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And that is all from us. There is more throughout the evening on


He gets the operation which could help him walk, after an anonymous


For someone to do that, just after seeing it on the programme, it is


fantastic. We will find out how


his operation went Clamping down on khat, the plant


recently banned as a Class C drug, Helping


the jobless become more employable, And although this weekend's weather


may not exactly be music to your ears, there will still be some


pleasant spells Your full forecast


is coming up later. A 10`year`old boy has today


undergone a potentially life`changing spinal


operation, thanks to the generosity The specialist operation is used


on some cerebral palsy patidnts to Ben Baddesley, from Newcastle under


Lyme, was due to have the operation in February, but it was cancelled


after the hospital realised it was Health Correspondent Micheld Paduano


has spent the day with Ben If an a to J Rudolph, yet traded. If


the operation goes all, he could be paralysed. I am glad you ard here


and I am really pleased that the nation has helped others. Hd was due


to have the operation on thd NHS, but then they'd found out that they


will no longer being funded. An anonymous donor saw the feature we


did on the story. What sort of things would you like to do? Raid on


a skateboard. They were verx touched and they want to remain anonymous.


For someone to do that, it was amazing. This operation onlx works


on certain cerebral palsy p`tients. All the parents can do is w`it. As


soon as he walked up, it was getting something to eat. So we are just


having to twiddle our thumbs at the moment. It could be up to one year


until we are fully aware of the nature of the progress. The


treatment must looked at 2000 are believed to be effective. Hhs


parents are already convincdd. If there's a cure, she should be able


to it. It takes the pain aw`y and gives him a better quality of life.


Because the operation no longer run by the NHS, they have to rahse a


further ?10,000. And tomorrow, Ben begins


his physiotherapy at hospit`l. And we will keep you updated


as he makes progress. Police in Birmingham are stdpping up


patrols in some parts of the city following the n`tionwide


ban on the sale of khat. The plant,


which is traditionally chewdd by members of the Somalian `nd


Yemini communities, was reclassified People found with khat


for their personal use can now be fined ?60, while suppliers face up


to 14`years in jail. Officers are now trying to `lert


users to those penalties, amid fears that an illegal trade


in the drug is already emerging This is khat,


an African plant which, when chewed, Filmed here before the ban ht has


been proved to damage health. It can cause depression,


heart problems and increases On patrol in Sparkbrook


in Birmingham, the police are spreading the word about thdse


dangers, but also reminding In a can. It has been a gre`t


nuisance. It can also lead to disorder.


For some users, khat is part and parcel of everyday life.


In the countries where they are from, the tradition dates b`ck


thousands of years, which makes breaking the habit of a


It is no surprise then that there is anger amongst some former users


This is one of our traditions. We never harmed anybody. For ydars it


has been coming into this country. But there is broad support


for the ban. Felsan Egal's husband used


to sell it from their shop. She is happy it has all stopped


and says she is already witnessing The ones who give it up, thdy are


more occupied and more we are more occupied and Maura Weir of things.


They are looking for the future Meanwhile,


there are concerns amongst community workers that a new drugs underworld


is already being created Senior Police officers realhse the


cultural difficulties, but suppling or using khat is now illegal


and future prosecutions are likely. I am joined now by Mohammed Ashfaq


from KIKIT, a community drug It could be dangerous when `bused.


There are some people who h`ve taken all the laser that has not `ffected


them. There are other peopld who get addicted to it. They cannot get a


job, cannot get out and abott in the community, and they suffer from


health problems. Do about this in place, what is the best way to get


that message out? I think information programmes need to be


rolled out across the region. You saw in the film at a number of


people are angry about this. They are seeing it has been used for


hundreds of years. Do you understand that anger? Yes, of course H do A


lot of people used to come to buy it and they no longer come to the


region to do that because it is banned. What can people do who want


to get off the drug? We offdr services any time of the dax and we


do say col and social interventions. We will also have one`to`ond


counselling. A leading barrhster has warned that an enquiry into


historical child abuse problems may not get to the root of the problem.


It has to take as long as it will take to get clarity. We havd seen a


spate of stories in the last year of which have been very damaging. There


of public sector strikes on the of public sector strikes on the


Sunday politics at 11 o'clock on Sunday.


A teenage mother accused of failing to protect her b`by is to


Jessica Wiggins left Worcester Crown Court today after


The 19`year`old was accused of causing or allowing the death of


12`week`old Isabella Vallance at her home in Redditch in December 20 2.


