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The Met office issues a level to crash on the BBC News Channel.


The Met office issues a level to alert as the heatwave continues.


Make sure that you have enough water intake.


But with heat and humidity come thunderstorms ` this weekend looks


We'll find out how people are coping with the heat.


Fine tuning for the future, the Midlands plant making specialised


engines for BMW's hybrid sports car. We are proud to have it. It is


a big boost. The Shropshire golfer making a


blistering start at the open. And getting children interested in a


virtual career in engineering. An official public health warning


has been put in place, The Met Office has issued


a level two alert. This means that on average


the temperature will be 30 degrees Celsius during the day and


around 15 degrees Celsius at night. They say it can have a significant


effect on people's health if the hot weather lasts for at least two


days ` and the night in between. Our reporter Kevin Reide has spent


most of the day finding out how people are coping,


and he's at Droitwich Lido tonight. This has been the busiest day of the


year so far with 650 people visiting, I understand that one


family has been here since 1030 this morning. That contrasts with cloudy


days when they can get as many as five people.


Droitwich having one of its busiest days so far. `` Droitwich Lido.


And a similar picture in Walsall. But all this son and heat levels


have led to a health warning. `` of this sunshine. Keep sensible


precautions. Take enough water intake. Make sure they are aware of


the signs of dehydration, the science of disorientation, and they


take adequate precautions. In Walsall the message seems to be


getting through. She's got factor 50 on. Factor 50 on her and the same on


me. Yes, we have some cream. I have a T`shirt to protect him. She has


plenty of sun factor on. Back in Droitwich and by late


afternoon, temperatures had soared to the high 20s, that is over 80


Fahrenheit. We have hot air working its way up


from the near continent. As that meets cooler air from the Atlantic


we will see some thunderstorms. They could cause some severe disruption


through Saturday morning. We will be out clearing debris from the rivers,


blocking culverts, making sure that water can flow through quickly.


So all good things come to an end, and for more those little else to do


but to have fun in the sun. `` for now.


There are still some people in the pool. They have stayed open


especially for us. I am joined now by Sandra who works here. How busy


hazard in? It has been really busy, the son has been shining. `` how


busy hazard being? Does the message about suncream get


through. There are a few people that do forget, we do tell people it is


best to put the suncream on. Especially when the water is cold,


they forget. And this place was under threat not


so long ago. We do a year`to`year basis and see how it goes, hopefully


we will have it again next year. Tell me whether water comes from. We


have got Brian in the water, `` salt in the water.


What are you expecting for the first `` next few days? I am hoping for


lots of sunshine so we have loads of people down.


It could be quite a contrast if the weather changes on Saturday though.


Yes, thunder and lightning, you cannot swim in that. Fingers crossed


for hot weather. The door was open at half past ten


tomorrow morning. And Rebecca will be have the full


forecast later in the programme. One of the worst schools inspectors


had ever seen ` The first electric hybrid sports car


from BMW goes on sale in the UK this week, with engines


made here in the Midlands. The car combines a petrol engine


and a plug`in electric motor. The company's Hams Hall plant in


Warwickshire will be the sole site Our business correspondent


Peter Plisner reports. Enjoying the fruits of their labour


` BMW workers looking around Sadly the car and the majority


of its parts are made in Germany, but the engine that powers it is


assembled here. And this is the new multi`million


pound production line that's been Although it hasn't meant new jobs


here, it does mean job security for the


plant?s 800 workers, including newly We were given the opportunity to go


on to this line as apprentices in our last year, and we have seen it


right from the start, we have seen it go into production.


