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still the potential. Quite nasty weather. To keep an


Nine charged by police as a rooftop anti`war protest


There are many targets in strategy to bring Israel to account. If it is


not an arms factory, it is a supermarket.


We'll be finding out about the protest's impact


The Bulldog Bash is back but not so brash ` town?


Warwickshire's biker event goes ahead despite police concerns.


The important thing to remember that the Bulldog Bash is back. I'm at an


agricultural show. What farmers saying about the future of the


agricultural industry? Adding happiness


to this Midlands town? It is amazing to see what something


so simple can do for a community. Ex Hurricane Bertha is on the way `


but will it affect us here Protestors who shut down a


Staffordshire factory for two days over Israeli military action


in Gaza say they won't give up. Nine people spent the night


in police cells after officers climbed onto


the roof to bring them down. Two have been charged with trespass


and banned from returning to Staffordshire


pending a court hearing. Workers were back


at the factory today The company, UAV, makes engines


which campaigners allege are used in Israeli drone


aircraft bombing Gaza. Of the roof, out of the cells and on


bail. Solidarity was being shown today. Nine protesters were released


today after being arrested for a protest on the roof of a factory


that makes engines for drones. The Israeli parent company is proud of


its growing company. Some are capable of carrying a substantial


payload, 350 kilograms. Drones have been responsible for scenes like


this. But despite all of the criticism they have had in the last


few days, the company did not want to defend itself today.


I'm from the BBC. I wondered if anyone wants to talk about what is


happening in the last few days. Can you leave the premises, please? With


UAV back to work, the rest of the village can go back to work. It has


been much quieter than it has`been normally. The customers could not


get through the road. Dismantled as the regulars were annoyed that now


he can see their point. If what they are saying are true and these


atrocities are going on in Gaza, if it was happening here, we would be


unhappy as well. I think there could be a better way of going about it.


The protesters want an arms embargo on Israel. So does the MP.


It needs to be recognised that 3500 rockets have been fired at Israel, a


network of tunnels has been dubbed to kidnap Israelis, to murder them.


So those people have rights as well and we must deplore the attacks that


Hamas have made on Israelis as much as we must make a replay to the


Israeli government that the killing that has gone on must not continue.


And this week's protest was seen as justifiable by pro`Palestine groups.


`` `` was seen as unjustifiable bike pro Israeli groups.


Good to have you with us this evening.


How troubled Hereford United have overcome one crisis at least,


just two days before the new season in a new league.


Bikers have been descending on Warwickshire all day


for the Bulldog Bash ` one of the biggest events of its kind.


Police objected to the gathering because of the involvement


of the biker organisation the Hells Angels,


which they say is linked to organised crime.


But it's going ahead and our reporter Nicola Beckford is there.


All going off peacefully so far, Nicola?


Yes, the atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, incredibly calm at the


moment. This is the biggest event in the Hells Angels calendar. They are


delighted to be here but is everyone else happy to have them?


It has been a Hells Angels tradition since the late 80s. Now the Bulldog


Bash is back in Warwickshire after a year. These guys are pleased. Most


people we spoke to locally seem unconcerned. I hear some excitement


but also the other side of the story, it is a double noisy and


there might be some of that side. But it seems like an exciting event.


