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very much. That's all from the BBC News at Six. Goodbye from


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight:


Feeling the suffering of their compatriots ` Yazidis talk of their


horror at events back home in Northern Iraq


We'll be reporting live from Coventry, where members of the


Yazidi community are holding a crisis meeting. Also tonight:


A desperate search for donors as time starts to run out for two young


people with rare forms of cancer. Struggling to cope ` the Potteries


has some of the highest levels of debt in the country.


It seems like your debt is never paid off.


Prove your food has been grown locally ` strict rules bringing


record business for a farmers market.


And nothing more super than a supermoon on a clear night. But that


was Sunday's highlight. Tomorrow, it's the Perseid meteor showers at


their peak, but will you be able to see them? Find out later.


Members of the Yazidi community say they've been traumatised by the


Up to 400 followers of the persecuted sect have made


They've watched with mounting horror as Yazidis flee extremists


Our reporter Sarah Falkland is with some families tonight.


I don't think they are coping well. It is very frustrating for them.


Some men here tonight have been glued to the television screens as


their wives are at home watching the horror is an fold in Iraq and


powerless to do anything. Many of them are here in Coventry, having


come over after the second Gulf War and have extended family there.


Today our reporter spent time with the community.


Jamil Shardeen Darwish arrived in Coventry 11 years ago, leaving loved


TRANSLATION: Family is my blood, we have more than 100 family there.


Many of them have run away to Syria, to the mountains, some of them we do


not know where they are. The father of seven is seen


as a head of the Yazidi community in Coventry, which is planning to


travel to Downing Street to hold a peaceful demonstration calling


for more British aid to help the TRANSLATION: We have a lot of people


in the mountains but still are people there are very weak, they


have gone ten days without food can, `` without food, but we are


trying to say, the send help, anything is a help. `` please send


help. Hundreds of Yazidis have


been killed or kidnapped. Tens of thousands have fled their


homes and are trapped on a mountain near Sinjar in northern Iraq,


driven there by Islamic militants The Yazidi religion is


a closed sect. It's not possible for someone


to convert to the religion. For centuries, they have suffered


persecution, mislabelled as devil worshippers because the name of


the spirit they worship is similar In reality, it has elements of both


Christianity and Islam at its roots. It's estimated that as many


as 20,000 people may still be on the southern side of the mountain,


all in desperate need of aid. I am here now with two men who have


family in the attacks that area. We have all seen these awful pictures


on TV. It must be frustrating for you. It was terrifying, it made me


feel worse, you can see the picture of thousands of people without food


or anything, the art kids, young, old, old the same. How many family


do you have? We have blood family still there, we need help to get


them food, clothes, stop. There has also been criticism of how the


British government is handling this crisis. What do you think? I want to


say thanks to the British people to help, but the government are too


slow because the last element went into Iraq, and a lot of people died,


women are in danger, kids are in danger, and we ask the government to


go, save our family now. So you think parliament should be recall.


How quick they can come, that would be great. Please, British people,


help us. You have been collecting aid here. We have collect it clothes


for our people because they have left their family and they are in


the mountain without anything, so here we try to help our people


there, we take clothes and give them to people. A sense of the urgency


and frustration here amongst the Daisy Dee and Kurdish people here in


Coventry. `` that Yazidi people. Lindsay mentioned our marked in


Coventry. `` eight March in Coventry.


Why plans to make this colliery into an industrial park are


A desperate struggle is on to find suitable stem cell or bone marrow


19`month`old Khalid Adam and 21`year`old Riya Dandekar have


But a shortage of suitable donors from ethnic minorities means


Our reporter Kevin Reide has been finding out more.


Khalid Adam from Coventry was just four months old when he was rushed


After months of tests, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid


leukaemia and needed treatment to save his life.


You have to be positive, otherwise it starts at the thing your mind,


the way you think. You look at him and think he looks fine.


After chemotherapy, things seemed to be going well,


He now has just four weeks to find a donor to give him


You just think, why? You cannot take it in.


Meanwhile, in Solihull, Riya Dandekar is


Just five months ago a swelling near her shoulder turned out to be


anaplastic lymphoma, another blood cancer.


