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New security measures for electronic devices have been introduced


Initially did not mean a lot to me but then it turned out that some


establishment figures were being linked in these documents.


Documents linked convicted paedophile Peter Righton


in Worcestershire to high profile`politicians and clergy.


Another push to get knives off our streets `


this time in Wolverhampton, but do knife bins really work?


Getting the feel behind the wheel ` sparking the imagination of future


The dreams of a four year old girl come true, the young cancer patient


And what better way to round off a beautiful day than with


Sadly, there aren't many more of those to come this week.


Get ready for the temperatures to rise but the rain to fall.


A former West Mercia Police detective has told the BBC he saw


documents about a network of paedophiles


involving high`profile politicians and clergy in the 1990S.


Terry Shutt was involved in the arrest


of of the social work expert Peter Righton in Worcestershire in 19 2.


Righton was convicted of importing child pornography


Mr Shutt says he believes information contained


in the documents, including details about named individuals,


Our reporter Sarah Falkland is here now.


He's been recalling how he was called to a house in Eveshal


in Worcestershire at the repuest of customs officials


containing indecent pictures of young boys


Living at the house was a m`n called Peter Righton,


one of the most respected child care experts in the country.


He was a consultant to the National Children's Bureau.


At the time, most people had no idea he was


a paedophile, and it's him who's key to these latest revelathons


Of course I deny it. That is all I want to say.


He took the truth about the extent of his paedophilia to the grave


Peter Righton was a respected academic.


His dark side was uncovered during a police search


It was between four and six large bin liners of documentation. It had


been stored haphazardly. In amongst the items at the top of the pile was


the diary of Peter Righton. And in the back of that it had a lhst of


200 names of boys that he that had relationships with.


Righton was convicted of possessing indecent imagds


But what of the other men n`med in his correspondence?


That was the scary part. Whdn you started looking at the names,


initially did not mean a lot to me but it seemed it was establhshment


figures being named in thesd documents.


If what he says is true, it only adds weight to clails that


Westminster was at the centre of a paedophile ring,


We are looking at upwards of 20 and certainly a much larger number of


people who knew about it who did nothing who were in a posithon to do


something about it. DC Shutt says he handed over all


the evidence to the But he's confident the


"main link into the Establishment" We have to have a sense that we can


trust people in government, and if they are not there to shoot and


protect each other. They ard there to make sure that we get Ings right.


`` to shield and protect each other. To make sure that we get thhngs


right. Neither the Met Police nor


West Mercia police force ard They say they can't as it's an


on going investigation. But you've spoken to


the former chief constable of He says that the whole thing is a


dreadful matter and if he h`d been aware of powerful evidence like


this, he is sure that he wotld have organ `` he would have ordered an


investigation. You're watching Midlands Today,


Coming up later in the programme. a car which tracks what


the driver does learns from it. A man has appeared in court charged


with murder after a fatal stabbing during violence which broke out


in Sparkbrook in Birmingham. Ikram Khan, who was 28,


was stabbed in the neck in the Naweed Bashardost, who's 22,


and from Alum Rock, was remanded in custody to `ppear at


Birmingham Crown Court on Friday. Today's court appearance coles on


the day the widow of West Mhdlands Police and Crime Commissiondr Bob


Jones launched a knife surrender


programme in Wolverhampton. The scheme is already operating


in Birmingham, although onlx a handful of weapons have been handed


in since the launch in Febrtary Our special correspondent


Peter Wilson is in Wolverhampton


for us this evening. doesn't seem to be making mtch


of a difference. We have got three of these knife


bins in Birmingham. This is one of seven, there is another one in


Wolverhampton. It was opened or unveiled in an emotional


presentation by the widow of Bob Jones, Sarah. She was asked whether


these are actually working by saying that if it just saves one lhfe, in


her eyes, then it is working. It is not the police initiative, ht has


come from the community. Bob Jones, who died last week, his deptty joins


us now. There are lots of criticisms of these bins. Would you sax that


they are working? I would s`y that this is about the young people who


said they wanted to have thdse bins. I have had a meeting with a number


of young people. He was said he wanted to hear what the young people


had to say. They said that they wanted to have these ends, `nd this


is a testament to them, and to Bob, because it was him who inithated


having the bins in Wolverhalpton, and having three of them in


Birmingham. This is one of seven bins. We are thing to have dight of


them. This is outside the T`bernacle Baptist Church. Is outside the


church really the right ways for people to bring weapons? It is where


people would accept that thdy would have them. Yes it is the right place


for us to have the bins. We have consulted with people and the police


have done a lot of work on this initiative for us and yes it is the


right place because this is what people said that they wanted. From


Wolverhampton, handing back to this Judeo. `` to the studio.


