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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me and on


What a difference a day makes ` all quiet


on the busy city street where a baby girl was born just 24 hours ago.


It is when the baby was delivered. I will meet some of the people caught


up in the drama. Culling badgers not


the solution to TB in cattle, It would not be enough to increase


production. Neglected and overgrown `


the families upset by lack of care dressed in a bikini,


the former model bravely displaying I wanted to give other people the


confidence. We should not be ashamed of who we are.


Was at the warmest day of the year so far? I will have those answers


later. A mother's recovering in hospital


this evening after giving birth Dozens of people ` some of them


filming as events unfolded on New Street in Birmingham ` cheered


and showered the new mum with money The lunch time rush today on one


of Birmingham?s busiest shopping streets ` just 24 hours


after a pregnant woman found that her last minute baby shopping trip


was interrupted by baby who wasn't We were shopping and my friend went


into labour and she had the baby outside Primark. Everybody was so


kind and thoughtful. All the community got together, it was


incredible. The baby is doing fantastic and so was she. I am


really pleased. It was a moment that united everyone


on the street ` security guards, charity collectors ,shop assistants


and police everyone wanted to help: People did help her at the time. It


was mad. I am still shocked no, I cannot believe it. It was madness.


Giving birth is a very private experience and she was doing it in a


very public space. We as for hotels from the local shops. Were you


scared? Now, I have three of my own. I was really happy for her.


A passing doctor rolled his sleeves up.


Crowds gathered and at the moment of delivery a round of applause


The crowd just erupted. People were throwing money at her. It was


fascinating. It was as if it was staged but it was natural. It was a


lovely moment, probably not one that she wanted to share with most of


Birmingham who were out shopping, but it was a really lovely moment.


The baby was placed on the chest. We said it is a baby girl. Return to


the crowd and said it is a baby girl and a big cheer went up. `` we


turned to the crowd. The good news is both mum and the new arrival are


doing well. The question now is, will that little baby end up with


the retail inspired name? Congratulations from all of us here


and Midlands Today. Good to have you with


us this evening. that's the message from Roy Keane


as he starts work as assistant And Robbie Williams says he feels


proud and honoured to be made a freeman


of his home city, Stoke on Trent. Culling badgers has little impact


on the spread of bovine TB. That's the stark conclusion


of new research from scientists In a paper published in the last


half hour in the journal Nature, they say increased culling of cattle


and more testing would all have Our Rural Affairs Correspondent


David Gregory`Kumar is live tonight What's this research based on,


David? by researchers at the University of


Warwick, using real cattle movement But as you say


the researchers have arrived at what Badger culling is not an effective


way to control bovine TB. And the methods that could work `


would inflict huge damage In a Warwickshire field these


scientists are showing me the most advanced computer model


of bovine TB ever created. And they've arrived


at a pretty bleak conclusion: We would have loved to have found


the one control measure which drops the number of cases of TB and also


does not have a significant impact on the farming industry. But we have


not managed to find one of those. We find a lot of control measures do


not work well. Only three were able to reverse the annual increase we


have seen. And these are


the three measures that could have an impact on the disease `


introducing a cattle vaccine, a one`off TB test of all the cattle


in England,, and finally, if any cattle on a farm test positive for


TB, you slaughter the entire herd. According to the model it does not


have an impact on the spread. It is quite a dramatic reduction, but not


enough to overturn the increase we see here. The cull would only have a


marginal impact. This is the model going through


its paces. Predicting both the location


of infected farms on the map. And the number of infected farms,


the red graph on the right. It also shows that tackling this


disease is a long term project. This research gives politicians,


farmers and friends It issues long`term scale for


controlling the disease. You cannot expect controls introduced this year


to have an impact next year. Any control policy will take several


years to happen. In a statement the Farming Minister


told us they could not investigate the findings. What about a one`off


test? We already test cattle where there is a problem. We are testing


cattle regularly. There is no point testing cattle in the low`risk


area. There would not be a great use of resources. What about a vacuum?


