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brighter start on Sunday. Still warm and humid.


The council does not come out of this world. There is an element of


fear amongst some of our staff. We'll be talking live to the leader


of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore. Also tonight:


Leave your cars at home for the summer ` that's the advice as


Birmingham's city centre tunnels are Once this phase is complete we will


just be routine maintenance from there on.


Getting guns off the street ` police launch a firearms surrender scheme.


How to shoot, edit and premiere a movie in just 72 hours.


And from soaring temperatures to torrential downpours,


there is plenty going on with weather this weekend.


I'll have all the details of what we can expect later in the programme.


Birmingham City Council failed to act on suspicions


about a hardline Muslim takeover in some schools because it was


That's one of the conclusions to emerge from a report commissioned


by the council into the alleged Trojan Horse affair.


The report says there was no organised plot, but


in some schools key individuals were allowed to manipulate the system to


Meanwhile a separate report, commissioned by the government,


The Guardian newspaper claims to have seen a leaked draft that shows


evidence of deliberate attempts to introduce what it calls


I'll be talking to the leader of Birmingham City Council,


First, though, Sarah Falkland is here.


End of term, and the summer holidays ahead.


But for these young people it?s been four months of questions,


claims of extremism and a hardline Muslim agenda influencing


There is a lot more questions to be answered. What is going on? We want


the best for our children. It doesn't seem like this report will


come to an end. Thousands of devout Muslims have


been fasting during Ramadan. The Trojan Horse case and the latest


reports have weighed heavy We are quite sick of the negativity


surrounding the city at the moment, the negative portrayal of Britain's


`` Birmingham. One MP has constantly warned


about a small group of Muslim hardliners working to gain influence


over schools. He agrees that the council


at times has been guilty This is not about dividing the


community, it is about taking the bad apples out of the community and


ensuring there is a space for the community to get together and move


forward and make us all workers he says `` cohesive.


`` us all more cohesive. The floral display about the First


World war has sandbags and trenches People have been acting with common


objectives in mind that are unacceptable to be common objectives


in a modern, progressive, liberal education system.


Roger King's been a school governor in Birmingham for over 20 years and


a union official for over 30, and he says there have to be changes.


There are problems in some Birmingham schools, those problems


need fixing. We need a system that doesn't allow for things to go badly


wrong in governing bodies before they can be `` back intervention,


and until they look at the whole system of free schools and academies


they will not address that. This school will have a new


leadership team next term, but in May take years for these suspicions


and divisions to be forgotten. I am joined by Sir Albert War. ``


Bore. The council was afraid of being branded racist, is that right?


It would appear that individual members of staff did not pursue


certain complaints that were logged with the council because they feared


they might be branded as racist. That is a shame because it meant


that the culture department within the Council `` account `` the


culture within the Council. We have to change that can `` culture and


make sure staff to follow these things through properly. `` to


follow. The report refers to easing out


headteachers rather than supporting them. How much has this cost, how


many teachers are gone? It was they are being gagged, and they? Yes,


unfortunately you agreed to `` not to speak to anybody about the


circumstances in which you left. There are stories about them being


bullied or harassed? It has been made clear that the actions of


governors in a small number of schools were tantamount to bullying.


Inexcusable behaviour. I want to see some apologies from those governors


who I think were responsible for that action. Many of them local


authority governors. Yes, that is correct. How much do you think this


has cost? It has cost us reputation, it has cost the city as a whole


damage, and I think it has cost them the `` Muslim community some damage


because of the rise of the Spike of Islamophobia. But in terms of


financial cost I do not know. `` the spectre. I think we should have done


more, and I have apologised for not doing more. Let us remember though


this does go back a number of things, the Kershaw report goes by


to 2007, so this has been played out for seven years or perhaps longer.


There are a series of reports, it seems a terrible mess. Is the


education system influence in Birmingham? Don't think it is in any


different state of affairs than in other parts of the country. `` I


don't think. You have maintained schools maintained by the local


authority, faith schools, academies, free school. We need to put a system


together were in fact schools are treated in an equal fashion, whether


they are any one of those categories. That is what I will be


trying to say to the new Secretary of State for education, and see


whether the educational fun thing authority and local authorities


cannot work closer together. `` educational funding authority.


Coming up later. We will have the latest forecast and


more dramatic pictures of those amazing storms.


And will the Shropshire ammo to survive the cut to make the final


two days of the offer Open? `` the Open.


For the second successive summer, the main road tunnels through


Birmingham City Centre close tonight for six weeks for what's been


It's such a busy route, Peter, so how are people going to cope?


It certainly is ` it's reckoned that 85,000 vehicles


They're a vital part of the city's road network,


hence the reason they're spending so much money upgrading the tunnels.


Well, it shouldn't be too bad ` after all, we survived


It wasn't quite the chaos that many had predicted,


but last year's tunnel closure did mean delays and diversions.


Roads closest to the tunnels saw the worse of the jams `


further away, traffic levels ` no doubt helped by the school holidays


This year drivers are being urged to use public transport. Last year more


than 200,000 people dead in exactly that, leaving their cars at home. We


have spare buses available. `` 200,000 people did exactly that.