The dog brought the chair forward and in slow motion said it is


lymphoma, and my brain panicked. I didn't know what to think, I


thought, wait, is this cancer? He said yes, the doctor said yes, and I


didn't know what to do. I looked at my mum and we both cried.


The fact is that if Khalid and Riya were white northern European,


they would have a 90% chance of finding a donor, but


because they're of Asian heritage, they're chances are just 40%.


Riya has enlisted the help of her friends at


Dorridge Music School to demonstrate just how simple taking a swab test


And she's now planning swab sessions in predominantly Asian communities.


We have been talking to parents and students when they come in, so


hopefully we will spread the word a lot. I was ignorant on the subject


but I find out it is easy, three quick and straightforward steps.


Exploding the myths is half the problem.


Many are unsure what stem cell or bone marrow donation entails,


but both are done without the need for surgery.


I am 95% of cases just collecting themselves from the blood, which is


having injections for four days and on the fifth day, needles will be


put into arms and the blood flows through the machine to collect this


themselves. Only a minority of blood conditions will we need to collect


the bone marrow, and the bone marrow is also done under general


anaesthetic. I going to die because I'm not responding to Chemotherapy?


It is a difficult question and to be honest with you I try to avoid it


because it is so difficult. Riya is planning to set up her own


charity to encourage potential donors, particularly from the Asian


community, and if she doesn't survive, she


hopes any legacy will help others, A teachers' organisation has


criticised anti`extremism measures introduced in the wake


of the "Trojan horse" inquiry into radicalisation


at Birmingham schools. The Association of School


and College Leaders says new standards have been "rushed through"


and could have unintended An inquest has recorded


a suicide verdict on a grandmother who was worried


about losing her home because Stephanie Bottrill,


known to her family as Doreen, She left a note saying


the government was to blame, before walking in front


of a lorry on the M6. On the morning of May 4th last year,


Doreen Bottrill walked across the M6 motorway and


into the path of a lorry. In suicide notes left for her


family, she blamed changes to the housing benefit system and said she


couldn't cope with the stress of Political opponents have called it


a bedroom tax and it's been one of the coalition government's most


controversial policies, leading to From April last year,


councils and housing associations could reduce the amount


of benefits paid to tenants with The government said up to half a


million homes were being underused With Doreen Bottrill's family gone,


she was living alone Her choice was to find,


from somewhere, an extra ?80 At today's inquest,


Mrs Bottrill's brother said his sister's death was a tragedy,


but he understood why the government For social housing to work, it needs


for everyone to take their turn, and went you are adequately housed by


successive governments and your needs are met, then you must give


somebody else a turn. It is terrible that people in this country are


cramped into one or two bedroom flats for children while other


children `` other people set in two bedroom houses.


Solihull council said if Mrs Bottrill had decided to move out


of the home where she'd lived for more than 20 years,


As a verdict of suicide was recorded, the family


said their thoughts went out to the driver whose life had been blighted


Feeling the pain of their compatriots ` Yazidis living


in Coventry talk of their horror at events back home in northern Iraq.


Shefali will be with us shortly with the very latest weather forecast.


How the FA plans to encourage more young


And all produced locally ` how strict rules have been


a business winner for a farmers' market in Shropshire.


More people are struggling to pay their debts in Stoke`on`Trent than


A study by two charities found more than a third of children


in the city were living in families with debt problems.


The report's authors say many feel taking on credit is


Here's our Staffordshire reporter, Liz Copper.


Enjoying the school holidays with her children,


She's happy to be debt`free now, but when she was 16 she took out a


loan and for a while her financial problems spiralled out of control.


Sleepless nights, you worry about people knocking on your door and you


worry about money especially when you have children, all the


responsibilities and you feel like you have failed because you have no


money. It is just a domino effect. And in Hanley city centre,


plenty of other families were also You think you have the money and it


can only go so far. I don't really believe in loans. I think they just


get you in more debt, so I wouldn't risk it.


But despite some families being reluctant to take out loans,


a study out today suggests this city is one of the worst affected areas


The report found half of children in families with problems that said it


caused arguments and nine out of ten families said they cut back on


essentials like food, clothing and heating.


And at this food bank at a church in Bentilee, every week volunteers


Sometimes as well as handing out bags of food,


We have people in that they cannot buy anything because they cannot pay


their way. The first thing they need to do is pay the debt and worry


about food later on, and that is what we have found.


