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to be lower than average. Make sure you pack your jumpers if you are


going away. Nothing


in there to stimulate anybody. The parents


of the children are taking legal The innocent`looking plastic


bracelets containing dangerously high levels


of cancer`causing chemicals. The phthalate rate was absolutely


massive and quite alarming, so that is why we wanted to bring it


to people's attention. It stretches over a thousand acres,


with 20 miles of fencing and 18,000 toilets `


welcome to Shropshire's V Festival. All grown`up,


we catch up with trainee guide dog Zeus ` but his future isn't quite


what was expected. And August has already been rather


wet ` but there's a chill in the air too


next week as arctic air blows in. Good evening,


the parents of two severely autistic children are taking legal action


against a Stoke on Trent special school, which they say held them


for periods of up to two hours in a Joszef Bickerton is said to have


pulled the handle off the door in an attempt to escape the 'calm


room' at the Abbey Hill School. The City Council says


the allegations are exaggerated. Our Health Correspondent Michele


Paduano has this exclusive report. This video was taken of


Jozsef Bickerton at Abbey Hill School before


the trouble started, but as he grew bigger he was harder to handle


and he was put into a 'calm room?. His mother consented to him


being placed there, but she had no I wanted to go out other parents who


may have had this happen. You just trust professionals. And Joseph was


like that. This is the room where he


is said to have been held. One one occasion, he charged


the door, urinating on it and Lawyers fear


his human rights were breached. Too first to try and get them to


undertake a full and effective investigation into the use of the


calm room at the school. and also to seek declaration from the court that


human rights wrongs have been committed.


It was a former teacher at the school who told parents what


She never approved of the calm room and believes she


suffered detrimental treatment for raising the issue.


It was only about six feet wide. They could have been used as a store


room. It was a deprived room. There was nothing in there to stimulant


anybody. It felt like a cell. Following two investigations,


the school stopped using the calm Another mother who works for the


local authority also signed consent forms for the room but claims she


did not know how one person spent in there. The child was stripped


seminaked and urinated on one occasion `` on one occasion.


In a statement, Stoke on Trent council said:


"We take any child safeguarding allegation extremely seriously,


particularly those relating to disabled or vulnerable children.


We investigate concerns straight away along with police


There was no evidence that the door was held shut for long periods."


But incident reports obtained by his mother appear to show that he


was held in the calm room for periods of up to two hours.


A letter threatening legal action has now been served on the council.


They are legal, and they can be used. Some of these autistic


children, particularly when they reach puberty, can be quite


aggressive. The National Autistic Society says they should not be


enforced `` that should not be enforced segregation because of


aggressive children. I spoke to one teacher who works at another


Establishment and said they have recently introduced a calm room but


it is a padded room which should only be used for children who are


actually harming themselves not as a response to their aggression towards


teachers. Clearly, the Stoke`on`Trent council said this


should only have been used for a few minutes and not for a long period of


time. The logs today suggested they were used for longer. I put that to


them and they said they cannot say any more because of legal reasons


because they are in this process now.


Anticipation mounts with the start of the Premier League, we'll look at


They've taken playgrounds by storm across the country.


Loom bands are bracelets made from weaving small and brightly


But Birmingham's Assay Office, which tests all types of jewellery, is


warning some of the plastic charms you can buy to attach to the bands


could contain dangerously high levels of cancer`causing chemicals.


These loom charms are a sample of a batch recently sent in for testing.


A few weeks ago, they found some charms contained high levels of


Those charms never reached UK high streets,


but chemists here are concerned that if a company avoids testing


I've just bought these for a high street store or do you think? This


is the type of product we have seen high phthalate in. It conforms with


European standards and there's a lot of text it which I can't understand


so it is very difficult to tell. They are doing we could issue is to


test it. Why can these be potentially hazardous to health? I


think usually, the issue is that they have high levels of band


phthalate. They should have less than 1% but somewhat over 50%. The


phthalate will get into your system through sucking and the charm


handling of a bracelet is a high risk item. Birmingham Trading


Standards said it takes the style of children's toys seriously. We do our


own checks on warehouses that themselves are retail premises. We


keep on the lookout for products that may be dangerous by checking


all the legislation is compliance. But do parents check the safety of


their children's toys? I'm more concerned about food. I just check


if ? la any bits hanging. She knows better my daughter. Toys do not go


anywhere near her mouth. Back at the lab, the charms I bought will be


tested next week because of the unusual packaging.


An investigation has been launched into an outbreak


43 cases are being investigated in the West Midlands.