Yesterday, she was cleared of a charge of cruelty


60 beds are going to be takdn out of Stafford Hospital.


It is partly down to staffing shortages, although some were only


It is one`fifth of the complex's 300 beds.


Nurses have already been recruited from the University Hospital


of North Staffordshire to e`se pressure.


More details have emerged about a woman who was killed


while working in a mental health unit in Glotcester.


53`year`old Sharon Wall has been described as dedicated


The police are continuing to question a 60`year`old man


Tributes to the health care assistant to date this week. She was


a worker here at the hospit`l which cares for people with acute mental


health problems. As she finhshed a makeshift on Wednesday mornhng, she


was fatally stabbed and died shortly afterwards and died shortly


afterwards in her employer gave this tribute. It is an extremely sad


event which led to the death of a highly compassionate and dedicated


worker. Sharon Wall Was a well`respected health care `ssistant


and everyone who knew her w`s struck by her warmth, keeping nature and


good sense of humour. It is not clear whether the attack took place


for weapon was used. It has space for 88 patients. On one hand,


patients can come and go as they please. On the other, it is a low


security unit. A man is still being questioned by police, he is believed


to be a patient at the hosphtal He has yet to be charged, but has been


arrested on suspicion of his mother. `` murder. The family Sharon Wall of


Avenue is to be left alone while the goodies.


Our top story tonight ` new hope for Ben.


He gets the operation which could help him walk, after an anonymous


Your detailed weather forec`st to come shortly and,


also in tonight's programme ? he has broken his collarbone six thmes


It is all part of what's made Tai Woffinden world speedway ch`mpion.


We will hear from him ahead of the British Grand Prix And they


The ukelele players who will be fundraising


Unemployed people are being recruited to help to care


for the countryside and learn traditional rural skills.


They have been working at the Churnet Valley


The work is unpaid, but the project organisers hope it will help make


Consall Forge in the Churnet Valley, once an area of heavy industry,


Conservation work is needed to preserve this beauty.


The young jobless have been recruited to help.


Our new levelling much? We `re learning loads. We're getting a lot


of advice. These teenagers are among 100


young people who will work hn this Getting out in the countryshde


instead of sitting at home The work includes improving


footpaths, mending fences and, today, they are clearing


Himalayan Balsam, an invasive plant Do you enjoy it? Yes, it is nice


getting out into the countrxside and making things look better.


The project, the Churnet Valley Living L`ndscape


Partnership, is partly funddd by the Heritage Lottery.


The youngsters are not paid, but will get a qualification.


Some people may see this as simply being underpaid labour? I c`n see


how people might say that, but that is not what it is about.


Some of the recruits hope to eventually


For one, coming to the Churnet Valley has helped encourage


It is something I can do th`t has me think a lot more about other jobs.


So, if nothing else, getting out into the countryside will hopefully


foster an appreciation of our rich rural heritage.


The horrors and the heroism of war are being brought to life


The BBC's World War One at Home Roadshow has rolled


into Wolverhampton and Sarah Falkland is there.


And BBC WM will be broadcasting live from the show from midday tomorrow.


This is very much a hands`on table show. You can have a go at plotting


are looking at infection and disease, you can also have fewer


children yelled at by a real Sergeant Major! With me is the


professor from Worcester Unhversity. It was really horrendous at times?


Yes, when you think just after the battle, for both the nurses and the


other staff, many of whom h`d not had very much training before they


went out, they were seen thd injured and people suffering from all sorts


of diseases. There would've been a lot of horrendous facial injuries


and other issues. It would've been quite traumatic to deal with. This


meal in places like that must've been to? Of course, the CK was the


train keep everything clean and limit the amount of trauma. Gangrene


was a lot of a problem, which could lead to amputations. They also had


to content with relatives? Xes, many of the wealthy would come over and


some of the pooler women wotld have charities pay for them to come out


to nurse their loved ones bdcause they were maybe dying. We h`ve got


Pete Waterman coming tomorrow to show the trains used in the great


War. And BBC WM will be broadcasting live


from the show from midday tomorrow. He has broken his collarbond six


times and his arm twice but it has Last year,


he fulfilled his dream of bdcoming This weekend,


he will attempt to win the British Grand Prix in Cardiff and


move closer to retaining thd title. Tai Woffinden is the centre


of attention at Wolverhampton The 23`year`old became the first


British rider for more than a decade It means that, everywhere hd goes,


the crowds turn out to watch. It is not really sunk in th`t they


do not think it ever will. No, I just want to see how many tdams I


can win it. On Monday,


against the Coventry Bees, the man in the red helmet was in sttnning


form again at Monmore Green. The fallacy of Frankie has something


special. He simply refuses to give up. He gives absolutely 100$. He has


a very good ambassador for the sport as well. I think it is the no fear


factor. That's why he will ride a w`ve


of support from a crowd The British Grand Prix is


the next step towards retaining that They are going to be over 40,00


people react, so the atmosphere will be electric. But I am going to make


sure they do not get carried away with it all.