Bentilee is typical of many estates in the city,


Children will often pick up on the anxiety there parents feel around


financial problems and it is well known that they could be extreme and


relationships. `` they put a strain on race and ships. `` on


relationships. Zoe Walton's finances are now


trouble free, but for many families, escaping the cycle


of debt remains difficult. A public meeting's being held


tonight over controversial plans to turn the site


of the region's last deep coal mine Daw Mill Colliery in Warwickshire


shut last year. The pit had been struggling to break


even, but the final straw was a devastating fire underground,


which took months to put out. At one time it was one of Europe's


biggest collieries. And when it shut last year,


Daw Mill was the last remaining deep coal mine in our region,


employing nearly 700 people. Now he's a councillor


and he's worried about the future I feel we've got to do something


on the site. It's got to be a business park but


it's got to be the right sort of business, so we've got to look at


the infrastructure carefully, about But the hope is 1400 jobs could be


created in a new industrial park ` twice


the number who worked underground. That could mean dozens of lorries


like this on winding country lanes, through villages which are already


too familiar with the effects I think most people welcome jobs but


the concern here is that we have a site which is extremely inaccessible


and most people fear the worst of both worlds, where we will get very


few jobs created and massive amounts of traffic


from heavy goods vehicles that will And it's not just


the neighbours who are worried. Five miles away in Coleshill, the


prospect of even more traffic is People, children cross the road,


it's a route for the kids to get to school,


pushchairs, elderly people crossing We have no pedestrian crossing,


you can't cross at the moment, so more traffic,


more damage to the area, damage to It may not look like much now,


but one of this site's main assets is that it has access to


the rail network for freight. The developers say that will cut


down on the number of lorries coming here,


and they also say they're willing to This is Danny Bath, who is one of


very few rich agents playing in professional football. That is


something the FA wants to change. Nick,


the Football Association is very And that's why they've organised


a series of forums in places with large Asian communities, like this


one tonight here at the Hawthorns. Across the Midlands, thousands of


British Asians have a real passion for football, as I discovered


in the Black Country this morning. The school holidays are


in full swing Around two dozen lads have turned up


for a training session with Jerusalem Rangers, one of many clubs


around the Midlands encouraging youngsters to play the beautiful


game at a grassroots level. I've been playing here for two


months and it's really good because I want to do this path so I can


become a professional footballer. So how many British`born Asian


players are playing professional football in the top four English


leagues? The answer is just eight,


including Adil Nabi at West Brom, Malvind Benning at Walsall,


and Danny Batth at Wolves. Danny's father is Indian and his


outstanding talent has made him a He said, "It would be great to


see more Asian footballers making If that does make me


a role model for other aspiring young Asian players,


that can only be a positive thing." We need to increase


the participation at a foundation level, at a grassroots


level, therefore that will filter up to hopefully finding more people


in the professional game. And in five or 10 years, will


that picture look very different? There is a shift in culture


at the moment where football is You have eight players


across the four leagues. Let's give the kids that push,


let's give ourselves that push to In the meantime, Adam and thousands


of youngsters just like him can only work hard and dream of breaking


through the glass ceiling and making the grade, but the stats don't lie


for British`born Asians aspiring to Let's talk to a couple of guys with


an interest in this subject. Adil is one of the young professional agent


that owners of the year. Do you regard yourself as a role model? If


that is what you want to call it, yeah, a role model to young Asians


in deprived areas like I was from, so it can help young lads do what I


have supposedly done now, great. You have put in so much hard work, not


just yourself but all your family. Yes, if you want to get to the top


you have to put hard`working, my mum, my dad, my brothers, so it is a


whole family thing, but obviously I get the headlines but there is a lot


of work from the family that has to be done. Your father had to change


jobs and to all of his brothers on the playing staff. Brendan, a former


legendary players here and consulted on equality matters. What more can


the FA do? Forums like this where they are having consultations with


the Asian community, who make up 5% of the population here, and we want


to embrace everyone and we have had one or two come through but we need


a deeper pool of talent for that to rise to the top, so that all is


lovely, you are welcome, just come forward and be part of it. Is


progress being made? I think there is work being done that hopefully


you will see, but this problem keeps rising year in year out and we need


positive action, which we are trying to do now. The FA's that all four


continues here this evening. `` football forum continues.