It's believed 34 of those are linked to an earlier outbreak at


Three people died in hospital is carrying out a review into the case.


the deaths were in people who had significantly deteriorated


conditions. They were elderly. One is being investigated by the coroner


and the other two, the death certificates were not filled in. It


was a contributing factor will A petition against the downgrading


of Services at Sutton Coldfield's Good Hope Hospital has been


delivered to Downing Street today. Under the proposals all general,


trauma and orthopaedic surgery Campaigners trying to stop


the changes are hoping the petition will put pressure


on the Trust to rethink its plans. Members of the Kurdish community


from across the Midlands have held a They were protesting over


the situation in Northern Iraq. They're calling on the


British Government to provide more support to the Iraqi Kurds


so that can defend themselves This time next week we should know


who the new Police and Crime commissioner will be for the


West Midlands. The election takes


place next Thursday. The position became vacant following


the death of Bob Jones in July. Tonight, members of the public will


get a chance to question the four So Sarah,


have many people turned up? it is a little disappointing. Only


about 30 or 40 people. They were hoping for around a hundred. But it


is the summer and it is a Friday night. You can see the candidates on


the stage behind me. There are four of them. What is their job really


about? Hold in the UK's third largest police force to a camel an


easy job. The new police and crime commission's role is to listen to


the public and victims of crime and ensure the budget is spent where it


matters the most. David Jamieson is standing for Labour, a former MP and


transport minister, his top priority is to recruit more offices. my main


pledges that we can't see the recruitment of the 450 new officers.


This is one of the few authorities doing it. I pledge to keep on the


community policing, Bob is in the local neighbourhood that you can


actually see. Most of all, I want to make sure that we are listening. Les


Jones, is standing for the Conservatives. He was to cut red


tape and her ties the front line. I want to improve the technology. The


equipment they have on the street is very outmoded, very out of date. If


we can bring that up to date, examples from other parts of the UK


should we can increase the amount of officer time on the streets with


very little investments. Keith Rowe is standing for UKIP. He would aim


for zero tolerance. I want to be tough on crime, we want more police


on the beats. We want zero tolerance, we want criminals to be


locked up and we want closer working relationships with all of the


communities. And the Liberal Democrat Ayoub Khan, who declined an


interview, said his main aim was to cut response times and improve crime


prevention. With me now is Desmond Jaiddoo who organised to my's life


events. Desmond, what did you think is important about this event? is


important that the public get engaged with the candidates. They


are not cardboard cutouts. Accountability starts now, not when


you are elected into office. People need to make informed decisions


based on where they are going to put their cross next week. Not long


until the polling stations open, then. What is your message? They


should be receiving information through the letterbox is your


message? They should be receiving information through the letterboxes,


have a look, make an informed decision on who you will vote for.


Polling stations are open next week from 7am until 10pm. It is important


that people engage in the process. Briefly, are you happy with the


turnout and I? A bit disappointing, but it is better than nobody coming


at all. We are in for a rowdy debate. Let's hope so. We'll be hit


with full coverage at 1025. We will knew who the new West Midlands


Police and crime commission is sometime on Friday, August 22.


It's the biggest festival in the Midlands and thousands


of people are already at Weston Park on the Shropshire`Staffordshire


border for the V Festival, featuring acts including The Killers,


The site covers 1,000 acres, with nearly 20 miles of fencing and


But what does it take to put on an event this size?


It is a mammoth task. V Festival may only be here for one weekend, but


organising it is a year`long operation. we start planning as soon


as we finish this year's. We stop running for 2015 straightaway. In


essence, we bring a small town into this park. And is all the associated


infrastructure. With up to 90,000 people here each day, the team have


to bring their own water supply, power, waste disposal, fire station


and even a field hospital. On the main stage, workers must get


everything right for this year's headliners, The Killers and Justin


Timberlake. It is quite militaristic. We stick to the plan,


everyone knows their role and it is great. The main stage can hold up to


50 tonnes of weights. This year there 500 lights and effects which


are run by control channels. Nearly all the bands actually bring their


own tracker own technical teams to operate the lighting during their


show. The guys have been showing me. It really isn't that difficult.


Maybe I could do so myself... Out on a campsite, there are construction


problems of a different type for the punters. I'll probably leave my tent


at the end of the festival. I probably work carried out back.


While most people will enjoy what is on the main stage, one man will


spend the entire two days deep below the stage. His plays is


affectionately known as the underworld. This is the man in


charge of power. I don't see anything done it, nothing at all. I


can't even hear it. I have my headset on, I'm listening to the


lighting designer but never trust us. I'm listening for problems. If


there's a problem, I'm interested. If all of the staff do their job


correctly, then this festival will go well. They will go home happy


leaving the workers with a small task of dismantling the entire site


in ten days. if you're planning to go to the


V Festival or avoid it, then BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Radio Stoke


will have regular traffic updates Locked in a room the size


of a cupboard, the severely autistic children held for up to two


hours at a special school Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. Part wrestling, part martial arts,