Conditions at HMP Birmingham have improved


since a private takeover three years ago, according to a new report.


A snap inspection found the prison in Winson Green was


"making good progress" sincd contractor G4S took control,


The presence of illicit drugs remained "stubbornly high",


while some foreign inmates were negative about their experidnces,


It is better than it was, btt there are still violence and levels of


self harm that are too high. While it is improving it is not somewhere


that you would want to be if you had a choice, and they have still got to


do more, I think. Coventry North MP Geoffrey Robinson


has asked Education Secretary Michael Gove for


a meeting to discuss the shortfall in funding for the Government's new


free school meal policy. From September, all schools will be


required to offer Coventry's been given ?950,000 to


pay for it, but the city council says the actual


cost will be more than ?2 mhllion. The head of schools watchdog Ofsted


has suggested breaking up the local education authority in Birmhngham


could address problems with schools so`called Trojan Horse allegations,


which claimed some Muslim governors had tried to impose their own ideas


in Birmingham schools. Last month, Ofsted published


the findings of inspections in 21 schools in Birmingham, and


placed five in special meastres This issue of so`called Trojan horse


in Birmingham is a lack of confidence in the support of


Birmingham Council for headteachers, well before this issue


came up, I went to speak to about 15, 20, of the most successful


headteachers in Birmingham, of local authority schools. They said that


Birmingham had been pretty tseless. That they wanted to do more. That


they had approached the loc`l authority to do more so that they


could engineer it and broke it, and that they had been most unhdlpful.


`` broker it. The silver jaguar is one of the most


famous images associated with West Midlands


manufacturing ` a crucial


element of the regional economy Nearly 325,000 people are elployed


here in the industry, and the West Midlands accounts


for 10% of all UK manufacturing That makes it worth more th`n ? 3


billion to the UK, but companies fear a skills shortage


could hold back growth. It's thought that almost ond million


workers will be needed nationally by 2020, to replace those rdtiring


or leaving the industry. So pointing school leavers to


manufacturing That's why dozens of Staffordshire


teenagers have spent the dax getting taste of engineering at a


race track. Here's Liz Coppdr. Kit cars, school teams and ` racing


challenge. This is a compethtion run by a Staffordshire company to


encourage the engineers of the future. It is a company that


inspires them in terms of I built this car, it is about engindering,


that is why it I want to do in future. Teams have spent nine months


working on cars. Going from the first day building it from the


chassis, to winning the racd, ten months later. It is the whole


process of it, it is fantastic. I had never done anything likd this


before. Now I feel like it would be interesting to do it every day, as a


job. There was of jobs in engineering, not just messy ones and


it has been great to experidnce all of the different parts of it. ``


there are lots of jobs in engineering. All of the teals have


been sponsored by local bushnesses. They have not just offered financial


support, but given help and guidance. Getting behind thd wheel


gives the students the chance to fine tune their designs and to


impress spectators and the head judge. I think it is so


professional. And local companies, the sponsorship has given these kids


this feel of a paddock, the feel of a proper race with real enghneering


and real precision and real excitement. I am thrilled to be part


of it. This is now an annual competition fostering the ndxt


generation of engineering t`lent in the region.


Some potential engineers of the future.


If they take up a career in manufacturing, they could well


find themselves working for Jaguar Land Rover.


Latest sales figures show continued growth.


Last month, JLR revealed thdy'd sold more than 200,000 vehicles


But how will engineers keep pace with the demands


Today, the company, which elploys more than 19,000 people


in the West Midlands, has been showing off some of the


technology it intends to put into cars of the future ` to our business


Showcasing the technology of tomorrow.


This is the result of many lonths of brain`storming for the gadgdts that


The self`loathing Cara set tp to the driver's profile. `` the self


learning car. The self learning car designed to


track what drivers do Among other things, it can predict


if you're running late and can send a text saying so


to the person you're due to meet. No buttons or switches,


just gestures. With the gesture you did not need to


look where the button is, you just perform the gesture.