How concerned are the city's drivers? I will probably getting the


train in from Selly Oak. I would not be able to drive in any more. My


work demands that I have a card to go in and out occasionally.


This was a scene underneath the city last year. `` the scene.


Last year lighting and fireproofing was upgraded,


This year they'll be installing a variety of new equipment


including 25 modern jet fans for ventilation, 21 new CCTV


cameras, 48 emergency phones and four new electronic message signs.


Some of the work has already been done.


This was the scene earlier in the week when the tunnels were


These guys are installing a huge amount of electrical and mechanical


equipment which will take over 40 miles of electrical cabling to


actually wire it all up. That is tens of thousands of electrical


connections to do. With the main artery through


Birmingham closed once again throughout the summer it'll be up to


operators in the city?s main traffic Here they can turn traffic lights to


green at the touch Things went OK last year, how can


you be sure they will this year? We are reliant on the public doing what


they did last year, which is look at `` look at public transport, use


means other than the car. If you do have to drive, use an alternative


use `` wrote. Isn't there a risk of people realising it isn't too bad


and actually using their cars? Yes, that is why we have tried to improve


the offer of public transport and kept up with the message to keep the


public doing what is back doing what they did last year. We an awful lot


last year about how the traffic moves around the city. `` we


learned. We have improved traffic signals. Why do we have to have a


six`week closure, white can't you do it on overnight closures or


weekends? `` why can't. This year it is about putting new cameras in,


detection equipment for weathermen is an incident, `` for when there is


an incident. Well, the Tamils will close tonight


at ten o'clock and they will open at six o'clock in the morning on the


1st of September. `` the tunnels. A former Guantanamo Bay inmate from


Birmingham has pleaded not guilty to terrorism offences connected to


the civil war in Syria. Moazzam Begg from Hall Green


in Birmingham denied seven charges when he appeared via


a video link from prison at One of the counts relates to


attending a terrorism training camp. Hand over your guns in the next two


weeks and you won't be prosecuted; that's the message from police


as they attempt to get illegally There's been a change


in the law this week ` the maximum jail sentence


for possession of a firearm's now In the West Midlands, gun crime


has fallen over the past decade. There were 17 fatal shootings across


the region between 2004 and 2009 ` but that number fell to just nine


in the last 5 years 2009 and 2014. A mother's grief. Eunice Koroma's


son Sylvester was shot outside a pub It has just broken my heart.


Especially for his children as well. It is just horrible. The law changed


this week that increased the sentence for possession and supply


of firearms to individuals, and made the possession of antique weapons


illegal for people with previous convictions. We are seeking to take


firearms off the street and make them inaccessible to those that use


them for a criminal purpose. Younis believes that even one gun


off the street could make a difference. If you have got a gun,


and it over and somebody's life can be saved.


Those who do won't be prosecuted for possessing a gun.


She hopes no one will suffer the loss of a loved as a result


All this week we have been giving young people the choice of a voice


about the issues affecting them. We received an e`mail about


19`year`old Warren who since leaving college has helped create more than


100 websites and has now set up his own online business.


Instead of working to a University timetable, he works to his own.


Arriving for work, it is time to log on. Warren runs an online home


interiors business. Time to check his orders. We haven't had any


overnight, but around 40 in the past week. We sold one of our largest


items, and sold a lot of our signs and photo frames. It is from his


office here in Lichfield that he treats his stock as well. He set up


the business with Rob, who took him on as an apprentice in computer


programming when he was 17 years old. Since then, he is determined


more than 100 websites for clients. We start of the company about a year


ago. `` started. We have sold around 43,000 Roberts, with a turnover of


around ?27,000, `` 20 ?7,000. `` 43,000 products.


It was is strong `` his strong work ethic which impressed Rob. I believe


in giving young people an opportunity, and I think that is the


best time to get them. Warren was so enthusiastic about what he does, and


passionate, that it wasn't difficult. I could see that from the


off. So for this young entrepreneur, it is not only about


making money but also making a name for himself.


Birmingham City Council failed to act on suspicions of a Muslim


takeover in some schools because they'd feared being labelled racist.


After another steaming hot day, how's the forecast looking


Rebecca will be here shortly with your detailed forecast.


Can you make a feature film in just 72 hours? Join me later.


Wooden hoardings which had been covering an artwork


by Banksy in Cheltenham have been taken down by local residents.


"Spy Booth" was surrounded by boards last month when a team of workmen


moved in to begin removing it from the side of a house.


