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The headlines tonight: That's all from the BBC News at


Bowls with benefits ` the National Championships bringing


The vision of the Council is to have the whole area buzzing.


We'll look at how our region is gaining a


reputation for staging major sports events ` and the economic benefits.


Also tonight, the Banksy artwork defaced by vandals ` just days after


Jazmin's jump for joy ` another medal for the Midlands to be


I woke up this morning, rolled over and saw the medal on my bedside


table and I gasped. The doubly thankful villages `


our two unusual communities with no And we've certainly had some


beautiful weather recently ` I'm afraid it's wellies


and brollies at the ready for the start of this weekend `


but a return to something a little Good evening,


the Midlands is playing host to another major sporting competition `


as the region gains a reputation The National Bowls Championships


start in Leamington Spa tomorrow, the month long event is worth around


?1.5 million to the town's economy. In 2012, when Coventry hosted


Olympic football at the Ricoh Arena, it's estimated spectators spent


around ?4 million in the local area. And last year,


the five Champions Trophy matches at Edgbaston brought nearly ?16


million to the Birmingham economy. Our reporter Sarah Falkland is


in Leamington this evening. So this really is a big event


for them? It is a big event. The town has a


long history with all. We have had the women's National Championships


here for the last 30 years, but this year, it is the first year we have


had the men's championship. They have been working on the greens for


three months. They are so perfect, you could almost each or supper of


them. Earlier, some of the locals had a chance to play here. For such


a sedate sport, it is strangely compelling. In 24 hours time, the


carefully tended Greens will caused the country's top players. The town


has become the balding capital of England, with some people moving


here from Sussex. The central location is fantastic. It was fit


for purpose. Around 20,000 people are expected here during the course


of the championships and it is all people add ?1.5 million to the local


economy. The Regency town is on a roll. We have got masses of new


businesses coming in, we have a major furniture supplier coming into


the town and having their headquarters here. The vision of the


council is to bring people in and make the whole area bars. To have


the bowling here is icing on the cake. Leamington's historical parade


is just a few moments from the bowling green. It is good for trade,


good for business. It will bring far more people into the time. The whole


area comes alive. Just people passing by, maybe popping in to see


what we do. Come tomorrow, the professionals will be here and it is


not just the crowd who will be applauding. We didn't see quite how


far she got to the jack there. Good news for the economy there


in Leamington ` but what about elsewhere, how does our region


rate for hosting sports events? Well, starting with Edgbaston


cricket ground, it's hosting two one day international matches


against India in September and will The NIA


in Birmingham regularly hosts world class indoor athletics and the All


England Open Badminton Championships Next year Kingsholm Rugby ground


in Gloucester will host four Rugby World cup matches featuring


Argentina and Scotland, while Villa Park has two games `


you'll be able to catch South Africa Meanwhile this August bank holiday `


around 48,000 people are expected to attend


the Evesham fishing festival . Good to have you with us this Friday


evening ` The old library of Birmingham `


a carbuncle or We meet the man who finds beauty


in the concrete construction. A Banksy artwork painted


on the wall of a house in Cheltenham Earlier this week it was announced a


deal was almost secure to keep Spy Booth in the town, after campaigners


raised the money to buy it. Cheltenham's Banksy, eavesdropping


on this telephone box, these undercover spies are now covered


up after an overnight attack. People here had been proud


of their Banksy and were angry this morning as news


of the new graffiti got round. I don't understand why people


have to do this any more. This is what it looked like


in April. A few weeks


after Spy Booth was painted, there was talk of selling it to a


collector, but a local businessman pledged hundreds of thousands


of pounds to save the piece. If the graffiti cannot be removed,


are you still going to buy it? Obviously, it is something that


the people in this town love This is what people here are


hoping might just save the Banksy. This is three layers of


anti`graffiti paint and that is a If they are quick enough


and use the right chemicals, they might be able to take


off that top layer of new graffiti This one in Bristol was hit


by blue paint balls. Others like this one have been


quickly removed, preserved, Mobile Lovers, like much of Banksy's


street art, will eventually be sold. Some believe it is just part of


the life cycle of street graffiti. For others though, these Banksys are


precious and should be preserved. Andrew Plant, BBC Midlands Today,


in Cheltenham. Police investigating a fire


at the former Cadbury family mansion in Birmingham have arrested three


schoolboys on suspicion of arson. The boys aged 12, 14 and 15,


were questioned yesterday evening and later released on bail


while investigations continue. Crews spent most


of yesterday damping down at Northfield Manor ` after the fire


was started on Wednesday night. A West Midlands Police Community


Support Officer has been jailed for leaking confidential information


to a convicted drug dealer. 43`year`old Andrew Thompson,


from Tipton, admitted downloading intelligence from police computers


and was jailed for two years. Fire fighters were called to rescue


a horse from The animal was found neck deep


in water at Walbrook Bridge, It had apparently fallen in


after being left tethered close to A rescue team eventually managed


to pull the horse to safety. The RSPCA says it's now


in relatively good health and is appealing


