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Duped out of thousands of pounds, how elderly people are being


I was asked to draw out ?68,000 of money from our account.


The mother of a seven`year`old treated


for cancer facing prosecution, for not sending her daughter to school.


Aston Villa get off to a perfect start, with victory


over West Midlands rivals Stoke in the first game of the season.


And it may be mid August but it feels like mid September.


So, is it getting worse or is it getting better?


Three teenagers have been arrested by police investigating a scam


which has cost some victims tens of thousands of pounds.


Detectives say hundreds of people have been targeted.


One bank customer from Worcestershire became


suspicious when the fraudsters tried to convince her that staff she knew


personally in her local branch were trying to steal her money.


Early this morning, the police carried out numerous raids in


London, arresting three teenagers in what they are calling operations


effort. The aim is to smash a criminal gang which has targeted


around 300 victims across the seven Midlands. One man has lost over


?40,000. They were calling up, pretending to be a police officer or


bank official, telling people there was a problem with their account and


asking them to transfer money, so they receive it. 78`year`old Jeff


and Iris nearly became victims when they were cold called numerous


times. In this particular case, the scammers tried to persuade them that


staff at the HSP staff in Bewdley were about to siphon money from


their account but as they knew the staff and trusted them, they became


suspicious and reported the matter to the police. He rang us about five


or six times on the Friday. He rang twice on the Sunday. He said he was


going to ring us again on Wednesday. He was very persistent. He wanted


?68,000 and he gave us a sort code for a different bank, that we then


had to place it into. We had to go to Kidderminster and place it in


that bag. They also trick some elderly people into giving over


their PIN numbers, then send careers to collect their cards so they can


enter their accounts. The police and banks will never ask you for your


PIN number on the phone. They will not ask you to transfer money into a


different account on the phone. They will never send around a career to


collect money from you. If any of those things happen, call the police


and we can then deal with it. The police believe there could be many


more victims who are simply too more victims who are simply too


embarrassed to come forward. But they are now urging them to do so.


the Birmingham doctor whose campaign has disrupted executions


The mother of a seven`year`old who battled


cancer is facing prosecution, for not sending her to school.


Their legal team claim Birmingham City Council is being


Although the cancer hasn't returned, Libby Bennett still needs regular


Our Special correspondent, Peter Wilson has this exclusive report.


A playground game but seven`year`old Libby Bennett despite being


a picture of health has been a very sick girl, operated on because


of a tumour on her kidney's but now her Mum Kerry Capper is in trouble.


For keeping her daughter off school during seven days


She woke up with a sore stomach and I get scared and I have kept it off


school. And they have sent beta called because of it.


Libby Bennett from Erdington was diagnosed with cancer five years ago


she's still under the care of the Children's Hospital.


Her mother admits not always phoning the school when her daughter is


off claiming that her mobile phone doesn't always have credit.


They should give some consideration to what I went to as a mother. When


she does say she is ill, she gets really scared because we did nearly


lose Libby. Birmingham City Council say they


take a robust stance on No reason was given


for the absences. The school again contacted


the parent inviting her to a meeting to talk through any issues


and concerns. When there was still no response


a penalty notice was issued and when this was not paid


the matter was sent to magistrates. So what are the penalties for not


sending your child to school? Parents face a fine


of ?60 per child, rising to ?120 If it comes to court magistrates can


fine you up to ?2,500 and in extreme cases send you to prison


for three months. Across the country in the last


year 64,000 people were fined. A 70% increase mostly


for taking their children away Next month Kerry Capper will have


at attend the magistrates court. Her daughter won't have to be at


court but she defends her mother. She doesn't let me have days off


when I'm not ill. When I am ill, she gets worried.


The council say they never fine people


This young mum says it's never easy getting doctor's notes.


England's women rugby players have returned home triumphant,


after winning the World Cup for the first time in 20 years.


They were reliant on a strong backbone of Midlands


talent, with four players from Worcester and four from Lichfield.


Ian Winter is at Lichfield rugby club now.


