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New claims from a former he`d of social services linking our region


to an alleged paedophile network at the heart of the establishment.


This was something which was alarming, that opened a Pandora s


box. David Tombs said he raised concerns


to the Department of Health 20 years Tahir Alam and his Board of Trustees


at Park View Trust resign following allegations of a Luslim


takeover plot. We are now at a stage where our


students are asking, why do people think I am a terrorist?


Delays on the line ` it's likely to take more th`n two


years to assess hundreds of petitions against High Speed 2.


Special delivery ` rare World War One planes including a pair


And if you can't stand the heat this week is not for you `


sunbaked fields in clear blte skies and sweltering temper`tures.


It could soon be a reality, but not without its drawbacks.


There have been new claims linking our region with


an alleged paedophile network at the heart of the establishment.


A former head of social services for Hereford and Worcester has spoken


of how he took his concerns about a paedophile ring to bosses in the


But David Tombs says his warnings were ignored.


His claims back up those already made by a colleague of his hn social


services and also by a formdr West Mercia police detectivd.


At home in Ledbury, retired for some 20 years.


David Tombs was once a national authority in sochal


services, a man used to havhng his concerns taken seriouslx.


So when in the early ?90s he heard `bout the


case of Peter Righton, a paddophile from Evesham whose activitids


allegedly implicated dozens of high`profile figures, he thought the


I was told that I was probably wasting my time, that there were...


The words used were along these lines.


That there were ?too many of them over there?.


Now, I was talking about paedophhlia


I was in the Department of Health and the "over there"


to me indicated, although the words were not used, within Parli`ment or


David Tombs? account of a cover`up might sound f`miliar.


That's because the case of Peter Righton ` who's now ddad `


is linked to Operation Fairbank the current police investig`tion


into claims of a paedophile network linked to Downing Street.


It all started in October 1892 when West Bromwich Labour MP Tom


Watson stood up in the Commons and asked for


Now he'd been given information from one of Mr Tombs? colleagues, the


former child protection man`ger Peter McKelvie. He spoke publicly


last week, saying he believdd at least 20 prominent men were involved


Two days later, his story w`s corroborated by the former West


Now he claimed he had found suitcases full of correspondence


under Righton's bed linking establishment figures to paddophilia


and that despite the police knowing about the evidence nothing was done.


David Tombs has described the Righton case as a Pandora's box that


It seems to me that the one place I should be able to come to to alert


the nation to this issue was the Department of Health.


And it didn't look as if I was going to get any kind of response.


Tonight, a spokesperson for the Department of Health sahd she


couldn't comment on Mr Tombs? claims because of the imminent enqtiry


The chairman of the education trust at the centre


of the alleged Trojan Horse Muslim takeover plot in Birmingham schools


has resigned along with his entire Board of Trustees.


Our political reporter, Kathryn Stanczyszyn, is at the


Well, Elliott, the head teacher stood in front of these eight is so


widely pictured over the last four months and announced he was stepping


down along with his trustees at this trust. He did not go quietlx, saying


the message from Government is clear. You can comment on these East


Birmingham 's and run the schools and improve them you know c`nnot be


trusted to carry on. Ofsted downgraded three of the schools run


by this trust last month and Mr Alam said it was a vicious attack. Ofsted


found that the trust had bedn pushing an Islamic agenda and there


was a culture of fear and intimidation amongst staff,


something Mr Alam has strentously denied. In his resignation, he said


there was no apologies, no regrets, just concern for the pupils here.


Our grade A students are asking why do people think I am a


terrorist? They are worrying about the impact having Park View on their


might have on the chances of securing a college, univershty or a


future job prospect. The trtth is that no`one cared about the children


and young people in Birmingham when the schools were failing them


There was little doubt eithdr of who Mr Alam blame for this. He spoke


about Michael Gove. He said he has a profound mistrust of Islam, that is


on public record, and that hs what has allowed suspicion to grow and


concerns to be blown out of proportion.


What happens now at the schools involved?


All three trustees will now be replaced. The Department for


Education are involved in this. Other heads from outstanding schools


are likely to come in and hdlp run the school from September.


How a company from Stoke is transforming the back


of bus seats into interactive maps for the Commonwealth Games.


It's likely to take MPs mord than two years to assess hundreds


of petitions against the high speed rail link


An influential Government committee has spent the day in the Midlands


looking at sites which could be affected by the line.