for the owners to come forward. Three weeks from today,


we'll know who'll succeed Bob Jones as West Midlands Police and


Crime Commissioner. Mr Jones died last month,


just 20 months after the first PCC elections, in which only 12 percent


of voters turned out. Our Political Editor Patrick Burns


is here. If the turnout was embarrassingly


low then, it could be even lower this time ` in the middle


of the summer holidays. Yes, if you wanted to demonstrate


just how low turnouts can go, Many council employees who'd


normally staff elections, So not all polling stations will


be the ones we're used to. Do check the polling cards, which


have gone out to the two million eligible voters in Coventry,


Birmingham and the Black Country. There wasn't exactly a stampede,


I'm told, but the four main parties Labour's David Jamieson is


a former transport minister, The Conservative Les Jones is


the former Dudley Council leader. The Liberal Democrat Ayoub Khan is


a barrister and former Birmingham And UKIP's Keith Rowe is


prominent on Birmingham's But this is as much a referendum


on the role of the PCC itself. We put that to the research


organisation who pushed for these They say recent polls suggest


the PCCs are recognised by ten times as many people


as the "invisible and unelected" police authorities they replaced,


so let's not get a possible low The timing of this means people will


be looking at the turnout as a test for the future of this role. What is


important is that the people of the West Midlands will be appointing


their new Commissioner. And with that in mind, a Labour


policy commission has recommended But Policy Exchange say some Labour


commissioners who were sceptical when they were elected,


have since changed their minds. Which could explain why


the party has yet to commit itself And you can read more about the PCC


elections on Patrick's blog, Campaigners trying to save


Birmingham's old Library are asking Friends


of Central Library say the building has architectural significance ` and


not enough has been done to come up Work on a new development


of Paradise Circus is due to begin And historic building that should be


preserved or just an eyesore. It is a conversation that campaigners have


had before and lost, but they're not easily put off. It is a shame to


lose the building, it is only 40 years old. Even back in the 1970s,


the new concrete skyline was controversial. How do you feel


affection? Where is the warmth? Now the old library is going to be


knocked down for eight new development starting in 2015. There


will be nothing like it when it is not down. What will replace it will


be good, but it would be outstanding, it would be special, it


will be like many other city centres around the world. 90% of people in a


consultation voted to get rid of this building. Developers say it is


a no`brainer. Developers say they are building will fit in with the


new look of Birmingham, but if you are coming up from the new station,


walking through Victoria Square, heading for the bars and restaurants


or at the new library, you don't want to see this on your way


through. What do the public thing? The old buildings look good. That


doesn't look nice at all. I think it would be sad to knock it down,


because it is part of Birmingham's yesterday. They have a new one much


better than that. Birmingham City Council says it is a done deal.


Permission to knock it down was granted in 2013, but campaigners say


they will continue the fight to make sure this particular concrete


remains. John Grindrod has written a book


about the rebuilding of post`war Convince us ` why shouldn't


the old Library be demolished? It is a unique building and it


represents a time in history when there was a unique optimism. A lot


of our viewers may get the unique part but not the fantastic park.


Partly, it is this shape, it is an upside`down pyramid. Nobody thought


that was possible. Also, the wait is constructed, it is fascinating


inside with the huge atrium. It is a lovely building to walk round. But


90% of people asked said get rid of it. Though at the moment, it really


needs to be washed and looked after, it hasn't had a lot of care


for many years. It is surrounded by weird additions of shops that


weren't there in the first place. If it were spruced up, I am sure a lot


of people would like it. We can look beyond Birmingham for many examples


of buildings that people are not sure, but you have followed in love


with them. Have a look at this. This is a tower block in Coventry. Love


it or loathe it? I do like it. There is a school of architecture that it


represents, that glass curtain wall. Again, that building hasn't


been looked after, so it looks tired and tatty. This next one might even


test your love for all things concrete. It is in Kidderminster,


apologies to residents, but I have relations with live there and


they're not terribly fond of it. What do you think of it? It is the


post office? Yes, that really never was a great design. Have I found a


little chink in your armour? I am quite happy to admit that there are


good and bad buildings in that post`war period. That is what is


great about the library is it is a fantastic building, it is not a


boarding building, it is really memorable. People always remember it


because of its unusual shape. Thanks very much.


Bowls with benefits ` the National Championships bringing


Rebecca's standing by with the weather for the weekend.


The vault with a fault ` but Christian Thomas still picks up


And we visit the two communities who have reasons


to be doubly thankful when it comes to remembering the war dead.


Well, that's what Gavin Sanford from Selly Oak is planning to do.


He's going to start at John O'Groats, but rather than take


the shortest route to Lands End, he'll run around 1200 miles taking


in cities such as Edinburgh, London and Cardiff along the way.


The former soldier, who now works for the NHS, is raising money for


Here's our Health correspondent, Michele Paduano.


Everything Gavin Sandford needs for his ordeal has to fit


For the past three months, for three hours each morning he has


The ex`infantryman, who works in hospital theatres, is on a mission.