Ian, they must be absolutely incredibly proud of their women.


Absolutely. It is all quiet tonight. Monday is the one night of the week


they don't have training but last night, the bar was full with


everyone watching it on TV. Litchfield rugby club is rightly


proud of its four players in the England rugby team. Quite rightly


too. Let's look at one of the stars, Emily. Nobody scored more


points in the final than her. This try sealed victory over Canada.


Earlier, she had kicked three penalties. She finished up with 16


points in an England victory. Fantastic scenes in Paris. 24


England caps. What an achievement. It's absolutely terrific. It's a


four`year long wait since the last final. The girls have done


fantastically well to keep form and peaking at the end. Let's look at


some of the celebrations, as the trophy was presented. There is also


Sarah Hunter, Natasha Hunt and Vicky Fleetwood, plus another four players


from Worcester. That states how healthy women's rugby is in the


Midlands. Participation is up and the performance is up as well.


Better coaches are coming in all the time and better players are coming


through the ranks. It's fantastic for local rugby. You would have been


there in Paris, except for one small thing. You had a baby. Six months


ago, I had my little girl, so that mocked selection on the head and


made my decision to stay at home. A good choice because I still get to


watch the girls being incredibly successful. There are 50 senior


women players at the club and the legacy of a victory like this could


be great. Precisely. There is a strong junior setup in the club so


it would be wonderful to have those players, the boys and girls, all


seeing successful players coming out of Litchfield rugby club. Across


Staffordshire and Worcestershire, we are rightly proud of our World Cup


rugby winners. A man's appeared in court


after a pro`Palestine demonstration Several protesters went


into the supermarket at Hodge Hill, 35`year`old Naveed Zafar, from


Alum Rock, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court this morning,


charged with assaulting a police More than 500 volunteers have been


helping to clear up, following the The Weston Park site played host


to nearly 100,000 The festival generates ?6 million


for the local economy. The thousands of discarded


tents are sent to humanitarian A Birmingham hospital doctor says he


has no regrets about a campaign halting the sale of a drug used


in America, to kill death`row There've been claims that


substitutes Dr David Nicholl persuaded


the Danish manufacturers to withhold supplies of the drug,


after he launched a petition In Ohio, it took 25 minutes for this


man to die. In Oklahoma, it took 40 minutes for this man to die. Last


month, this man took two hours to die in Arizona.


Dr David Nicholl is a specialist who has dedicated his life to


helping patients like Thelma Lord who suffered a brain haemorrhage.


The doctor and human rights campaigner loathes


the death penalty and hates medicine being seen as a humane way to kill.


I get really upset when I see injustice. It's like a stone in my


shoe which upsets me. The death penalty is a prime example of that.


These stressed emails from the CEO of Danish Company Lundbeck shows


the effect the petition of doctors, David Nicholl sent to the Lancet


had in getting the company to stop supplying


I had an e`mail asking for help. What do we do to get out of this


situation? In Ohio it took twenty five minutes


for Dennis Mcguire to die He is addressing legitimate concern


about this misuse of medicine, which is the opposite of its intended use.