BMW's plant opened in 2001. Since then it has produced more than 3


million engines. This i8 engine is the first product to come out of


here since the company announced a new investment programme for its UK


plants. Nick Shappard has been at Hams Hall


since the plant first opened And more investment is being made


elsewhere in the plant. They constantly invest in their


plans and their people. This empty space will house


another new assembly line. The plant director says Hams Hall


has a bright future. The engine for the i8 is built on a


flexible production line, but as we develop the family further we will


be investing in the high`volume production facilities being


installed as we speak. The new i8 is not cheap, but getting


behind the wheel you can see why. I have never driven a hybrid sports


car. You would expect performance to be compromised, but the sky was


incredibly powerful. And it is much more environmentally


friendly than the average sports car. `` this car is incredibly


powerful. West Mercia Police are to


reinvestigate the attempted rape of a woman, which led to a Redditch


man being wrongly jailed. Victor Nealon, who was living


in the town at the time of the attack, was sentenced to life in


1997 and spent 17 years in prison. Fresh DNA evidence meant that


his conviction was then quashed Two applications for judicial review


into the downgrading of services and Stafford Hospital have been turned


down. The applicants say they will appeal.


The applicants now have to decide whether to appeal the decision.


The families of those killed in the Birmingham Pub Bombings are


calling on West Midlands Police to reveal if republican terrorism


suspects were told they would never face prosecution.


A judge`led review of official letters issued to Irish republicans


` informing them they were no longer wanted by police ` has concluded


that the scheme was systematically flawed, but not unlawful.


Brian and Julie Hambleton's sister Maxine was among the 21 people


They want to know if anyone suspected of being involved was told


We are going to write to the Chief Constable of the Police Service of


Northern Ireland, and as came if years any information regarding the


228 people who are in receipt of one of the environs letters. If one ``


if anyone of them have ever been associated with the Birmingham pub


bombings, and if they have, we would like information. A smack the on the


run letters. `` the on the environs letters.


A Birmingham MP says it's "peculiar" there have been no updates


about when a new local TV channel is to be launched in the city.


Steve McCabe has written to the Department of Culture, Media


In 2012 Ofcom awarded licences for 21 local TV channels to be set up


City8 has to launch by November the 6th, having won


the licence for Birmingham ` or it will lose the licence.


So far, only four local TV channels are actually up and running:


in Grimsby, Norwich, London and Nottingham.


Earlier I spoke to Steve McCabe about the questions he's raised.


It was introduced in a fanfare about two years ago, and there has been


radio silence since. I want to know if the company are still in


operation, and if we are likely to see a launch before the November


deadline, and obviously I want to know if everything's all right on


the financial front. Why are you so concerned about this?


Digital media has great potential for the Birmingham you `` Birmingham


area. Local television is an important element of that jigsaw.


We have tried to speak to City8 today and left numerous messages


for Debra Davies who's in charge to ask for her reaction,


I have not heard from her, I have no idea what she is doing. But I have


had a phone call from a gentleman who is involved with the company,


who suggested he will try and arrange a meeting with some of the


representatives, and I am hoping that might be possible sometime next


week. Was he able to answer any of your concerns? He suggested the


project was still making progress, and that they were still optimistic


there would be a launch, but after all this time what I'm interested in


is a bit more detail. How would you sum up this whole


situation? It is peculiar. We were told that there was this great new


world opening up, that we were going to have local television, the


company was all set to run, it had an April launch date and then a


September launch date, and then total silence. If the company cannot


do it, somebody else has got to have the chance to do it. If the company


is going to do it, they need to tell the rest of us what is happening.


A primary school in Dudley, which was described as


"one of the worst" inspectors had ever seen, is celebrating today


Ofsted inspectors visited the school two years ago


Heronswood Primary in Kidderminster has also been rated good,


just under a year after failing their inspection.


So how difficult is it to turn things around?


Lindsay Doyle has been to Priory Primary in Dudley to find out.


We were special measures. This time when the inspectors came they told


us that we were now a good school. This is officially a good school


according to Ofsted. It is a lovely school anyway, but I am really


glad. It is positive to see the school going up again. Two years ago


it plummeted into special measures. The school was in a mess, leadership


and management was inadequate, behaviour was really poor.


Safeguarding, there were issues there as well.


