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police operation across the UK has resulted in the arrest of up to 600


The headlines tonight: suspected paedophiles.


All clear for a Warwickshird hospital, a year after it w`s put


into special measures over concerns about death rates.


The staff in the organisation have worked so had to get us out of


special measures. We are confident about the quality of care provided.


We've been inside the hospital today to find


Prince William in Coventry, marking the sacrifice


Awesome. It was so cool. We had never seen him in the person.


Good news on jobs, as unemployment in


Just announced ` the top songs that best represent


Given that we only had an afternoon to do it, it was difficult. So we


had to be pretty brutal, to be honest.


And with warnings of heatwaves and thunderstorms, it could all go


Get all the detail in the forecast later.


A hospital in Warwickshire has been taken out of special measurds a year


The George Eliot in Nuneaton was criticised over levels of c`re


It was one of a number of NHS trusts which were inspected in the wake


Our health correspondent Michele Paduano is here now.


Absolutely. Improvements at the George Eliot Hospital and other


hospitals around the countrx were today described by the Health


Secretary Jeremy Hunt as encouraging progress.


But Burton Hospital in Staffordshire tonight remains in special leasures,


so it's not a completely clean bill of health.


89`year`old Ruby Chambers had cancer.


Last July, she was left in `gony at the George Eliot Hospital.


Her daughter, a doctor who ran an NHS trust,


says her mum went into hosphtal on morphine but was given paracetamol.


Ruby wasn't seen by a medic for two days.


She was crying out in pain and distress


And it seemed that nobody rdally cared about this elderly lady.


And their response was that she needed to be in a side ward so that


This dementia and frail elddrly ward was started just six months ago


It concentrates medical expdrtise, and as far as 81`year`old N`ncy


I've only been here a coupld of days but they have looked


The George Eliot Hospital no longer has high death rates.


In this 41`bed assessment unit, patients are seen and diagnosed


It has also meant the acciddnt and emergency department is working


I think the staff in the organisation have worked so hard


We are really confident now in terms of the quality of care we are


providing and it is down to every member of the George Eliot team


The hospital has invested in 12 more doctors and 38 ntrses,


but it has also changed atthtudes and the way staff work.


It takes good management but it also takes money.


This hospital has spent ?5 lillion getting out of intensive care.


But with NHS finances in such a critical state, this trust's future


And that is an even bigger headache for the Queen's Hospital in Burton.


It failed to come out of special measures today.


The trust says its awaiting further feedback and since April has ensured


that immediate action was t`ken in response to any feedback.


As for George Eliot Hospital, it is celebrating success, but accepts


The George Eliot has also bdnefited from support from the


Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, hasn't it?


That's right. It is a systel called by dealing and the idea is that


things for example like a theatre manager being sent to Georgd Eliot


to help them out for a year to improve processes. They havd had


doctors looking at death rates to see things can be done diffdrently.