part British Bulldog. The World Kabaddi League


come to Birmingham. The trainee guide dog says goodbye


to his foster family Markets


in the West Midlands must re`invent themselves to survive fierce


competition from supermarkets. That's the warning from the body


overseeing British markets. Many are being urged to go


online and use social media In this region,


the trade can be traced back to the 12th century ` but reports of the


demise of markets appear premature as traders learn to live alongside


the modern`day retail experience. We've been hunting for bargains


for centuries. This is Birmingham,


through 1920s and ?30s, through wars and rationing, recessions and the


birth of the high street ` markets This is a copy of the market's


Charter. This gave legal right to the steward of the late other market


at his castle in Birmingham on a Thursday. And so the bullring


markets were born. When the Bullring Shopping Centre


arrived in the 1960s, people still spent their money


at the open market next door. Greg Pierce is


a fifth`generation fishmonger. Next year, in the indoor market,


his family will mark 175 years we must be doing something right for


over a years. Is great that people still come to us. They know they can


get fresh stuff in the mega markets. In the Rag market you can find miles


of material and a character This is the famous rag market. It is


picking up. If you years ago, it was going downhill. But it is picking up


again. It's said around 6 million people


use these markets every year. You'll always find traders looking


for reduced rent ` some here told We want zero increase the Shia. We


work closely with the committee members in all the markets to make


sure we discuss why, if there is rent increases, those are reinvested


in the markets. This week, we've seen signs that


markets in our region are slowly recovering from the recession `


their punters are coming back, There are still engaging characters


pitching their wares and many The high street has seen about 300


retailers disappear. Markets must reinvent themselves. Increasingly,


the public are looking for experiential times.


But perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the custodians `


the traders willing to pitch up to sell for generations to come.


Speak macro Matthew Hutson Smith has won at the international athletics


Championships. In the women's 1500 metres, Hannah England from


Birmingham missed out on a medal, coming home in sixth place.


So while many will be watching football this weekend,


It started in India and is now played in 26 different countries.


And for the first time, the World Kabaddi league is coming


Nicola Beckford has been finding out more.


Millions of people are fans of Kabaddi.


This weekend the World Kabaddi League's top players


come to Birmingham's LG area as part of their international tour.


The global audience is what we want to reach out to. This is basically


what we're trying to achieve this global league by packaging the sport


for an audience which is not that Rocco has not seen it.


It's a tough contact sport ` a mixture of rugby and wrestling.


Spee macro it is not as brutal as it feels. If you're watching from the


The United Singhs will face the number one team in the league


Eight international teams will go on tour over the next few months.


Just over a year ago, we met this little pup.


Zeus is being trained to become a guide dog and we've followed his


Today he left his foster family for the last time.


It's time for the Barrington Earps to say goodbye.


And he's well aware that a good start would help to erase


They've brought in eight new players, including


But they're still one of the bookies favourites for relegation.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Icon control any of that.


We must make sure that we are as well prepared as we can be for every


game we play. We have to go into every game and do it right.


Hopefully, we will get good results.


And you can keep up to date with the all the match action on your BBC


After a very mixed week, let's find out how


I want to draw your attention to some statistics from The Met office.


We have already reached average rainfall for the month and were only


halfway through. And is more rent, as we had through the next few days.


So there is rain this weekend and the winds are strengthening as well.


But there will be some bright spells, the sun will be out. It will


be a total wash`out. But, by Sunday, it will feel chillier. Overnight


tonight, things were only halfway through. And is more rent, as we had


through the next few days. So there is rain this weekend and the winds


are strengthening as well. But there will be some bright spells, the sun


will be out. It will be a total wash`out. But, by Sunday, it will


feel chillier. Overnight tonight, things will com down. We have had


some lively showers, and all recently some polls are developing.


Temperatures will fall away. We are looking at highs in towns and


cities, but lower in rural spots. It does mean that for people going to V


Festival it will be a fresh start tomorrow and through the weekend,


although largely dry, temperatures will fall. So we begin tomorrow with


clear spells and some, which will make things pleasant through the


morning. But, it not a cloud over as we had through the afternoon. The


cloud will make ten badgers struggle a bit, but winds are also


strengthening and they are coming from a North westerly direction.


Temperatures up to 20 Celsius. As we had through tomorrow night, things


start to calm down. We will see clear spells developing, but, then


we have this weakening weather fronts. It brings with it some rain


and temperatures are lifted a little by that. As the cold front sinks


southwards, we will see things getting a little wetter. Sunday, not


quite as good as we were expecting, but it will improve a little bit


behind on that. Molson shines come through the day and temperatures at


around 19 Celsius. Temperatures at around 19 Celsius.


Pushing back the fighters of Islamic State.


Britain agrees to send weapons to the Kurds.


And locked in a room the size of a cupboard, the severely


autistic children held for up to two hours at a special school.


Just before we go, the result of a poll to see if people love or loathe


the city's infamous ring`road. To mark the 40th anniversary of the


road being built, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire have been running a


vote. 78% of people say they love the road. And a song is being


recorded next month to mark the anniversary. Quite extraordinary.


the good, the bad and the soggy-bottomed.


I'm Jo Brand and I'm serving up an Extra Slice of Bake Off action


I'll shine a spotlight on all the goings-on in the tent -


the good, the bad and the soggy-bottomed.


And every week, I'll be joined by the latest baker to leave the tent.


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