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A new multi million pound hospital to be built in the Black Cotntry,


able to treat nearly 200,000 patients a year.


A new state of the art libr`ry for Telford, so how can thex afford


it when others are closing around the Midlands?


And Happy Black Country Day, celebrating everything,


Chancellor George Osborne today promised world class acute treatment


and cutting`edge facilities as he approved plans for a lassive


It will be paid for by a colbination of public and private funding.


The hospital will cost ?353 million and be built in Smethwick,


replacing existing A departments in West Bromwich and at


It will house 670 beds and have the capacity to treat nearlx


This report from our health correspondent Michele Paduano


No wonder the chancellor wanted to be here.


The Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Smethwick is the first NHS


hospital to be announced anxwhere in the country since the recession.


No wonder the chancellor wanted to be here.


The Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Smethwick is the first NHS


hospital to be announced anxwhere in the country since the recession.


George Osborne was visiting Rowley Regis Hospital this lorning.


It's in a marginal constitudncy and one


of the last hospitals to be entirely paid for by the public pursd.


Today we are announcing a brand`new hospital for Birmingham. It will


have state`of`the`art surgical theatres and will have the latest


AMD. We will invest in hosphtals like this. It is a multi`million


pound commitment. This is the site in Smethwick where


the Midland Metropolitan Hospital It will replace City and


Sandwell Hospitals. It will have 13 operating theatres


and a 30 bed critical care tnit An acute specialist centre for those


who were most unwell. Perhaps patients who can by ambulance in


particular who will be lookdd after in the hospital behind me btt we're


keeping facilities at City Hospital for more community`based


intermediate care. The facilities at Birminghal's


City Hospital are Victorian. These wards are no longer fht


for purpose. Getting the money has been


fraught with setbacks. The new hospital should havd


been completed in 2010. So where's the money coming


from to build this hospital? First developed and used by


Conservatives, consecutive Labour Governments financed the buhlding


and maintenance of vast numbers of schools and hospitals by asking


the private sector to bear the big costs, in return for regular


payments from the public sector This was called the


Private Finance Initiative. But this government became concerned


that huge long`term liabilities were being created for taxpayers


and that private companies were So what's known


as Private Finance 2 was born, which will involve the publhc


sector taking stakes of up to 4 %. In the case of the


Midland Metropolitan Hospit`l, that will mean ?100 million


from the taxpayer and ?253 lillion Contracts under PF2 are intdnded to


be smaller and simpler and will no longer include contracts for


catering, cleaning, securitx and IT. The new hospital should be built


by 2019. As the Chancellor left,


he would no doubt be hoping such I'm joined now


by the Labour leader of Sandwell, You said in a statement tod`y this


is a fantastic boost to the community, so the Conservatives


have got this right? You could say that. I am not going


to be party political about it because we have waited a long time.


It is fantastic news on Black Country Day. It is good news. We


have waited a long while, a lot of people in the council and local


health service have worked closely to get this. It is fantastic news


for Smethwick in particular. What about the way this is funded?


Private finance initiatives were very costly. They were. Thex have


not been an advocate of these initiatives in the past bec`use they


have cost a lot of money. Btt then, if you think about we need to invest


in the infrastructure to get the economy going, ?350 million into an


area like Smethwick will give it a major boost. 100 million of that is


coming from the Treasury directly on the taxpayer, with the remahnder of


the money being found from private finance. You say it is going to give


the area major boost but wh`t about the impact on patients? The number


of beds are going to be fewdr than existing hazard Miami Heat combined.


Wouldn't it have been better to bring it up to date. `` A It is a


Victorian building. The mord money you invest the improvement `nd not


going to be good enough. Whx shouldn't the people of Smethwick


and the wider Black Country benefits from a brand`new state`of`the`art


hospital if they need it and become Ilkeston mark you said it is going


to give the area major boost, how? We will be having the new hospital,


the council is investing money into the area. The council has invested


money into infinite `` infrastructure. It is great news.


End of the road for the Birmingham Brummies Speedwax team.


So just how difficult is it for the sport to thrive in the Midl`nds


And famous tenor Russell Watson teams up with 700 schoolchildren to


sing the praises of music in education.


Two fishermen have been arrdsted following a crackdown on large`scale


The arrests were made by a team from the Environment Agency


The Agency's increasingly worried that large numbers


of fish are being taken illdgally and either eaten or sold.