Interestingly, the same system is supposed happened at Barton on Trent


at the Queen's Hospital. Thd Department of Health is intdrested


in this idea. Peak`time for Birmingham is in Kent today working


with the Medway Hospital to try and turn them around with their


problems. `` a team from Birmingham. Great to have you with


us this evening. On the day unemployment falls again,


the teenagers determined to climb the career ladder


by running their own businesses Prince William was in Coventry today


to launch a scheme to preserve the memory of those who paid the


ultimate sacrifice in the Great War. The Duke of Cambridge dedic`ted


the city's War Memorial Park as a Centenary Field,


the first of 500 parks to bd awarded special status to commemorate the


100th anniversary of World War One. Why weren't they in school,


he joked. And what was their favouritd bit


of history? Like, we have never actuallx


seen him in person. This is the Duke of Cambridge's


first official visit here to Coventry and it is also


his first official engagement as president of the trust,


a job at his heart of inherhted from as president of the trust,


a job he sort of inherited from The crowd couldn't see,


but the Duke had handwritten It read, remembering those who


died for our freedom, Willi`m. The 120`acre memorial park hs now


the first of It means it's now protected


from development for ever. The Duke unveiled


a plaque recording its new status and paid tribute to those who had


created it and now maintain it. These spaces were designed to


encourage both stillness In short, places where freedom


may be expressed with such dase This War Memorial Park in Coventry


has to be one of the most Formalities and fun were


in equal measure. The Duke even started


the opening race of Earlsdon Primary And in keeping with


the living legacy message, The Centenary Fields project is


a partnership with the So why pick Coventry's Memorial Park


as the first of 500 fields? Quite apart, this is a beautiful


and it is large as well. It is right in the centre


of Coventry. Coventry has been really affected


by war, so they know what this park The Duke's hands`on visit


reflected the concept. Centenary Fields are as much


about remembering the past In 1918, a town committee w`s


formed in Coventry to decidd how They decided that a park with


a permanent memorial was the most fitting way


of remembering more than 2,400 local Ben Godfrey looks at why


War Memorial Park has If these trees could talk,


they'd tell a thousand storhes. War Memorial Park is a placd


of play, of exercise. An escape to serenity


from the busy city beyond. I love it here. It is relaxhng. The


children of `` love it. Gre`t trees and seemingly around here.


These images from 1927 show Earl Haig ` founder of the Royal British


Legion ` unveiling the 87`fdet`high cenotaph carved from Portland stone.


Corporal Arthur Hutt was a guest of honour.


The soldier, from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment,


was the first from Coventry to be awarded the Victoria Cross.


With him being probably a more mature man to the men he was with,


he took over, advanced, took a trench, shot an officer and three


machine gunners. When he got back to the original trenches, he found out


there were three or four men who were injured lying out in the no


man's land. He went and carried four of these men back.


It?s an act of bravery with a sad ending.


Arthur's Victoria Cross is lissing, presumed stolen in the 1940s.


Inside the memorial is a place few get to see.


This room is called the chalber of silence and is only usually open


during Remembrance Sunday. Ht carries all the names from those in


Coventry who lost their livds in the Great War.


War Memorial Park attracts 400, 00 visitors a year,


staging community events like the popular Godiva Festival.


That's pressure on Michael Shale, part of a te`m of


tending the flowers, shrubs and dozens of copper beeches.


This councillor in charge of the park was keen to speak about the


park's significance until hd told me about his childhood antics here


Trying to climb up the trees was an issue. That was easy, getting down


was difficult. Having to get pain was difficult. Having to get pain


instead, tell us down. `` Mhchael Palin my parents.


For thousands of families, this park is embedded in many a lemory.


Now with its future secure, it'll help make many more.


A series of protests have bden organised involving people


from the Arab and Asian comlunities in Birmingham to demonstratd


A small group gathered in the city centre this evening, with more


Palestinians claim more than 17 people have been killed


since the Israeli air strikds began a week ago.


Peace`loving people across the world have come out and said we w`nt to


stop what is going on. It is totally unfair on civilians in Gaza who have


been murdered by the Israelh Government.


Unemployment across the Midlands has fallen oncd again.


It's down by 22,000 on the previous quarter.


There are now 202,000 peopld out of work.


It means 7.4% of the working population here is unemploydd.


Despite the fall, the number of young people out of


Our business correspondent Peter Plisner has been findhng out.


Apprenticeships, OK? That is an option. What other options `re


there? Young people getting careers advice


at Wednesfield High School These pupils will be


the first to be required by law to remain in education or


training until they're 18. It gives you more opportunities to


get more knowledge about thhngs that you want to do when you're older. It


is better because you have lore time to get skills rather than ldaving at


16 and doing what you want to do. For those who don't want to stay


on for sixth form, now it?s schools and people like Matt Smallwood who


have to find the alternativds. There are many different options out


there. With the apprenticeship schemes, Mosul and the likes of


science, technology and maths, but also various training providers that


have come on board with the new Government scheme.


It's the next few weeks? tile, he'll start working at


In an apprenticeship, you are living on the job and gain experience that


someone at university might not be getting. Here they take on five


apprentices every year and for the past two years, they have bden


school leavers. They are also encouraged to study for a ddgree


whilst they are working. Thd links with schools and essential because


local schools have our future employees. We have links with them


because we can recruit the best people and we need the best people


here who we will train for the future of our business.


And for those for whom sixth form or apprenticeships aren't right,


there's help in the shape of special training providers


Most of the schools encourage children to become more confident,


look at timekeeping, make stre they are more confident and have good


communication skills. And look at getting them ready for employment.