Having seen horrific injuries, he believes better physiotherapy


equipment would lead to better outcomes for soldiers


I need to dig deep into some of the things I have seen. Even I have to


crawl over by the skin of my teeth, I will see it.


And these are the children that Gavin is determined to help.


Mohammed Nahib has a muscle waiting disease.


This is the furthest the five`year`old has ever walked.


Four`year`old Seb Whatton is recovering from leukaemia.


The exercises here are to strengthen his arms and legs.


I need something I can slide on. This is what it is about. This is


why I am putting myself through this thing. I will get the money to get


these children the equipment they need to get them to a better place


as fast as possible. The cash will be shared between the


Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital To see somebody do this in 45


marathons, it is the craziest thing I have ever seen done for the


hospital. We are amazed by him and what he is doing.


His test of endurance begins on Tuesday.


And it's been another great 24 hours for Midlanders at the Commonwealth


Kristian Thomas won a silver today, he has three in total. South Africa


squad their way back into the match at the end, it went to sudden death


and they lost. The highlight last night was


20`year`old Jazmin Sawyers Jazmin, who's from Stoke,


was winning her first medal I spoke to her a little earlier


from Glasgow. And I began by asking if her


success had started to sink in. I think it will take awhile. I woke


up this morning and saw the medal on my bedside table and gasped to


myself. I still can't believe it. Talk us through being on the podium,


because you have these was a picture. I could hear the crowds and


my friend told me to go out there. A lot of people had left by then, but


unbelievable. Everyone was screaming unbelievable. Everyone was screaming


and cheering and I was just so proud. I couldn't believe it. You


will all two centimetres off the gold. Have you thought about that


today? Today, I have. Yesterday, it didn't register. But I am over the


moon with the silver and I feel I have many years to grab that gold.


Let's say you're a silver medal clearly. This is just the start of


your career. Do you think you'll get into the European Championships now?


I don't think so, I don't have the qualifying standard for this year.


There isn't time, so not for me, but I am just so over the moon with the


can now take it forward to training can now take it forward to training


and work on it. 20 to look forward to. Q1 the silver medal in the youth


Olympics in 2012. During a singer songwriter, studying for a law


degree. Is there anything you can't do? Plenty, I just don't do it. It


has been a great week for the Midlands. How many medals to we


have? The latest for the Debenhams is 12 medals in total. If the West


Midlands was a country, we would be eight. There would be a campaign for


independence for the West Midlands them.


A war memorial is a feature of nearly every village


But there are two small communities in our region where


Middleton on the Hill in Herefordshire and Upper Slaughter in


Gloucestershire are known as Doubly Thankful Villages ` remarkably none


of their residents died in either the 1st or 2nd World Wars.


Middleton on the Hill near Leominster and Upper Slaughter


70 miles apart but they share a common bond.


Nobody in either community died in two world wars.


They're known as Doubly Thankful villages `


there's only 13 in the country and only these two in the Midlands.


Tony Collett's father George was one of 60 soldiers who returned


He served in both wars and made these plaques, listing


Life is a very placid thing in this Cotswold village.


As this film made in 1939 just before the outbreak of war shows,


But it wasn't the case on February 4th, 1944.


Hundreds of incendiary bombs were dropped by the Luftwaffe on Upper


We were very fortunate that it didn't go off. It went into timber


shades. `` shades. Tony Collett still has one


of the shells and is thankful the village's record on war


survivors didn't end that night. Soldiers from 16,000 villagers from


across the UK fought in the two world wars and to give you an idea


of how lucky this village was, 99.92% of those villagers will cost


at least one of them men. In the churchyard at Middleton


on the Hill, a lantern celebrating the safe return of every soldier is


a permanent reminder And now there's another one `


this roll of honour was recently found stuffed away in a drawer


of the back of the church, the names of all the men who came


back recorded in fading pencil. When you think of all the people who


got killed in the war, but all of ours came home and it is a minor


miracle. And BBC Hereford


and Worcester will have more about the thankful villages


as part of the World War at Home Let's find out if we're in for a wet


weekend ` Rebecca has the forecast. Yes, we are. We have had plenty of


showers already and flash flooding. More rain in the forecast, but it


will mark be a complete wash`out. But we do have sunshine by the time


we get to Sunday. We have had this cloud and rain coming in from the


South West, lively downpours in there. Those continue over the next


few hours. There will be some breaks in it, but with all that cloud and


rain, temperatures will be about 13 Celsius. Tomorrow, fronts moving


through right the way through the day and a yellow warning in place


for heavy rain. Rain continuing through the mining, but slowly, as


the pressure begins to move its way northwards. Temperatures getting up


to 22 Celsius. Slowly through the day, it does improve and overnight,


the last of the rain will clear the way. Overnight temperatures around


13 Celsius. It will mean a pleasant start to Sunday. Good spells of


sunshine and definitely the best day of the weekend. Rain picking up and


there will be a breeze on Sunday, which will make things fresh air.


Into the new working week, we continue with the pattern of


sunshine and showers. Tonight 's headlines, and other


cease`fire collapses in Gaza.


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