They make no trouble as tall as throws the villages concerned. It is


fine. You will not find a single village he will have an issue with


it. The council granted the organisers a licence for 10,000


people but only 5500 people are directed to attend. Warwickshire


police had hoped to see the back of the bikers. They oppose the event


and try to get it banned. Our concern is that money for this event


is going to go to the Hells Angels and go into their criminal


activities. That is why we do not want them here. The reputation of


the event was tarnished after the murder of a biker returning from the


event. Supporters say that it is an opportunity for those who love their


bikes to get together. Joining me now to discuss what we


have seen in that piece is Echo, one of the organisers. What have you got


going on this year? You can probably hear that the music has started in


the main marquee and that will go on for the next few nights. The bar is


open and we have a 2000 people come through the gates. The sun is


shining. We also have the drag strip, the Bulldog Bash is famous


for that. You can ride your bike against your mates and see how has


the bragging rights and there are some professional races as well. The


custom show is a big event as well, and it is a big people for `` it is


a big event for the entrance. It is safe to say that the police are not


a fan of this event. They told us that they think that the Hells


Angels are an organised crime group. They did this for five years ago and


there licensing committee asked them to prove that which they could not


do. Since then, we have moved on. We wish that they would move on as


well. We have always had a good relationship, in terms of working


with them at a local level. It looks as though they will do, there is not


a huge present. They explicitly said that funds from the Bulldog Bash go


into criminal activities for stock that is a harsh allegation, what do


you say that? We have to treat this with the contempt it deserves. As


far as we are concerned, this event makes enough money to put the next


one on. If you talk to any debt charities, they are the ones who


make money. `` if you talk to any of the charities.


An MP has criticised a judge for a two`year jail sentence


he imposed on a violent beggar who blinded a man in one eye.


Khalid Mahmood, the Labour member for Perry Barr


in Birmingham, accused the judge of being lenient and "out of touch".


The incident took place at a restaurant


Meshach Harrison was captured on CCTV.


When he was refused a cigarette and money,


There was disruption to train services at Birmingham New Street


this morning after two men were found injured on railway tracks


They were both taken to hospital with serious injuries


after being found by a bridge which runs over the tracks.


London Midland, Arriva, Virgin and Cross Country services


It's a crucial time of year for farmers `


when they add up just how well their crops have done


and find out how much animals will make when they reach market.


Our rural affairs correspondent, David Gregory Kumar,


has spent the day at an agricultural show in Shropshire.


There've been some lean times for farmers, David,


I have to say, not really. Prices have been drifting downwards for a


good few months. In a moment, we will talk about that with an


industry expert. But first, today is the day that TNF you says that we


would run out of food if we just rely on British produce.


Now it is time for the journey to end. If you don't like the thought


of where your Sunday roast comes from, you might want to put the


catalogue! The livestock market on Tuesday. At


this time of year, the UK is slaughtering 250,000 lambs a week.


These batches of six are special. They are part of a competition that


all of these farmers take seriously. There are some superior Landseer.


They are lambs they can get a good percentage of meat from when they


cut them up. Some of the best lambs you can find here. Just one duff


lamb will bring the score down. They look the same to me, what are


you looking for? For shape, these are perfect. There are some odd


lambs that are not the they should be. All of these lambs are for


slaughter but for the competition, one of them will be judged as a


carcass. A throw of the dice decides which will be judged.


He wrote all of those lamb number threes, ready for judging. This


display also shows how much lamb has changed and improve, in part in


response to the demand for British lamb in Europe. It goes to high end


places and they get the trade in the market. So farmers are generally


raising their game to get this extra premium for what they produce. If


John did not win the competition, there is no doubting the pride he


and other farmers take in producing the best English lamb.


With me is a Shropshire farmer of more experience than it is perhaps


polite to mention. Why is it important to farmers? We produce the


best in the world. Good security is so important. Much of the world is


important. Fighting seems to be everywhere and that means, as we


have seen on camera, some food is not being produced. We have to


produce all we can in this country, as we did 100 years ago during the


war. What about your farm? What do you produce and what do you own? We


are mixed farm, we have a few cows and a few sheep and we have wheat.


We have all of the commodities that are down in price since the start of


the show. I have not known a time when every commodity were down.


Potatoes are terribly cheap at the moment it has been a good season but


we need prices to rise slightly. What has the mood been? It has been


good. We need to go home now and get this year's harvest in. It is not in


yet and until we have got the grain in the bin, we have not done the


harvest. The elements are so important. Thank you for talking to


us. So from us, it is back to the studio.


Nine charged by police after a rooftop anti`war protest


Rebecca's on standby with the latest


on the machinations of Hurricane Bertha.


