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Through Sunday and inch or two inches of rain, gales are possible


A Shropshire cheese company has fallen victim to a Russian ban on


food imports from the European Union as the Ukraine crisis escalates.


The UK exports nearly ?6 million worth


It's the second biggest food type that the EU exports there.


It's worth 985 million euros to the European economy.


But Russia is an important export destination


It was valued at around ?900 million to the region's economy last year.


This ?30,000 order down for Moscow. But not any more. What is the


current situation? We have this order which we've had to stop. This


cheese is waiting to go into these boxes. You have loads of cheese


here, what is going to happen to it? This is waiting to go to Russia but


we've had to stop everything. You had even more going out on Tuesday.


Yes, roughly the same amount which is waiting to go on to our wagon.


The cheese they export to Russia is sold in high end supermarkets. It


has entered the country company around ?2 million. Derek King to


grow the Islamist in Russia but have told sanctions are not going to be


lifted any time soon. We hear the business is on hold for 12 months.


In that time we will wait patiently. Our customers want to continue to do


business. They are keen to carry on. We are ready to go again. A year is


a long time. The company says it is exploring the potential of trading


with other countries. As for the unwanted stock, it is confident it


can place it elsewhere. All of the cheese will need to be relabelled.


Earlier I spoke to our Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg,


to find out how ordinary people in Russia were reacting to


Quite a positive one. I went to a supermarket and spoke to the


shoppers. Most of them told me Russia had to respond to Western


sanctions. Most people thought although they had become used to


German sausages and European cheese, they could do without them. Russia


could replace them with Russian food.


Positive reaction. Do they appreciate why the sanctions have


been imposed? Not really. They see the West has imposed sanctions on


Russia. They watch Russian television and that says this


country has to respond. At the moment, they are backing the


government and believe it is right that Moscow is responding with these


food bands. What are the most popular foreign foods in Russia?


Questions eat a lot of meat from Europe but also a lot of dairy


products. The shelves are packed with milk, and French cheese will


stop some people will miss those. But Russian television is telling


viewers that Russia can respond to this and it is an opportunity for


domestic producers to boost their production.


Good to have you with us this Friday evening.


Why face to face conversations with officers are becoming a thing


of the past at police stations across three counties.


The family of a woman from Worcestershire who died


after her bowel cancer was repeatedly mis`diagnosed are calling


It's claimed 56`year`old Shirley James was told on several


occasions that she didn't have the disease, before being diagnosed


Our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano has the details.


Shirley James died at 56 after four months


Her death was the day after she moved into a hospice.


She has three grandchildren she adored. She was a real family


person. We could have spent so much time together. If only we knew that


was wrong. The World War 2 enthusiast,


who built her own museum, began complaining of sickness


and diarrhoea to her GP. She was told it was a virus,


then glandular fever, then ovarian cancer and finally that


it was all in her head. It was only


after she pretended to collapse to get into A and E that Worcestershire


hospital found her bowel cancer. You can't get it back. It is so


frustrating that they didn't listen. She was generally ill. I could see


that. The GP surgery said it was sorry


for the family's loss but couldn't A 10`year study showed that 5% fewer


in Britain survived then the European average although there have


been great strides in treatment there is an issue issue with early


diagnosis. The Worcestershire Royal Hospital


has apologised for the poor A meeting has been


organised with the family. Clinicians say blood in stools


and irregular bowel movements can If we get our cancer in its early


stages then we can choose it. It is curable. The long`term out good that


macro outlook is good for patients. Although earlier diagnosis would not


have saved Shirley James, it could have made a world of difference to


her last few days with her family. Front desks at 21 police stations


across Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire are


to close next month. It means members


of the public will only be able to walk into six stations in the


West Mercia force area to speak to Our reporter Sarah Falkland is


outside one of the stations Which ones are staying? Certainly


not this one. This is wet church in Shropshire. We're talking about the


big six. They will be retaining their public counter services but


from September, 21 other police stations will be losing theirs and


getting something like this. A 20 47 in to calm which is meant to connect


the public up immediately to three of the force control centres. Why


are they making the changes? It is clearly saving money. Something like


a quarter of ?1 million a year will be saved. The force is insisting


that its effect will be minimal. Obviously having a person at a


counter with little contact means we're not using the resource


effectively. What we are able to do is to look at using our resources


more effectively by putting our police officers into our communities


and increasing our patrols. What has been the reaction? We've had quite a


lot of comments on our Facebook page. Most been unanimous in their


condemnation. Birmingham city TV has gone into


administration. The company won the licence


for the service in November 2012, but hasn't acquired studio premises


or broadcast equipment, and has been unable to secure


sufficient financing. The administrators are hoping


to find another company to take The mother of a man who was murdered


outside Birmingham nightclub said it is hell not knowing who killed her


son. He died in hospital after being shot outside the rainbow nightclub


full stop told months on his killer who are still at large. A reward is


being offered to encourage witnesses to come forward.