Our transport correspondent Peter Plisner is at Curzon Street in


Birmingham, which would be the site of the main station for the project.


Why is it going to take so long for these petitions to be hdard


I think it is the sheer weight of petitions that have been received by


those opposed to HS2 and indeed the hybrid bill that could clear the way


for it to be built. At the dnd of June when the deadline passdd, 900


petitions had been put forw`rd by people directly affected by the


line. All of those have perlission to address the committee personally.


That is why we will see so luch time taken. The committee was he`rd in


the Midlands all day today `nd visited this site. This is where we


saw plans for what will be the UK's biggest HS2 station. They also saw


other parts of Birmingham and the area. I talked to the chairlan of


the committee and he talked about the timescales. We would be lucky to


do it in under two years. It depends about this petitions and sole of the


changes we might make. Many of the petitions depend on decisions the


committee might make. So, wd intend to deal with it as quickly `s we


can. Did the committee meet with any of the objectors today?


They did. They spent all dax year and went to a village badly affected


by plans for HS2. They encotntered a small protest here and some of those


people had put petitions in. I spoke to one of those who did spe`k to one


of the committee members and visitors what they said. Thdy were


very reasonable. I hope thex will take on board some of the things we


said. What did you talk abott? I thought it was a waste of money and


they should look at the altdrnative proposals we have put forward. It


does rather make deadlines pretty tight if construction will start in


2017. One or bit of HS2 news. It is highly likely the Government will


announce that HS2 Limited, The company behind the controversial


scheme, will move its headqtarters from London to Birmingham so that


they can be in Birmingham to manage the construction phase of the


project. A Birmingham man charged with


facilitating terrorism has been West Midlands Police say 20`year`old


Mouloud Tahari, from Sparkhhll, His mother Gerri Tahari will


appear before a jury in September The Independent Police Complaints


Commission is assessing whether West Midlands Police should be


investigated following the lurder It's emerged police visited


58`year`old Pin Chang and hhs 50`year`old wife Quoy less than an


hour before they were found stabbed A 23`year`old man remains in


a critical condition in hospital, The Labour Party has announced that


former Transport Minister D`vid Jamieson has been selected


as the candidate for West Mhdlands Mr Jamieson, who's from Solhhull,


was MP for Plymouth The by`election was called


after the death There have been comings


and goings all day at Number 10 Downing Street, as the Primd


Minister reshapes his Cabindt. And it's had some major


repercussions here in the Mhdlands. The North Shropshire MP Owen


Paterson has been sacked as Environment Secretary


but there's been a promotion Our political editor Patrick Burns


has been So, Patrick,


not a good day for Owen Patterson? Absolutely not. I am told that


unlike some of his colleaguds, Owen Paterson was in no mood to stand


down. This really is a filing. Why? Partly because of his response to


the flooding emergency. There was the failed badger cull and those


notorious comments about Defra's handling of the measures to prevent


TB and cattle spreading. Asked about the failure of pilots, incltding one


in Gloucestershire, he said the badgers moved the goalposts. He has


had a rough ride since he took over the job Environment Secretary two


years ago from one of his fdllow Midlands MPs. He has been no


stranger to controversy. He has been sceptical about climate change and a


very public opponent of the Government's Same`sex Marri`ge Bill.


Where some MPs lose out, others gain. Good news for Jeremy Wright.


That is the way of it. Mr Wright has landed the top job of Attorney


General, which makes in the Government's chief legal adviser. He


is a specialist in criminal law who practised as a barrister at


Birmingham Chambers and has been an MP since 2005. He was then the


Minister for prison is and rehabilitation since 2012. This is a


significant motion. Some of those tipped for thd top


jobs? We're still waiting for details for possible top jobs for


some of our Midlands MPs who are female.


They are more likely to be junior roles.


Margot James, the MP for Stourbridge, MP for West


Worcestershire Harriet Baldwin, and Stafford Moorlands? Karen Bradley.


It was a busy day at Number 10 Downing Street. Thank you.


A Stoke`on`Trent technology company is helping to give passengers on


buses in Glasgow a more intdractive Commonwealth Games experience.


It means people with smartphones or tablets will be able to find out


more about the Games, the vdnues and the competitors all by scanning a


And as our Staffordshire reporter Liz Copper's been finding ott,


This hi`tech firm's taking on companies in Silicon Valley.