And this is laser referencing ` which could drastically improve


safety on the cars of the ftture so too the virtual windscreen concept


But for JLR, new technology can also help reduce CO2 emmisshons


It is essential. If you do not meet the regulations then you ard out of


business. We are 180 grams `nd the target is 132 grams. With the


activities we have discussed today that are no pipeline, we will


achieve the target. I think you have got a mixture of things that are


bringing Jaguar Land`Rover up`to`date worthy have been lagging


behind, and some areas wherd they are beginning to lead with


technology that we have yet to see that will be a world first, on a


British car. Although only a demonstration, JLR


reckons that most of the technology on display today will be fitted to


it's cars within five years. A former West Mercia detecthve


claims evidence of a paedophile ring Your detailed weather forec`st to


come shortly. from playing table tennis


in a Leamington Spa church hall to becoming a medal prospect at the


Commonwealth Games. Meet the man who is taking on the


mountains with a nose and a sprout. Tilly Sweet is


a four year old girl who's fighting When she was asked to make


a wish while she undergoes treatment, she asked for a garden to


play in, at her home in Tamworth. As Bob Hockenhull reports,


her dream today became a re`lity. So Tilly Sweet has put up whth


a lot in her short life. She's been given her own garden to


play in, especially created from scratch by the Round T`ble s


Childrens Wish Charity. It is just wonderful. The gtys


turned up and asked what shd wanted. And she told them. And they have


done it exactly as she wantdd. After hearing about Tilly's


condition, the Round Table contacted hdr


parents to make her wish cole true. Before, there was just a yard at the


family home in Tamworth. It was not child friendly bdfore.


She has had lots of sad days, and totally now she will have lots of


happy days and safe days in the garden.


It's taken 10 days to complete the makdover.


Many volunteers have given their time to help this little girl.


It says a lot for Tamworth that people will come together and do


good for people who need it. We are over the moon with it and jtst to


see her out here smiling and enjoying it is in fantastic `` it is


fantastic. The completion of the project


has coincided with good news. Doctors have discovered Tilly's


brain tumour is shrinking. Her parents believe a combination


of chemotherapy, a strictly controlled diet and plenty of


exercise is helping their d`ughter. If there was any doubt as to who


this garden belongs to, this colourful wall makes it could


equally. `` makes it pretty clear. Tilly is the name and


before we left there was ond more Something which everyone here hopes


will give brave Tilly many hours Now a busy summer of sport


continues. Just two weeks until the start of the Commonwealth G`mes and


Ian has been to meet one of our medal hopefuls.


When Kelly Sibley was just 8 years old, her Mum took her for a game


of table tennis at Lillington church hall in Leamington Spa.


And now she's ranked England's number 2.


When the Commonwealth Games begin two weeks today,


Kelly is one of our best medal prospects, and she's been training


The clock is ticking. The Commonwealth Games are almost here.


And Kelly Sibley is going for gold in Glasgow. I am excited because I


believe that we are the good place, so let's see what happens.


England's number two is rel`xed and focused. Glasgow will be her third


Commonwealth Games after colpeting in Melbourne and in Delhi, `nd


follows the unforgettable experience of the London Olympics. The


atmosphere was electric, it was one of the best experiences of ly life.


I can take that and use it towards Glasgow. The atmosphere was buzzing.


I just cannot wait to get there now. What is next for Kelly Sibley?


Hopefully a medal, and I will dedicate it to my family. It was her


mother, a county player, who got Kelly started at the age of eight.


But at the church hall in Ldamington spa, she had never found an opponent


quite as good as the best young player in China, who is now the


perfect sparring partner for Kelly, as she prepares for the challenge


that lies ahead in Glasgow. She was so professional at 12, the Chinese


number one at 15. Remarkabld. A fantastic achievement. She has


obviously still got it. It hs good to practice with her. I sent the


best luck to Kelly, and just to be herself, and she can achievd it


Having some players from thd elite table tennis nation of Chin` gives


that level of consistency and control and power and ability on the


table that will challenge and push our athletes. It is a vital


ingredient on the route to Glasgow. Singapore will likely be thd


toughest opponents for Engl`nd in Glasgow but Kelly is quietlx


confident that her team`matds will return home with several medals


preferably made of gold. Thdre could be a double danish steel developing


at Aston Villa. One is definitely the other deal is possible. Nicklas


Bendtner is available on a free transfer having been releasdd by


Arsenal. The 26`year`old scored twice in the Premier League last


season and has 56 Danish caps, and Aston Villa are one of several clubs


interested. Today, sadly no wickets for the Worcestershire all`rounder


in the first test at Trent Bridge, but the watch a batsman Ian Bell


took two very smart catches and India closed on 259`4. The bee


Theatre Festival is our and running in Birmingham and 60 artists are


producing shows at the Birmhngham repertory Theatre. The performances


are designed to spark ideas for future productions and the `udiences


Jude do not just watch, as our arts reporter found out. We are outside


the dance hall and the partx is sweet. These two are not performers


but members of the audience. This is touchy`feely take part Theatre. The


festival brings European performance the Birmingham to share thehr


amazing work. It is stimulating for creative people do have the


opportunity to see what work is coming from other countries. The


special thing is that the atdience can encounter the artists, `nd


discover that we are not so different, and that Europe hs OK,


actually. This year, Birmingham repertory's workshop has become a


social hub. The idea is for the audience to experience 30 mhnute


performances around the building. I just love the weirdness of ht, I


absolutely love it, and cre`tivity, the enthusiasm of everybody.


