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normal temperatures. Peter, thank you. That is all from me. Now on BBC


One The headlines tonight:


Making our lives a misery: calls for Birmingham Airport to drop testing


for a new flightpath. Airport officials have promised to


meet local residents next week. Also We cannot afford to let this trial


dragged on when it is not working properly.


tonight, More gold in the Commonwealth Games:


this time for Wolverhampton's Kristian Thomas in the Team


Gymnastics. How this big cat from Dudley Zoo


The last few months we have been training so hard.


extinction. And it's been the perfect weather


for gathering in the harvest recently ` but something a little


wetter in on the cards later this week. All the details coming up.


Good evening. Families living near Birmingham Airport say the extra


noise being generated by changes to flight paths is making their lives a


misery. The Airport's running a six month trial of different routes


following the opening of its extended runway. Now one MP's


calling on the Transport Secretary to order the trials to be cancelled.


Amy Cole reports. Discussing the problems. And that is


a bone of contention since the airport has been allowing planes to


take off and land on similar flight paths. Birmingham Airport's runway


extension opened in May, bringing in new destinations and it seems a


barrage of complaints. The airport has been trialling two


options for new flight routes to make the most of the runway


extension. The first has planes coming in AND out on the same path.


And that means more noise for people living in places such as Hampton in


Arden, Balsall Common and nearby villages. The second option involves


aircraft making a turn just past Hampton and flying over open


countryside. For those living near the airport, neither option is


ideal. The airport insists it will


I'm only sleeping for five hours a night. Sleep is constantly being


interrupted. I don't accept being given the departure of aircraft as


well. trial once it's over. But the


residents want it to be scrapped and have the backing of their local MP.


Residents say they're looking Three months of trials that haven't


been going very well. The airport is not able to fly these roots


accurately. We cannot afford to let this trial dry on when it is not


working properly. I would like to see urgent intervention by the


Secretary of State to try to improve the situation. `` dragged on.


The airport as they did have a consultation when they were planning


the roots. The trials produce data that will be collected by the


airport and sent to the civil aviation authority you have the


final approval on which fly three comes in. I have been trying to


speak to the civil aviation authority to find out is, when they


do that approval, the views of local residents are taken into account.


They say that all relevant information relating to community


feedback is taken into account. Hopefully, residents will have a say


on what they think about this. Caroline Spellman has called for the


Transport Secretary to intervene. I have spoken to the Department for


Transport today who say that ultimately, they believe `` Bailey's


the decision to the civil aviation authority. They say that Caroline


Spellman did speak to the Transport Secretary earlier in the year, but


they said that it is the responsibility of the civil aviation


authority to make the decision. Ultimately, it does seem to rest


with them. Thank you. Good to have you with us here


on Midlands Today. Coming up later in the programme,


blocked sewers on the increase. People are putting grease and oil


down the drains which causes problems.


We've another gold medal to celebrate at the Commonwealth Games.


Kristian Thomas from Wolverhampton was part of the England Gymnastics


squad which won the men's team event this afternoon.


Dan Pallett is at the Games in Glasgow for us tonight.


That makes 18 medals in total ` and ten of them gold.


Well, there's no such thing as a banker in sport.


But if anyone was going to win gold at these Games it was the


England Gymnastics team including Kristian Thomas.


They were the bronze medallists at London 2012 competing as


Great Britain and only lost Daniel Keatings to the Scottish team


And they duly delivered winning the gold medal


But although they were favourites there's still pressure when you've


There's always a lot of pressure on us. It's a high`pressure apparat is.


The last few months we have been training so hard.


Elsewhere today it's been a case of near misses.


Birmingham's Omar Tafail just missed out on a bronze medal in the 57kg


He lost to Craig Pilling of Wales but at the aged of just 19 he


certainly showed he could be a medal contender in the future.


Chinu Chinu from Oldbury is due to fight for a bronze


Both the Gymnastics and the wrestling have taken place just


across the river from here but just 25 minutes south of Glasgow we've


had the mountainbiking where Beth Crumpton of Redditch was 9th in the


women's race ` and Malvern's Liam Killieen was sixth.