Some of these prisoners have suffered quite significantly. Do you


feel responsible? I absolutely refute that allegation. The people


responsible are the people who order those drugs, that supply those drugs


and inject those drugs. The brain specialist is just getting


on with the job, knowing some simple actions have given the US


authorities a real headache. Duped out of thousands of pounds,


how elderly people are being Shefali will have the weather


forecast for the Midlands shortly. West Bromwich Albion start


their season conceding a late goal, They may not be popular with


everyone, but our struggling School children have travelled to


the World War One battlefields in France and Belgium, to uncover


the story of a former pupil. Francis Waldron, from Birmingham,


was part of the first squadron to fly


from England into France in 1914. Ben Sidwell has more


on the links between the present day It was the first war where aircraft


played a significant part. The Royal flying Corps have lead Britain to


victory but little is known of Major Francis Holdren, the man who became


a very first pilot to take off from England to the war fields of France


in 1914. Isn't it amazing that 100 years ago, a man from Ladywood ended


from that historic flight, a group from that historic flight, a group


of pupils who went to the same school as him have followed in his


footsteps. After doing the research, it gave a good picture in


my mind of what it was like. At the oratory Church it was this memorial


plaque that started the youngsters journey. As the 12 and 13`year`olds


were challenged to find out more about the man behind the name. Most


people don't notice. They are not interested in it. I think we get to


do it and make videos on it. It will carry on his memory. On the day he


was killed, he flew over this village in this direction. As he


flew over, his plane crash landed in the fields over there. For five days


last week, the youngsters travelled across France and Belgium in search


of the final resting place of Major Waldron. So many people walk past


the pack and don't realise it is there. Then about it. Once you


realise its significance, you think, this is someone that has actually


done something. This is something that should be remembered. I hope a


lot of people see this because it is important. People should be more


interested in World War I. I can't believe how many people died


in World War I, to protect this country. Amazing news story.


Aston Villa were widely tipped as one of the favourites for relegation


They call him the rock and Aston Villa are hoping Carlos Sanchez will


strengthen their midfield for a season which saw many fearing for


the club's survival. But the World Cup player joined... Stoke City had


been tipped to be the surprise package this season but they were


undone at the Britannia Stadium. This second`half goal was enough to


risk the six points `3 points down the M6. To do it in the way we have


done it, I thought was excellent. The back four were outstanding. They


worked really hard. Tactically, I thought we were excellent. West


Bromwich Albion were also marked down for a relegation struggle.


Birmingham city went 18 games without a home league win last


season. They are celebrating three points at St Andrews for the first


time since the beginning of October. Perhaps the biggest drama of the day


came in League 2. Shrewsbury town were losing at their home game with


Tranmere tipped into stoppage time. Astonishingly, they not only


equalised but then their fans saw the winner in the 94th minute. A


barnstorming ending but no way did we not deserve to come away without


a victory. I don't think anybody could say we didn't deserve that


victory. What about this for a parting gift? Burton Albion were


also losing with two minutes to go at home on Saturday when this


footballer scored twice. Today, he moved up a division to join


Scunthorpe. Hereford have failed to reach


agreement with creditors. The club say they are confident about the


future and will put season tickets on sale.


Midlands athletes have been celebrating their part in the UK's


best European Championship medal haul. Last night, these runners


helped Team GB win gold in the four x 400 metres relay, breaking the


three minute barrier. Stoke`on`Trent sprinter Ashlee Nelson won her


second medal of the championship. She took gold in the four x 100


metres relay, setting a British record in the process. It has been


amazing. We've worked well as a team. We have two say a big thank


you to individual coaches, the relay coaches and a big thank you to my


family and friends, especially my mum.


Britain's bat population may be recovering after years of decline.


Of our 18 species of bat, five have increasing populations.


Amongst them, our most common bat, the dainty pipistrelle


which would you believe, weighs less than a ?1 coin.


But although all bats and their roosts are protected


by law, sometimes they need just a little more help.


Our reporter Kathryn Stanczyszyn is in Walsall tonight.


Kathryn, what's happening there to help bats?


The idea here is to provide a safe haven for bats in need. It was


exactly a year ago that we were here at the opening of this very flight


cage. It is run by the group, Brum bats. They keep the location secret


so they are understood. There are 16 residents in the box behind me. Five


different species here. What they've all got in common is that they all


need a bit of human help. This is Vladimir. He was attacked by a cat


and is now building up his strength. It... It has been a big


success since it was built a year ago, with more than 100 bats being


looked after here in that time. Someone will find a bad hand they


will Google what to do with a bat. They end up calling the conservation


trust and they will give them a number. Then we go out to collect


them. Most of these bats are from across Birmingham and the Black


Country but this place... Although bats might not be everyone's's cup


of tea, the small team of volunteers here are dedicated to them. A lot of


people seem to have bad ideas about bats, that they are not nice, they


will bite you and full of the disease. They not bad creatures and


we should be looking out for them. They are our friends. That


populations across the UK, previously in decline, are now


stabilising. Experts say that is partly down to the work of places


like this. I am holding a bat detector. You


might be about to hear it. It's crucial to bats, and they use it to


hand. They learned this instinctively but do have help from


their mothers in the wild. If they don't get that, they are left


vulnerable. That is what places like this are all about. You provide food


and nurture but also a safe environment for them to training.


