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Drama on a flight from Birmingham. for now. It


The pilot who lost control as his prosthetic arm became detached.


A pilot with a prosthetic would be really tested


and tested hard to prove that he was capable of the job.


And will be more capable than an able`bodied person.


The flight, to Belfast, was carrying 47 capable passengers.


The Jaguar E`Type back in production ` a new lightweight version that


We wanted to build the cars as faithfully as possible


but also using the factory where the original ones were built.


So no more than 100 yards from where we are standing today is where


Record results, a Staffordshire college celebrates


And a runaway success ` Ashleigh Nelson becomes


the first British woman in 40 years to win a European 100 metres medal.


We had some happy tears, dancing round the kitchen.


And so you always want your children to follow their dream.


And warnings for rain to cause localised flooding


are still in force for the next couple of hours, but after


flooding it would nice to think we'd next have something like this.


Calmer weather ahead ` it's all in the forecast later.


A passenger plane from Birmingham went briefly out of control


after the captain's artificial arm became detached from the controls.


The pilot realised his prosthetic had come loose, but he managed to


Sarah Falkland is at a flight simulator ` can you tell us


If you look out here this is the captain's eye view of what the


descent is like into Belfast City Airport. That is wished what he


would seem. The 46`year`old`pilot, who's not


been named, was sat on left He'd lost his lower left arm


and had an artificial arm and somehow it came out and he had


to think very quickly indeed. A mid`week evening flight


from Birmingham to Belfast city On board the Flybe plane,


47 passengers. They had no idea that


their pilot had an artificial arm and that he was


about to be tested in a potentially It was gusty night with winds


of up to 50 miles an hour. The captain had checked


his prosthetic arm was securely latched onto the yoke


and switched to manual to land. But then, just before the approach,


he noticed his arm had slipped out of its clamp, so in fact the plane


was under no one?s control. He made a conscious decision to use


his right arm rather than hand control to his co`pilot.


He managed a normal touchdown, but it was followed by a bounce,


No one was injured and the plane escaped damage.


There are only four commercial pilots with prosthetic arms


One man who flies after losing his arm in a motorcycle accident says


we have to go through a really stringent testing. We scrutinised


even more than an able`bodied person. So as a disabled person to


prove ourselves, we have to be ten times better than an able`bodied


pilot. Flybe say the pilot involved


in the Belfast incident was a senior captain one of their "most


experienced and trusted pilots". He's promised to be more careful


about checking the attachment on his With me now is Captain Chris Rigby.


Would you make of this question mark a bit of a surprise, I don't the


many new tiller pilot is Captain Chris Rigby. Would you make of this


question mark a bit of a surprise, I don't the many new tiller pilot is a


pathetic limbs. I didn't. The incidence and so disturbing, but, in


reality, pilots are trained to fly with either hand soap and


interchange wasn't dangerous as such. But in this case, he was not


controlling the thrust levers, but he asked the co`pilot to close those


and the successful landing was completed. The passengers probably


knew nothing about it. So wasn't intrinsically dangerous question


mark for those few seconds the plane was out of control, the co`pilot


could take another question mark yes. If there is something wrong,


they take over. There are a set of formal proceedings. And stabilised


approach we call it. Just for the moment sometime in the captain was


not in control of the control yoke, that is not inherently dangerous.


Briefly, what are the other bustard people becoming pilots? `` Biles.