The magic of science, a simple experiment with milk and food


colouring, resort, and engaged class of 7`year`old pupils. We were told


we had really good reports. We all cheered. Everyone is so proud and


pleased to see the report. With almost an entire set of new


teachers and more focus on creativity and pupil behaviour,


Priory primary joins only 5% of schools nationally who have come


from special measures into good in such a short space of time. We have


put in some staff that were really, really enthusiastic and wanted to


make learning fun for the children, and it all came together. One of the


most important things has been the involvement of the students


themselves. A school council has been set up. We


get to choose what we want in the school.


And the chance to get published. It is a published book with all of our


stories in it. We get to choose our activity at the end of the week.


No longer would do better `` "could do better", predicted grades next


year, a stars. Our top stories.


The Met office issues a level to work `` alert as the heatwave


continues. The Shropshire golfer


Ashley Chesters makes a blistering start at the Open; he's


just four shots off the lead. The Library


of Birmingham is shortlisted for What do a group


of hoodies mean to you? Should children be seen


and not heard? Increasingly youngsters are finding


themselves labelled unfairly. As part of our Midlands Tomorrow


series, we went to see a music group called Beats that aims


to offer an outlet to young people Noreen Khan begins her report


in Nuneaton ` A Saturday concert for shoppers in


Nuneaton is not just about fundraising, but through music these


youngsters are coming to terms with difficulties in their lives.


Abbey started drinking to cover up depression problems. She thinks


adults are too quick to judge. I was missing for a week, it was a sort of


blackout, I do not remember what happened.


Young people are seeing is being yobs and rough. There are some


adults who think we are up to no good. If we judged all people that


way, how would they feel? Tom has spent some time in care. He


thinks the music group has turned his young life around. It is a


horrible experience. You are back and your parents'. How


are things? `` back at your parents'. We are still a bit bumpy,


but it is better. The music group meets once a week


and is constantly backing `` battling for funding. To the


teenagers it is a way of dealing with events that happen around them.


My dad desert dust `` decided to leave, so that left me all upset. I


wanted to talk to my mum, but I had to hold back because I thought it


would upset her, speaking about it. Do you think grown`ups are quick ``


quick to criticise young people when they make mistakes? Definitely. But


they always say you need to learn from your mistakes.


Nuneaton is no different to any other time, and when I spoke to some


adults, they revealed they actually had some sympathy and hopeful


today's teenagers. I think they get a hard time. If they had something


positive and creative to do, I am sure you would see a marked change


in youth behaviour and anti`social behaviour. The young people today


are doing quite well. And if you have a story


about what it's like to be young and growing up in the Midlands,


then we want to hear from you. You can e`mail us


at [email protected], or get in touch


on Facebook or Twitter using Golf,


and the Shropshire Amateur Ashley Chesters has made an impressive


debut at the Open Championship. The 24`year`old


from Wem finished his first round He's grinning from ear to ear `


and who could blame him? Ashley Chesters has played


the round of his life, But he started the day a bag


of nerves. I could feel my heart pumping out of


my body. I nearly said, what is going on? But I was so happy to see


the ball goes straight `` go straight.


And every step of the way he was followed by family and friends.


A tremendous start, having built up to and for 12 months.


But there've been no posh hotels for this pair.


Chesters, along with his best friend and caddie Ricky Pharo, spent


As they finished their round with a birdie on the 18th green, a first


round score of two under par was beyond everyone's wildest dreams.


