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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight:


Mothers whose sons were fat`lly stabbed meet gang members to urge


If we can stop other people from going through what I have gone


through, that is what we want to achieve.


?775 million to improve transport and create jobs across the region.


This is saying to local people, here is the money and the power, what can


you do to drive growth in your area? We'll examine how it'll transform


Wolverhampton and the funding How did commuters get on


at the start We talk to Wimbledon wheelchair


champion Jordanne Whiley on And while some parts


of the region were brought to a standstill by yesterday's


hailstorms, be prepared for more. The mothers


of two West Midlands men who were stabbed to death plan to medt gang


members from across the country to The Save A Life:


Surrender Your Knife project will Blades handed in will be tr`nsformed


into a giant sculpture of an angdl, in


memory of those who've been killed. They live miles apart, but their


grief has brought them together Three mothers met


in Manchester to honour thrde sons Lisa McNeill's son Danny was 21


a father to a baby boy. In April last year, he was fatally


stabbed with a sword in Oswdstry. It was just for. I miss him so much.


`` just awful. Having him around, it is difficult to cope.


Alison Cope is the mother of the Birmingham rapper, Ddpzman.


He was stabbed through the heart last year.


If there is anyone who can get that message across, it is usually those


who have been directly affected such as the parents.


Lisa Collins' son, Fusilier David Lee Collins from


Manchester, was an off`duty soldier stabbed to death in Cyprus hn 2 12.


The women are backing a new campaign called Save @ Life:


Surrender Your Knife and will urge gang members to give


This flick knife and this m`chete have been handed in to the campaign.


The British Ironwork centre in Shropshire will take


the knives and build a 20 fdet tall sculpture, known as Knife Angel


We wanted to do something qtite incredible. One gentleman brought in


at carving knife. Very sharp. He found his song with it in the


street. He wanted to disposd of it safely. He wanted to being readied


in sculpture. This will represent everyone who has lost a lifd tonight


is. There will be memorial plaques along the bottom. `` to knives.


Later this week, West Midlands Police will rd`launch


To date, a spokesman says they are aware


of just 11 knives placed in knife banks outside places of worship


Three Police Forces ` including Greater Manchester Police


` have offered the mothers `dvice, but no official backing.


It may take months for the Knife Angel to take shape,


but these parents now feel they have to get personally involved.


What direct impact can these parents have?


Well, there is frustration `mongst the mothers. Perhaps tradithonal


campaigns might not be the right way to go at the moment. They m`y need a


fresh approach. Hence this hdea for a sculpture. A big communitx arts


project that the parents can encourage gang members to


participate in. This could be more positive than just a knife hn a


black hole. What more by the police doing to


take knives off the streets? There are three bins like this.


Another two will come into tse later this week. There will be another


three in Birmingham on Thursday And one in Edgbaston as well. That will


be in honour of the schoolghrl who was stabbed to death on board a bus


last year. The debate about campaigns against knife use will be


ongoing. The Caribbean comes to


Sutton Coldfield. The Barbados rugby sevens g`in


a lot of fans as they prepare A man has been arrested aftdr two


of his relatives were found dead The bodies were found shortly


after 5am this morning. Well, you can see there is still a


police code in there keeping the public away from the tent and that's


semidetached house here in Solihull. Forensic teams have been in and out


of the property all day. Police were called early this morning to reports


of an attack. When they got here, they find two bodies. I unddrstand


they are from the far east but have lived here for many years. This is a


quiet residential street not far from Solihull town centre. Lany


local people are concerned. It is a quiet and nice street. This is


obviously very shocking. Thhs is a good neighbourhood and it is a nice


place. Calm and quiet. Generally speaking, this is peaceful. What


have the police had to say? Police have told us they ard


questioning a 23 year man. He's being held on suspicion


of murder and they say he's related At this stage,


they're not looking for anyone else The police have told me thex will


carry out investigations here for the next five days.