Who should we be looking out for now? Kristian Thomas will go again


in the Nvidia `` individual apparat is. He is very good. Plenty of


athletics to look forward to tomorrow. Most people just have to


worry about themselves. The students Most competitors at the


Commonwealth Games just have to But the Birmingham athlete Luke Gunn


will be much busier. He'll also be watching out


for his wife and `` the steeplechase is one of the


best competitions in the Commonwealth. We have three of the


best athletes in the world in it. It would be hard for anyone to beat


them. I am going to aim to get in that top five if I can. If anyone


falls I will be the first one to snap at their heels.


His wife is Hannah England who runs in the 1500 metre final tonight.


They met as students at the University of Birmingham


Luke now manages the university's sports scholarship programme and 15


of their current and former students are competing in Glasgow as well.


We are trying to catch up with the likes of Loughborough University and


bridge that gap to becoming the second best university, sports


rights. The university takes it very seriously and is in `` investing


heavily in a new sports centre. Scholarships are just part of the


package. He'll be thrilled if Hannah or one


of his scholars wins a medal but Luke would desperately love to stand


on the podium himself as well. That wrestler I spoke about earlier


had made a great start and has a bronze medal at his feet. You can


see that on the BBC sport website. Adam Peter is back tonight. He is in


the relay. The good news just keeps coming from Glasgow.


The Worcestershire and England batsman Moeen Ali has been warned


not to wear wristbands showing support for Gaza


The 27`year`old wore bands saying "Free Palestine" and "Save Gaza" on


the second day of the match in Southampton.


International Cricket Council rules state that players should not wear


messages relating to "political, religious or racial activities


The digger maker JCB has secured an order for more than a thousand


The deal has been made with the hire firm, A`Plant,


The machines will be built at JCB's factories in Staffordshire.


Two more people have been arrested as part of the investigation


into the murder of a 23`year`old man from Rugby.


Jordan Banton was shot dead in the village of Newton


A 28`year`old man and a 34`year`old man, both from Rugby,


A 19`year`old man remains in custody in connection with the murder.


Drivers could be charged to bring polluting older diesel vehicles


The government's looking at introducing 'Low Emissions Zones'


in our biggest cities which would target the dirtiest diesels.


London's considering introducing a ?10 charge


Sian Grzeszczyk is in Birmingham city centre for us now.


Tell us more about what this could mean in Birmingham.


There are normally hundreds of cars driving through in the evening.


They're all releasing various levels of pollution into the atmosphere.


The problem with older diesel cars is that they can it particles which


cut `` can cause problems for people who suffer from asthma. The


Department for Transport says there are more than 1 million diesel cars


on our roads in the West Midlands. Birmingham is leading the way on


looking in the West Midlands. Birmingham is leading the way on


looking into investigating could mean these sorts of charges being


brought in for those older diesel cars that are pumping out more


pollution. How dangerous are these levels of pollution? The Department


for the environment, food and rural affairs released a statement today


saying that unless action is taken, Birmingham, London and Leeds would


face dangerous levels of pollution from vehicle exhausts by 2030. The


RAC says there has been a shift in opinion on the benefits of using


diesel cars in recent times. Although diesel vehicles are more


fuel efficient, petrol technology has been catching up. The gap has


closed drastically. Diesel vehicles also omits particular matters. The


medical opinion is generally that perhaps we have underestimated the


damage done by the really small particles emitted by diesel


vehicles. Earlier, I spoke to someone at a petrol station about


what they thought of the idea of low emission zones will stop it's a good


idea. The way the city is now with traffic, it does need to be slowed


down. The pollution in the city is ridiculous. There are newer cars


with lower emissions. I understand `` I'd understand it was the old


cars. The newer cars are lower emissions anyway. Now the debate has


started, the RAC also came out today and said they are introducing some


kind of scrappage scheme for those older diesel cars.


Well, we've had lots of comments from you on this,


?Adding another motor charge will only penalise the low income


Roger Fownes emailed us to say "The sooner diesel fumes pollution


Stop the dirty diesels altogether including old buses and taxis."