They are checked every year for general medical condition, that


includes heart, blood content, eyesight and hearing. Also, colour


blindness. They have to be able to distinguish between red and white


bat`macro white lights at low levels. If they lose a medical


certificate, they stop flying. Now, you're going to take us down into


Belfast. This is just the interim report, the full report into this


incident will be published for some time. Most of the passengers on


board will have had no idea about the drama. For them, it would just


have been a bumpy landing. Ten years after being saved


from neglect and decay by a public vote, we find out how


two Tudor buildings have been It's been described as


the most beautiful car ever made. From the day the first Jaguar E`Type


appeared in the '60s, it was a classic `


its sleek styling unmistakeable. 70,000 rolled


off the production lines Now the E`Type is being


made again in Coventry. Here's our business


correspondent Peter Plisner. A classic car in every sense


of the word and one of the biggest Only a handful of cars have achieved


such legendary status and the E`Type Originally,


18 Lightweight E`Types were to be made to use as racing cars, but, in


the end, Jaguar only produced 12. More than 50 years later they're


now making the final six. And this is the prototype that's


being unveiled in America today. It's been hand built to


the original specifications. The new E`Types are being are being


made here at Jaguar's Heritage Workshop and the


man in charge of the project says we wanted to build them as


faithfully as possible. We wanted also to use the original factory. So


no more than 100 yards from me The E`Type production unit forms


part of JLR's new Special Operations And today it's been announced that


the new division will be based in this business unit on the site


of what used to be the Peugeot car It's brings automotive activity back


to the site after an absence Part of a ?20 million investment


for JLR, it'll also mean more than F`Type ` the first vehicle to roll


out of the new unit at Ryton ` will be a special version


of the Jaguar F`Type. It'll be the most powerful


and fastest car As for the Lightweight E`Type,


those lucky enough to snap one up they're likely to cost more


than ?1 million each. And Peter is with an E`Type


enthusiast in Worcestershire now. Peter, this car has


a special magic doesn't it? I it certainly does. This enthusiast


tonight owns not one but two of these. This one is the oldest in


existence. I dread to think how much it costs. This red one was used for


the famous Italian job film. Philip Porter runs the club and has written


a book about the lightweight you type. What you think of a project?


It is exciting. It is tremendous. This kind of Jaguar is perhaps the


most beautiful car ever made. The lightweight body ultimate form of a


beautiful car. Why were only 12 made? we don't know. It might be a


lack of demand, remarkably. But they built the 12, most were raced and


very successfully. Million pounds does that surprise you? aid doesn't.


I think today, with the crazy prices that are being paid for classic


cars, it's not out of the way at all. Why are they in making six?


Widening versions of the classic like this one? is easier to build


these in aluminium. They are the ultimate it tight Jaguars. They are


incredibly desirable. Isn't this a vanity project? I don't think so. Is


tremendous publicity. But I think it shows the confidence that the


management has in their products today. The current range I'm lucky


enough to have one. It's a brilliant motor car. They are exciting, that


is the keyword. It brings excitement back to the brand. Thank you. These


are beautiful cars. In sport, the owners of the


Sky Blues say they've paid the money they owe to the firm


which runs the Ricoh Arena. Today was the deadline to transfer


more than ?450,000 to ACL, following a decision by the


Football League's Board last week. The club has


until tomorrow to approach the Court of Appeal directly to dispute a


judicial review ruling it has been Cheltenham man who was the first to


swindling of Britain is about to repeat his challenge. His swamp land


centred John O'Groats and is now running between the two places,


really unsupported. He did not get off to the best start. He was trying


to dig yourself a while running an trip on a rock.


It was that anxious moment this morning when tens of thousands


of teenagers opened the envelope containing their A Level results.


Our reporter Liz Copper was at a college in Staffordshire, where


And with more university places available,


they've a better chance of getting onto the course they want.


Waiting in line, in expectation and in nervous anticipation.


Rhea Fenton and Josh Turnbull are students


I need one A and two B is. I want to chemist John medicine at King's


College. So, the moment of truth,


had they got what they needed? The smiles said it all `


they'd both done well. I got an a in history and see in


media. I'm very happy about it. I got three A 's in biology, chemistry


and maths. I'm very happy. Record numbers


of students are expected to head to And the extra places


on offer mean they're in a strong position ` even if they just missed


out on predicted grades. It is my third year at college


because I did not do so well as Joe. I came back and I have improved. I


do not get into my chosen university, but it does not matter


because I got what I wanted. I got into university and Manchester


Metropolitan. I'm into not a gun, which was my first choice. I needed


a grades. I'm happy. we have busies that the business management and


finance. Is that the one you want? Here at Keele University,


the clearing centre was taking 130 calls an hour


from students looking for places on They want the best students they


can. They all have scholarship schemes and bursaries. They have


other offers like computers and so on to attract students. It is


important that students take that into account. They need to look


beyond that because the most important thing is the quality of


the course. This year,


with more than half a million available places at Universities,


many students will be celebrating. It's taken ten years and millions


of pounds but two beautiful and neglected Tudor buildings are


now fully restored. They were chosen in a public vote


as part of the BBC's television Our reporter Giles Latcham has


been to see how successful When I first came here it was foul,


it smelt. It was falling down. And now, is absolutely astounding.