I can't actually believe it. We couldn't have hoped for anything


better than what he has done today. Of course, he's now got to do it all


again tomorrow if he's to realise his dream of making the top half


and playing at the weekend. But now his name's up there


for all to see, Ashley Chesters is And you can follow Ashley


and all the action from The Open at The Library of Birmingham has been


shortlisted for a prestigious award. Run by the Royal Institute


of British Architects, it's a nationally recognised award which


the West Midlands won last year. The Library opened last September,


and has been described by the Dutch company who designed it


as a "People's Palace". Our reporter Amy Cole is there


for us tonight. What do the judges like


so much about the library? The judges say the library is a bold


addition to the city. They have commented on the Harry Potter


rotunda. The award does not just recognise innovative design, but


also the impact a building has on the community. Last year Astley


Castle won the award after architects created a space that


reflected the history of the building but also build in some


21st`century mod cons. ``. Game. I'm joined by Tom Epps,


Exhibitions Manager at the Library. You face tough competition from


The Shard, The London Olympics Aquatic Centre


and Liverpool's Everyman Theatre ` I think the library stands out from


the competition because it is a public library that belongs to


everybody. Our architects had a problem because not only did they


have to produce a beautiful building, but also meet the


expectations of a million people. You have had a lot of visitors. Yes,


well over 2 million people. On our busiest days we had about 15,000


people. Loads and loads of visits from schools and younger people. I


was talking to somebody earlier about the award, and he said what he


thinks is unique about this building is that it is absolutely first class


in terms of a library and really stands out from all other cities.


We'll find out that result on October 16.


Children from two Midland schools have been taking part in a hi`tech


project aimed at encouraging an interest in engineering.


The Civil Engineering giant Atkins is running the project, which is


using the latest virtual techniques to demonstrate how building will be


These children are finding out how "augmented reality" turns this paper


But this technology can be used for so much more.


The photographs in this woodland exhibition can only be seen once


It's hoped that days like these will spark an interest in engineering.


Students get an insight into engineering, and the jobs that are


available. There is a preconception that it is all about Thomas and


electricians, but there is a lot more out there, opticians, allsorts


of science. `` plumbers. For the children,


it's been a fascinating insight I never believed somebody could


shine and iPad over something and, with a 3D drawing. Imagine how


advanced the technology will be in the future.


There's a real sense of excitement in the forest today as


the children use their smartphones and tablets to reveal the pictures.


But how does the technology that they're using today benefit


Using the technology we are using in the forest, they can have an idea of


what they are about to step into. We can put those onto manhole covers,


so you can use the application to show the QR code, and they can see


it and walk into it before they open a manhole.


These kids had fun today, and organisers hope that days


like these can prove how creative an job in engineering can be.


I will have the full forecast in a minute, but first, we have seen lots


`` a lot of photos sent in. It has been a lovely day today,


temperatures have done very well. We got up to 27 in Worcestershire,


widely in the mid`20s across the region. There has been plenty of


sunshine, clear skies for much of the day, and it stays that way for


the next few hours. But we can just see a hint of what is to come


working its way in. We have showers to contain `` content with tonight.


As we had through the early hours we will see that rain working its way


up. `` head through. So a rumble of thunder as well. Temperatures


ranging between 16 and 18 Celsius, so a muggy, sticky night. The last


of those showers will slowly clear away as we head through tomorrow


morning, then it is another good day in prospect. If today was hot, today


`` tomorrow is going to be hotter. Temperatures rising up to 30 Celsius


in some parts of the West Midlands, most likely in eastern parts. But


with light winds it will feel pleasant. It is all change, though,


as we head into Friday night. We have a yellow weather warning in


place for heavy rain. We are expecting severe disruption from the


thunderstorms working their way through on Saturday night. We could


get hail, lightning and flush `` flash flooding. We end tomorrow


though with some good spells of sunshine, then overnight cloud


starts to fill in. Some heavy downpours in there, some lively


thunderstorms as well. And another very muggy night, temperatures


between 16 and 19 Celsius. This is how Saturday looks, starts off with


heavy rain, eventually easing off, but then we will get some home`grown


thunderstorms. Sunday looks better, and the start of next week is much,


as well. Is much more calm.


Malaysia Airlines passenger plane carrying nearly 300 people is


on the Russian border. The Met Office issues a level two alert ` an


It took less than 90 seconds for the eight-storey building to collapse.


Imagine the number of women this industry supports.


This World investigates the true cost of fashion.


It took less than 90 seconds for the eight-storey building to collapse.


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