Birmingham has a rich musical history,


but suffers because of London's dominance of the music industry.


However, this weekend a music festival called


Project Soundlounge is hoping to show that the second city has just


For the past eight months this group of youngsters have been amerced


Gaining the experience and skills that it's hoped will lead


It's helped me gain an understanding of what goes on behind the music


environment that I'm used to. Project Soundlounge, part of the


city's Town Hall and Symphony Hall's education programme, gives the group


hands on experience in many As far as the music industry is


concerned London is dominant. The idea of this project is to challenge


that. And showcase the talent we have here in Birmingham. There is a


great tradition here. We are very proud of that. We want to provide


opportunities for young people. This weekend sees the culmination


of the project, with a three day music festival


in Birmingham, which is also aimed at showing off some of the best new


music coming out of the city. There is so much diversity will stop


loads of music coming out. You can imagine. There are more venues


popping up. Ruben Reynolds was part


of the project last year. This time round he's mentoring


the new crop of talent. Without it I wouldn't have as much


scope to work in the industry. It has opened a lot of doors for me.


The festival starts at the Town Hall this evening


And if you want to hear some of the best new music from


across the midlands then listen to BBC Introducing


on your local radio station every Saturday night at 8.00pm.


The top story tonight. A Shropshire dairy is stuck with a cheese


mountain as Russia bans imports from the EU. Also tonight. Hoping to rise


to greater heights after landing, while gold. Steve Lewis sets his


targets. And thousands flock to Shrewsbury for the flower show. Will


the weather be kind? Are we any closer to answering that


crucial question, will the Sky Blues The Football League has ruled that


Coventry City must pay the Ricoh The rent dispute led to the


Sky Blues playing at It's hoped today's decision will


lead to The stadium owners ACL have welcomed


the decision but added that matters How much closer our way today coming


home? The club always argued it was too much to pay. With the stadium


owners saying let's hold on a minute, they clearly want to see the


colour of their money. I think we are still away from Coventry City


playing in Coventry. No such problem for Wolves though.


It was feelgood Friday on Dudley Street, Wolverhampton


and Paul the busker was singing his heart out, because Wolves are


But Gerald the helium balloon man was keeping


Going up is one thing, staying up is another and all this


talk of rising to the Premier League could be a lot of hot air.


The last team to win back`to`back promotions from League One and the


Championship were Sunday's opponents Norwich City, so how realistic is it


For the supporters at the start of the year to be dreaming


of promotion, there's nothing wrong with that.


There are three places going up to the Premier league.


Kenny's quiet confidence is a breath of fresh air,


unthinkable when relegation left Wolves at rock bottom.


Watching from the bench at Brighton, no one felt


To live in the area and to see the fans and how much it


affects their everyday lives is something no player wants to see.


It gives you that extra bit of determination


Now having won League One with a record number of points,


Wolves are ready to face life in the Championship once more.


We are looking for a big step up and we will see that on Sunday.


We know what a big club it is and we know what it means to the fans.


We are delighted to be part of a team that has such support.


During the summer Danny spent four weeks visiting Mumbai.


One experience that's made him appreciate his good fortune.


We heard from them again yesterday. What else can we look for with two


this season? We have Port Vale against Wolves who meet on the first


day of the season. Further down we have Burton Albion. Shrewsbury are


keen to make a return to. BBC local radio will be there for the first


kick and in the last kick. Summer is not over yet. Steve Lewis said he


will not be satisfied until he wins an Olympic medal. He said he still


in shock after winning gold in Glasgow last week. He's already back


in training. It boiled down to a shoot out and


Steve Lewis won it. In fact he got so carried away with his


celebrations he nearly collided with runners in the 10,000 metres. Even a


week on from his triumph, the 28`year`old is still in shock. I'm


still taking it all in but at the same time the Europeans are in a


week. I can't dwell on it too much. Every time I go to the track, it


feels pretty good but I need to use it for up`and`coming events. Steve


is from Stoke but now lives in Phoenix, Arizona to be near his


coach. I first met in seven years ago when he gave me a pole vaulting


lesson. He has now won bronze, silver and gold in the Commonwealth


Games. He still not satisfied. I really feel that I have a job to do


at the Olympics. Rio is a massive goal of mine. I still think I can


jump higher. The new, wealth champion was fifth at London 2012


and every athlete but it was European. The championships ensure


it will tell us much about his dream of a medal at Rio. Good luck to


Steve next week. It was the show that never was. 100


years ago the Shrewsbury flower show was ready to open was cancelled as


war broke out. To mark the centenary, they are recreating 1914.