Sometimes I cannot describe it. I send a journal on to my colleagues


and I cannot describe some of it, sometimes. It might not be the sort


of theatre we are used to, but that is the whole point. I find ht


exciting. I am not sitting there going, what does it mean? I am there


thinking, my body is moving like this and I am really excited by


these rhythms and tones and colours. It is full of passion. And so to the


interval. Normally we go ond way and the performers the other but at this


festival everybody comes onstage to share food, audience and artist in


order to talk about what thdy have seen, so far. From onstage


performances to installations, this is one festival which brings


audiences closer to their performers. This is the one you have


all been waiting for. Each xear more than 500,000 people trekked to the


top of Mount Snowdon in Walds, 085 metres above sea level, it has


attracted climbers for hundreds of years, but it has not seen `nything


like this. At the end of July, Stuart Kettlewell Borja will trek to


the summit pushing a Brussels sprouts with his nose. As any


sportsman will tell you, warm up exercises and proper equipmdnt are


important when embarking on a challenge. When that task is pushing


a Brussels sprouts up Mount Snowdon, isn't it more question of


sanity? People think I am m`d. I am beginning to think this mysdlf.


Stuart has estimated it will take him four 10`hour days to colplete


the climb to the summit of Snowdon. And what sort of sportsman hnjuries


are you going to get from this? My neck, arms, knees and feet. It is


probably one of the most uncomfortable positions I h`ve ever


been in. The importance of the right type of Sprout cannot be


underestimated. More than 50 will be used for the uphill nostril


challenge. I need a large Sprout so that they does not fall down the


cracks in the rocks. And I need a Sprout that is not going to go all


mushy and give up on me. His practice sessions have insphred his


18`month`old daughter, but on the streets of his village, the


all`terrain nosed pavement training caused plenty of head turning and


amazement. I have never seen anything like that in my life. He is


absolutely crazy. I have sedn a few things in my life but nothing like


that. Is it going to roll all the way down? Stuart is no stranger to


bizarre fundraising but even he admits that, for this Sprout


challenge, he's going to nedd more than just a fair wind behind him, to


succeed. When he's finished, I hope he takes time to veg out. Now the


weather. There was of something lurking around the corner nowadays,


rain being the main thing. But we are looking at quite a lot of


sunshine for the moment. We're looking at dry conditions now, which


will change in the next few days. We have some rain and showers `nd some


plan A, " this is to round tp the week. This rage of high pressure


between these systems is kedping the showers at bay. Then we havd a warm


front pushing in from the e`st, which is unusual because most of the


weather comes in from the wdst. That will move in by the end of tomorrow,


ushering in some more clammx air by the end of the week. That could be


the trigger for some heavy showers on Friday and potentially some


thunderstorms, before the ndxt system swings into the weekdnd and


continues that theme. We ard enjoying some late evening shone ``


sunshine now. Temperatures should fall to around 10 Celsius tonight.


Even though we are enjoying some late sunshine, we're looking at


cloud thickening in the east either that system for tomorrow evdning. We


start with some sunshine through the course of tomorrow morning. It is


quite a bright, sunny start for most places. That will send tempdratures


up to around 24 Celsius across the south of the region. You will see


those temperatures rising and that he'd beginning to kick in. Then site


will be coupled with a fresh breeze from a north`westerly direction ``


temperatures will be coupled with. Then, that rain coming in tomorrow


evening and overnight. We whll see that pushing in. It will be mostly


light rain but there could be the odd heavy burst. By the end of the


week, we could see some thunderstorms. The headlines, new


security measures for passengers at UK airports will now affect all


flights. And the former West Murcia detective claims evidence of a


paedophile ring in the 1990s was not followed up. I will be back at ten


o'clock, I hope you can join me for that. Have a good evening.


and this time the challenge is bigger than ever.


Six young songwriters mark a major anniversary.


It'll be really difficult to write a song for World War I


They're really going to have to put themselves in those people's shoes.


Guys, did that go perfectly? Did we forget the tune?


I just don't want to mess it up There's a lot of pressure.


A brand-new series of The Big Performance.


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