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you posted. All right, Tomasz. Thank you.


Two are still being treated there this evening.


Day two of an anti`war rooftop protest at a Staffordshire factory `


When the Wedgewood troops went to war, a tribute to the men


from the famous pottery brand who gave their lives 100 years ago.


A unique find ` but what's the connection


between a two`million`year`old dinosaur, Venezuala and Birmingham?


And all talk at the moment is around ex`hurricane Bertha,


Before that, we have pleasant weather to come.


A care worker has been arrested after 16 people were taken ill with


symptoms similar to food poisoning at a sheltered housing complex for


23`year`old woman is undergoing mental health tests in a secure unit


after being arrested on suspicion of administering a noxious substance.


Four people were taken to hospital, and two are still being treated


Our health correspondent, Michele Paduano, reports.


Goldfield Court in West Bromwich allows 90 elderly people to live


in relative independence. For the past couple of days,


officers going about their business, officers going about their business,


and most of the food has been removed from their homes.


Have a the days just sitting in the flat. Something been going on, but


it has been empty. They have set someone, so we know it is one of the


ladies concerned. It was all right to the first part. They brought some


back last night, and they said they would get the order back for me


today. removed from their homes.


It's serious. 16 people have symptoms


like food poisoning. Four had to be taken to hospital,


two are still inside. At Sandwell Hospital, a 67`year`old


amputee had blood tests. Her daughter didn't want


to appear on camera. She had diarrhoea and vomiting for


three or four days. But it stopped and started again. She had been very


drowsy as well. She came out of hospital at about 12 o'clock last


night. They had taken bribes. `` they had taken blood.


to appear on camera. Tests are now taking place to


establish the precise cause of the illness.


Housing and Care 21, which runs the home, says


its thoughts are with the residents and staff in Goldfield Court,


and it is ensuring that they are supported during a difficult time.


A worrying time for the residents and their families.


How can councils and care providers legislate for incidents like this?


It is very difficult and simply, they cannot. A reputable company


would check their staff. There may be some question around further


signs of mental illness should have been picked up, but we don't know


enough details. Bloody issue is that care workers are everywhere. They


are not well paid. We have had horrific cases involving co`workers.


`` at issue is. We have to do that social care workers and care


workers, but the government has resisted this because of the


logistics of running such a system that would improve this. The


relatives must be worried? This is a place of care, and safety. There was


one particular woman who has bipolar disorder, and she is suspicious and


paranoia at the best of times. They have told there is nothing to worry


about, and in fact, but something else to worry about. Thinking.


The healing power of horticulture ` how gardening is being used to help


A man's been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass


at an anti`war demonstration in Staffordshire.


Members of the London Palestine Action Group got


onto the roof at UAV Engines in Shenstone yesterday morning.


The protestors say the company is involved in supplying


parts for drone aircraft used by the Israeli Army in Gaza.


Our reporter Phil McCann is outside the factory now.


Phil ` any sign of the protest ending?


Yes, there is. Within the last ten minutes, police started taking


direct action. Officers scoured the building behind me. They are now on


the roof. You can probably hear helicopters above as well. The


protesters are lying down, so what exactly is going on or is being


said, we cannot know. To imagine that they are here, this business


makes engines for Jones, and these have been responsible for action in


Gaza. That is about a people here scared the building. `` engines for


Jones. ``. Day two, and just to make sure


no`one could get into work today, this protester chained himself to


the building by his neck But he got into pain and broke


himself free before being arrested. He is experiencing pain


and difficulty, which we have The point is an immediate two`way


arms embargo to Israel. There should be no production or


export to Israel while it continues to make crimes against humanity


and violate international law. More than 24 hours after


this arterial route was closed, it is to cutting off


businesses. The difference is


there is no passing trade It is a busy road, and not many


people are coming past and It is closing


the village down because we can't People who don't know the way around


are not coming, and yesterday, we took ?8 in the shop whereas


we would normally take ?150`?200. But they do have some support,


but here it has come from far away. We came yesterday from Milton


Keynes, and came today as well. What do you think standing here


in this rural road will achieve? If nothing else, people know I stand


against what is happening out there. Their has been no word from the


company themselves, although people would say that the drones they make


engines for defending rockets from Gaza. The helicopters circling, this


protest may be about to come to an end. Thinking. `` thank you.


