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Crowds flocked to Birmingham to see a moving artistic commemoration to


the millions who lost their lives in the First World War.


5,000 frozen statues were left to simply melt away


in the summer sunshine ahead of Monday's anniversary


5,000 figures each representing a life lost in the First World War.


Hundreds gathered in Chamberlain Square to take part in Mimimum


Momument created in Birmingham by an award`winning Brazilian artist.


I am very, very happy. I'm emotional. I thank you very much, so


much Birmingham. The first sculpture to be laid


on the steps of Chamberlain Square was in memory


of a soldier without a monument. Captain John Osborne Walford of the


Worcestershire regiment fought at Ypres and Passchendaele, he took his


own life four years after war ended. They were boys, they were 18, 19. He


must have seen these boys coming out from England and then there were no


longer there. I had all those thoughts going round and seeing them


all here, they are all being remembered.


It is really nice, this way to commemorate them. It looks very


effective. Is good for everybody. This is in honour of my great, great


uncle, private Peter Anthony Doyle. He was killed in action in 1917. He


was 19 years old. Minimum Monument has been brought


here with the help of the What a response. Just seeing


everybody here, a huge turnout. It is unbelievable. And it is a


poignant moment, but there is a buzz in the air. It is fantastic, quite


emotional. Here but for a short time, but a


memory which will last a lifetime. And you can see more pictures


from Minimum Monument on The UK Independence Party's youth


wing ` Young Independence ` has been Around 150 delegates attended the


event at Birmingham's Council House. The party says its youth section has


grown rapidly in the last year. Not just a party


for the older generation. UKIP's image as a refuge


for retired Colonels and their wives may need a rethink ` as


more young people are joining up. UKIP, for me, is a different way of


doing politics. I been in a party for two years now and it has been


very refreshing. this will dictate the rest of your working life. It


seems big when you are young, but it is important for your future. I


think it is important for your future. . I think tuition fees for


example, housing prices, all things that are affecting young people.


The speakers are well underway behind me.


2,600 young people are members of UKIP ` 700 of them joined


The numbers have been rolling in. It is exceptional. These are the people


for our future. These are the people who will make the changes in


politics so we must nurture them and help them as well as supports them.


They are excellent. They're now hoping to make it


an annual event. There's been another two medals for


the Midlands at the Commonwealth Games this afternoon, both


for competitors from Warwickshire. Kelly Sibley from Leamington Spa and


her partner Danny Read won a Bronze Emma Beddoes also got a Bronze


in the women's squash doubles with The region now has 33 medals


in total. Time for the weather now


with Charlie Slater. Unfortunately a lot of rain we have


had today. But things are now improving and we should see bright


weather to end the day. Overnight ill be mainly dry and cool. There


will be lows of 11 degrees in parts of Herefordshire. Into Sunday, it is


looking like a really nice day. Lots of blue sky and sunshine and it will


stay dry throughout. Apart from a bit of jazz or, here and there.


Avast improvement on today as reflected in those temperatures


there, too. Things improve as we go into the working week were able be


largely dry and quite bright at times, too.


Before we go time to congratulate Stuart Kertel


from Warwickshire who has successfully completed a four`day


charity mission to push a sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose!


They'll be a full report on that in Monday's programme.


Your next Midlands update is tomorrow evening at 6.50pm.


that you have a very good evening, goodbye.


It has been one of those days, Sony for some and pouring with rain for


others. Locally there has been intense downpours. Further west,


resolutely cloudy and wet across the heart of


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