We are fully behind a strategy for trying to tackle TB in a number of


different ways. Vaccination does not work on insect animals so you have


to get that level of infection down in the first place. The problem is


the method is not proven in the UK. We are supportive of a failed test


in the future. Badger vaccination has not been ruled out. We would


love to see if we could have field trials of that to look at the effort


to see if it makes the difference. Thank you very much indeed. If you


want to read the paper, you can find details on my blog. This has been


the big topic of conversation between ministers and farmers all


day here. The family of a Birmingham man who


was murdered in Jamaica last Friday are calling on the


Jamaican Government to take action. 54 year old Keith Murrain was


a businessman who flew out Shortly after landing in Jamaica


last week, he was travelling away from the capital Kingston's Norman


Manley Airport in a hire car I want the Jamaican government to


sit up and take notice. They have got to get involved and protect


British people who go to Jamaica who try and create a better life for


themselves and their families. They have to realise that this is not


right. A grandmother who was killed


in her own home in Halesowen died as a result of head injuries


suffered during a violent attack. 80 year old Cynthia Beamond's


body was found on Sunday night. Police also say her Vauxhall Astra


car was found in the Druids Heath Around 2,000 petitions


against the High Speed Rail link between London and Birmingham have


been lodged in Parliament. They've have been sent in


by people who'll be directly affected by the proposed new line


and around a quarter of them are Our transport correspondent,


Peter Plisner has been looking So Peter, firstly what's involved


with the petitioning process Well, it's all part


of the process designed to That's the bill that could clear


the way for HS2 to be built. There's not going to be


a public inquiry into HS2. People affected can petition


parliament to have More than 1900 petitions


had been received. But despite strong opposition


from campaigners only 370 of them have come from the Midlands,


the rest being lodged by people further south,


include Buckinghamshire and London. I've been speaking one couple


who have sent in a petition. They live at Buirton Green in


Warwickshire and they're concerned about the impact of the construction


of the line on their house All the compensation is within 120


metres of the line and we fall outside of that. It does not take


into account the fact there are huge construction sites much closer to


properties than the actual line itself.


It started meeting yesterday and could to take more than a year


The committee will only be meeting in London,


but it's chairman has announced that it'll be leaving the capital


It is very important we planned our feet in local soil, especially


Midlands soil. We can then have a 360 views. As we go on our travels,


local people and local MPs may turn out to give us the benefit of their


views. And the first


of those visits will be to Birmingham on Tuesday July 15th and


I've seen a copy of the programme. They're going to Curzon Street


in the centre of Birmingham where And then to Washwood Heath where


there's to be rolling stock depot. And then to Gilson in north


Warwickshire which has been dubbed A Staffordshire family are


campaigning to get The grass around St Johns Church


in Heath Hayes is now as high as the gravestones `


as well as covering the paths. Maxine Barber has been so upset,


she's been trying to do some of the work herself,


including installing a new fence. It is two years since the death of


Sheila Barber. Since then a wilderness has grown up around the


wilderness where she and two of her children are buried. We had to cut a


pathway just to get in here. You want to be able to come and sit with


your family. Whatever maintenance is carried out here is done by


relatives. No one seems to know whose is the responsibility.


Mandy's pagans are buried here, their graves attended by family, a


small clearing in a jungle. It is disrespectful. These were people,


these were village members for many years. It is very sad. The council


told us today we are preparing to take on responsibility for the site


later this month. The church said they handed over responsibility two


years ago. Confusion abounds. It has been tied up in red tape. We


arranged to meet the council are to hear her side of the story. She was


heaving direct from the families of some of those buried here who were


upset and angry. I had to get on my hands and knees. It is not good


enough that it has come to this, is it? I agree. I intend to find out


what the glitch was. It has caused upset, I agree with you. According


to the Council the process of transferring responsibility has


taken longer than usual but they will start looking after the site


later this month. It has been my best for years. We will have to see


if anything will be done. The church agrees it is unacceptable. The


church agrees it is unacceptable. They will work with the council to


restore the site to a place of rest and peace.