The Government has announced a six`year programme of invdstment


across our region in job crdation, house building and infrastrtcture


The Growth Deal pledges mord than ?160 million next year.


And of course next year just happens to be a general election ye`r?


A General Election year in which nearly 30 West Midlands


marginal seats will be in contention between Labour and the


Conservatives, as our two bhggest parties vie with each other for


So you don't have to be too much of a conspiracy theorist to see a


link between many of these projects and the key Parliamentary sdats


The Growth Deal is divided between our region's six local


Among those, ?163 million worth of schemes starting next ye`r, are


?2.4 million to roll out super`fast broadband in Worcestershire,


and the creation of a new r`ilway station at Anstey Park,


But these projects were dechded not by the election strategists,


but by the six enterprise partnerships themselves, in


The Prime Minister came to Halesowen College to make the announcdment.


I put it to him that Labour were promising something


more ambitious, with more money and more powers to be devolved to


Well, we are actually doing it, not just talking about it. This is the


end of the Whitehall knows best culture. This is saying to local


areas, there is the money and the powers, what can you bring forward


to drive growth in new local area? We are in the black country Brody


will see 6000 jobs, 1000 holes built, once developed, railway


stations built, it is an exciting locally driven growth agend`. That


is good news for the region. One of the biggest benefici`ries


today is Wolverhampton, where the city


council must cut its budgets by ?123 Our reporter has been finding out


if the Government is merely giving with one hand, having already taken


away with the other. Wolverhampton will benefit to


the tune of ?18 million. Part of that will go towards


rebuilding the train station, giving its car park a revamp


and eventually linking the station It would create more jobs for the


Midlands. I think it is really good. It creates opportunities for people


and gives a better feeling for customers. There is always room for


improvement is everywhere. Loney well spent. It is quite tirdd. It is


in need of some work. The announcement comes at a timd when


the City Council has to savd ?1 3 million over five years. Thhs is an


opportunity for growth and to create jobs outside of local government


with partners in the privatd sector. I am hopeful that people will take


comfort from the announcement. The Civic and Wulfrun Halls have


played host to the likes Now ?9 million will be spent


on a raft of improvements to We want to take these holes into the


21st`century. We are rebuilding the stage 15 feet further back to


increase the arena size. Yot're going to create more bar sp`ce. We


are putting another balcony right around Europe to create a f`ntastic


beer pit atmosphere. The extra balcony was


the suggestion of the lead singer John Penney is now a promothons


officer for the Civic Hall. What the performer wants to see when


they walk on stage by the fhghts of the eyes. You want to see the crowd.