The owner of Hereford United has confirmed to


the BBC that he has failed the Football Association's fit and


proper person test and is no longer allowed to be involved in the club.


Tommy Agombar took over Hereford in June and attended their opening game


He says he's invested around ?240,000 in the club


and fears that without his support, Hereford will "crash".


It's been a successful day for Midlands athletes at the European


19`year`old Matthew Hudson`Smith, from Wolverhampton,


was an impressive winner of his heat in the men's 400 metres.


He's through to tomorrow's semifinals.


Stoke's Ashleigh Nelson set a personal best of 11.19 seconds to


qualify for the semifinals of the women's 100 metres.


And Birmingham's Hannah England has reached Friday's final


Just like our high streets, markets have had to change


One of the big successes has been farmers'


markets providing produce you don't find on a supermarket shelf.


Some are becoming increasingly strict


They say that's helping to attract record visitors and sales.


In the second part of our series on the state of


the region's markets, Ben Godfrey's been to Ludlow, a Shropshire town


There's been a market in Ludlow for over 900 years.


In the shadow of the castle, 40 stallholders promise quality


This isn't Oxford Street where you can sell rubbish


People who don't sell quality, who do not maintain quality,


So if you didn't hear that message loud


Anybody that trades here has to be within 30 miles of that town.


Everyone has to make their own product, so if you are selling raw


Appleteme are a small company selling apple juice


Seven miles away from Ludlow, Jane Cullen and her business


partner produce 6000 bottles a year, and they pick, crush and bottle it


We supply a growing number of pubs and restaurants


and we are stretching as far as Shrewsbury now, so we would


like to grow but we want to keep the character of our product.


A decade ago, Ludlow built a reputation as a foodie capital,


but the recession saw some producers and restaurateurs struggle.


The produce market adapted, catching the tourist trade and moving from


I'm quite interested in food that's locally grown.


I live in Bournemouth and I love to come to Ludlow every time I'm here.


For every pound spent here, there is another ?3 that stays


There are plans to build a large supermarket


It comes as British Market Authorities are seeing reduced


footfall as the big players spread more local convenience stores


We've got markets now that are reducing in size,


Increasingly people are doing what we call click and collect,


or shopping via the internet, and that's used now, I think 32


However, it removes the human interaction.


And that's something this produce market prides itself on ` and


the belief that people will travel from afar to buy the local label.


Bit of a grey day today weather`wise and somewhat damp in the last couple


We are hoping it will be, and we are hoping for the skies to clear


tonight, especially in the early as of tomorrow because there is a


galactic spectacle in the night skies. We have a supermoon and also


the meteor shower, both competing with each other, but the meteor


shower were willed peak later tonight, especially towards dawn. By


all accounts it looks as though the skies will clear later tonight


because the showers today caused by this area of low pressure, which


will swing off to the east by tomorrow, that will clear the way


for drier conditions. If we look at what is going on now, we still have


some angry looking showers over the region or the next couple of those


`` couple of hours and those will fade away to leave dry conditions in


the early hours and clear skies developing, not everywhere, central


parts may have the best chance of seeing the meteor showers, at


temperatures will drop to a minimum of 12 Celsius, but tomorrow morning


there is a lot of sunshine to be had. Not as wet as today, a lot of


dry weather and sunshine but we will see the winds turned to


north`westerly as today they were south`westerly. It will cut off the


flow of showers from the south`west, there are still a few trickling


through the Cheshire gap, very light and sunshine to take temperatures up


to around 20 Celsius. We have winds picking up again tomorrow night and


that will draw in more showers through the second half of the night


and into Thursday, so Thursday we are looking at a return of some


fairly lively and prolific showers and that will also lead to winds


picking up and it will feel quite cool, but drier by Friday, cooler


and quieter. Before I hand back to Nick, a quick mention of Twitter. I


am on that, so you can find my official account online.


The actor and comedian Robin Williams has died.


He's believed to have killed himself.


Feeling the suffering of their compatriots `


Yazidis talk of their horror at events back home in Northern Iraq.


And a desperate search for donors as time starts to run out for two young


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