Lessons learned at St Andrews ` why Birmingham City are confident


they can avoid that last day fright of three months ago.


And putting a smile on your face down by the riverside `


how just a little kindness can go a very long way.


This week we've seen commemorations of the start of World War One


But 100 years ago the war didn't just affect those


Many Germans had made the Midlands their home.


Bob Hockenhull's been looking at what life was like


for those who suddenly found themselves living in a country


Birmingham just before the Great War. A city of 800,000 people, where


hundreds of German immigrants lived, taking advantage of its


economic prosperity. But by 1914, German born citizens were no longer


mingling on the streets of Birmingham. Instead, they found


themselves locked up in the cells at the city was macro main police


station. Frankly, anyone who had a German sounding name starts to look


vulnerable and they begin to target them. They had already been


anti`German protests and riots in other cities. The Chief Constable


feared it could spread to Birmingham. In June 1915, around 60


detained Germans were marched to new Street and put on a train to the


north of England. Newspapers described them as enemy aliens.


They were taken to Handforth Internment Camp in Cheshire, one of


scores of such camps where ordinary citizens were held alongside


prisoners of war. Some had married Brummie girls who would suffer


terribly because of the fate of their husbands. The wives were very


destitute, usually the breadwinner of the family was interned for three


or four years. Some of these wives were also repatriated, so this could


happen where they were repatriated to Germany, sent back to Germany,


where they did not know anyone and they came into a country at war, so


it was not a happy time for these wives. And it was not just Germans


subject to scrutiny. Any foreigner visiting Birmingham signed the


register of aliens, including world`renowned Sarah Bernhardt


Thomas who was in the city for two days for a play.


Not all Germans living in Birmingham ended up being rejected from the


city. This is adding to the Abbey... An order of Benedictine


monks had been living here after evading prosecution in `` after


evading persecution in Prussia. They had to stay and they had to


adjust to sit it out. They were caught up in a conflict that really


was not anything to do with them. Disillusioned, the monks left


Birmingham when the war ended. But, despite their experiences, some of


the Germans interned in the camps did return to the city. No longer


enemy aliens and allowed to resume the lies that had been so


dramatically interrupted. `` resume the lives.


Something you never really think about.


In cricket, we may be in the middle of a Test match


but the new football season starts on Saturday.


that's not something for fans to get excited about.


Well, Dan Pallett's here with the latest on three of our clubs


Hereford United, Coventry City and Birmingham City.


Three clubs where the fans' patience has been running thin.


Well, Coventry's troubles have seen them spend last season


Today, the Football League has been meeting


And the Sky Blues still owe the Ricoh Arena ?590,000 in unpaid rent.


It's sure to be hotly debated at a live fans' forum hosted by


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire at 7pm this evening.


That's where we spoke to Moz Baker from the fans' campaign group,


People are fed up, angry, dissolution. The same feelings they


had 12 months ago. We don't seem to have progressed very much further.


What we would like to see happen is for a negotiation settlement to be


found that makes Coventry City returned to Coventry.


since relegation from the Premier League in 2011.


And today it was confirmed that midfielder Tom Adeyemi


has gone to Cardiff City for an undisclosed fee.


But, after escaping relegation from the Championship


the club says lessons have been learned


Big smiles at the Blues ` it's the annual team photo.


and club captain Paul Robinson, now 35,


has been doing this since he turned professional at 17.


Robbo's got ten new team`mates this season


and some faces are more familiar than others.


How we do? Nice to see you. Long time no see. Looking forward to the


new season? Everyone has the dream that you are only one good season


away from getting to what is considered one of the biggest and


best leagues in the world. We all start with that optimism.


Of course, it might have been a very different story.


But three months ago, the lucky Blues mascots


worked overtime at Bolton to keep the club in the Championship


I was watching as the game was on the television at the time. It is


peculiar to think I have ended up here. We were staring down the


barrel. Who knows what would've happened? I was a complete neutral


at the time. When I signed, I thought back and was amazed at how


things worked out. A highly`rated striker from Celtic,


and still only 19. We want to get the bad run off our


backs. It is not a nice feeling, not a nice feeling to have. We want to


go into the first home game of the season against Brighton and go and


get the three points, that is the most important thing.