Our environment correspondent David Gregory`Kumar joined


Getting ready for a summer evening by the river.


Radios, stab vests and handcuffs are all essential kit for


We're looking in particular for groups


of people who might be taking fish, pretty much, on a commercial scale.


The odd loss of a fish here and there is sustainable


although no`one likes to sed fish being taken from the river.


Bu if people are doing it on an industrial scale, that could have


In the course of the night the team will target illegal activitx on both


These anglers have the right fishing gear


And it's money from those lhcences that pays for this operation,


That also means cash for thhngs like night vision goggles.


This operation will continud right through into the night.


Sadly it's the night that eventually ddfeats


our camera but the team press on and they make two arrests, seizd illegal


fishing equipment and return any live fish they find into thd river.


So what's behind this increased poaching activity?


Well one problem is new arrhvals from Eastern Europe where they have


a culture of fishing for thd pot, rather than for sport.


Working with the Angling Trtst, they have a project called


Building Bridges which we stpport, which helps educate migrant anglers


who come over here and have a go at fishing.


Our laws and customs are very different to on the Continent so we


try and give them information in their language so they understand


the rules and don?t by accident transgress our laws and customs


But wherever you are from, if you are caught poaching xou could


And if you see what you think is people poaching fish you can call


Crimestoppers or the Environment Agency fishing hotline.


Relatives of a man who died after being detained by polhce


in Birmingham are staging a protest this lunchtime.


They're picketing the officds of the Crown Prosecution Service


who've decided no one should face charges in connection with the death


He was detained under the Mdntal Health Act three years ago `nd


died in hospital after a struggle with police officers and medics


Kingsley was a normal person from the community.


It's just a matter of finding out the truth.


Obviously, there's a lot of complexities within the case


So we do need justice and we need to fight and continue


Staffing levels at an hospital would make services say. He said he was


surprised and very concerned no plan had yet been drafted to enstre safe


tradition of responsibility for clinical services at Stafford. It


follows a three`day safety inspection.


Yvonne Mosquito has been appointed as acting West Midlands Polhce


She was deputy to the late Bob Jones who died earlier this month


Ms Mosquito will stay in the role until the newly elected


Commissioner takes over aftdr a by election on August the 20st.


The threat of library closures has proved time


and again to arouse furious reactions from local communhties,


But one council in the West Midlands is determined to see


their libraries flourish despite making savings of ?43


On the day Telford Wrekin Council opened the doors to


its new flagship library, Joanne Writtle has been finding out


Telford's new library as part of a wider overhaul of Bhutan centre It


is in this building where e`ch copy chain and the council inforlation


Centre and sharing building is how the council says it can open


libraries. We are rolling community spaces where people can comd for a


range of services. We may bd sharing with schools, parish councils and in


doing so we are saving and sharing building costs. The library has been


paid for as part of a too lhttle and ?50 million revamp of the thme. A


large amount of that cash h`s come from the private sector alongside


public money as well. A good investment, it is a move into the


21st century. It is wonderftl, it'll bring more people in. It is really


cool comet is really big. It is Telford needed. It is still modern.


A short drive away, Wellington's Goldmark at old library has been on


the market. Anyone has moved in next door to the civic and leisure


centre, one of three new libraries in three years in Telford. Fourth is


due to open next year the l`st 2 months 450,000 people visitdd my


blues in Telford, they have borrowed 475,000 books. The new libr`ries


have been welcomed by your children's author and campahgner. If


they close that is little lhkelihood they will be reopened. And to see a


better investing in librarids and wants to keep them open oncd a


healthy branch library systdm, that has got to be incredibly positive.


Telford's Glazers libraries part of the future here. At a time when my


blues are closing down. Chancellor George Osborne b`cks


a ?353 million plan for Smethwick. Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. We allied in Stourbridge and will be


joining in celebrations for the first`ever Black Country Dax. We


have got the band, we have got the horse, it is five goods and peas all


the way. `` fight gets and peas There are thousands of people under


the age of 18 in the West Mhdlands and we're taking a closer look


at some of the biggest issuds for Noreen Khan from the BBC Ashan


Network has been speaking to some of the teenagers caught up hn


the so`called Trojan Horse scandal The story has put the spotlhght


on community relations and `lleged But one multi`faith project has been


working to bring different communities together,


to show there are more similarities I am here outside the busy


supermarket in a predominantly Asian area in the heart of Birmingham


where young people from different backgrounds, mainly Christi`n and


Muslim, coming together to try to raise food from local food bank Our


aim is to bring people from different religions together. It is


good to see people coming together in the community. It is a btzz


around. They are showing th`t Christian and Muslim young people


working together. We are trxing to help someone in some way or another.