Ten years ago at Hampton Court, it all came down a viewers' vote


and a nerve`wracking appearance on live TV.


The Old Grammar School and Saracen's Head came out on top ` awarded ?3


million of lottery money providing they met the daunting challenge of


Spin macro it was wonderful that we will be the complications of having


to carry out a project like this with such a blaze of publicity.


But they did it and rooms that were barely safe to


So be macro in this room, visitors, especially kids can dress up in


Judah clothes. They can learn about the elaborate construction of this


magnificent building. You can even hear from the prosperous Tudor


merchants who built it. But there's a new wing here,


used by slimmers and Brownies ` a shop, and a cafe, steel and glass


alongside wattle and daub. You can see the steel and the timber


work. But most of it, the Tudor timber framing uncovered and made


fresh and new. But 20,000 visitors


a year can't be wrong. Hit would you do it again? I have to


say yes. I probably would. Yes. It's just wonderful. But it depends on


the possibilities that other people see in the building. And continue


the work all the way down the line. The small Worcestershire village is


now a bustling Birmingham suburb. But this view hasn't changed


in 500 years, and because enough people cared, it will


survive for generations to come. Drama on a flight from Birmingham `


the pilot who lost control as Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. The hives starting to thrive once


again thanks to bees brought in old`fashioned but thriving, the


country markets where stallholders A Stoke`on`Trent athlete has become


the first British woman for 40 years to win a 100 metres medal at the


European Athletics Championships. Ashleigh Nelson took bronze


in the final last night, to go with the Commonwealth relay medal that


she won a couple of weeks ago. It was 11 seconds that


Ashleigh Nelson had waited her whole The 23`year`old from Stoke on Trent


has long been tipped Last night in the 100 metres


at the European Championships, The macro it has taken a lot of


persistence and belief from people around me as well as myself. I can't


say thank you enough to my support team. My coach, my psychologist, my


parents, my friends. Everybody. It's a race that's been watched more


than a few times at For her parents, Ashleigh's


success is still sinking in. We had some happy tears. We danced


around the kitchen. It's her dream. You always want your children to


follow their dream. And it almost becomes at your dream, too. it makes


me so happy that she has listened and followed her heart. She has done


exactly what she wanted to do. She has gone out and shown everybody


that she can do it and I'm very, very pleased.


Still at school, aged 14, she'd just smashed the under`15


I'd like to achieve everything, really. If that's possible.


Ashleigh still competes for City of Stoke, the athletics club she's


Her first coach has now retired, but they still keep in regular touch.


It's excitement, pride, pleased. Everything. All the emotions went


through me. It was a fantastic moment is either get that individual


glory she's been seeking for some time. you could see how much it


meant to me. It was surreal. I believed I could do it, but, I


think, when it actually happens, it's a different story altogether.


It was amazing. On Sunday, she is expected to be part of the British


women's 100 metres relay team. It is likely she will add another medal to


a growing collection. Hereford United are on the verge of going out


of existence tonight after creditors reject their deal on debts. They


face another winding up hearing on the 1st of September. They owe


?170,000 in tax with total debts of around ?1.5 million.


England's women have reached the Rugby World Cup final


for the fourth time in a row, as they outclassed Ireland in Paris.


Ireland took the lead before Worcester's Rochelle Clark


got England on the scoreboard with a try.


Ten of the 26 strong squad play for Worcester or Lichfield.


The final takes place on Sunday evening.


I want to play as long as possible and at the moment I feel I'm at my


peak, so I'll keep going and I won't stop until I lift that trophy.


Our goal right from the beginning was to make it through


We're gradually building as a team in our performances, so we'll go


away and look at the things that we need to pick up on from this game.


Most of us buy the majority of our produce from supermarkets.


But there's still room for small local markets, originally


set up by the Women's Institute nearly a hundred years ago.