But there is more to Tai than speedway.


Today, he has cycled into C`rdiff, with the aim


of raising ?100,000 for the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.


It just adds to his appeal in the sport.


Being world champion sounds glamorous,


Physically, it is extremely demanding.


On top of the injuries we h`ve already mentioned ,


Tai has also broken ribs, fingers and numerous other bones.


He rides in Poland on a Sunday, for Wolverhampton on Mondays and


Moving onto football and Aston Villa have made a signing today.


In the last couple of hours, winger Kieran Richardson has signed


a two`year deal after being released by Fulham.


He is 29 and said he almost joined them, aged 14!


They've come here for the wdather ` and the food!


And the Indian weightlifting team say their training camp in the


West Midlands has them spot on for the Commonwealth Games.


They have spent three weeks in Warley and say they are


on course to win at least eight medals in Gl`sgow.


They are world class, they `re Indian and they are over here.


That applies to MS Dhoni and the Indian cricket team, but


And India's weightlifters come in many different sizes.


Meet Chandrakanth Mali and Sanjita Chanu, the biggest


Chandrakanth weighs 94kg, Sanjita 48kg.


And they can both lift more than twice their body weight.


This was a rest day in West Bromwich.


So, that is why he was only lifting 60 kilograms!


His personal best is 191 kilograms, just over 30 stone!


At the end of to Glasgow to make up the numbers. They really top team in


the Commonwealth Games four years ago and home country.


They say the secret is hard work, coupled with good funding


And they chose the Midlands as a perfect place to acclilatise


They swear that are nice food. In Birmingham, the weather is very much


the same as it is at home. This training camp could be the


start of closer links and an annual championship between Great Britain


and India is now being planned. But unless you can do this with 20


kilograms on your back, The instrument is surprisingly


popular in this country. Tomorrow , 2,500 players


and fans are expected to attend the Ben Godfrey has been


finding out more. Tomorrow , 2,500 players


and fans are expected to attend the Ben Godfrey has been


finding out more. Some have been playing for xears,


just first few months. But they are winning national acclaim. Tomorrow,


a unique celebration takes place of the instrument. You cannot take the


instrument up without feeling happy and smiling. Over the whole of the


day we had 1500 people and we are expecting even more this ye`r. The


name roughly translates as jumping flea, because of the way th`t the


fingers move on the fretboard. Here is the legendary George Forlby,


singer and comedian, who often played it,. He inspired a ndw taste


in music. Today, there is even an orchestra devoted simply to the


instrument. Playing in the group brought me on really quicklx, cause


there are some fabulously experienced players. The stormers


are helping to raise money for a children's hospice in Coventry. The


festival begins at midday tomorrow. Temperatures certainly up


a notch today, so we have sdnt How is the forecast looking


for the weekend? It has not been a bad day today


with temperatures getting up to 24 Celsius. The Sun is trying to break


through just no, but if you are off to the cricket, it is certahnly


looking good beer. But I cannot promise you a lot more sunshine We


will have a lot of cloud ovdr the few days. But this is the s`tellite


picture as we head into tod`y. Northern parts of the region did


manage to get some nice pics of sunshine. Through this evenhng, the


cloud is going to thicken, but that does not mean the temperatures are


going to drop. A muggy and sticky and eight. All change tomorrow. A


weather system will bring us some cloud coming in from the West. The


best of the sunshine tomorrow in the eastern part of the region. Through


the day, temperatures steadhly climbing, but the cloud comhng in by


the afternoon. I temperaturds similar to today. Through S`turday


night, we start to see that rain really come into the region, working


its way across from the West. But another what my old mate to come. By


the time we get to Sunday, that front is beginning to freshdn up. It


will be slightly cooler, with temperatures struggling to get into


the 20s. But by the end of next week, we could be looking at


temperatures getting up into the 30s for the first time this year.


There are plans to allow many more obese people to have gastric bands


fitted to tackle an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes.


He gets the operation which could help him walk, after an anonymous


donor saw him on this progr`mme That was the Midlands Today.


Dan will be back with the late news at ten o'clock.


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