Rebecca Warner tweeted " Diesel car owners should not pay ?10 a day!


This fuel is more efficient than petrol"


And a final word from Dave Horrocks on Facebook ` "I already pay more


I got an older car because I can't afford a new one ."


nearby residents call for Birmingham Airport to drop testing


Rebecca's standing by with your detailed weather forecast `


Temperatures are falling here as melting ice becomes arts. Find out


why later. And join me later to find out why things are blooming


marvellous for the wedding season. Now Birmingham's right up there


in the lead with the highest score by far,


closely followed by Wolverhampton and then Stoke on Trent but it's not


good news, in fact it stinks. It's a league table


for blocked sewers ` particularly Severn Trent spend ?10


million clearing up the mess. Sarah Falkland's been out with one


of their teams today and she's We will bring that report to you a


little later on. From the rather unattractive world


of our sewer system to an animal that many would say is the most


strikingly beautiful in the world. Charismatic yet extremely dangerous,


the biggest of all cats but Now a tiger from Dudley Zoo is


being used to highlight the very Three year old Daseep is the face


of Global Tiger Day, They are one of the most beautiful


creatures in the world but also one of the most endangered. I don't


think people understand that. They don't realise the state it is then.


They are down to the last couple of hundred. Hopefully, they will find a


way to keep them alive. Future generations will then get to see


them. This females a match in Tiger has been selected to be the face of


this year's global Tiger day. She is stunning to look at. She is one of


the most beautiful tigers I have seen. If you think all tigers are


like, think again. She has own, including Catherine Hugh has adopted


her and comes to visit two or three times a week. She is just beautiful.


You only have to take one look in her ice and she has got your heart.


She is a special Tiger. She is one in a million. She's just so lovely.


He had an adoption for his birthday as well. Now there are only around


3,500 tigers left in the wilds. The mansion tigers like this one number


just a few hundred. Despite the risk of extinction, some of the risk of


extinction, some believe in captivity. What do we do, nothing?


Just let them die out? I don't think that's unacceptable thing. Dudley


Su's last pair of tigers produced eight cups, increasing the worldwide


cemetery in tiger population by 2%. `` Dudley zoo. . Let's get that


report on blocked sewers. Sarah Falkland's been out with one


of their teams today and she's We will bring that report to you a


little later on. I have flushed wet wipes standard


toilets. Gravy! It is no laughing matter when what is flushed and up


clogging the sewers. Severn Trent is having to clear 55,000 blockages per


year. Darren Edwards and his team have been called to a house in the


Black Country. An hour later, and made noxious smells, a result. This


is what has been causing the problem. A few make`up wipes, an old


dish cloth. Typically, it is a whole lot worse than this. Fat balls or


fat birds sometimes up to a metre long results from discarded cooking


oil, which has congealed in five cold pipes. They're usually a great


light colour. The same as a piece of Florida would buy from the shop.


They're not very nice to handle. It gets all over your clothes. In


Wolverhampton, sewer blockages have risen by 50% in the last year. We


have noticed it is mainly due to sanitary products. Fat balls and


greases which have been disposed down the sink our second. We've all


done it, I think. Down the toilet and down the sink, yeah. Someone in


Wolverhampton even tried to flush away a pair of slippers. There are


91,000 kilometres of sewers here and the blockage boys are hoping that


the public think twice about what they're putting down there.


This weekend the icemen cometh to Birmingham `


5,000 frozen statues placed in the city centre to mark the centenary


Each represents those who suffered and died.


Lindsay Doyle has been talking to the Brazilian artist who'll be


watching months of work melt away in front of her eyes.


A first for Florence and now a first for Britain as a leading Brazilian


artist creates 5,000 figures to form a transient army on the steps of


Chamberlain Square, in memory of the men and women who lost their lives


The monument is more a celebration of life than of death.