We went for another balcony. We will get another set of whites of the


eyes to look at. The cash being given to


Wolverhampton will give the city As austerity cuts take hold,


a glimpse of optimism It is worth remembering that the


six local enterprise partnerships replaced the regional development


agency Advantage West Midlands. It awarded growth funding worth


significantly more this each year, before the current Government


scrapped it. Ministers say the LEPs have


the advantage of being trulx local, so they know how best to target the


money to trigger strategic growth. Now, if you want to find out exactly


how the money is going to bd spent in your area,


we've put all the details on The widow of former


West Midlands Police and crime commissioner Bob Jones has


paid tribute to her husband, as plans were put in place to `ppoint


an acting commissioner from Monday. Sarah Edmondson described hdr


husband, who died last week at the age of 59,


as entirely modest and unassuming. She said he would go to the ends


of the Earth to sort out people s A temporary replacement will be


remain in post until a by election A woman has been jailed


for assaulting a 90 year old resident with dementia at the care


home in Coventry where she worked. Suzanne Edmondson was seen pinning


the man to the floor at the Chasewood Care home hn Exhall


in February, as well as swe`ring Today she was jailed


for two years and eight months after pleading guilty to ch`rges


of assault and ill treatment. An inmate from Hewell Jail


near Redditch was released It is thought Anthony Dougl`s was


freed after being mistaken for a rescuing a cow stuck in a dhtch


in Shropshire today. Crews were called to Minsterley


near Shrewsbury, where a ramp was dug and thd cow was


rescued using specialist eqtipment. The animal was given


the all`clear by a local vet. Parts of the Redditch to Birmingham


railway line closed today and will stay shut for eight weeks


to allow engineers to carry out Network Rail is adding thred


kilometres of track Trains will terminate at Barnt Green


and passengers from Redditch and Alvechurch are being offered


a replacement bus service Our Transport Correspondent


joined some commuters. An empty platform at Redditch this


morning with no trains in shght The bus was taking


the strain instead. For the next eight weeks,


passengers using Redditch and Alvechurch stations will go


by road in instead of by rahl. I don't mind. I wouldn't want to get


the bus the whole journey. But I want to support the rail network.


And so too it seems did othdr passengers on the bus this lorning.


It is only eight weeks that it will take a little longer to get into


work. This has been set up puite effectively.


Although going by bus wasn't as direct as by train this lorning,


most seemed happy with what had been arranged.


There is a park and ride scheme available.


And Cathy was one of those switching back to rail at Northfield.


And it wasn't long before a train arrived.


Some people have turned up `nd have been surprised. They are pldased to


see the number of buses we `re running. We have put months of


planning into this. Our teal has put lots of work into this.


This is the reason for the summer shutdown, improvements at Alvechurch


Both will allow a more freqtent service to here and at Reddhtch


Meanwhile, it is journey's end for Cathy.


No problem whatsoever. If it is like that every day, very happy


passengers. But those opting to take


their cars into Birmingham hnstead With the summer closure of the A38


tunnels under the city, Mothers whose sons were fat`lly


stabbed meet gang members to urge Your detailed weather forec`st


to come shortly from Shefalh. On the trail of Birmingham's


artistic history. The sculptures celebrating


two centuries of artists. If you have a story you think we


should be covering on Midlands Novak Djokovic wasn't the only


player waking up with a hard fought Wheelchair athlete Jordanne Whiley,


from Halesowen, also came away a She won the doubles with partner


Yui Kamiji. It was really tough. The first set


did not go to plan. We sortdd it out and had asked `` had a solid start


to the second set. The playdrs talk about the difficulty of the


transition to grass as a surface. We all may train the week leadhng up to


Wimbledon on the grass. It hs not a surface we are used to and ht is not


easy for us because we mainly play on hard court. You are on course for


the Grand Slam. What would ht mean to you to win the US Open and


achieve that very rare calendar Grand Slam? Wimbledon was one of the


biggest achievements of my career so far. I am not quite there ydt. The


Dutch won the Grand Slam last year. It is time for a British person to


do that now. You have brittle bone disease. Does that make you more


prone to injury is? I don't have it in my upper body so I am sthll able


to play tennis as normal. I just need to be careful not to crash into


anything. In the Wimbledon final, I went into the side barrier. Luckily


it was soft so I was not dohng myself any damage. Your father was


an athlete? He won a bronze medal in 1984 for the 100 metre track. Peter


cup tennis as a hobby when he married my mother. I wanted to


follow in his footsteps. Chhldren copy their parents. I saw mx dad


playing tennis. I started playing and I have never looked back. I had


only just turned three years old. I am interested in your thoughts on


the prize money. ?12,000 between your and your partner. In the main


doubles draw, it is ?325,000. It is tough. Every year, it there is an


increase in the prize`money. The thing is, the public are not aware


of wheelchair tennis. They don't know what it is and how good it is.


We need the sponsors and we need people to recognise it in order to


have the prize`money that able`bodied people are getthng.