A trolley load of food for the food bank, result of these youngsters


pulling together. The feast is not only the name of this project but an


excuse for the youngsters to sit together and learn about each other.


My community is very white, very Christian. To come here and to speak


to different people is a grdat opportunity. As school we gdt taught


the basic things about Islal. Getting to know people from


different faiths and knowing that has no problem, that is no conflict


and we can remain friends. Living in Birmingham, you might have heard of


this Trojan Horse. If there `` even if there are rumours, we can show we


are friends and other peopld can take the same attitude. The media


often betrays it there are no differences. But there are very


few. It is ridiculous how all of us are just criticised for somdthing


that isn't in our control, ht is a small minority. You were always


seeing these politicians making statements about Islam or


Christianity. What do you think joining the feast has taught you


about other faiths? Turns ott they are the same skin, bones, blood It


is a prize in to see how sililar we are despite we come from different


religion and culture. We ard eating pizza together. It is a simple


approach but this group of teenagers are determined they won't rdlying on


stereotypes to inform them `bout their neighbours and friends.


And if you've got a story about what it's like to be xoung


and growing up in the Midlands, then we want to hear from you.


You can email us at [email protected]


Or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter using


Today is the first official Black Country Day celebrating


everything that's great about the boroughs of Wolverhampton,


Famous sons including comedhan Lenny Henry have been making sure


the new Black Country flag has been flying high and our reporter Sarah


How have the celebrations been going?


We are here in Dublin can sde and to lead outside the very part H of the


idea for the first Black Cotntry Day came about over a pint of mhles


This band that use year havd written a song especially for Black Country


Day. They are not the new one making the headlines.


Grannies in the groove. The error Black Country Internet sens`tion


loved by millions around thd world. Their current popularity cohncides


with the first`ever Black Country Day. It shows you love wherd you


live and everybody is happy. I think it is great. A lot of peopld


immediately hear your accent and think you are Brummies, but we are


not from Birmingham, we're from the Black Country. Real Black Country


people are the salt of the darth. The day is the brainchild of a local


musician. It is the proudest day of my life, it really is. What we have


achieved far succeeded all our wildest dreams. It is amazing. There


is plenty of country here `` culture here but what else is there to cheer


about? Wolves are the current champions of League 1. In the


economy around 90,000 peopld at the Black Country work in the


manufacturing sector. That hs a higher proportion than any other


area of the UK. Employment hs on the up and it might be growing slowly


than the national average btt it raised half a percent last xear We


have a ?12 million roll`out of broadband is we will be attracting


the best in the creative industries. 13,000 jobs in the


health care, you will have heard, the new super hospital was being


built in the area. Those ard just some of the key facts of wh`t is a


brilliant region. No wonder in Pewsey are some for Black Country


data organisers by surprise. We set off three men and a pint with the


ambition of having one event on July the 14th. Because of the colmunity


interest we have had more than a thousand events going on. It


demonstrates a huge success. You had a little taste of an earlier beds


here they are again. Look at this. It is hysterically funny. T`lk about


multicultural Black Country. I am going to policy I held and D. Hello


again, my love. What does Black Country Day mean to you? It is a


time to celebrate. This will go down in history. You have gone vhral


Yes, we have gone viral! We have had messages from all over the world. I


will let you get back to it. I am going to go off with some of these.


It had to be, didn't it! I have seen it all!


And we've a collection of photographs from Black Country Day


The Birmingham Brummies Speddway team have been folded with


The decision was announced by the British Speedway Proloters'


Association after the financially troubled club failed to meet today's


So how difficult is it for speedway teams to thrivd?


Nick Clitheroe has been investigating.


When the Birmingham Brummies returned to speedway


in March 2007 it was the clhmax of a long fight by the supporters


Seven years later and that dream has died.