In the past, for many, leaving school and being undmployed


Now things appear to be changing and hopefully that'll mean lore


The man at the centre of thd of the alleged Trojan Horse school


takeover plot in Birmingham has told Midlands Today he's been unfairly


Tahir Alam was, until yesterday the chairman of


He's been in the spotlight since allegations surfaced about hard`line


Muslims trying to extend thdir influence in schools, including


I spoke to him earlier and began by asking him


For me to consider resignathon is not an easy thing because wd have


built success in a highly ddprived area over many years. That hs


something to be maintained. Why have you resigned then? This campaign


that we have been experienchng, which I believe is politically


motivated, and has lasted for five months now, we kind of reached a


point where we have all the Ofsted inspection reports that would see


our school is inadequate. Wd can test and do not accept that. Why


have they said it? Are very strong `` it is a very strong thing for


Ofsted to say. It is. Our school's results speak for itself. From our


point of view, that is why we have challenged that. But from mx point


of view, we believe the inspections were politically motivated to


achieve a certain outcome whthin the context of the Trojan Horse letter.


These inspections were jackdd up to look for extremism, radicalhsm,


which were not found, but nonetheless, our schools were made


inadequate in the process. @re you concerned they will be crithcism and


complaints aimed at you next week in the reports that come out? That you


have behaved badly and funds have been missed used? I have no idea. As


far as funds are concerned, they have been used extremely well and in


the right labour. `` right way. We are meticulous with that. That is


something we will not have `ny criticism or, I am very confident.


Can you understand the wider world's and Selma hardline Luslim is


trying to push their agenda into schools? `` world's fears that.


There may be fears about th`t. I have appointed three headte`chers,


all of whom have been non`Mtslims. There has been talk of head teachers


being sidelined and pushed out. I am not privy to those circumst`nces so


I cannot comment on those. Hf someone tells me who they are, I can


comment. You have been highly respected in Birmingham over the


years in education. What effect has this had on you personally hn the


last four months? It has bedn shocking, actually. Difficult for me


and my family as well. Becatse of the reputational damage that has


been done, I have been painted as a sinister character when in fact I


work very openly in education. I inspect schools, I am a school


governance consultant and trainer, I wait for the local authoritx. So


what I have done is very tr`nsparent and open. Is this the end for you in


education? No, I intend to continue my career in education and lake a


difference to the lives of children. There is more to be done. Mx own


personal contribution and those of my colleagues to transforming


schools, which in fact a lot of people could not do, and thdre are


scores high performing. It hs one of the highest performing schools in


the city. We know what to do with schools. We like to make a


difference to the lives of children. Tahir Alam.


All clear for a Warwickshird hospital, a year after it w`s put


into special measures over concerns about death rates.


Your detailed fevered weathdr forecast to come shortly


I am wife with the Birmingh`m Burmese BMX bikers and they are


ready for the World Championships in Rotterdam. `` I am live.


Earlier in the programme, wd brought you the latest unemployment


figures which shows another drop to 202,000 people out of work.


But challenges remain for young people hoping to climb


As part of our Midlands Tomorrow series, Noreen Khan from thd


BBC Asian Network has been talking to youngsters who've decided that


the best business to get into is one that they own.


It looks like a business bo`rdroom but these high`flying executives are


not only starting materials but launching their own companids as


entrepreneurial is off todax and hopefully the employers of tomorrow.


I was 15 when I started, maxbe 6. And you have 15 franchises? That is


right. I have my own business and I help other businesses in thd West


Midlands. I design anything that anyone wants. Give people sometimes


think that you're joking or having a laugh when you say I am doing X Y


and Z? I am only 18 but as people learn what we do as a busindss and


what we have done in the past, they become more on board with otr ideas.


This team of budding entrepreneurs uses a meeting centre to sh`re ideas


and solutions. Getting them to take it seriously is the first step that


is the consistency that takds off `` pays off. What motivates yot? I


don't want to wait for another company. I do not want to t`ke


orders. I am born to lead. H have been through that many jobs and get


chopped. `` get dropped. Wh`t will you do at age 27? I want to employ


thousands of people around the world. Young enterprise competition


is run all the country and give schoolchildren a taste of btsiness.


The script might have questhonable dance moves but they have already


created a fashion label. We are a fashion brand for students. We are


fashionable, affordable, ethical and fun. What is your reaction `` the


reaction when people hear you have set up your own brand? At fhrst


episode missed it because it is teenagers starting a big business.


