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Good evening. Thousands of Coventry City fans have protested


today about the club's home matches being played outside the city.


Since the start of last season, the Sky Blues' home games have been held


in Northampton, following an ongoing row between the club's owners


Karen Kenworthy spoke to fans as they took part


in the demonstration, which was organised by the supporters group,


We've got a proud history, we need a proud future.


The message was clear from the thousands of passionate


from the site of the club's first ever match to the city centre.


The fans are still here but we'll not be here forevdr.


We are still here if you bring us back now.


What will happen in a year's time, who knows?


Last summer the owners of the club moved matches from the Ricoh Arena


to Northampton after a row with the stadium's owners over rdnt.


and numbers through turnstiles have dropped.


With many of the best players sold over the summer,


The future looks bleak in my opinion.


The crowds last season were very poor, averaging around 2000.


There's no way to survive that, really.


The club's owners said they are willing to talk about bringhng


the Sky Blues back to the Rhcoh but the owners of the stadium whll not


Fans are growing frustrated at the ongoing wrangles


and the effect it is having on their team and their citx.


We urge all sides in this debacle to get together


but for the good of the citx and the club,


they need to put their diffdrences behind them and make it happen.


This is the same bus that Coventry City paraded around in after


their FA Cup victory in 1987 but winning silverware isn't thd main


They simply want to be able to watch their home team in their hole city.


A man's appeared in court charged with the mtrder


of a healthcare assistant at a psychiatric hospital in Glotcester.


Sharon Wall, who was 53, was stabbed while working at Wooton


This morning, 61`year`old Rxan Matthews, who lived at the tnit was


He'll next appear at Gloucester Crown Court on Ttesday.


A week`long festival of disability sport has been


Its aim is to encourage dis`bled people to have a go


at a sport they've never trhed before and find out what's


on offer for them in the city. Yvonne Brissett reports.


From table tennis to cycling to football, there was something


for everyone at the launch of the Birmingham Disability Sports Fest.


Over the coming week, anyond with a disability will get the chance to


If you haven't got the opportunity to try lots of activities, who


If you can apply yourself and you


have skill, and most import`ntly, you can try all the activithes,


you have a real chance of fhnding something you have a skill `t.


If you can follow that up whth a good club and with the right


The Halesowen`born wheelchahr tennis player Jordanne Whiley was recently


crowned Wimbledon champion, and is the festival's ambassador.


I started at a camp run by the tennis foundation at thd time.


The Disability Sports Fest here is amazing because they can trx out all


different kind of sports and also for their parents,


they can see, if they have a disabled child, they can still do


Today's event is all about raising the profile


of local clubs and organisations in the city who provide acthvities


Throughout the week, up to 600 people are expectdd to


attend and try out a new sport for the first time.


The festival, now in its second year,


will bring together more th`n 1 0 volunteers and local organisations.


It's hoped the event will m`ke a difference to how people view


Let's hope the weather stays nice for them. After a very hot `nd humid


day today we are now seeing rain moving from the west, producing the


odd heavy burst and there mhght be the odd rumble of thunder btt


becoming more patchy in the early hours. A very hot and humid night,


especially in the centre of Birmingham, 16 or 17 Celsius


overnight. That weather front pulls away toward the east during the day


tomorrow. We could see the odd shower remaining but for most there


will be bright and sunny intervals and should be a fresher feel to the


day, losing that humidity at that more, so a maximum temperattre of 22


Celsius. That's all from the weekend team


for now. Midlands Today will be back


tomorrow evening at 5:50pm. Until then, have a good weekend


Bye`bye. We are seeing thunderstorms


developing. Some of these will stay with us well on into the evening to


be replaced with outbreaks of rain later in the night. The rain we had


heading into western Scotland and Northern Ireland and spreading east


across the UK. There are some heavier bursts. Coast and hill fog


around and a warm muggy night to come. Tomorrow we start with cloud.


Damp in places. Many of us will see brighter skies arrive. There will be




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