Police are calling a two`week gun surrender initiative in the West


131 weapons have been handed in, along with more than


The scheme has been running ahead of a law change tightening controls


on gun ownership, with the threat of tougher prison sentences.


Official statistics reveal that nationally,


gun crime has fallen from 24,000 in 2003 to 8,000 last year.


And here in the West Midlands, the number of fatal shootings have


fallen from 17 between 2004 and 2009, to 9 over the last five years.


So are police winning the war against gun crime?


Our special correspondent, Peter Wilson, has been investigating.


They look like weapons from a series of films, but all of


these guns were stored in people's homes across the West Midlands.


Over the last two weeks, they have been handed in to the police.


It is a Beretta pump`action shotgun.


Ten years ago, there were three serious gun cases


Now tougher sentences, better police intelligence,


and behind`the`scenes work with gang members and young people have


The number of fatal shootings has halved, but one fatal shooting is


This is part of an ongoing agenda around preventing crime.


West Midlands is focusing on prevention.


Marcia Shakespeare has helped push down those gun crime figures.


Her daughter Letisha Shakespeare and school friend Charlene Ellis


were killed by machine gun fire in Aston Birmingham in 2003.


The murders made politicians commit the resources and the money


I will only see my child when I go to the cemetery.


Fortunately for those in prison, their family members can still visit


them, and they are still having that hope that at the end of sentencing,


They will have an opportunity to rehabilitate


The reality of violent crime is no`one wins.


I am here inside the police firing range.


They have given me a Wembley revolver.


The reason why so many of these guns are handed in during


police gun surrenders is the fact that every officer in the First


World War actually bought one of these, and if they survived, then


they brought them home to the Midlands.


They are also going to let me test the gun.


And despite the fact that it's a hundred


The National Ballistics Intelligence Service based in


Birmingham has the technology and databases to analyse every shot


fired in the city to give detectives the


Each gun barrel is made, and it is rifled.


The rifling process leaves unique marks


The bullet, when it travels down the barrel, picks up those


unique marks, so it is just like somebody would describe it


Tougher sentences now mean that anyone holding a gun for someone


with criminal intent could face a life sentence themselves.


Smart technology plus personal bravery ` giving evidence


in court ` all helping to keep guns off our streets.


Joining us now is Derek Campbell, a former government advisor on gun


crime, who's now the West Midlands' commissioner for the Independent


And I think that is the West Midlands and had a word humility and


the police have been doing. It is an ongoing process, and this is


something to celebrate. It is being a year since the New Year shootings.


How much progress to figure West Midlands Police have made tackling


gang crimes against gangs? They have made a significant amount of


progress. It has been supported by the extra effort made by the


community members in actively bringing licensing, and it is that


ongoing work is not necessarily seen by people that has brought the


worlds we have seen today. Some people have told us they are


concerned would be struck in the number of guns in the streets


meaning that police resources are taken away, meaning those figures


then go up again. I to understand those concerns. That is why for the


last couple of years, we have made sure that community activists


recognise we have had to take the mantle to continue to work with


people and gangs, to go into schools, to add to the work that


police are doing. It has not had a negative impact on policing numbers,


but a more positive impact on the attitudes of those who wish to use


lot about knife crime. I night is lot about knife crime. I night is


replacing guns? Knives have always been a significant weapon of choice.