Locals have now removed them, saying they're "fed up" at not being


Campaigners trying to buy the mural for the town say they're


Ashley Chesters is facing an anxious wait to see if he has qualified for


the final rounds of the Open Championship. He is one shot outside


the cut. Did he sleep well


in his static caravan. Ashley Chesters arrived early


for his second round. But this wasn't the weekly medal


at Hawkstone Park. And the weather wasn't quite so


calm. I had a decent warm up, so looking


forward to it. He was hoping to repeat his first


run heroics. Yesterday the pundits were asking, Ashley who? Now, they


knew. The young amateur from Shropshire began the day of the


horrors `` highest praise `` highest placed Englishman on the


leaderboard. We cannot believe the score he has done it in. We were on


cloud nine yesterday. This rock`solid but saved par at the


first. `` putt. Only four bunkers so far, but I am


enjoying the day. Ashley had to wait until the 15th


hole for his first birdie today. But he will not win the silver medal


unless he competes all four rounds. `` completes. One minute you think


you are getting there, the next minute you are not.


Whether he is still playing over the weekend or not, Ashley will never


forget his first `` `` Open Championship.


Now, how long do you think it takes to film, edit


That's exactly what a production company's trying to do this weekend.


Filming's begun in Birmingham, and the end product will be shown


on Sunday night on the Big Screen at Millennium Point from where our


reporter Lindsay Doyle joins us now ? Lindsay, why are they doing it?


It is a chance to showcase the amazing film`making talent we have


in the region. It is a tall order, 72 hours. I caught up with them on


set this morning. A pub quiz, ?10,000 at stake,


crime capers and characters not The plot of Confusion of the Tongue,


on location in Birmingham. And this film is not quite


as it seems; the 90 minute feature is being shot, edited


and premiered in just 72 hours. `` quite as they seem. It will be a


90 minute feature, same as every other movie. You should be able to


tell the difference with this `` from any other film.


Backed by Staffordshire University, the 72 Hour project first attempted


this mammoth feat at film festivals in Galway and Melbourne.


Drawing top acting talent, it's the second time around for classical


actress Kate O'Toole, the daughter of the legendary Peter O'Toole.


I agree with the whole ethos behind wanting to shoot a feature film in


72 hours, because it can be done definitely, and it has to be proven


that it can be done. Normally a director and it `` his


editors will take months looking at what they have shot. Remarkably this


is being edited as they film. And that quick turnout is down to


the latest digital technology. We are running data down to the edit


suites. Those guys are in their 24 hours, in shifts.


Even for a star of serial dramas like Casualty and Hollyoaks,


We used to film ten or 12 minutes a day, with this it is 45 minutes per


day. A lot more pressure, but so far there has not been any fights or


arguments. We are still time to! `` there is still time!


With just 48 hours to go till screening, the clock is ticking.


It is also a great opportunity for the small production company to have


their film showcased here. They said they were delighted to back the


project not only to support Birmingham, but also to encourage


collaboration with the wider film industry. With less than 48 hours to


go, there are still tickets available if you want to pick them


up. Good luck, guys! Weather time now, Rebecca is here `


and last night we were treated to a bit of a light show


in the skies above us, weren't we? Yes, Nick, we certainly were `


we have rather unstable air over the top of us at the moment, and


coupled with heat and moisture we This footage was sent in by James


Light; he captured the electrical Amazing that people get up


in the middle of the night Yes, it is `


and it didn't stop there, we also Martin Nightingale captured this


great fork lightning striking in Evesham, Marcus Knowles sent in


this one of the sky being lit up by Shropshire didn't escape either `


Mcahele Morris managed to spot this at Ironbridge, meanwhile in Redditch


Marcus Killingworth got this snap. Thanks for all your pictures, there


are more on our Facebook page. But if last night was


the entree, tonight is definitely Today has been the hottest day of


the year so far, temperatures up to 32 Celsius in Gravesend. We got up


to 28 Celsius in Birmingham, commentary, even in parts of


Shropshire. `` Coventry. We have an amber weather warning in place from


the Met Office. We are expecting torrential downpours through tonight


into tomorrow morning. We can expect 20 millimetres of rainfall within


half an hour. Lightning, thunder, on top of that it will be an incredibly


muggy night. Working its way over from France, we see the dry spell,


then those showers start to make their presence felt. As the night


starts to fall we see showers working their way up. They will be


lively and will pretty much be everywhere across the region.


Temperatures overnight between 16 and 18 Celsius, very sticky. Those


showers through the morning, and then we have a brief lull. The sun


will come up for some of us `` out. But it could trigger of a shower


just about anywhere. `` trigger off. Some places there will escape


completely, they will get spells of sunshine during the day and


temperatures of 2425 Celsius, it is difficult to prove it were `` it is


difficult to predict. It is an improving picture on Saturday night,


but again it will be another sticky night with temperatures between 16


and 18 Celsius. Sunday looks much better. We will still have showers,


but they will be lighter and much more what we are used to seeing.


Temperatures are starting to tumble, we are down to around 22 or 23


Celsius. Making our way into the new working week, temperatures are still


around 22 or 23, but there will be sunny spells. Do stay tuned for the


latest. Tonight's headlines from the BBC The


UN calls for a full and independent investigation into the Malaysian


plane crash that killed 298 people. And Birmingham City Council failed


to act on suspicions of a Muslim takeover in schools because it


feared being branded racist. I'll be back at ten o'clock


with your latest update.


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