What are they doing? All kinds of things. They have replicas of the


original poster that was made to promote the show. They've planned


all kinds of things, hot air balloon rides. Little did the organisers


know of the terrible events that would affect their lives in years to


come. Everything from music of the time to vibrant colour has helped


recreate the atmosphere of what the 1914 show might have been like. As


we know from recent commemorations, the flower show had been planned the


two weeks following the outbreak of war. It was cancelled. We are


calling this the show that never was. Displays of taking on a wartime


theme. The ladies came suitably dressed. The suffragettes are out in


force to. There was a truce and all women rallied together. They proved


they could support the men and do the jobs that were left behind. This


might tire, the sum the show is more about food. Shropshire is well`known


for its rich supply of ingredients by many celebrity chef. We are very


conscious of binding the best produce. Rather than it just be


local. A lot of the roads lead back up north to Shropshire for things


that we are looking for, especially fruit and vegetables. It took


several years for this event to begin again even after the war


ended. Organisers hope this year it will pay a respectable tribute. I


joined now by the chair of the show. How difficult would it have been for


everybody to put the show on during the war. Naturally, people would


have been traumatised. It did take over two years before they had the


confidence to try and re`established the show in 1920. Even then it was


much smaller with only 171 stands. One of the things we have today is


fireworks. That was one thing that would've been one step too far for


the early shoppers. What other highlights of the show? I've been


involved in many years and I love it all. I love the flowers and the


people. If I had to pick one thing, it is our grand finale where we all


gather together around the arena and watch the bands and have a singsong.


This year we're building in the war songs and, again, a fabulous


firework display. Staying with events of 100 years


ago. Bruce Burnsfather was a soldier who was never awarded any medals.


Captain Burnsfather became a celebrated cartoonist during the


conflict. He found humour in the grimmest of times.


A world of wartime cartoons, humour born out of the darkest days. All


drawn by Bruce Burnsfather, a captain in the Royal Warwickshire


Regiment. He founded the artist's pen could be mightier than the


weapons of war. It can't be overestimated, the boost he gave to


soldiers and their families back home. He would experience history.


In November 1914, he began sketching to relieve the monotony of trench


warfare. He is during what the soldiers were feeling. In those days


you didn't have television or radio so reading was the thing people


dead. The people knew that he had been at


the front and experienced it. The troops loved the drawings too.


Particularly a character called old Bill. Cartoonist Bill tidy said


people were worried he would cause disquiet among the ranks. They said


this guy is fabulous. He is a real soldier. Bill unveiled this plaque


in Stratford were Burnsfather live. It is now a guesthouse. Some have


his cartoons were drawn here in front of the fireplace in what was


his studio in Stratford. Some were done while he was come blessing here


having been blown up by a shell. By the time he had recuperated, he was


internationally renowned. He toured the French, American and Italian


front lines. He proved an invaluable morale booster for the Allied


soldiers. Back to the present, will we be


affected by the tail end of hurricane Bertha. A lot of weather


to talk about. Not a bad day on Saturday. Still some uncertainty


about Sunday will stop we are expecting heavy rain and strong


winds. We do have a warning in force for Sunday as it may lead to


disruption. They've had some heavy showers around today. A clear way


this evening. A fine end to the night for most of us. Well lift with


a dry night with plenty of clear skies. A little cooler than recently


with a minimum temperature of 11 Celsius. A dry, bright start to


Saturday. It's a fairly decent day. We will see more in the way of cloud


as we go into the afternoon but long spells of sunshine. 12 isolated


showers. A breeze will move those through very quickly. It will stay


dry and warm in the sunshine. Highs of 22 Celsius. We've been talking


about the Harry Kane all week. At the moment there is some uncertainty


but it is likely to hit the south`west of the UK in the early


hours of Sunday before tracking north`east. It looks like we are in


for some heavy rainfall on Sunday. It will be a cooler day. The winds


will strengthen further as the rain starts to clear away. That leads us


into the new week. It remains a windy on Monday with plenty of


showers. Stay tuned as details may change.


Martin Freeman presents a Gaza Crisis appeal on behalf of the


Disasters Emergency Committee. Over the last month the crisis in


Gaza has captured the world's attention.


Military conflict has been taking a devastating toll on a


densely-populated area. So tens of thousands of people have


nowhere to live and nowhere else to go.


The conflict means that the people of Gaza are in great


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