The sad reality is we see far more stabbings and serious injuries as a


result of knives, network that workers to continue to reduce the


use of those weapons. `` the work has to continue. It is important not


to be complacent. A lot of work is going on, and that is the reason we


are seeing a significant drop. Thinking for your time. `` thank


you. A care worker is arrested


after 16 people are taken ill at a sheltered housing complex


in the Black Country. Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. The soldiers who were


literally brothers in arms. The poignant reminder


of a Worcestershire family left It was the TV gardener Monty


Don who once said "Earth heals And it's the holistic value


of horticulture that's helping a group of men in the Black Country


who have depression. They've enrolled


on a new eco therapy project, which has proved so successful


there's now a waiting list. You can just be totally blown away


by the colours. You would never know it, but Alan


Wyman is struggling to cope. He lost three close family members,


including his mum and grandma earlier this year, and tried several


times to take his own life. Coming to this walled garden


has been his salvation. It takes my mind off it, even if


it is just for a couple of hours. The eco`therapy project has been


running since April The work that gets done saves


cash`strapped Dudley Council from hefty gardening bills,


but more crucially, it saves the people taking part from


sinking further into depression. It is about promoting better


mental health in the community, and helping people who may be


a bit lonely to help stop People may be a little worried,


and this will help stop that Some of the men don't want anyone to


know that they come here. Any sort of mention


of men's problems, It is a macho culture thing, isn't


it? You must carry on regardless `


you know, One man said he dug his way out


of depression, but making the decision to get


involved is often the biggest step. Take no notice.


Just come here. There are no comfy chairs or probing


questions, Laquintasaura venezuelae `


that's a dinosaur to you and me. It's been discovered


by scientists from the University of Birmingham and the Natural


History Museum, and is the first dinosaur to be found in the South


American country of Venezuela. Our science correspondent, David


Gregory`Kumar, is here to transport It fills in the gaps on a mysterious


moment of dinosaur history. This is perhaps


the best`known moment in dinosaur history ` 65 million years ago, when


an asteroid smashes in to the earth The asteroid strike was


a mass extinction event, killing off all the dinosaurs and nearly


half of all species on earth. But it wasn't


the first dino disaster. 200 million years ago, there was


another mass extinction event. But here, while many dinosaurs died,


some survived and thrived. And that's the time that this


new dinosaur Laquintasaura Interesting thing


about the new dinosaur Laquintasaura venezuelae


is that it is from rocks discovered event, and it gives us some insight


into how dinosaur communities And they seem to have


been doing pretty well, perhaps as a result


of the removal of groups of animals which were competing with


them prior to the extinction. These are the first dinosaur fossils


to be discovered in Venezuela, adding to our knowledge


about early dinosaur evolution. They were about a metre tall,


walked on two legs, and had long, curved tips on some of its teeth,


eating plants but also small prey. These fossils come from a very rich


locality that has the remains of many different individuals


of this new dinosaur species. There is at least four, but there


may be dozens of individuals. This suggests this dinosaur was


perhaps living in a herd, or living in groups,


and this may be one of the earliest evidences of fossil record


for herding behaviour in dinosaurs. This new discovery shed more light


on a mysterious phase To more recent history `


100 years ago. During the First World War, 167


workers from the Wedgwood factory in Stoke`on`Trent followed their


company boss into the trenches. Cecil Wedgwood, who died during the


Battle of the Somme, was chairman Now the Wedgwood Museum is creating


a film and exhibition about the men from Wedgwood who went


to fight in the Great War. The first time in a century, which


would piece medallions are being manufactured at the company's


factory in Stoke`on`Trent. A medallions were given to survivors


and relatives of men from which would piece medallions are being


manufactured at the company's factory in Stoke`on`Trent. 168


medallions were given to survivors and relatives of men from Wedgwood


who amongst them was Cecil Wedgwood, the first royal pair of


Stoke`on`Trent, who volunteered to raise his own battalion of the North


Staffordshire Regiment. He died in the battle of the Somme, leading men


who included workers from his factory. Tom Birchwood is his great


nephew. He is behind plans for a permanent tribute to his ancestor.


`` Wedgwood. The sense of duty and service in something bigger than


ourselves, it will make me question that I continue in the future in


Stoke`on`Trent. It has had a positive impact. Wedgwood Museum has


hundreds of artefacts, including letters written to his family from


the trenches. The letters are full of vivid descriptions. Here, he


writes, while of the grant trees looked as if they were appealing to


the gods above. Then it came on to rain. Never was such desolation.


Blue was one of the potters who signed up to serve alongside him. ``


help. That is younger brother Charles did not return. He is an


Birchwood's there. Articles today would create a Max exit is into the


armed forces from bright, strong, motivated young people? I can't


think of anything today that is a parallel. `` mass exodus. Ban the


artefacts will be sold by the museum and will form a lasting tribute to


the sacrifice made by Cecil Wedgwood and his workers.