A former model who has Crohn's disease has become


an internet sensation after posting a picture of herself in a bikini,


Bethany Townsend has had the disease, which affects her


ability to digest food and eliminate waste, since she was three.


Millions of people have now seen her picture.


This is the picture which has been been seen around the world.


Bethany Townsend on holiday in Mexico last December.


My husband always said to me If we go on holiday I want you to wear


I have always been a bit like, let's see how it goes.


I thought let's do it, I will not meet these people again.


At home in Worcester, she's stunned that nine million


She sent it to the Crohn's and Colitis UK Facebook page.


She's released others too, to try and break down barriers for people


I felt like I finally had the confidence after three years of


having them that I wanted to give other girls and guys the confidence,


We have these bags but it does not define who we are.


From the age of three Bethany's had Crohn's


disease, affecting her ability to digest food and eliminate waste.


Four years ago her bowel burst and she nearly died.


She woke up in hospital with colostomy bags, which she'll


Undeterred, she now wants to resume a part time modelling career.


As soon as I had my colostomy bags My confidence was totally knocked.


I lost so much weight that I just was not who I was anymore I suppose.


I didn't feel like I could do that again.


Bethany also works as a make up artist, and is building up her


The charity which publicised her picture says she's an inspiration:


The feedback we have had on our Facebook page has been


People are drawing strength from what she is doing.


These are conditions people don't want to talk about


so it is important we get greater awareness and understanding


So the work she's doing is helping us do that.


Bethany is amazed by the publicity she's attracted.


I never thought it would get a response like that,


to me it is just a picture but to so many people it is so much more.


Our top story tonight: A mother's recovering in hospital after giving


birth in a city centre street. Shefali's all set to tell us if the


hot weather's going to be with us for a few more days and also in


tonight's programme` Two young lads with showbiz aspirations share the


stage with eighties heartthrob Jason Donovan.


"I'm not confrontational, I'm just here to help."


That was the promise from the famously combative Roy Keane today


as he took up his position as Aston Villa's new assistant manager.


The former Manchester United midfielder has been brought in


by Paul Lambert to help steer Villa away from another relegation battle.


Nick Clitheroe's report does contain some flash photography.


There's no question about it ` Roy Keane is box office.


Aston Villa's training ground was packed with


reporters this afternoon. Some had even travelled from Ireland


to hear him. I'm here to help the manager and to


help the team and try and get results. I have some good


experiences of being a player. And a manager. I think I can bring


something to the party. to hear him.


Keane will combine his job at Villa with being Martin O'Neill's number


two at the Republic of Ireland. He'd turned down other offers,


most notably to be Celtic manager, but says Villa just felt right.


I may not look it but I am excited. I am looking forward to it. It would


be nice and all this nonsense is out of the way. I'm ready for the


challenge. I am aware the club is up for sale, but that did not put me


off. but says Villa just felt right.


There's no question this is intriguing.


Paul Lambert has come through two tough years at Villa.


So is bringing in an assistant known for speaking


his mind inspired or a risk? We have known each other for a


while. We respect each other. He knows my career and I know his. The


manager of any football club has the last word.


his mind inspired or a risk? Keane made it clear he knows


his boundaries and is convinced the players will enjoy working with him.


They'll find out when they return to training next week.


And Nick's at Villa Park now for us. What kind of impact do you think


Roy Keane will have, Nick? It is difficult to tell. He does not


have a huge track record in management. Since losing the job at


Sunderland he has been doing TV work. And now assistant to Martin


O'Neill at the Republic of Ireland so it is a work in progress but


quite an intriguing appointment to see how that works out for Aston


Villa. Do you think the Villa fans will be happy or bemused? They would


be happier if he was ten years younger and they had signed him to


play in midfield. I think there will be slightly bemused, wondering when


it's all about. Their main concern is the type of players they will be


getting in. Paul Lambert said they had a few more Ireland's under fire


today. That'll be the key to influencing Villa fans moves before


the start of the new season. `` the mood of Villa fans.


