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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast of Australia. That's all from


Hampden Park. They say it'll smell,


it'll be potentially dangerous and will blight an area


which is already the location A proposal to convert this old


railway terminal into a waste plant hasn't impressed


these Brierley Hill residents. The increase in traffic volume on


side streets and residential streets They are talking


about one lorry a minute coming to More than 700 have people have


objected to plans from Clean Power Properties for a new household waste


recycling plant to produce energy. But it's the technology and smell


that has protestors worried. Housing here is 50


or 60 metres away. And we calculate that literally


thousands of people could be affected


by bad odours if this goes ahead. The company said other sites will be


a safe to recycle waste. They also say no waste will be


stored on site and processing will take place in


doors to prevent noise and smells. The neighbouring site is


already home to another tip. This giant mountain


of rubbish is yet to be cleared, despite the company responsible


receiving a court order to clear What we don't want to become is


Brierly Hill, What local people want here is


homes, good quality jobs, a mixture The Environment Agency will decide


whether to grant A dedication ceremony


for a new memorial to soldiers who The Birmingham branch of the


Western Front Association organised the event at the National Memorial


Arboretum in Staffordshire, which It came on the eve


of the 100th anniversary Double gold medal winning triathlete


Jodie Stimpson was back on home ground today competing for the first


time since the Commonwealth Games. The event, named in honour


of the Oldbury star, came as the Games came to a close this


evening with Midlands competitors It's not often you get to compete in


a race named in your honour and it's not often you get to mingle with a


double Commonwealth Gold medallist. I'm not going to let


everybody else have the fun! This is what I do,


this is what I love. So I'm not going to miss out


on the fun. For the other athletes at


Sandwell Valley Country Park today, I'll be a lot further near the back,


I won't be anywhere near that. But to know she's


in the same race is good. Today, there were no bikes `


just a swim and a run. Well, the front few are coming


through now and there are actually And here comes Jody Stimpson,


first over the line. And it was another victory to


add to Jodie's collection. After the race, everyone wanted


a souvenir of the day. To win and then come back


and have this kind of support, At the Commonwealth Games last


night, more West Midlands medals. 19`year`old Matthew Hudson`Smith,


from Birmingham and fellow Birchfield Harrier,


Michael Bingham taking Gold While fellow team mate Danny Talbot


helped England win silver in the With 41 medals, it's been a hugely


successful Games for the region. One that it's hoped will inspire


many to try and emulate the achievements


of athletes like Jodie Stimpson. And you can find


a picture gallery of all our medallists on the Midlands


Today Facebook page, where you can Let's see what the Midlands


weather's up to now, Quite a cool


and comfortable night that we have It is because we've not much


in the way of cloud cover and it allows the heat to escape and those


temperatures to fall ` in some As far as going through till


tomorrow morning, lots of blue sky, lots of sunshine around for much


of the daytime. A couple of showers possible


in the afternoon, Quite a nice start to the working


week, I'm sure you'll agree. As we work through the week,


we may just have to put up with the The national forecast is on next,


and Midlands Today will be And back Good evening. Many of us had a


decent second part of the weekend, particularly so for England and


Wales, rather different from Scotland and Northern Ireland. We


saw our whole rash of showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland, some


thunder and lightning swirling around. There was a huge curl of


cloud, indicative of an area of low pressure. That will work its way


northwards, taking its the wind and rain with it. For England and Wales,


may be a shower around the coast but rural spots make it a bit on the


chilly side. Through the day tomorrow, fine in dry weather on


offer, some good spells


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