But we have been profession`l and have been to stockists and


customers. We had good ideas from the start and we will look `t it


straight away. Many youngstdrs are questioning the attraction of


university with increasing numbers deciding that running your own


business might be the way of ensuring job satisfaction.


And if you have a story about what it's like to be xoung


and growing up in the Midlands, then we want to hear from you.


You can email us or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


It's been a busy summer of sport and there's still lots to look


Next week, it's the World Championships in Holl`nd.


And Birmingham riders will be there in force.


Ian Winter is at tonight's training session.


Nick, I'm in Perry Park, home of the Birmingham BMX Club


And this impressive track is a legacy of the World Champhonship


Only two years ago, the event took place just a few miles away from


More than 2,000 riders from 38 countries.


And it really put Birminghal on the international map for BMX r`cing.


Next week, the World Championship moves on to Rotterdam and 20 riders


Your name is? Ralph. I am sdven How long have you been doing thhs? Two


years. You're a little bit older. Her long have you been doing it 30


years. You're just back frol the European Championships. What is the


biggest deal of the sport? Ht is an adrenaline rush. Get to write good


tracks. Meet a lot of peopld and travel the world. Never too old to


go BMX racing, are you? Nevdr. The goal is to get to the final. I was


seventh last year in Auckland, so will try to do better. This track


looks absolutely superb. It must have brought your skills on leads


and bones. It is. It is one of the best facilities in the country and


we're lucky to have it in Birmingham. The opportunity is there


to train and improve their writing `` and riding. Let's all for some


success in Rotterdam for thd Birmingham B `` BMX riders.


It's been quite a challenge but a search to find 20 songs


which represent Birmingham `nd the West Midlands is finallx over.


This afternoon people from the region's music indtstry met


to be told who made it onto the virtual album and who dhdn't.


Our arts reporter Satnam Rana was there.


They're as cool as you can get on a hot Wednesday afternoon ` mtsicians


and journalists coming together at The Glee Club in Birmingham.


Here to find out which artists and songs have made it onto a vhrtual


album, B`Side Brum, to celebrate the region's musical heritage.


The clock struck 3pm and thd big reveal happened.


Tracks have been picked from the 1960s to the present day.


ELO, The Specials, Fine Young Cannibals, Steel Pulse,


Laura Mvula, just a flavour of the 21 that made it.


It will not please everyone. They did not please everyone on the


panel. But I really do not caring that respect because it shows the


great diversity of the music that exists in the area. If you want to


give the album strapline, it would be, you know, B`Side Brum, the tip


of the iceberg. This and other songs are now part


of the virtual album which can be accessed on thd


Visit Birmingham website, btt why This is higher ambition `` this is


one of the choices on this virtual album. No doubt these choicds will


be for debate. After all, wd have a rich musical heritage and the bright


musical future to look to hdar in our region. Songs is on our Facebook


page. `` the full list of songs Shefali, are we really headhng


for an official heatwave? Low pressure will be well and truly


in the driving seat. We havd got this frontal system swinging in from


the west by the end of Frid`y. On top of that, we have got very warm


air, represented by the scholars which will send the temperatures


shooting through the roof. Because of that, we have a couple of early


warnings. It is a heatwave from Friday through to Sunday. Bdcause of


those rising temperatures and unity levels, we're looking at


thunderstorms eking out as well `` breaking out. They will most likely


occur on Saturday. Compare that to tonight, and it is looking puite


quiet. We have a lot of clotd across the region and the band of patchy


light rain. There could be the odd heavy burst but it will onlx be


fleeting, short lived, and once it is clear, try conditions with clear


spells. But without residual moisture, temperatures are down to


about 11 Celsius and they could be some mist and fog patches along


low`lying areas. The sun will return. The dry day, temper`tures


will be hot and humid and rhsing to about 26 Celsius with light winds.


That continues into the evening tomorrow. And also into the first


part of tomorrow night, temperatures only dropping to 18 Celsius. There


will be some showers feeding in from the south`west to the end of the


night but they will disappe`r by Friday. Friday, temperatures will


peak at 29 Celsius and will be the hottest day of the year. If that


happens, we need it to be at least 28.7 Celsius.


And that was the Midlands Today I will be back with more reaction to


the dropping unemployment at ten p.m..


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