Stallholders pay a one off fee of just five pence to join.


And most say although they don't make a lot


Ledbury. The town in Herefordshire of 10,000 people and home to one of


the UK's 300 country markets. Stallholders and customers are here


for the chat as much as they are It's friendly. You get to know many


people who come here. You feel like you're part of the community. We are


moving into a world where people really appreciate things local. And


identify with that and want to support about. A lot of people come


here for that. The first country markets were set


up by the Women?s Institute in 1919. All the produce sold was grown


locally by ordinary people. Today, Ledbury's is celebrating


its 70th birthday. Help was needed for both town and


country folk. It was to make more money. They set up these markets are


the could sell their surplus fruit and vegetables and chickens and


rabbits. Today, Ledbury's is celebrating


its 70th birthday. Its mission to provide good quality,


affordable, local produce remains. To get involved, stallholders have


to make a one off pavement 5p. That would be what the average man earned


in a day when the markets were set up in 1919.


Angela Blundell has been selling flowers, plants and shrubs here


She grows them in her garden a few miles away at Upper Colwall


and can't praise the Country Market movement highly enough.


I thoroughly enjoyed atmosphere of the country markets. By customers


become great friends. It is a lovely medium to talk to people. The macro


and with an estimated 150 regulars, there is plenty of opportunity to be


sociable. And all those flowers


and local produce need a healthy Bees have been having


a very tough time for a while now. But after a disastrous few years,


there are signs our hives are Our Rural Affairs Correspondent


David Gregory`Kumar has been At the Ludlow Food Centre it's


all about local produce. From nearby, or, even better,


direct from the Earl of Plymouth's But their honey harvest has


been pretty poor recently. It was getting to the point where we


are looking at a very empty warehouse where the money should


have been. We didn't quite run out, but we were close.


In a controversial move, the estate spent ?10,000 importing


Italian bees to replace the more than 100 hives they lost.


And a year on it's a gamble that's paid off.


This is a honeyless comb from a year ago.


In fact, across the Midlands it's been a better year for bees.


It is far too early to say that these are back. But after a fairly


poor harvest this year, the 130 hives on the sheer on this estimate


have gone on so produce much money. At Stoneleigh in Warwickshire,


the British Beekeepers Association tracks the percentage


of hives we lose in winter. There is good news in as much the


latest figures say there was a reduction of 10%. In saying that, it


is not all good news, because 15 years ago, or even less, the average


was about 5%. So we still have double the loss that we normally get


through the winter. Back with the Ludlow Food Centre


hives, they know this is just the It has been a good year, don't get


me wrong. Largest good for honey, it has been warm nights, continuously


steady for the Bees. But I would not say we are out of the mire.


But these are strong, healthy, honey`producing hives.


And we haven't seen that for a while.


A distinct Autumnal feel today ` is summer over already, Shefali?


So the macro it is horrendous out there. That is, what is not here


officially. At least not for the next month or so. Unfortunately,


it is looking for the next few days. We have the shower is dying out for


tomorrow and also for Saturday. They were written by Sunday so it is


turning better by then. Some heavy rain and showers due to a deep area


of low pressure sitting out to the north`east of Scotland. The isobars


around that are quite tight, this means the wins will pick up and we


may get the knock`on effect turning things slightly cooler. For the next


couple of hours, we still have a warning in force for some heavy


downpours. This shift is moving towards the east, the emphasis is


there. But these downpours, these heavy showers could crop up


anywhere. Your financial, through this evening, once we have had the


worst, it becomes better. The skies are clearing, a lot drier. Towards


midnight and into the early hours temperatures will be down to about


nine to 10 Celsius. For the eastern half of the region, Southern


counties, too, perhaps a degree higher.


dry weather and we have also some sunshine. Overall, a dry


high pressure will build into Friday high pressure will build into Friday


Sir Cliff Richard has dismissed an allegation that he sexually


assaulted a young boy more than 20 years ago as "completely false".


Bun Britain drops further supplies in northern Iraq.


And drama on a flight from Birmingham `


the pilot who lost control as his prosthetic arm became detached.


And the Jaguar E`Type back in production `


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