Robbie Williams has been presented with the Freedom of Stoke`on`Trent


His parents, wife and 22`month`old daughter Teddy


Robbie said he was "proud and extremely honoured".


Bob Hockenhull reports. In the Lord Mayor's parlour in Stoke


on Trent, a global superstar is given the freedom of his home city.


The ceremony for Robbie Williams was so secret `


the Lord Mayor himself only found it was happening shortly before.


As soon as he walked through the door, he started chatting with me


and everybody else. We felt like we knew him and he was part of the team


for the long time. The Tunstall born singer received


a civic scroll containing the city's corporate seal and took an


oath vowing to act for the rights The Freedom of the City Award


recognises Robbie's outstanding achievements in the music industry


and his charity work. Robbie said There it is his signature. Just 14


people were here. No one else knew it was happening and even his


parents did not know until a few hours before.


it was surreal to get such a huge honour and very poignant to have his


little daughter Teddy and other family members present.


Bob Hockenhull BBC Midlands Today, Stoke`on`Trent.


Getting to act alongside big names such as Jason Donovan may well be


a dream come true for some of you watching this evening.


But it seems that two young boy actors are taking it all


They're playing Little Jake on alternate nights in


Our arts reporter Satnam Rana's been to meet them.


# There no business like showbusiness...


Just one of the bug Broadway hits from Irving Berlin's western


And for young Oscar from Coventry and Brummie actor Theo and Oscar


from Coventry treading the boads alongside Emma Williams


and Jason Donovan ` this is a taste of showbusiness.


But it's not just the show that must go on `


Robbie said I have never really done it like that but I have never been


with Jason Donovan. So it is my first time. Nervous because I have


never seen it before and I have no idea what that I'm supposed to do,


until yesterday. Since then I have been practising. I feel very


nervous. The main role Annie is taken on


by Emma Williams... a firm believer in investing


in regional theatre and talent. It is great to bring theatre to the


UK like this and to bring young actors onto the stage and get


experience at this stage, it is so important.


The boys will also be playing alongside Jason Donovan at


Birmingham itself as the city, the developments going on, it is


starting to change for the best. It is about how the city looks, it will


encourage people to come here and get excited about... It's about


developing a culture and theatre is the backbone of that culture. This


show has toured the UK twice since it was first released but this is


the Tony winning version. And for the boys it is an opportunity to


star alongside the starters. Lucky lads! Time for the weather.


Thank you very much. I have missed the sunshine. Today, Birmingham was


warmer than personal enough. `` warmer than Barcelona. Not quite the


warmest day of the year so far for the Midlands. In London, it was. It


was warmer than Rio de Janeiro. If we look at the chart, we can see


these dark yellow colours being diverted. So we will lose the warmth


over the weekends. Temperatures will only reach the high teens, as


opposed to the mid`20s. Right now we have a strip of green out in the


north`west which will be moving our way slowly but surely. For a large


proportion of the region it will bring more cloud, but for the North


it will bring some light and patchy rain. Warm wherever you are.


Temperatures are around 12 Celsius but most places will get 14 or 15


Celsius. Tomorrow, it will be cloudy with the cloud syncing size. The


rain will affect the north half of the region. `` with the cloud


heading south. Rain across northern parts of the region. Cloudy days so


temperatures will go down. And easy with that Southwest wind. You can


see the area of rain moving into the West from Friday. Continuing into


the early part of Saturday, so it will be wet. Temperatures into the


high teens by Saturday. Take a look at this, passengers on a virgin


train to Birmingham got a musical surprise. There was a musical flash


mob to promote the pride of Birmingham awards in September which


celebrate citizens who make a difference. The permit `` the


musicians will be playing at the event at Birmingham town Hall. Had a


good evening. Goodbye.


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