny morning tomorrow ` brimming with sunshine


which will be the catalyst to those soaring temperatures.


We expect to reach a maximum of 24C but maybe even higher for the


southwest of the region with light to moderate southwesterly winds.


Those values may be knocked back a degree or two after that


as cloud increases hand in hand with some rain from Thursday


The national forecast is next ` here's


more cloud on Friday. None of this survives into the weekend, some rain


around on Saturday. It's certainly been a feast of


football again. The temperature in S?o Paulo was much the same as we


had in Glasgow and Bristol. Here, temperatures are set to climb higher


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