Trust me, we are working just as hard. We would like that to happen


one day. It is going that w`y. Fingers crossed. How was thd


champions Ball last night? Fantastic. I finally got out of my


trainers and tracksuit and put on a nice dress. I didn't get back until


3am, so it was a good night. Great to speak to you. Congratulations


again. Thank you. And if you are inspired


by Jordanne's story, the BBC Sport website have ` special


feature on her, in which shd pays special tribute to her fathdr Keith,


who she describes as a cool dude. There has been a flavour


of the Caribbean in Sutton Coldfield The Barbados rugby sevens tdam have


based themselves at the local rugby club,


to prepare for the Commonwe`lth And they've gained a whole `rmy


of new fans. They're a long way from Barbados


but feeling very much at hole. The Caribbean island's rugbx sevens


team are in Sutton Coldfield to But they wanted a break


from training so decided to get It brings a new atmosphere to the


camp. Everyone is feeling the pressure. It was a way to rdlease


tension. Back home, we chill on the beach.


The bikes have been provided by Bike North Birmingham.


In return the rugby team act as poster boys for the council's


initiative to get more people cycling in this part of the city.


And their popularity doesn't end there.


Absolutely fantastic. We had a social event a couple weeks ago and


they were pride of place. Rdally good bunch of lads. They ard in a


very tough group. Captain Sean Ward is


a car mechanic back home whdre their In February they were resigned to


watching the Games on television then Nigeria


dropped out, Barbados took tp the It is an overwhelming feeling. You


have to calm yourself. Stay focused for training. Best foot forward It


is a big deal for us. Even winning a match


at the Commonwealths will bd some But they can definitely makd


their name and they've alre`dy made A sculpture trail across Birmingham


city centre has been created to celebrate 200 years of the RBSA


in the city. The Royal Birmingham Societx


of Artists has provided a platform for artists for over two centuries,


connecting them with audiences. Our Arts Reporter has been


on the trail. What have a cathedral, cafe and


convenience store got in colmon But these are just some


of the buildings hosting Jo Naden from Stourbridge is


a member of the Royal Birmingham Her work is being shown


in Birmingham City Centre as part of the 200 year celdbrations


of the society. I have various public artworks in


and around outside the city. This is a nice opportunity to show the


smaller scale works. Partictlarly in environments where people are not


accustomed to discovering sculpture.


The idea is to follow a trahl across 17 venues.


Over 50 sculptures are on show in different places


We need to engage with our public more. Just staying in calorhes means


we expect them to come to us. It is important that we go to thel.


The trail also highlights the city's connection with the RBSA


At St Philip's Cathedral in Colmore Row, a contemporary piece is


lit up by stained glass windows made by former president


The idea is to raise greater awareness of the city. Conndcting


the business district with this side of the ring road to the othdr side


of the ring road where you find the Jewellery Quarter.


And it is in the jewellery puarter where there's the most unlikeable


Every time someone comes in, there are three or four of them. Loads of


people are coming in to see yet And the final stop `


the current home of Home to artists who've sparked ideas


and handed them down to us And if Satnam's report has hnspired


you to follow the trail we've put all the information you need


on our Facebook page. A sunny start to the week


for most of us. Norway. That is a funny question! We


have had a taste of what is to come this week with the heavy hahlstone


showers yesterday. This week, we start off with showers. In the


middle of the week, heavy r`in. It will be quite warm. We can see more


graphically what is going on from the pressure chart. These wdather


fronts bringing the showers. Will pressure starts to dominate. Apple


West later on. It is a two pronged West later on. It is a two pronged


attack. The rain will be pepped up by the presence of low pressure To


all of this, it will be quite warm. We are seeing showers moving in from


will be the brunt of those before will be the brunt of those before


they start to die away later tonight. Are largely dry picture


through the early hours with some cloud and clear spells. Temperatures


well up double figures. This is how we start tomorrow. A dry note and


you cannot rule out the odd shower here and there are. Then showers


break out all over the placd in the afternoon. Spilling him frol the


north`west along the breeze which will be moderate. Any showers will


be slow`moving and they could be heavy. Reasonably good tempdratures


for the time of year. Tomorrow night, the showers will fadd. This


pattern will repeat through the week. Showers during the dax and


then dry during the night. There is an exception and that will be on


Wednesday. Most of Wednesdax could be drive. More rain arriving on


Friday. I'll be back at 10pm with more


reaction to the Growth Fund


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