Many soldiers who fought in the Great War were literally


Whole families were virtually destroyed, losing up to five sons


Often the victims were from small rural communities.


Bob Hockenhull reports from Kempsey in Worcestershire,


a village that lost three brothers who left a poignant legacy behind


The Bells of Saint Mary the Virgin,


A century ago, the church in Kempsey was the centre


Frank Rea and his four sons were bell`ringers here, but soon,


He was my actual grandfather. He was shot through the lungs.


The brothers left to go to war from this cottage.


Outside, Michael Rea and his cousin Malcolm reflect on the tragedy


Our family have let us down badly with a lot of information.


We should get together and see what else we can find out.


Whereas he could have been walking around Kempsey


All four Rea brothers signed up to different regiments


Ernest, the youngest at 21, died first at Flanders.


Five months later, George died of the wounds he


Soon after, William succumbed to the injuries he had sustained just


I don't know how Gran sat at home with three telegrams within


The terrible news left the Rea family desperate to save their last


Sister Beatrice wrote to the British Army asking for help.


Albert was removed from the horror of the trenches and served out


It is not an unusual thing that concern that mothers should not lose


all of their sons, particularly if they have three, four and five.


Mothers wrote letters to the tribunal saying they'd already


lost three sons, or they already have four sons fighting at front.


The youngest either doesn't go, or as in this case, comes back


The Rea family certainly left their mark on this community,


not just in the fond memories of their fellow parishioners,


but also in a quite literal sense up there.


The roof at Kempsey church was repaired recently.


Scratched on the old lead, workers found an array of signatures.


They are classed as historical graffiti, and when the


roof was re`laid, the graffiti was saved, and stuck on the new lead.


Among the autographs are the signatures of the dead brothers


etched here several years before they were killed, their


names preserved for posterity on the church where they worshipped.


They came up as young ones, they did that, and went off to


Down below in the village they left behind, perhaps their


He remained a stalwart of Kempsey despite the tragedy


Let's catch up on the weather now. Here's Rebecca.


The mercy before the end of the week. Things improved and the sun


came out. Temperatures did not do too badly. It got up to 24 in parts


of the West Midlands. Tomorrow, it is another pleasant summer day. It


will be largely fine and dry. Some good spells of sunshine. It will get


a little bit worse through the next few days. Today, we did see that


cloud breaking up, and we got spells of sunshine. They have been mostly


showers working their way through the region. There will likely start


today at the next few days. We have a ridge of high pressure building.


It is keeping things settled. We'll have clear spells developing. Mist


patches here and there. It will feel fresher than last night. Loads of 12


Celsius. Clear skies overnight means we start off with good spells of


sunshine tomorrow. A lovely day. A chance of the odd shower, but for


most of us, a dry day with good spells of sunshine. Cloud starts to


come in through the day tomorrow, but temperatures at 223 Celsius.


That cloud continues to fill in to the end of the day. `` 23 Celsius.


Overnight tomorrow, relatively calm and quiet. Still feeling fresh with


temperatures dropping down to 12 Celsius. By Friday, plenty of


uncertainty. We could get showers anywhere through the day. It depends


on the plan is working their way up from the south. Talking of a messy


picture, by Sunday, we have the remnants of ex`hurricane Bertha, now


a Tropical Storm Washi was to this is what it will look like. They're


plenty of explanations on the BBC website, but this looks like the


party will take. It could give as heavy rain. A rather messy weekend,


I am afraid. `` the path we will take. We will return to the anti`war


protest on the factory roof but the land of Palestine action group. What


is happening now? The winter air, police the roof, and started to


negotiate with the protesters. They have now put one of them into a


heavy`duty cherry picker, and he has been by far is taken off the roof.


This area is now surrounded by police. The helicopter is offering


over a head. The rest of the protesters are still on the roof. ``


hovering overhead. It seems the action is now finishing her. Thank


you. I will be back at ten o'clock at the latest. Have a good evening.


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