Its name is Ooh`AR and AR stands for "augmented reality".


All this from its headquartdrs in Burslem in Stoke`on`Trent.


What is augmented reality? Ht is a bridge between the real world and


digital world. By pointing xour smartphone or tablet at a phece of


packaging or piece of print or even a bus seat, we can access htge


amounts of information. It streams to that device so customers can be


engaged about products and services but then they can immediately start


to interact with that content using the touch`screen to sign up or


joining or buy things. One of the company's most hhgh


profile projects has been l`unched The technology's being used on


the back of bus seats in Gl`sgow. Once you switch it on, you hold it


and it will pick the trigger lock and the information comes to life as


you're travelling towards the city centre. You can see information on


Glasgow and you can also tap it and it will take you to different


websites where you can get information on what is happdning in


Glasgow and also on timetables for other services.


The Prince of Wales was shown how the technology works


He was obviously entertained, but there's serious business


In education, it will be very big. When you do your shopping, xou will


see it in stores. Almost evdry sector of everyday life it hs going


to touch. This innovation's part


of a fast`moving industry Augmented reality is a big growth


area. This is not the only company to capitalise on that potential but


it is at the forefront of an emerging business opportunity.


New claims from a former he`d of social services linking our region


to an alleged paedophile network at the heart of the establishment.


Shefali will be along shortly with your local weather fordcast.


We drop in on the fledgling peregrine falcon


And what connects the University of Gloucestershire with athletes


Teenage pregnancies and sextally transmitted diseases are thhngs we


would all rather not think `bout ` especially when it comes to


But like it or not, teenagers are thinking about people they fancy.


As part of our Midlands Tomorrow series, we sent Noreen Khan


from the BBC's Asian Network to a successful project that encourages


the fight against unwanted pregnancies and sexually tr`nsmitted


I went along to a session in the city called Be Savvy, which


encourages youngsters to thhnk carefully about safe sex and the


Like, relationships and young people, because I don't think, young


girls especially, are aware of the things they can pick up frol it


Even in 2014, talking about sex is tricky.


I think parents need to realise that some of their children are having


sexual relationships, even `t 1 and 16, they should realise we will


Friends and people feel pressure to have sex at an early age and lose


Do you feel a lot of pressure from the media, from social


networking sites, from peers that you should be out there havhng sex?


Yes, a lot of the music viddos now are talking about sex, even


in videos it is really reve`ling, girls walk around half naked.


That is a big impact for us, you have to live with that, that is


For girls, it makes them feel they havd to look


like that, or act in a cert`in way to get a boy's attention.


Someone like Miley Cyrus went from having a good image, from bding


What do you want to say to `dults that think young people shotldn t be


thinking about sex, let alone be talking about ht,


If they think back to what they were doing at that age, thex were


At a younger age, 14, peopld think they know what love is.


I don't think they should commit themselves at 14,


Even for me, as a grown`up, the subject of sex can be awkward,


but perhaps we all need to think about the language we are using


when talking about sex and how we inform the next


Just like the birds and the bees, this is


And if you've got a story about what it's like to be xoung


and growing up in the Midlands, then we want to hear from you.


You can email us or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter using


Three aircraft, which flew during World War One, arrivdd at


They will form the main part of a new exhibition to show visitors


how some of the Great War w`s fought in the air.


These aircraft, all wonders of the First World War, filled here


in an Air Race in Coventry in the 1950s, arrived by ro`d at


the RAF Museum Cosford, frol their usual home, RAF Hendon in London.


A Bristol M1c and, in the lorry a Sopwith 1 ? Strutter and


The Sopwith Pup, from the phlots' notes, was one of the best fighter


aircraft they ever flew in, the Sopwith 1 ? Strutter could be in one


of two roles, it was either a twin or single`seat aircraft, thd Bristol


M1c was one of the very first monoplanes in use.


Watching intently, some of the volunteers and staff


that work on them in the museum s respected conservation sector.


You couldn't have imagined we were going to war in these things,


that is how things have movdd on, and moved on from 100 mile


They are not my cup of tea, I prefer Second World War ahrcraft.


But any aircraft generally, but if I had a priority,


Anything up to the Second World War is mine.


Take the top wing off and you have ruined an aeroplane.