Minimum Monument has been brought here with the help of


The Birmingham Hippodrome as part of the city's commemorations


The public will be invited to take a sculpture and place it in the


squire. The cultures `` the sculptures will melt in a couple of


hours. Italy `` it is powerful how each individual figure changes as it


melts. The finished sculpture can be individually retouched to represent


perhaps a full family member. of the first figures to be placed


on the steps will be in memory of a soldier largely forgotten


outside of his own family. Captain John Osborne Walford


of the Worcestershire regiment It?s known he was treated


for shell shock in 1919, three years It will restore people's memories


again. They must be grandparents is not great grandparents by now. It is


a wonderful thing that is being done.


A momument to the common man, no less a hero.


For a wedding, you need a bright, agreeing, a cake and some confetti.


Mostly it is made of paper, but as our reporter has been finding out,


not all. I'm in this field are full of the most gorgeous flowers. They


are planning on repaying 500 million titles this year. They have only got


ten days to get this entire crop in. The question is, how do they turn


all of these flowers into this? It's harvest time in Shropshire. It is a


1,500 acre site but 40 acres are reserved for growing flowers which


are turned into confetti. The majority of our flowers are


daffodils which gives us pink, purple, blue and light. We have some


calendula and some wallflowers. It is a family run business. The owners


originally sold flowers at the market in Newport. They come into


bloom at different times so it is a juggling act, working out which ones


come first. All the colours are different and they can come out at


different times of the day, depending on the weather. It can


vary from one colour in the afternoon and one colour in the


morning. It takes practice, trying to perfect the art. Pickers will


gather thousands of petals. Everything is hand`picked because


the petals are so delicate. In the summer, the company receives 1000


orders each month. This year, they expect to deliver at least 7,500


packages to brides around the country. That's a lot of weddings


and a lot of confetti. Joining me now is Katie Plant, the manager


here. You make natural confetti. That means it's biodegradable. It


will degrade in just a couple of days. We do not die our petals. You


have been really lucky with the weather here. How he managed to


harvest so fast? We have just over half of what we require. We are


looking at just over 1.5 tonnes. That's a lot of confetti. This is


the weather driven business. You only have ten days left you feeling


nervous? Yes, especially when it is a bit cloudy today. We are hoping


for not much rain. Rain at night time is fine but obviously when it


is wet in the day, you cannot take because it's muddy. We want and


sunshine. Thank you. That's how you make confetti. Let's just hope they


manage to get everything in, in those ten days. It's time for the


weather. We've had a rather dry and hot July


and we are welcoming in a slightly damp August. We have plenty of cloud


in the forecast as we had through the next few days. We will get some


sunny spells and it will be a largely dry day. Things are starting


to feel fresher. Today things started to change because we had


this weather system working its way through. It has brought some cloud


and the air is slightly less humid behind that. Tomorrow, those


temperatures are going to be a little better than they have been.


Down to 19 Celsius. This time last week we were in the 30s. It really


is a little different. Overnight tonight it is largely dry. A few


clear spells but also some cloud, overnight. The possibility of a few


spots of rain. Temperatures overnight are doing a little better,


around 11 to 14 Celsius. And less humid Il to things. Tomorrow morning


starts off with a few bits of cloud. Some good breaks and the sun is out


as well. The cloud structure still into the afternoon. Our secretaries


are only getting up to or 24 degrees but it will feel a little fresher.


It is a finance dry and to our Wednesday. We could have a few


showers across the North Midlands overnight. Our temperatures again


ranging through 12 and 15 degrees. By Thursday, I'm afraid we have a


little bit of rain. Working its way through during the afternoon. Not


great if you are off to the cricket. Temperatures a degree or two down on


where they will be for the next couple of days. As we make our way


towards the end of the week, there is even more rain in the forecast.


It is looking like it will be a doubt we can.


More than 100 Palestinians are killed in Gaza, after a night


Calls from nearby residents for Birmingham Airport to drop plans for


a new error path. That was Midlands Today. I will be back at 10pm with


an update. I leave the ashram, travel halfway


across the world to find my father, Oh, well. As Vashrati says,


gotta keep smiling! We don't tend to use the bathroom


together here. All right, well,


I'll catch you later. This ashram of yours,


it might be a cult. I take it back,


he's definitely Cuckoo's son. MUSIC: "Changing"


by Sigma feat. Paloma Faith


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