First, they're away to Middlesbrough on Saturday.


And, although the club is still up for sale, in true Blue fashion


the fans will Keep Right On, knowing that, whatever happens this season,


it'll never match the drama of that unbelievable day in May.


Well, this afternoon, Hereford United were finally


granted a safety certificate for their Edgar Street Ground.


It means they will be allowed to have fans inside the ground


for their first game in the Southern league on Saturday.


But it will be interesting to see how many fans attend the game


and how many will be outside the ground,


protesting against the current owners.


Finally when the Premier League starts a week late,


referees will have something new to get used to.


At St George's Park near Burton on Trent today


Premier League Referee's were getting their hands


on the vanishing spray we saw at the World Cup.


at the Community Shield on Sunday


and then throughout the Premier League season.


for all the problems in Midlands football.


If you live in the riverside town of Bewdley in Worcestershire


or you're planning to visit over the next couple of days,


prepare yourself for something a little magical.


Complete strangers may approach you with one thing in mind `


Our reporter, Sarah Falkland, has been finding what it's all about.


He was hoping for a fish, but this unsuspecting angler


is about to go home with something far more uplifting `


Would you like some free chocolate? Here you go, it is part of love


Bewdley. for four days, a small army from


Riverside Elim Church in Bewdley are giving away everything


from bouquets of flowers They've even been cleaning


people's cars ` all for free. The church says that these random


Acts of kindness are not about converting people to the Pentecostal


faith, they are about making the people of Bewdley happy. It brings


thoughts and feelings that you might not have in a normal day. I just had


my shopping is paid for by the church. I am stunned.


Some people couldn't help but be a little suspicious, though.


Why are they doing it? What is in it for them? I looked in the back and


saw it was real, I thought it would pop up at me. We wanted to create a


great feeling around the town and just show the town that the churches


here and we do love our community. but those giving


got a lot out of it. There was a lady this morning who


approach me and said she had received a boat Quay of flowers and


she said was the nicest thing that had ever happened to her. How does


that make you feel? Uplifted, happy. And in a joy that we are


blessing the community with these acts of kindness.


While the gifts will run out on Saturday,


it's hoped the spirit of giving will last a little longer.


Another warm day today but I think we may be in for a rough ride


over the next few days ` here's Rebecca.


Today has effectively been the calm between two storms. It all starts


tomorrow. We have a yellow warning in place for heavy rain. There are


some substantial lively thunderstorms coming in tomorrow,


which could give some localised flooding and then on Sunday, with


hurricane Bertha waiting the wings, we have another warning for rain and


strong winds. It is a calm day today with some clear sky is overnight.


Temperatures dropped away to around 11 Celsius. But that means tomorrow


starts OK but we are sandwiched between two areas of low pressure.


This one to the East will cause problems tomorrow. The air is


unstable, so we start to see the show was working up from the south


through the day. Even though it is an OK start, it will not last was


not those storms will be lively, with hail, torrential downpours and


some localised flooding. Temperatures not struggling too much


although where there is cloud and rain for much of the day, it will


feel cooler. It is then that we start the show was die away


overnight. Into Saturday, it is a calm night again with clear spells


developing. Saturday itself does not start to `` does not start to


Attlee. It is not too bad a day. Then on Sunday, ex`hurricane Bertha


arrives. This is how it is going to look. A deep area of low pressure


rings with it heavy rain and strong winds, which will be affecting us.


This is all subject to change. So do stay tuned to the forecast.


Thank you. Police say four men arrested in


connection with the murders of two British medical students in Borneo


have confessed to killing them. Intensive care ` a Spanish


missionary priest infected with Ebola in Liberia, as the country


declares a state of emergency. after the end of a rooftop


anti`war protest in Staffordshire. I'll be back


at 10pm with your latest update.


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