They will remain hidden frol public view for several months while minor


This Sopwith one ? Strutter would once have carried two men


But the amazing thing is th`t it is incredibly light, made of wood.


The aeroplanes will form part of an exhibition there, the First World


War In The Air, which opens in September and runs for four years.


Peregrine Falcons nesting on the BT Tower in the heart of Birmingham


The baby peregrine appears to be thriving and should make it's


Our Environment Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar has been keephng


a beady eye on the chick's first few weeks of life.


The newest addition to Birmhngham's skyline.


The first since the BT Tower was made more


replicate the natural surrotndings of the Peregrine Falcons.


That did the trick, ever since then, we have seen eggs being laid


in successive years, unforttnately none of them have hatched, for


These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but look how much


He or she looks perfectly h`ppy but there are some tricky moments ahead.


In a few weeks, this chick will fledge,


That is a dangerous point, especially for urban falcons.


In the wild, when it comes back after


its first flight, it can gr`b onto twigs and branches, if it mhsses


the nest, but this smooth`shded building means it cannot do that,


Meanwhile, in Hanley in Staffordshire, another BT


Perhaps as many as four chicks being raised by these peregrines.


Back at the BT Tower and the single chick is almost ready


Mike Tindall is to retire from playing rugby union


The former England captain was player`coach


at Gloucester last season, but hasn't been offered a new contract.


The 35`year`old centre, who joined Gloucester from Bath in 2004, won 75


caps for his country and was part of the World Cup winning team hn 2 03.


We have had dialogue about keeping him in the cltb


in an ambassadorial role, which I know he has spoken `bout.


We are not pressuring him, he has a wonderful life ahe`d


of them, new baby, wonderful wife, the world is his oyster.


We would love him to come b`ck and be involved with the cltb.


Two weeks today, the Commonwealth Games will be underway in Glasgow.


And one university is helping to prepare competitors


Nearly forty athletes from Lalawi are training at the Univershty


A successful partnership th`t was forged two years ago at the


This machine is helping Mal`wi's table tennis players improvd


It is not a widely popular sport in Africa, clubs are scarce


Malawi's players have not sden this kind of kit before.


It spins the ball very hard, which makes us play difficult shots,


that helps us in matches to return a difficult balls.


We are very delighted to usd it for the first time.


We hope the popularity will increasd and


then we'll have the chance of having some more equipment of this nature.


We use any table to start whth in schools, the desks of our


schoolteachers, those who are doing better go to our training cdntre.


The University of Gloucestershire's link with Malawi has flourished


since the London Olympics, when four athletes came to prepare,


this time it is nearly 40 across eight different sports.


Part of our job is to help high`level athletes.


The fact that we have a relationship with Malawi leans we


It is a country which needs some support, they have great raw talent


but they haven't the facilities and expertise that we do.


Some of the players here pl`y professionally,


we have some of our players in the Australian and New Zealand league.


The girls in Malawi are willing to be professional.


So that they can play outside of the country.


If the Malawi team do win their fourth ever Commonwealth


medal, the University of Gloucestershire could be taking


Let's find out if we have another warm, muggy night


We started a trend. Another beautiful day today, rounded off by


warm evening sunshine. Tempdratures reached 22 Celsius in the south of


the region. You can see that by Friday, those values will h`ve leapt


by almost 10 degrees. That hs with increased humidity as well. That,


coupled with this complicatdd system which is pushing up from thd south,


will perform the perfect setup for difficult weather. Torrenti`l rain


during that period. Covering the entire region. Back to this


evening's sunshine, that will lead to Chris bowls tonight, latdr on, we


will seek out coming in and out `` clear skies tonight. Ten sotrces


south`west of the region. Wd started the day with clear skies further


east, good early morning sunshine, the cloud will increase frol the


West, ahead of this weakening band of rain. It is going to be ` damp


afternoon, some showery outbreaks of rain and some heavy outbreaks


towards the north of the region Elsewhere, it is largely drx.


Temperatures will rise to 23 or 24 Celsius, more humility as wdll.


Showers will continue into the evening tomorrow, before evdntually


drying out. Warm and muggy conditions. That means that Thursday


itself will be dry, hot and humid. The prime minister unveils


his biggest ever cabinet reshuffle, New claims from a former he`d of


social services linking our region to an alleged paedophile network at


the heart of the establishmdnt And That was Midlands today, have a good




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