That's right. They are flying around, getting good at hunting


insects give us an idea of your day`to`day routine. We do a lot of


cleaning out of droppings and things like that, feeling from and


providing water. We them every day to make sure they don't get too


skinny. You have 15 babies. Yeah, they are doing wonderfully. We have


16 bats in total but 15 of them will be soft released. It is not just


about day`to`day physical needs, it is about PR. They've not always have


the best reputation. That's true. A lot of the bats we haven't cared to


come out on visits for... People get to meet bats up close and see that


they are cute and fluffy. Gloucester docks were converted into


a Disney film set today. It's one of the locations for the sequel to


Alice in Wonderland. There is something in the air. The


hint of a voyage... Maybe a journey of discovery. Into a world of


curious imaginings that were all dreamt up a very long time ago. Yes,


this is Gloucester docks, but Reid dressed, recast to reflect the world


of Tim Burton's take on Lewis Carroll. Of course, it is all just


smoke and mirrors but fascinating post up even the set draws something


of a crowd. It seems everybody here has got a camera and if you listen


carefully, you can hear people whispering the name Johnny Depp.


Whispering maybe, but I'm not sure that anyone has actually seen him


yet. How many stars have you seen? None! We've seen a few extras. Lots


of pirates. Actually, it doesn't matter whether he is here or not.


Disney, and their big production, is. And that is good business for a


city which is promoting itself and its locations. It has some amazing


historical properties. The Cathedral is one. There is the history of


Harry Potter filming there. Also, around the docks, there is an


unspoiled... It helps them to reduce the costs of filming. If you go to


an area where there are no television aerials, none of the


modern accoutrements which means production is harder, it makes it


easier and cheaper for them. The better the bottom line, the more the


movie makers will want to sprinkle just a little bit of stardust


around. We didn't even get the chance to say


goodbye. It has changed suddenly and we are turning a corner this week.


Things are turning distinctly autumnal as the temperatures tumble


away. We will see some showers and sunshine as well. It will be breezy


at times and then there will be a slight improvement over the weekend,


when temperatures will pick up slightly. I think the best way to


describe the temperature drops by using the air mass drop. This cooler


north, spilling southwards through north, spilling southwards through


the week. As far as the showers go, we have got low pressure dominating


to the north`east. We've got quite a lot of traffic as far as the fronts


are concerned. For this evening and overnight, we have still got a few


showers across the North than half of the region in particular. They


could stick around for much of the night. Elsewhere, it is looking


drier and we are looking at dry weather across central and southern


counties, along with cloud as well. It is not too cold to start the day


tomorrow and it should be drive for a short time before we see more


showers started to toppling from the north`west. They are following the


line of the breeze which is coming in from that direction as well. Some


of these could be on the vicious side. They are heavy at times but


there will be some sunshine in between. That will only take


temperatures to 15, 16 or 17 Celsius. The winds are light to


moderate but if you are caught in the showers, you will know about it


and the winds will pick up slightly. There is a pattern


developing through the night. Tomorrow night, we've got much


clearer skies said temperatures, for the first time in quite awhile, will


drop down single figures. Another cold night on Wednesday night.


Wednesday itself will be dry with plenty of sunshine.


Shot six times, twice in the head, a postmortem on the black American


teenager whose death has sparked violent protests.


Duped out of thousands of pounds, how elderly people are being


scammed into handing over cash, police make three arrests.


And the mother of a seven year old treated


for cancer facing prosecution, for not sending her daughter to school.


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