For fans like Tiffany Smith who ve raised thousands


After the initial enthusiasl, attendances dwindled even


though the Brummies reached the Elite League final last year.


Debts rose and the owner Alan Phillips had his promoter's


Talks to find a new owner finally ran out of time tod`y.


Everybody is devastated by what happened. We had high hopes of


salvaging the rest of the sdason. But that is not going to happen


We're not going to give up, that is always hope for the 20 15th season.


There's no guarantee that another Elite League club Eastbournd will


continue beyond this season so is British speedway


Well, not when you consider that more than 40,000 people packed into


the Millennium Stadium in C`rdiff at the weekend to see Wolverhampton


rider Tai Woffinden finish second in the British Grand Prix, and not when


you see big crowds at Wolverhampton's Monmore Green


for the recent local derby against Coventry.


It is difficult being a minority sport. Everything the whole country


is football orientated especially this year with the World Cup and you


can understand that. We are fighting in an ever growing markets people


spare money. It is not the dasiest. We have been successful herd since


the mid`80s. That's no comfort for the Brummies


fans though. They're still hoping the te`m could


be revived next season but there will be no more meetings at


their Perry Barr track this year. He's the self`styled people's tenor


and tonight Russell Watson hs singing with 700 schoolchildren


as part of a project tackling music The singer is working with


a charity to provide music dducation for up to half a million yotngsters


over the next five years. Here's our arts reporter,


Satnam Rana. They arrived


by the bus load this afternoon A chance to sing alongside


the man known as the people's tenor I remember being this age m`ny years


ago and I think if I was evdr to have been involved in this type of


project it would've been solething I would have remembered for ever. That


is no question they will relember it and hopefully take it furthdr their


lives. The 700 children from


across the Midlands are all part of AC Academy an education wing


of Armonico Consort. It is really good because I can sing


without wading my friends are going to be horrible to me that doing


something I love. It will hdlp me ill confidence singing.


The charity aims to train 200 choristers over


the next five years recognising the boost music can provide.


I am performing with one of the most important people in music. H don't


have any words to describe ht. I never thought that I would be as


good as I am now. So now I feel a lot more confident in myself.


And the sound on the stage is testimony to the hard


You can almost touch the endrgy enthusiasm and excitement in this


room. This is just not a ond`off concert for these young people, it


is a lesson in life taking `way a growing in confidence and a love of


singing. Time for the weather now with


Shefali. They lose heat and humidity and the


two often don't work well together. It becomes quite embeddable matters


what is happening towards the end of the week. Temperatures could reach


highs of 26 by Thursday and if you're heading to the south`east of


the country, London Brighton, they could be reaching highs of 30


degrees. That could trigger those tropical conditions and thundery


downpours. We have got some rain across us fairly soon. Becatse the


pressure is reasonably high and building all the while, this frontal


system is going to be significantly weakened. It is later in thd week


there to see this area of r`in to the north`west dipping south


eastwards. As it does so, it could weaken. We could see some home`grown


thunderstorms by Friday due to that increased humidity and rising


temperatures. Back to this rain you will have noticed it is clotding


over through the day and it is getting into western parts of the


region and it is showery rahn, not much on that front. It should clear


in the early hours. It is going to leave us with debris and cloud with


clear spells. Look at those temperatures, down to 15 Celsius


tonight. It is uncomfortabld and very humid, quite close, and


comfortable to sleep in. It is to rise down to 15 Celsius tonhght It


is uncomfortable and very htmid quite close, and comfortabld to


sleep in. They destroy `` it is Saints within stage tomorrow.


Temperatures rising to about 23 Celsius it is going to be another


one day and we've got light westerly winds. Very pleasant and fahrly


humid but not as humid as it will be at the end of the week. Tomorrow


night,, tomorrow evening, try night with clear spells. A will alert is


tonight. There is a frontal system moving in from the south but it will


be weakened by the high pressure. Thursday is dry, hot and drx.


The Church of England overttrns centuries of tradition by voting


The former judge appointed to lead the government inquiry into historic


child abuse steps down, sayhng she's not the right person for thd job.


A new multi million pound hospital to be built


in Smethwick able to treat nearly 200,000 patients a year.


And a crackdown on illegal fishing, two arrested amid growing concerns


That's all from us. Have a great evening. Goodbye.


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